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I am trying to figure out about FHA loans and what is required to purchase a home?
I am a first time home buyer and have no clue where to start, I know I need to fix a few things on my credit but what do I do?
Wife has a CS of 664 but had 2 late payments on credit card and was told by Wells Fargo they would probably deny her for that, First time home buyers.
Looking for a 3 bed 2 bath home in either, Gwinnet County or Loganville, Monroe area in the price range of 60-70,000. Mobile homes ok too.
I'm looking for a 4 bd home in Loganville, Between area or Youth, Atha Road area to rent or rent to own or lease purchase. We'd like the
bedrooms upstairs. A basements a plus but not neccessary. Please let me know if anyone has a home they are interested in lease purchasing. Looking to move in Jan/Feb
FHA down payment program for 580 fico
First time home Buyer in Santa Cruz, CA Looking for FHA lender for 580 FICO down payment assistance.
How difficult would it be to rent out a home in Madison?
What does the rental market in Madison look like? I see next to no homes for rent, and I was wondering how difficult it is to rent out a home. I ask because I am considering purchasing a home in Madison,…
security system keypad needed in 1st floor?
I bought a home in santa clara. The 1st floor has the laundry and car garrage. The second floor has the living room and a bed room. and two bedrooms in third floor. They kept the security system keypad…
Am looking to invest in property in Miami, FL. Do any professionals have an opinion on the Little Havana neighbourhood.?
The area has some cheap property, it also looks like there is a lot of development that will be commenced in the near future. The location also seems amazing due to its proximity to Brickell, downtown…
Cost of adding a bedroom/bathroom
Hello, I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask this but trying my luck. We are in market for a 4bd room house in Milpitas. We are also looking for at least one bedroom and bathroom at the ground…
I e-mailed two real estate agents concerning a property for sale and never heard from either one of them. What won't agents answer your request?
wrote to one agent and never heard from him, then wrote to another and never heard from her either.
Considering Sun City Center, Bradenton/Sarasota Condos, Delray Beach & Tamarac Kings Point Coms. Any suggestions for under 75K active 62 male?
Interested in some golf, sports leagues, social interaction events, and walkable neighborhoods/park areas.
I am looking for a 3 bdr home to rent in the south hills area I do have a section 8 voucher I have had no luck on my own 15129 preferred
I need an extra bdrm because my baby is 2 now and need more space my current slumlord would prefer if I stay I have been here 8 yrs now please help I am also in program to buy my own home 2 more yrs…
Trying to buy with VA loan, agent told us he gets up to 7 parties bidding on same house.
So if you are trying to buy with VA you are getting out bid, mostly from cash buyers.
why can't i save houses anymore?
the new 'my boards' feature isn't working. i can't save houses to "my boards and when i click on the link My Boards it signs me out.
What are 5 things you should ask your Real Estate agent before buying a home?
I am looking in to buying a home, but I am not sure exactly what I should be looking for when looking at the homes. Does anyone know specific questions I should ask?
My Boards does not load
I cannot access the ne My Boards section. I cannot access my saved homes from a listing or my login. M Site continually asks for me to login again when following links. Site will not save new homes…
You seem to have rearranged your site. I cannot stay logged in and I cannot access my previously saved homes.
The new site configuration DOES NOT WORK. There is a My Boards section that continually asks me to log in and then does nothing. I cannont find my saved homes. Please fix your site so it becomes useful…
Upcoming New Jordans 2015 Bred 11 Low
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Can I buy a house without a down payment?
Can we buy a house without a down payment
Pieces of iron and
Pieces of iron and nickel thatcome from outer space we take a magnet running across thisoxidize layer my guess is we'll probably pick up micrometeorites you can see how the sentencing hearing 0 and…
Hi I have an opportunity to move to the Houston, TX area.
It is a work from home position visiting clients within the greater Houston area. Most important for us is schools we have a 5 and 8 yr old, and a max budget of 600k for a house any input would be appreciated.
how do I remove a home for sale on trulia's site/?
I didn't put this on your site.
I have saved a list of homes that I searched for a while, but it is no longer there since trulia had changed "save homes" to "my
boards" last week. I had saved a list of homes, but Trulia changed the "saved homes" became my boards, therefore, I can't find all those homes I saved before, would anyone tell me how…
Should I buy a house with backyard higher than house floor?
I really like the house except this problem. Im concerned about the possibility that it could result in mold, since water can get through the wall from the sides and the backyard. And most importantly,…
How do I report a Trulia rental listing that is a scam?
Rental listing for 2033 Brentwood Drive, Springfield, IL is a scam. Verified this speaking with real owner's son in law.
This poster is posting property he does not own: http://www.trulia.com/profile/benjaminapartmentrental-property-manager-new-york-ny-23570494/overview
I am the owner of Harmony Plaza Apartments at 1870 Myrtle Drive SW in Atlanta. This poster is attempting to defraud prospective renters. If you need more information, my email address is Kelly@rjamesproperties.com
list of listings in csv format
Can I just get the data - address, price history in a text format?
Is a home overpriced?
Comps are 430K - 450K, but is priced at 479K. Seller is willing to come down to 465K, but no further (they paid 415K for the home) Apparently there have been "other offers" that were turned down by the…
El Paso Fannie Mae My Community Mortgage
I have been having trouble finding a fannie mae my community mortgage lender. Any referrals? I'm buying in El Paso Texas.
Should I get pre-approved by more than one lender to compare?
First time home buyer & trying to figure out if what is offered to me is the same or competitive. It will be a FHA loan so Any advise would help.
Buying after a short sale
Sold our house in May 2014 as a short sale due to job relocation. Would like to buy again as soon as possible. When is the soonest we could buy again? Is this up to the lender or government regulation?
BUYER REFERRAL OPPORTUNITY: Wildwood, NJ. Please email me at Phong.Lam@c21ag.com if interested. Need a GOOD agent soon! Thanks!
Dear Fellow Agents in the Wildwood, NJ areas: I have a buyer client that is looking to buy a place in Wildwood, NJ area. Buyer is looking for a vacation rental property! If you are interested, please…
Do you check for scams on your site?
I called the Realtor listed on the property and he told me that 4703 Tobey St San Diego, CA 92120 (Allied Gardens) $800 Updated 6 days ago was a scam and it appears many of your properties are scams.…
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