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Any suggestions for a first time buyer with lower income in St.Paul?
Im purchasing my first home, the mortgage company who has preapproved my loan says that I will qualify for fha and recieve down payment assitance. She informed me that I will be coming out of pocket on…
Is it normal for Ryland sales person to demand to run a soft credit report on a buyer? My realtor provided the rep with my preapproval letter.
The sales person at Ryland told me that one end unit was available. However, I was in the office when I heard the person tell another buyer a middle unit was available. I'm wondering if I want to buy from…
Why is Trulia not giving out the info anymore. You pull up the home you want to see and the next thing that pops up is the agent that wants your info.
You cant see any pics unless you fill out stuff for the listing agent. What is with this? I am just looking and do not want an agent calling me for each house a just glance at?
I was recently scammed from an ad you ran for a house at 603 Main , Grass Valley, the claimed owner wanted my info. I gave it, he said I was approved
And that I should send a western union moneygram to Nigeria and he would then send the keys to said house. Too many red flags. You need to know about this.
I am looking for single home in the height, can be single with out restriction that can be used for commercial, little shop, atelier and office.
Can be metal or victoria wooden in good condition. Price between 100K-300K How can I enter for this specific search?
If there is an escrow dispute between the buyer and seller, where does the buyer go to file a claim for the return of their deposit?
The title company (which is the SELLERs title company) is very vague on what to do for the dispute. Does someone file a claim with the clerk of courts? Would someone file with the State of Florida…
What is the process to Rent to Own a Double Wide Trailer or three to four bedroom house?
My Fiance and I are looking to move but we want it to be permanent. We arent too worried about the location, we are still in the process of figuring that one out. ( I guess when we find the right home…
How to buy a home in another state? USDA/FHA/VA
My fiance and i would like to buy a house in idaho. We currently live and work in pennsylvania. We live with my family and have never owned a home. Our plan was to buy a house in idaho, pay the mortgage…
Looking for accessible home or apartment for rent in traverse city, michigan area
Need rental from mid-August 2014 to mid-August 2015. Have two service dogs, lab and lab mix, plus two inside cats. Need availability of high speed internet. Prefer 3 bedrooms and fenced yard.
Do agent commissions vary depending on the market and location?
I have seen them vary tremendously in the same city and wondered if there was a standard at all. thanks
Would like list of One Story Homes for sale in Columbia, SC 29223. 3/4 bedrooms 2.5/3 baths.
Only interested in One story homes. in Northeast Columbia. 29223. Would prefer split bedroom floor plan. Under $250.000 , From 2000-3000 sq ft. Double Garage. Eat in Kitchen. Please email list of homes…
Is my realtor held liable, in this instance?
Both my realtor and I were aware of the inspection period on a contract. No issues with that. My realtor was told by the listing agent that since we notified them of repairs within the inspection…
Do any local brokers/residents know how fast the dune erosion is and about how many feet are lost per year?
Specifically looking at the ocean side of Wellfleet, Ocean View Drive location...Are revetments at the bases an option or is this prohibited due to the National Association?
Whenever I click on photo on a listing, the screen turns all black, I can't see additional photos. How do I see all photos???
Only the screen where you can find out more from the Listing Agent shows up, but no other pictures. What do I do wrong??
Successful Real Estate Broker willing to mentor young real estate investor through actual deals and transactions for 50/50 split?
Young college graduate who is looking for successful real estate broker to mentor him on his journey to financial freedom. Have been researching real estate investing for 4 years and would like to apply…
I need an agent that can write up an offer on a home in Pace,FL
If someone is available today, let me know. I would like this submitted today.
How come Trulia is not reporting 2009 sales for Biscayne point area? A few are 1151 Stillwater Dr ($500,000),
8020 Noremac Ave($295, 1320 N. Biscayne Point road ($225,000) and 1350 Normandy Dr. ($197,000)-There are others too, which are yet to be publically reported but have already changed hands-This changes…
Is the zip code 33901 in a good area? Maple avenue?
The home is on maple Ave in fort myers fl 33901. Is that a good or bad area?
I'm looking in the Westchester area. Currently live in Mam'k and lo
Would-be first time home buyer - single and, quite frankly, a little intimidated. Currently live in Mam'k, love the area, but taxes are probably way too high for me to purchase here. Looking for similar…
Property Taxes - Hollywood / Hallandale oceanfront condo
Hello. Anywhere I can find out the possible property taxes on a condo I'm interested in purchasing? I assume my potential rate will not be the same as current owner. Thanks.
