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me and my husband are need help we r looking for a house rent to own
i am looking to rent to own a 4 bedrooms and 2 bathroom house in woodsfield ohio me and my husband have 2 kids and need a nice big yald
Job relocating to Seal Beach........Looking at Irvine or Tunstin possibly to rent or buy.
Hi there...my husband's job is being relocated to Seal Beach and we will be moving by next June (2015). We are thinking of looking at Irvine or Tunstin area to live. I currently work as a research associate…
Does guaranteed income help get a home loan evein if you have a credit score of 600?
I just checked my credit score, and it is at 600. I have two items on there that I am currently working to pay off, and nothing else on the credit report. I have two sources of income that are guaranteed…
What are the fees associated with homes in the Solstice Communities in the central Fl. area?
Are these "land lease" communities? If so, what are the lot rents on average? Is there landscape maintenance available? What other monthly or yearly fees are there? Thanks for any help you…
What is your description of a perfect house...?
add as much detail as you can, also incude geography
We loved our real estate agent but now we're looking at houses that are out of the area she usually works in.
Can our previous agent still get some commission if we work with another agent from her company but from the n new area we are now looking in? Or is it better to just start fresh with someone else and…
Is there anyway someone can get into another house after a short sale was recorded a year ago? Yes,we had late payments, but credit is still great!735
We already looked into the return to work program and didn't qualify, we didn't have a loss of income, just an increase in healthcare, two children, and hubby was working only part time and is now full…
is thre any way that i could rent to own a double wide or a house with land? i have bad credit but i am payin on my back bills. tired of renting
I Have Bad Credit an I’m in the process of paying my back bills ... I want a home of my own I have been renting for over 5 years an I’m tired of paying for a place that’s not really…
How long after general inspections does it take for escrow to close on a vacant bank owned home with a VA loan take?
How long after general inspections does it take for escrow to close on a vacant bank owned home with a VA loan take?
land cotract/rent to own/ rental
ISO o rental or land contract in River Valley, Harding or pleasant School districts. Have been at my home for 5 years and the house next door for 6 prior to that. Homeowner selling my house and need…
Does anyone know how long USDA certificates are taking in Texas?
My LO sent off for ours on July 1st. On July 3rd my friend who is a LO stated they were working on applications from June 23rd.
BAD REALTOR SITE? Is there an online site to see Complaints filed against a Realtor?
Unfortunately we had an Unethical creep we had to report to the State of MN Commerce Dept. but I am wondering if anyone knows of an online site the public can access to find out beforehand if a Realtor…
Buying a Home from Parents
Hi Everyone, I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction in this situation. Here it goes, My parents have offered to purchase a home I am interested in in cash (to secure the home quicker…
What does it mean when a house is located on a "green belt"?
We get this question a lot - and it can have a different meaning depending on the circumstances and location of the home. Home buyers coming to the Seattle or Bellevue areas from other parts of the country…
I am looking to see my home. Can I do this alone or do I need a realtor?
What can a realtor offer me that i cannot do on my own?
Buying a home for $1000.00?????
I've been searching an area that has a lot of homes for sale for a 1000.00 and I realize that there goin to need work. But is it that easy to just go there pass over 1000.00 and the home be mine?
Single male/Excellent credit. Home/Condo in Bonita, San Carlos, Estero or Naples. Under 140k
I just moved here to start a new career and i will be looking for a place sometimes early next year. The problem i have is that my route is Estero, Naples and Bonita Springs which requires i have a service…
Hi - I have a house in Holguin, Cuba that I need to sell quickly and to increase my chances of selling I would like to advertise it on a website with
exposure to Cubans living in Miami - does anyone know of any popular sites where I could do this? I love in the UK but currently stuck in Cuba trying to sell this house - any advice anyone has Inwould…
Affordable Housing in Mission Bay
Hi, I am looking into purchasing a market rate condo in Mission Bay (mainly Madrone, Radiance, Arden). Mission Bay South is slated to have 33% affordable housing units. The affordable housing units…
help me to buy a home in new york
The hundred subnets at here subnets over there again we would just throw in simple Ischemia don't want as early as who does ad thus last address represent this Inc higher area to an dot for…
Want to know whats going on in Senoia?
Call REMAX Preferred Realty, in Senoia, and ask for one of our Professional Realtors at 770-599-0733.
What sort of fiduciary duty does a real estate agent have to his client in a dual agency?
A few months ago, I purchased a home and, the day AFTER closing, learned that my agent was married to the Seller's agent. They were from the same brokerage firm and had only "disclosed" that this would…
What should I do if I bought a lemon home?
Finding mold that was covered up.
Is this house far back on Coldstream road?
I want to live close to my friend she lives on coldstream road
I live in a manufactured home community. Pay $30 more per month for a "premium lot". Four years ago, they put a house down, pretty much on my front lawn. Ever single home on the street, and in…
Can anyone recommend an ethical structural engineer? We recently closed on a house and learned that the sellers did not disclose foundation problems.
We just moved to Dallas from the East Coast and were not aware of the severity of foundation issues with Dallas homes. While the previous owners provided a flimsy engineer's report in the disclosure saying…
I am in the process of purchasing a short sale property and have been told that the bank is doing a title search as of last Thursday. Where at in?
this process do I stand? Has the bank processed my offer and is going towards sending out the appraisal person or do I still have a long way to go? Thank you for the help.
Why is there so much disparity in values between zillow, trulia, and realtor.com with zillow typically being the highest.
As such should you take the greatest value when considering listing your home?
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