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Would you consider this ethical behavior for a real estate agent?
A real estate agent tells her buyer to bid high on a property that has multiple bidders, claiming that the property won't appraise for that amount anyway. The sellers accept the bid of this buyer. The…
Need to determine the best place to live in the Louisville Ky/Floyd Knobs Ind area. Will be working in Downtown area.?
Daughter loves performing arts and is in MIddle School. Under 400k that is safe, unique with privacy. Easy commute. Great school.
Escrow money being held by seller
I entered into a contract for a house in NJ in spring this year. I had a pre-approval letter from a major bank, and I deposited the full escrow amount in the escrow account. However, at the time of issuing…
Realtor required us to complete escrow in less than a month, a lot of contradictions as to why...
We had a lender & were pre approved for a loan, made an offer on a house in Calif, was a short sale & we waited 9 weeks for bank to approve, we got the go ahead. The seller's realtor said…
Buying a home after bankruptcy!!
I'm almost 2 years removed from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Credit scores are around 640
What is the going price for winterizing and de-winterizing a home in Brigantine?
Also, does a plumber guarantee that the pipes won't freeze after winterization if the heat is turned off?
Can I get a low home loan to purchase even if by divorce things may have been damaged?
I recently divorced. Have been on time with all rent payments for almost 4 years. I was purchasing before but due to divorce had to move out because he wouldn't. So I signed the house back to the…
How do I have to wait to buy a house after filing bankruptcy?
I just filed bankruptcy and it has been discharged , wanted to buy a house later on but how long do I have to wait to buy one
I am a disabled veteran with a credit score of 640
I have income of 4400 a month. My monthly debts are about 800 and 1300 rent. I have the VA loan guarantee but it seems hard to get a house today with that even with no money down. Any advice?
Hello i am trying to find fixer upper in my area hace any ideas? Websites? I want to buy something really cheap. Thank you in advance
Wa state really cheap so i can fix no mobiles id possible i tried here but where should i look as well?
why does Hud sell houses so cheaper(ex $25,000) for owner occupied sales when no bank or mortgage company will give you a loan for that low?
I found a home $23,000 ,I have $7000 dp,but banks & motrtgaage companies wont go lower than $40000, they actually want me to go for $70,000, the only way I could buy this home & keep it affordable…
I don't have great credit but will be putting 20% down on 2nd home...
Will putting 20% down, and my credit score improving steadily from the not so great score it is now, make it more attractive for a bank to give a decent interest rate?
I have a question. Im wanting to rent a home, but my credit is not so good. I have a eviction on my record but, the judge dismissed it. I just need
to get the court paperwork. Iv also taking a lot of time off work due to family illness. So my work history is not so great. Me and my partner also have dogs, and we would want to rent from a LGBT friendly.…
Credit Score and pay off Bills or Down Payment $$ ?
Which should I work on the most for a Mortgage? I currently have a 705 CS but due to two bills , a car loan and a line of credit that I'm paying down nicely to secure a mortgage for October of 2016. I…
3 bedroom townhouse in the Oaks
I am considering selling or renting my townhouse in the Oaks development. I'm going to try to do this on my own but I would appreciate if you can share any market comp data on selling price or rental…
My loan officer disclosed my financial information to the seller prior to informing me isn't that illegal.
Sent emails and called the seller on a regular basis about my loan information
who has access to mortgage down payment until closing?
Hello, I am a home buyer. I want to know if the seller gets the down payment as soon as I pay it or if it goes to a mortgage holding account and will be released to the seller only after closing?
Question about purchasing Mortgage Points
I am a home buyer. I read at http://www.quickenloans.com/blog/first-time-home-buyer-tax-deductions?qls=EGL_cm15warm.1118ratese that "mortgage points are prepaid interest. You can purchase points…
Should I refinance my car before purchasing a home?
I'm looking to purchase my first home this year and have less than good credit. My debt amount is less than $6000, but poor decisions that I made in the past have lowered my credit score. I currently…
Quit Claim Deed
Interested in a foreclosed property in Florida, the seller provide Quit Claim Deed only. What are the risks associated with this kind of deed? If I can purchase a home owner's title insurance, is…
Sign the counter offer then counter it back?
