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Help with understanding property tax vs assessment in Scottsdale, AZ
I'm seeing a property tax which seems quite low, and then an assessment which appears on some property's to be exceptionally high? Are both due per year?
What's the housing market like in Alamosa?
Just moved to the area and am thinking about buying a house, but the market here is hard to read. There seem to be a lot of houses for sale, but none seem to sell very fast. Most seem to be asking quite…
I'm in the process of switching phone system to VOIP system. Any suggestions?
Ideally I'd like the capability of transferring incoming phones to agents' cell phones...
Who was the listing agent for 6 Charclarvir Rd 21146?
Who was the listing agent for 6 Charclarvir Rd 21146 ?
Where is the best location for decent one ?
Where is the best location for decent one ? https://edibleschoolyard.org/user/12320234
WGC-Cadillac Match Play golf 2015
WGC-Cadillac Match Play golf 2015
I am trying to list my house on tuilia. I am listing with FSBO.com
When I type in 'location" your menu kicks it back.
How will removal of pine trees affect value of condominium?
It is being proposed that 5 large pine trees in front of my condo (located on a busy street) be removed. How will this affect the curb appeal and the value of my unit?
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How can I remove my husband and me from notifications to emails?
My email es geisymartin@yahoo.com and my husband email is marpolopesca@yahoo.es. We don't want to receive any of emails from Trulia please.
Why are so many units for sale in the Doric union city nj?
Has there been something going on at the Doric in union city recently ? There seems to be a lot for sale there ?
Beware of a Scam Listing - 3bd, 2 full ba house1808 W Kent Pl, Broken Arrow, OK 74012
Everyone, I just want to warn everyone to beware of this listing- its a scam. The scammer's google phone # used is 720-432-3817 and email is maryw.benson@yahoo.com. More details below: __________…
I'm having a 3-car garage home built, but it only has one garage door opener for the main 2-car bay. The builder says that they don't
provide the garage door opener for the smaller third garage door. I was shocked to learn this just days before closing. Is this normal?
i updated my house's sq ft but it didn't change on your website. I tried to change it to what the county records has it at but it
won't let me. 6727 E pageantry st, 90808. county records shows it as 2011 sq ft, you say public records shows it as 1799. county records shows the lot at 7420 sqft. you show it lower.
Waterproof tiled homes
I am looking to buy a home with waterproof tiles in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Does anyone know of any in Utah? I wanted to make sure that my floors were ok for winter snow and kids rain boots.…
So... how much would it cost to build the house from... well, a video game.
I'm kind of embarrased to say this, and I don't know why. Anyways, I'm going to treat this like getting a shot and just get it over with ASAP: My dream house is the house from the Big Oil heist in a video…
Who pays closing costs? Buyer or Seller??
Who pays closing costs? Buyer or Seller??
Are well inspections required prior to closing in Virginia?
We just purchased a property in Stafford, Va that has well and septic. Both the well and septic were inspected (by different companies) and we were told they had a clean bill. A few weeks after closing…
Sonia Lewis Profit Hacker System Review - Does it Really Work or Scam?
Sonia Lewis Profit Hacker System Review - Does it Really Work or Scam? http://www.nola.com/events/event/sonia-lewis-profit-hacker-system/177219/
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I offered over asking for a short sale. What are teh chances that short sale will get approved?
I offered over 50K over asking price. I am 95% sure that bank is no losing money on this deal (Theya re recovering their cost). It has been over 3 months and the process is stuck with the bank approval…
I am trying to buy rental property in my area. How do I get the trulia search to allow me to search for "rental property".?
I tried searching for rental property for sale in my city, but the search fails. How to I fix this?
hello everybody, i selling something
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How Does it work ?
Where can I find a good resource for learning beginning to end, how to buy bare land without learning by "The School of Hard Knocks"?
Looking for a place to build a temple and a dormitory or small cabins for religious retreat. It is essential that I buy land that will suit this purpose.
I have a question for a friend. My friend is renting a home in IL. She has recently found out that the home is going through the foreclosure
process. There is a court date set in Cook County IL for next month. Her question is should she continue paying the rent to the landlord? Can she open a account with the bank that is that was the most…
How to buy foreclosed homes.?
I am looking in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral area for a home. I want to be in a safe neighborhood. Would like to look at foreclosures. Do you show them? How do we find out if there are liens on the properties,…
Popular question in other cities: A dream client would have...
What would your dream client have? What would they know? What would they need you for? What is most important for a client to be prepared for during a buying/selling process?
My husband got a job at CSULB as a professor. We can't afford the housing in LB in good school districts. Is HB a good choice for a family?
We have a 5 year old and would like a good school district for him. We like parks and traveling by bike. We are on a strict budget; houses less than $400,000.
1099 after graduation. What are my options?
I graduate with a master's in counseling soon and I will be working as a 1099. I'm encountering a problem because I won't have 2 years of proof of income. All my recent work experience…
how do you remove/delete a house from your board?
how do you remove/delete a house from your board
Using NACA program: Should I use my cash to buy down the interest rate or pay down the principal?
We are using the NACA program, which offers no down payment, no closing costs, and the "best" interest rate, regardless of credit (right now, it's 6.375%). We have the option to buy down our interest…
When do you take off rentals?
Most of your homes for rent have been rented. How often do you update your site? I contacted several homes that were already rented. This is very frustrating.
My wife and I are looking to rent something in Florida for Jan through march 2016. We don't have any ideas on how to get started......
We are retirement age and prefer the Coconut Creek, Del ray area. It does not have to be "on the beach" but would prefer something a little quieter...HELP!
Can you back out of a deal as the buyer if you agreed to purchase based on the seller's advertisment on their?
website and the advertisement is false? I had a house built in what was suppose to be a Gated Access Community. However, it isn't gated accessed. The developers state though they plan on building the barrier…
Real Estate Commission
Considering a move. Does the agent get a commission on our home selling and the new home? What is a typical percentage? Does it come right out of our equity?
What do I do if I encountered an unethical realtor?
I have since withdrawn from the offer on the house because of the business practices of the selling realtor, but during the process the realtor was slow to respond, when he did, informed us we had to use…
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