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what's the average cost of a full house remodel with possible addition?
contemplating buying a 1950s 1-story home with 3 br and 3 baths. Needs all bathrooms and kitchen remodeled. Needs hardwood installation, paint work and possibly additional 400-500 sq ft addition for br/bathroom…
I am needing contact information to Change our broker address information please advise who I can email or call. We currently show Hexagon Group Inc.
address is 501 W George Bush Freeway #125 Richardson, Texas 75080. It should show Keller Williams Realty at the above address. Thank you Michelle Wood Keller Williams Realty 214-778-2880 michellewood@kw.com
Any opinions on Harbor Club?
Is now the time to be buying in the $500-600k range?
looking to buy up to 300k
I am looking for a colonial style house. Something with some southern charm that doesn't necessarily scream FLORIDA, and is not a new spec home. Has anyone seen anything good out there?
Can we trust zillow estimates? I checked 5 prospective homes and 4 out of the 5 were close to asking price.
The 5th one however, was, zillow estimated at about 50K less than asking price. Other townhomes in the complex were valued even lower. What gives?
Why do real estate agents NOT tell their co op agents how much a competitive offer is on their listing? Is it a violation of some law?
Is it a violation of the code of ethics? Would it be detrimental to the sale in some way? Is it an instruction from the seller? Is it a tradition that makes no sense?
How can I purchase my home and get additional funds for an addition and to pay off debt?
My husband and I are currently owner financing our home. We would like to obtain a standard mortgage through a bank. In the process we would like to obtain additional funds to build an addition and pay…
can i get a conventional loan?
can i get a conventional loan with one line of open credit from capital one and i have a student loan that i paid monthly. my credit score is 660 and never late on payments.
Relocating to chicago for work. We are a young family (mid 30's) with a young baby...
Looking for a neighborhood, where we could find a single family house with a small yard (for our dog) and walkable to ammenities (restaurants, parks, stores, etc). We have a generous housing stipend ,…
What are the pros/cons of living across the street from a grade school?
There's a house we're interested in but it's across the street from a grade school, which is what's holding us back. We have a baby who'd likely end up going there, but we're concerned about the noise/traffic,…
What recourse does a buyer have once a price is agreed with the seller for the property and we go into inspection period and encounter a problem?
Cape Coral: Problem is that we had separately a home inspection and a seawall inspection. Paid $$$ for both and later found that the seller had two seawall inspections 6 mos. prior and one of them was…
I'm looking for assistance finding a renter for my new property. Can someone assist?
I just purchased a place in Deerfield Beach, but unsure of the best way to put my rental on the market? I'm assuming this would be through the MLS? The place I have is pretty nice, corner unit, newer…
If my offer was accepted for a house and they told me that it was mine and everything was all set, can someone else offer higher than me and get into
a bidding war? Because our offer was accepted and all was good and then we got a call saying the people we outbid came back and bid higher but we were told we were already accepted.
Traditional banks vs credit unions?
As a first time homebuyer, which institution is more favorable to obtain a mortgage from?
I want to buy one of each 1942 o 1952 tomahack DR
this two house I thing nobody is living
I am looking to buy a house for the first time and looking for financing. I am wondering if anyone can help.
My middle credit score is 602. My dti right now is 26%. I have about $4800 set aside for a down payment. I am also looking for any down payment assistance programs if there are any.
would owner finance?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3107055502-6169-E-73rd-Ave-Merrillville-IN-46410
Making offer on Cartus relocation home
My wife and I are about to put an offer on a home that is a Cartus relocation. The market is crazy here and very difficult for buyers so we were able to find out about this home before it hit MLS, which…
Does home w/o fireplace reduce resale value and desirability?
About to put an offer on a home after searching high and low for 6 months and being outbid twice. Everything about this house is perfect for our family. Location, updated, everything new, etc. The one…
Should I add a third bedroom to a convex or should I move? Please answer any part of this question.
I live in a 2 bedroom condex in Salem Nh. I only owe $75K and should have it paid off in the next 5 years. My house is only worth $150 based on Zillow. If I add a third bedroom legally.. what kind of…
I am looking to buy a condo on colesium st as an investment rental property
Can I buy and rent this place out for long term lease? What is the average rent? How is the lower garden district area? Is it desirable. Are properties in this area easily and quickly rented out?
1099 income and purchasing a home
I'm wanting to purchase a home, pretty decent sized. I have 1099 income AND W-2 income, is there any way around having to wait 2 years to use the 1099 income? Is there any way to use just the 1099 and…
Hi, been searching for a good home in the wedgewood, Hulen st., 76116 area. But having hard time. I've seen many homes but still not satisfied.
I need to hurry but it's taking too long. can somebody help? i looking for home anywhere from 100,000 to 120,000. i can put down up to $40,000. also i would like the sun to rise from the front of the…
Where should i begin to move out when i turn 18?
I wanna move out asap after i turn 18 Were should i start I wanna find a pet friendly townhouse Right now i still have 1 more year of highschool highschool, am haveing trouble with getting…
How do I knw if we qualify for a house loan? My husband wins about 30,000$ a year his income only...
We're goin tru the "first time home buyers'"program from the city wer berly gonna take that class they request
Possible / Legal to Back Out of Buying House Day Before / Day of Closing?
My wife and I are buying a house tomorrow. Even though we both work hard, I make much more as she is a teacher (which is just wrong.) I found out today that there's a great chance that I may loose my…
I am moving to Fort Myers for work, and I was wondering what are some of the more popular areas where for single, young professionals?
I am moving to Fort Myers for work, and I was wondering what are some of the more popular areas where a lot of single, young professionals tend to live. I want to be in an area where there's plenty to…
What do you do when 6mo lease is up and your to go to a contract for deed 30days latter but you hear nothing from the seller till 6mos later instead?
My husband and I found a home we were interested in buying we put 5000.00 down and have been paying 975.00/mo contract was for 6mo which gave us a allotted time to be sure on a contract for deed. We have…
First time buying a home.
My wife and I wish to invest in a property that is asking for $130,000. If we put a 5% down and get a 30yr fixed loan, how much should we be prepared for closing cost right to the point where we can actually…
first time homebuyer ....i pay child support and keep getting rejected for a home loan
i am a first time home buyer and i keep getting rejected because my income/debt ratio is too high .....i pay child support 1078.00 a month 250.00 phone bill, and a 660.00 car payment including insurance…
im looking for a lender that can help me and my fiance purchase our first home. his job history is kinda spotty but its because he was going for more
money. I have been told by 2 lenders that only my income can be used but he makes more then I do.
Short Sale candidates
I will make offer with short sale approval from MY BROKER
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