Less maintenance
Add some detail about your question
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Irvington Vs Ardenwood Vs Mission
i'm a first time home buyer and planning to buy a home in a "good" school district. After our research, we have the priority in this order 1) Mission 2) Warm Springs 3) Ardenwood/Forest Park 4) Parkmont.…
Why is zip code 94538 cheaper?
I see that the houses listed in zip code 94538(even the ones going to Hirsch,Horner,Irvington) are significantly cheaper than the ones in 94539 where the elementary is warm springs elementary where as…
I claimed and updated my home (142 Watson St.,Boone, N.C.) and the changes have not updated. Can you help? S.Willis.
Listing should be 3 BR 2 (full) Bath not 1 1/2. Added a new description. Price now $129,500. Also now has storage bldg. Now For Sale by Owner. None of my changes are showing up. Thanks.
Florida Bond Program has miscalculated my salary and says I make too much for the Bond.
After 8 months of hard work going thru the building and loan process, the florida Bond Program pulled the rug out from under my family two weeks before closing. They calculated my salary based on 6 checks…
Today majority of health practitioners are insisting
Can I purchase my parents home but it is in bankruptcy?
My parents filed for bankruptcy. They cannot afford to pay their house,so I took over the mortgage but now I want to purchase it from them. In addition, I am also paying their bankruptcy payment and…
For a home purchase, based on my optional info below, should I start looking to buy? Looks like a lot of misc. paperwork is needed yet.
I've had a short sale, (October 2011 closing.) and understand the time length to purchase has changed to about a year. I really have no bills only 1 credit card and those associated with rent. My FICO…
Ethical issue. What recourse do I have! Help!
Recently had an offer accepted. Then the bank refused a price reduction for a 203k. We walked. But on a hutch I emailed the Listing agent. He offered me the reduced pricenof inwent with him for double…
Looking to purchase home in owings mills. Credit score has improved greater than 640, but not confident in applying to lenders. I
I have a lot of items on credit file paid and resolved but hasn't been deleted. All recent credit good line of credit. Don't no what to do...still saving for down payment. Looking to do FHA....any suggestion...does…
Prior to closing date the lender had house inspected -no required repairs. 3 days after the closing date they are now demanding repairs be made?
We have not been given a list of repairs. We are told this is not the buyer making this demand. And this goes against what our contract states.
Do negotiations AFTER the inspection period is over put the buyer at risk for their deposit?
This pertains to the standard FR/BAR contract form in Florida. My realtor and I notified the seller of several repairs within the inspection period and requested an adjusted the price. The seller countered…
A lot of the big houses right on on Los Gatos Blvd., just up the hill from the high school, seem to have been going up for sale. Any idea why?
Just curious if there are traffic/noise issues or potential development. Those old homes are beautiful but not sure what the location is actually like to live in.
Do negotiations AFTER the inspection period put the buyer's deposit at risk?
This pertains to the standard FR/BAR contract form in Florida. My realtor and I notified the seller of several repairs within the inspection period and requested an adjusted the price. The seller countered…
Do negotiations AFTER the inspection period is over put the buyer at risk for their deposit?
This pertains to the standard FR/BAR contract form in Florida. My realtor and I notified the seller of several repairs within the inspection period and requested an adjusted the price. The seller countered…
According to my lender, 1 of my 3 credit scores is not showing up during their 2nd soft credit pull. Is that possible?
The lender is now raising the interest rate right before closing because of that claim. When I went to Experian to pull my own credit, there was no issues. The lender claims they don't know what's going…
Looking at a home that house large power lines that run through the yard in the back of property. A majority of the property is not maintained.
There is an HOA, however my realtor said the electric company would be responsible for taking care of the property, is this correct?
I am only at the beginning of a search :) would prefer email contact if possible. I am looking for a starter home with some property.
2 homes on a parcel even better as my older sister will be moving with us. My husband needs a workshop..I have not qualified yet also, Just trying to see whats out there..hopefully will be able to buy…
Home Loan Question
How much I can get mortgage loan
who were the owners of this home in 1989?
The names of the kids were Chris, Stephen - 31, and John - 27
Coming to San Antonio to check the market and our options.
We are possibly getting out of the military soon and will be coming to San Antonio to look for housing and jobs for my wife and I. Our dream is to look into building a custom home with our VA home loan.…
watch for firsttime home buyers foreclosures from $230,570.00-$365,110.00 Bank financed USDA backed
want luxury 4-5 bed home basement walkout, pool backyard, fenced private, three car garage, 3-4 bath rooms, private basement entry with liveable apartment, stove, bath, sitting rooms
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