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We bought a home couple months back. It was a flip by investor. After a month we saw water leaks and found damage to sub floors. What are my options?
Is there any responsibility on "investor seller" He re-painted the home just before sale ! I can't believe he didn't know as he didn't live in it!Home inspection guy didn't say anything on his report.…
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Speed and its top measurement
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Looking for a Villa home in or around 141 and Manchester
I'm looking for a Villa not a Condo. Ranch style with 2 BR and bathrooms. Laundry on first floor. Garage. In the Webster Groves or Manchester Area.
"As is" property questions
Looking at an "as is" home to possibly buy. The agent, who works for a reputable RE agency, says that it's her father's home but he's never lived in it. Thus- as is. I realize…
Height of houses
My husband and I are hoping to purchase some land in Pass Christian to build a home and retire on. We're prepared to pay flood insurance and understand the costs. My question is, what are the elevation…
Inside Out asfsdfdd
I reluctantly entered a rent own contract, renters are now living in the house. How can I get them out and cancel the contract.?
This whole arrangement is taking a toll on myself and my mother. I need to move back into my house.
How do I find out if there is any litigation against a builder or components used in the building of a house which is 25 years old?
How do I find who the builder of a house is, and if there is litigation, how to access the settlement funds if needed? I am working on buying a house, in the inspection phase, however my last house…
Parents co-purchasing with children in NYC - where to find info / an experienced real estate agent?
I'm searching for info on parents co-purchasing homes with children in NYC - are there helpful resources on this topic? Any tips to find a realtor with experience in this area?
Need advice on buying a house with remodeling done without permit
Hi, There is a house in Fremont which looks good. However, a number of modifications have been made without permit. They include: addition of a sun room, copper re-pipe, insulation of all walls, numerous…
which bank in madisonville is best with working with first time home buyers?
not sure of my credit i am just starting out but have had a few small loans which i have paid off so it should be good but really interested in trying to buy my first home
house price is wrong
can you update my listing to show CORRECT price please?
my house was on your web site last week Friday , but today it isn't ? , when I do a general search for any home any size in Jackson wi. it
doesn't sho my address is 1574 state road 60 Jackson Wi. asking price of $495,000 and its 10.10 acres. regards Paul 414-234-0700 e-mail psikorski@bertramwireless.com
market report for chino California for current real estate
for chino California for current real estate market (weekly, monthly, etc)
What is it like living in Lake Pillsbury Ranch Gated Community? What are restrictions on animals, fences, etc.?
Is it fairly private or do you feel like you're living in a townhouse or retirement village?
how can i remove my listing?
how can i remove my listing?
Any Property Preservation Contractors looking for work in the states of KY, MD & FL? We have lots of work!!!!!!
If you are in the property preservation industry and looking for work in the states of KY, MD and FL please email m.nicklas@nfs365.com or call 813-374-4915 and ask for the HR Department, Recruiting. You…
FHA 3.5% vs Conventional loan w/ 3% down payment
Prior to becoming informed about the home buying process, I was under the impression that the only way to take advantage of the lowest down payment amount, FHA was the only way to go. Now, after obtaining…
I'm looking to find a farm house to rent or buy.
Not just a house that looks like a farm house one thats really on a farm. Please let me know if you can help[?
Suburbs to South of Edina under 30 mins
My wife will be working at South of Edina (near Southdale Mall at MN-100 & I-494 intersection). We are looking for single family homes newer (Year 2000-2014) with 3 car Garage at the price of 400K approx…
Riverbend Community of Lake Lure
Are the lot/land packages in Riverbend a good value? Is it a transient environment with all the renters? Are the homes well made?
How do I remove my home pictures from you site?
Hi, I'm the owner of 624 W Orangepath St Glendora CA 91741, how do I remove the pictures of my home from your site? Thank you. Raul
I'm buying a house from owner to owner with $10,000 Dwn owner will finance monthly payments will be $995 what are the requirements so
everything can be legally he said we can close at a tittle company is that ok and can I ask the owner to show me the paper for the inspection he received? What else should I do?
I am looking at houses that are between 10 and 15 years old. What kind of home improvements are important in a house this age?
Roof? Airconditioner? Hot water heater? What about chinese drywall? If there is a pool - pool pump? How much is monthly pool care? Lawn care? Thanks!
Looking for an Investor to purchase a home I have a purchase agreement on but Banks won't loan due to debt ratio.
Im self employed, made 65k last year but after claiming shows only 35k on taxes, I recently purchased an established business for my wife. SO banks will not take income from business till its 2-3 years…
Are there any bad credit home loans still available?
600 credit score, 90k salary and 15% down payment, can anyone help?!
Trulia Admins, it appears that at least one agent's profile has been hacked and is being used to promote questionable products. Bad enough we have to
deal with the constant stream of spam here but now this? You really must get this under control! It is nearly impossible to keep my VIP3 rating because it is so time consuming wading through pages and…
Can a listing agent buy the house they are listing after receiving offers? Doesn't seem fair they can do that.?
A house was on sale for one day and it received a lot of offers, roughly 14. From what my real estate agent told me was I had the best offer in until the listing agent came in with a better offer? I…
Would a small dog be allowed?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1089998780-18081-SE-Country-Club-Dr-361-Tequesta-FL-33469?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/proper…
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