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Cancelled Escrow Return of Buyer Funds Disbursement Method
I've been told by two escrow agents in the past that in CA, return of escrow funds must be executed in the same manner deposited. Wired deposits must be wired to the same originating account. Check deposits…
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New construction
We changed our mind on the color of countertops for our kitchen 3 months prior to being ordered. Realtor did not tell builder and now we have the wrong color. Who pays for this mistake?
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What type of lead paint inspection should I get?
I am a first time homebuyer looking at a property built prior to 1978. The house is well maintained with new windows and no visible paint chipping. As with many of the older properties, the lead paint…
Should window blinds be left back with the house or can sellers take them along? Standard size wood blinds and plantation shutters?
If the sellers do take it along with them, should they replace them with something else. How about chandeliers?
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If I owe back child support but current on my payments can I loose my deposit I put while in escriw
If I owe back child support but am current on my payments can I loose my depidit
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http://x.co/dbzfree I want to take this time to thank all of you who are participating in our 6.0 Beta programs for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM), Rational DOORS Next Generation????
http://x.co/dbzfree I want to take this time to thank all of you who are participating in our 6.0 Beta programs for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM), Rational DOORS Next Generation????
http://x.co/dbzfree want to take this time to thank all of you
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Offered above asking, now stressed about appraisal.
We recently had an offer accepted on a home. We offered $30k over asking in order to get the house. The appraisal is set for this week and I'm wondering how much I should worry about the appraisal coming…
Getting a loan after a short sale
We did sell our house through a short sale 3 1/2 years ago. Today, we have an excellent credit, 10 % down , good savings, but we don't want to wait the 4 years period because we found a house. FHA is not…
What are my options for buying a home after Chapter 7 Bk with forclosure?
my wife and I had to file a Chapter 7 that was discharged in 2010. We have since recovered financially and built our credit back up. We have also built up a good amount for down payment. I have tried recently…
First time home buyer. Need professional answers.
Hello. I'm know this is late but I am about to close on a house in a few weeks. I need to know if the itemized fee worksheet includes the down payment..or is that an entirely separate thing? First…
What is the current waiting period and minimum down payment required for a mortgage for a primary residence, if the buyer had a short sale in 4/2010?
The potential buyer was not late on the mortgage at the time of the short sale. The buyer has a great income and 700 FICO. Thanks.
What is the lowest credit score I can have and still be able to get home loan?
I am looking to purchase a home anywhere between Orlando and Tampa. However, the credit scores are consider poor. Me and my husband do not have any Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, short sale on the report. At…
mortgage questions
I am looking for a lender in or around indian River Michigan. I do have 2 judgements on my credit. One will be payed off and the other, which is a hospital bill will be payed down to around $900, they…
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If I am canceling the contract, do I need to provide written mortgage commitment to the seller? NJ.... Please answer asap.
We are in a process of canceling the contract because seller did not provide needed documents requested by us after the inspection. I have already emailed my agent to notify the seller and prepare required…
4 years ago, we bought a house with a clear title. Now, we're attempting to re-fi and a 17-year-old lein has showed up on the title.
The lein is not against us. The court that filed it won't talk to us about it because it's not us, but they won't clear it. The lending company won't move forward until the title is clear. Any suggestions…
This site is infected with adds and promotions, very hard to navigate.
It shows me places way out of my parameters, adds for new homes, etc. I can't wade through the junk to actually shop for a home. Going back to other sites.
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Do you think you're transferring house collected from one of metropolis to a different? Are there a lot of house possessions as well as residence side effects to help shift for a brand-new destination…
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Garage floor repair
I want to buy a house, on the garage floor you can see a concrete patch that looks like is due to a repair, The seller's agent says The iwners Vaughn The house like that AND Don't know what it…
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