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our home has been sold how do I remove the listing or update to sold
10321 NW 10th Court Plantation Fl.33322 SOLD !!!!!
I put 20,000 down on a 99 double wide manufactured home that has been vacant for 3 years. I'm "owner financing" the remaining 5,000
over the next year. I bought the home from the park owner. If the lease and agreements we signed say nothing about "as-is" condition. If anything is wrong after the gas is turned on with the…
Has anyone bought home through Auction.com
It say cash only but is there any way anyone can negotiate with the who owns the property? or once is in Auction.com nothing can be done?
Why are you not putting the amount for for HOA on listings?
I would appreciate the info included.
Are you trying to sell property or just irritate visiters to your web sight?
I've input info for a search and it keeps telling me to broaden my search. I have added info and still "broaden my search"!
Please change the erroneous price you are quoting for the transaction at 3733 Heather Lake Circle, Sarasota, Florida.
I bought the house for TWICE the price you have listed. I bought it from a divorced couple, paying EACH $66,300. The ACTUAL price I paid was $132,600. Property appraiser's office link: http:/…
How do I remove a home from your site. You have listed a home owned by me but not for sale.
how do I remove a home from your site. you have listed a home owned by me but not for sale.
Which kind of software is PDF to WORD?
When you are trying to find a Pdf To Doc Converter, the easiest approach is the fact that you is going online and attempt seeking the application that you think will not be unable to assist you. Don't…
How long does it take for a short house to sell? n ky
I have been waiting with Chase Mortage to give me a YES or NO are they accepting my CONTRACT?
How can I find help in buying a house that will work in my best interest. Not the sellers or their own?
I'm looking to purchase a home and found the reality not so much appealing. For example. I initially called a realtor and made an offer for a home. Next day they counter and when I ask him to basically…
Help, been looking for a home in nmb or miami gardens for over a year and yet im still looking.
Ive been looking for a fha home under $160 for over a year, and cant seem to find one. Buyers dont want to take a contract with fha or mapp funding to assist with closing costs, and realtors dont want…
Why do a lot of real estate agents grossly overstate sq footage?
I have viewed a lot of condos in the city, I've noticed that a good many listing agents tend to overstate the square footage of their listings. I've only experienced a few that have the honest…
My fiance and I are interested in buying our first home. Where do we start?
Neither one of our credit scores are very good. We don't really have any money saved but we could afford monthly payments around roughly $800 to $1100. Is this enough to finance everything or are…
what are houses selliing for in my area?
1706 trinity in decatur,tx
What's the best way to purchase a new home before selling the old one?
I want to purchase and move to a new home, then fix up my present home for resale. What is the best strategy for financing the purchase of the new home. I will be hard pressed to come up with a 20% down…
Interested in the property 8T646 San Leandro Dallas 75218. What is the price?
I am surprised that it is est. at 37,000, when the other house are roughly 422,000. What are the issues with this house? Thank you
Hello - I have noticed that there are Chinese characters appearing your site when I am searching for a house. Thought you might want to check it out.
Am not able to attach a screen shot, but they appear in the "Explore this Area" box, next to certain house prices, as well as in other random places.
My sweet old neighbor died some months ago. As far as we know, no one has claimed her body or her belongings. She was very private so we're
not aware of any family members (and none have made themselves known). At any rate, the HOA is filing a lien against the property for past due association fees. And they are speaking of foreclosing on…
My son was prequalified for a loan, spent lots of money preparing to close but was disqualified just before closing. Is this legal?
He was disqualified due to debt / income ratio that had not changed. Nothing else changed during that time either.
Is there a problem using the map search feature with certain internet browsers?
In both Safari and Chrome when I run my mouse over the listings in map view they blink for a second then disappear and the prices on the map are unclickable. Is there a fix? I have the most current version…
How do I submit a review of my agent?
The review box seems to be cut off at the bottom of the page and I can't scroll down to access a submit button.
I got pre approved in NM can I buy in TX ?
My job is within driving distance of both cities.
Want to sell home in Waterbury, Ct...houses here are selling at very low prices..if you can sell at all....house is in good condition but roof is old
Doesn't leak but is discolored in spots ....in this terrible market would it pay to replace roof?
Why is Downtown DC designated as Chinatown on your map of 1-BR rentals over $2,000 when most of the residential in that area is in Penn Quarter?
Chinatown consists of a few blocks on H St. bet. 8th and 5th streets plus a couple of blocks on Eye St east of 7th, whereas Penn Quarter is a much larger area and includes all of the new apartment development…
We are trying to move out of state but our loan officer won't go through with the loan without proof of my husband's job transfer.
He will be eligible to transfer his job in 2 months but employer won't provide information for something in the future. The loan officer says he can't process the loan because FHA guidelines…
Is there any downfall to geting a real estate license in order to have it in your professional and personal "arsenal" and taking advantage?
of the knowledge and cost savings related to selling your home? I have fully researched the costs and time associated with the required courses, licensure fees, etc., and it appears I would be able to…
Is Seller obligated to help buyer secure financing?
my buyer's lender will not approve his loan unless two conditions related to the property (items already disclosed on the Property disclosure form) are inspected/repaired. I am selling "as is" and have…
What is available for helping second time home buyers with their down payment if anything?
My first home was a studio in a co-op that I outgrew. I work full-time in New York but make less than 50K. I want to buy into another co-op but my salary sucks. Is there any assistance for me?
I would like to have a two-family house, brick, for $400,000. Send to mariettamcgibbon663@yahoo.com
I would like large bedrooms and on the first floor. Send this to mriettamcgibbon663@yahoo.com
I am moving across the country and need to acquire temporary financing until I can get my house on the market and sold in IL.
Wanted a BRIDGE loan but the government no longer allows those type of loans. Mortgage companies will not qualify me even though I am putting more than 50% down. I don't have a job out in NV yet…
Relocating problems
Were moving from one state to another but im being told we may not get our fha loan becuase we dont have jobs in the state were moving to. I cant get a job there till i have a residence. Is this really…
i was buying close to family. got an agent forced everything the lending she did grupys here she took our vunerable situation ran with it.
she lied manipulated even had the tittle come to our home. i told her couild not afford that home, she did not care we were very ill from exposure to mold need to get out bad living conditions. she lied…
Time frame to fix bad credit before I could buy a house?
I have had medical problems that have completely ruined my credit, my money situation is about to change for the better drastically! How long does it take to repair my credit enough to qualify for a mortgage?
Yes I am working I like many people is looking for a studio apartment if possible something no more than 800 a month near the south Bronx
If I leave a security deposit of 1200 out my money will you wait for welfare first month first security deposit
i was buying close to family. got an agent forced everything the lending she did grupys here she took our vunerable situation ran with it.
she lied manipulated even had the tittle come to our home. i told her couild not afford that home, she did not care we were very ill from exposure to mold need to get out bad living conditions. she lied…
Buying my own home after divorce.
I am about to be a single mother. How much down payment do I need to buy a 150k home?
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