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Best advice needed:
We will make about $120k on our house. My credit is shot, hubby's credit decent. Debt to income ration maxed out at the moment. Obvs. will pay off debt with money from sale. But nervous we will…
My husband and I are moving from Fort Campbell KY, he's getting out of the Army and is going to attend college in Grand Forks ND. We currently
rent. We are looking for a place to rent up there but it's not cheap. We are looking to buy a house because monthly payments are cheaper, but we will only be staying in ND for 3 1/2 years. We are…
do you have anyone in that area that does deck and patios?
misplaced the name of guy from Alvadore that helped a 78 year old disabled person last summer fixing a deck and need to find him again please.. email address Phyl4u7048@aol.com
Question about water tower near house
We are thinking of buying house in very nice community, only thing is that 2-3 houses down the lane there is a water tower. Not in the community but just behind that house) it is not in frontt view or…
Hi, we are looking for an affordable place to live on Long Island and we really like South Freeport for what we can get for the money. We also like
the neighborhood. However, repeated searches keep warning people away from Freeport because of the schools. I'm not worried about elementary for our youngest, but we have one that will be in high…
Can you still buy a house with bad credit?
I have a credit score of 506 and my husband has one about the same. Maybe a little better than mine. We also have a foreclosure from 2013.
Dallas vs Austin and areas
We are looking to purchase some investment property in Dallas or Austin. I was wondering if there is any comparison and the areas from cash flow perspective. We am planning to $100-$150K down
How can I buy a second home when my first home is a remodification FHA loan?
I own a home and want to buy another one. Do I wait the 36 months to by or can I purchase a home now?
Buying foreclosures at auction in California.
The county search shows some of the typical liens-- condo fees, utilities, back taxes, county/city fees, etc (aware when buying county tax recovery property or foreclosure auction porpeties, the buyer…
Non-conventional loans and subject to xyz renovations approval?
Hi, I have a question regarding appraisal. The place in question would require non-conventional mortgage as it does not meet the FHA required (owner occupied is <50%). The place I'm looking is…
Anyone have advice(besides wait) on what to do when you have 6months at your current job and your lender wants at least 1 year? Using VA loan.
My husband and I have been pre-approved by 3 banks. When we were in the final process of the home we wanted to purchase we were told the underwriter turned away the loan due to my husband only have 6 months…
Underwriting- Can a new loan app see old underwriting records?
Hi- Im applying for a home loan. Previously I applied for one but stopped at underwriting as I had to explain a false report in my credit. I cancelled that application. I have resolved that since and…
Home ownership with 70% down and terrible credit
Is it possible in Arizona to put 70% down on a home and get a mortgage with an extremely low credit score? I also have some collateral in the form of a commercial property.
Looking for a Buyers Broker in the 97601 (Kalmath Falls) area who is familiar with VA loans.
Sorry I didn't specify the area in my earlier question. Thank you, Regina
I'm getting vague answers on some questions regarding listings with "Sewer: In Street on Bond" and "Mello Roos: Unknown" for DHS homes, help!
1): Can someone explain, in simple layman's terms, what "Sewer: In Street on Bond" means with several property for sale listings in Desert Hot Springs, CA.? I'm getting vague... "double- talk, wishy-washy"…
Can a tourist buy a home or apartment in LA?
I am a mexican citizen, I live in Mexico but travel often to LA and would like to own an apartment or house.
Need more filters on searches!
I don't want to waste time looking at two story homes, or those with garages in the basement or for that matter, houses with basements but there is no way to filter out the others. It would be nice…
Grand Venezia/Bellagio update?
I am a Canadian looking at the Grand Venezia/Bellagio condos as a vacation home, and would like an expert to update me on the situation there. Is it true that there are still high vacancy rates? On the…
I get a portion of my annual bonus in deferred compensation. Can I use the awarded amount or do I use the amount when I actually get paid?
For illustrative purposes, say I get awarded a $10,000 deferred bonus for my work in 2015, which will be paid out over the next three years ('16, '17, '18) in three installments of $3,333.…
Buying a home with less than perfect credit
I'd like to know if it's possible to buy a home with out a down payment with less than perfect credit
Buying short sale during redemption period in MN?
I will be buying a short sale in the redemption period where the 1st position lien holder holds the title of the sheriff sale. The bank and owners of the house agreed to sale after the sheriff sale. My…
How to get deposit back?
I wanted to buy this piece of land in Virginia but the land did not meet the percolation requirement of the contract so I backed out. My real estate agent had me sign a release of contract including the…
I have found the house of our dreams.
My wife and I are looking into a new school boundary so my son can get the best education possible. The houses typically go for 330k but this one is a steal at 260k. It has been on the market for two…
geting a second home without getting a higher second home interest rate
If I am separated from my spouse, can I purchase a home in the new city without it being a second home?
Thinking of selling
Thinking of selling home. Home not greatest of shape. My neighborhood is very up and coming. My house is small 705sq ft with large back yard.Should I invest 10K to fix up home or sell as is.
Does anyone know where I can get a $145k private loan to purchase?
Does anyone know where I can get a $145k private loan to purchase a home? Does anyone know where I can get a $140k private loan, will add as a Lein holder on the property, be able to pay at a rate of…
is pomona, ca considered an up and coming neighborhood?
there seems to be a lot of activity downtown (fox theater, bars, galleries)
Has anyone ever had a situation where Quality Control reviews the appraisal and comes in lower then the appraisal price?
We are currently in escrow and trying to close on this home purchase (first timers fha), we finally received a copy of the appraisal and the quality control review and the quality control review is lower…
Living in TX, buying a home in AZ tax situation.
Hello Realtors, I currently live in TX. And I don't own any home as of now. I am planning to buy a home in AZ. I don't intend to move to that home or to rent it out. It would a vacation home…
Are the fees due at time of purchase or can you have payment plan?
We are approved for a VA loan and don't have extra money. We live paycheck to paycheck. I get SS and my husband is still employed.
How could you do this?
How difficult is it to purchase a primary residence in a different state?
I currently live in Michigan, but am looking to purchase my first home in North Carolina. How difficult will this be compared to buying a home in my own state? I'm planning on relocating shortly…
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