I received a counter offer from the seller. I don't agree on part of the counter offer. So should I sign the counter offer then counter it back, or not sign the counter offer then counter it back?
Is my investment safer in a stand alone home or townhouse?
No personal preference. Divorcing. No kids.
Should we extend offer with bump clause or let contract go?
Our home had buyer, closing on 4/24. Through long process he failed to get financing. Meantime, put offer on house contingent on our closing by 4/30. Didn't give bump clause asked for. Since we apparently…
Villages at Meadowcreek,Manalapan NJ
Has anyone brought a home or signed a contract at The Villages at Meadowcreek ,Manalapan NJ 07712. Just wanted to know how the experience has been with K.Hovananian builders at closing?
Pros and Cons of a Former Model Home?
We're looking at a development that was (mostly) built in 2002 and recently noticed that the former model home is currently for sale. Our first guess would be that the former model home for the neighborhood…
Upstate New York or Connecticut
Looking for a second home in upstate New York or Connecticut preferably near a lake, with summer and winter activities.
Should I play music when showing my house?
I've been to open houses where the seller played some music through an ipod and speaker. It seemed kind of tacky and distracting. I thought they had the volume too loud as they were trying to use…
Seller requires that potential buyers execute the disclosure and submit with their offer in order to be considered
I am interested in a bank-owned property out of state (Florida,) I live in CT and wonder what it means when the listing ends with this, "Seller requires that potential buyers execute the disclosure and…
UST Scan as a buyer
Let me preface this by saying that I understand this is advice and not concrete information. Just trying to get a little background on this. I am the buyer of a property and just wrapped up the inspection.…
VFlyer.com has fraudulently listed my home for rent on your site - 10432 Kenrich Dr. Brighton is NOT for rent but for Sale and on zillow only.
Why can I not simply get help from you people on this site regarding my home being falsely advertised and scammed??? VFlyer.com is a scam - REMOVE them immediately and know that we have contacted local…
Again, I am still trying to find out how to change information that is in my Zillow and Trulia Profile, that is incorrect? Brokerage has been changed.
I have blogged, emailed, spoke to reps from both companies, and still the information is not changed.
8479 traceridge pakway that is my house and i can not edit the listing
8479 traceridge pakway that is my house and i can not edit the listing
Can seller back out without his wife's signature?
2 days before closing, our bank required a property maintenence agreement, we were unable to get the other people on the lane to sign so our closing date got pushed up 2 days. Over the weekend the seller…
Why do my listings state provided by Pam Rose with a hyperlink? When I sent an email request, it sent the email to another agent. Why?
Lee McKibben 1-256-590-7306 Life On The Lake Realty 544 County Rd 3909 Arley, AL 35541 www.HousesOnSmithLake.com
We need to find a loan for bad credit first time home buyers numbers and names for the lubbock area would be great
We are in lubbock tx our criedit scores are low so we cant get the normal loans the scores are 525 518 525 he is the main income i have 584 600 600 We dont have a down payment but need to come up with…
Please remove pictures of the home we just purchased.
We just bought a home. Although I can't find it if I search within Trulia, if I search on Bing or Goggle it still shows pictures at your site! Please remove those pictures from this SOLD property…
Why are you allowing one of your properties to be misrepresented?
My name is James Jorgensen and I am contacting you to complain about misrepresentation by a listing agent for one of your properties. The property in question is 1901 Glenoaks Blvd, #217, San Fernando,…
My mother's house is listed on your website as in default and a foreclosure. She is getting people knocking on her door wanting to buy her
house. Her house is not in foreclosure or anything else. HOW DO WE GET THE LISTING OFF YOUR WEBSITE????? WE DID AUTHORIZE ANYONE TO LIST IT..
I think once I sell my house - if I ever do - I will become a fulltime RVer instead.
Because I can't do anything right as a homeowner. I overpay as a buyer, I overspend on repairs and remodeling, I overprice as a seller, and everything is my fault.
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