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I receive notifications for homes in Billings, MT. I have a saved search for homes in Columbia Falls, MT but no interest in homes in Billings.
Billings is 400 miles away from Columbia Falls. I've never created a Billings search and it doesn't show up in my saved searches. How do I turn the notifications for Billings off?
What would we qualify for, and are there lenders that you'd recommend to us?
Hello, My fiancee and I are looking to purchase a home as first time buyers. I have 1 year work history at age 24, make $65,000 and a credit score of 730. He has little to no work history, a credit…
How to convert a single family to a multi family property?
What exactly needs to be done to make this happen?
Need help with buying a home in Austin. Low income, low debt, good credit.
Hi! I need some help!! I'm desperate to buy a home in Austin. I own a pet sitting business and work two part time Jobs. I would like to expand that business to include in home dog daycare and boardng.…
VA loan/Mortgage
When we were shopping for a mortgage for VA loan, one lender told us that they have to give us the credit of at least $4000 to cover the VA non-allowables/cost. There were 2 mortgage rates that…
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Is it possible to get a mortgage of 400K with no down if i'm first time buyer?
my credit score is good, but i don't have proof of income. My son will be able to cosign with proof of income (very descent) and good credit score but he is not a first time buyer (doesn't own currently)…
Can I get a mortgage?
I pay my rent every month without fail. I want to purchase a home and my credit score is 540-610, Need to find a home with owner finance of 100% or better to find a bank that will give me mortgage that…
Im a first time home buyer, should I buy now or wait for prices to come down?
The price of homes has escalated in the past couple of years gradually, and Im thinking that maybe there will be an impending crash or sudden decline.
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Hi, I would like to know how I can filter out auction.com from my home buying searches. I have noticed they have removed their big green logo.
Their site seems like a scam and by not stating their reserve- they can fool you into thinking you can by a house cheap. I would also like to be able to see how much a house did sell for-from a min. bid…
Is buying a house in Florida REALLY this difficult??
Is it normal to ask seller to pay closing costs if we offer to pay them their asking price? Our agent has strongly suggested we offer more than the list price if we want seller to cover closing.. We are…
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I would like to know what is the selling estimate of the following homes in Port Richey, Fl. ---- 8521 Ponderosa Ave -- Timber Oaks subdivision and 11745 Spring Tree Ln., in the Forestwood Subdivision.…
if i sell my house . and my credit not so good will it be hard to get financed again even if iam retred with 2116 comming in a moth?
please i just want out of this place to get were older people live -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3092466691-609-Magnolia-Ave-Gadsden-AL-35903
how can I find senior living communities?
looking for 55 age group communities
Buy from a different state
Can we buy a home in Houston tx if we live in Los Angeles CA and take advantage of all new buyer programs and wanting to use 3% Dow
Should I look into other regions in the Bronx?
Pre-approved for 430k, and was looking in Concourse and Motthaven. I am a first-time home buyer, and have been looking at these two regions, preferrring close to the subway and relatively low-crime/dropping…
Any great family friendly places to live in Gainesville, FL?
Looking to live in a nice family friendly community in gainesville, fl. Any suggestions?
Trulia is providing incorrect school ratings which misleads the public real estate listings
We buy all kinds of homes, beat down vacant distress houses all over Brooklyn, queens, bronx single family, multi family 7182774586
herm.mitchell@gmal We buy all kinds of homes, beat down vacant distress houses all over Brooklyn, queens, and Bronx area. Limestone, brownstone single family, multi family. We buy in worst condition fire…
When is the peak period for new sales listings?
We've been looking for a house in the Hills, Steiner, Flintrock areas for several months and have seen very few new listings.
Buying a NYC single family home with illegal deck.
We are buying a NYC single family home that we found has a 10 foot by 8 foot deck. The deck doesn't have a permit. It is 10 feet long from the back of the house whereas NYC code allows only 8 feet.…
Seller asking $50k more than home apraised for!
Looking at a particular home in the Lawrenceburg TN area, we found one we like. But the seller is asking about $50k more than what it is appraised for! Most other homes in this area are asking from  to…
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Offer to purchase contract/form
So we finally found a home for sale that we love!! And the sellers are NOT going thru a realtor. My bank loan requires an "accepted offer to purchase" contract, and suggested that the sellers…
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Looking for a investor friendly agent in the Phoenix area
I'm an investor in the Phoenix area and because of the money backing me, I will be making multiple aggressive offers. Some of these properties I will sell to other investors and some I will buy, fix…
How do I find a listing of properties that offer 1Gb/sec high-speed internet?
Looking to buy a home with the latest in internet speeds and can't find any help.
2% Interest Loan?
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what are some major things to look for when buying a home built before 2000, after 2000 or new home?
We are debating whether to buy a 3-4 bedroom house would be more cost effective before 2000 but worried about resale value. Or should we buy a home after 2000 built yr or would a new home be best option.…
New home or resale home?
I'm considering buying my first home. I'm confused on choice between new and resale. There have been mentions that the new homes these days have weak foundation. The resale homes which are 2-3 year old…
My lender wants repairs on the house before closing, but the seller says the property is As-Is. What are my options?
I don't feel comfortable paying for work on the house before it is legally mine. Funding for the repairs is not an issue. My bank has refused escrow accounts to cover the repairs after closing and…
Relocating - buying second home as primary residence.
I am relocating to The Springs area soon. I currently have a home in another state, but am renting it out when I relocate. I owe around 118k total for mortgage, vehicles, etc... Credit score is 670 ,…
why wont any mortgage lender approve due to one missed payment due to selling home and papers not signed on time?
bank reported 30 day late on payment, house was in process of selling and new owners delayed the paper signing, now I have been told no lender or bank will lend me money to purchase a home even when I…
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