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I am interested in the 203k mortgage/rehab program, can I use someone who is knowledgable about the program but is not in my state?
My husband and I have decided to go with the 203k and while doing research on line I contacted a mortgage broker who is proficient in the program. I know this is a complicated program and not everyone…
Roughly how much does it cost to add doors in the basement of a two flat?
I'm interested in finishing a basement and making it a legal garden apartment. About how much does it cost to add the two doors in the basement you need to make it legal?
Tired of paying so much on rent! San Antonio area
Credit score isn't good. Any suggestions on who can assist in purchasing a home? This teacher needs help please! Thank you all!
Will we have to have rent verification?
We both have over a 700 score. We are in a tricky situation. Houses are hard to find to rent in our area, so we chose the first option we could find. He wants us to pay him in cash, so we do. My bank statements…
Hoping to find a home in the Hill Country or northern SA area. Renting or renting to own.
A home that is at least 1,500 sqft. 2-3 bedroom, 2 bath, all appliances (in kitchen -stove, refrigerator, & dishwasher), with enclosed 1,000 sqft. backyard and cement patio.
Determining Property Value
need help with a property comps. Address is 15-09 Berdan ave 1X, Fairlawn, NJ. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
Does anyone know which condo properties on Anastasia Island aren't financeable thru Fannie/Freddie, because they are classified as rental communities?
Our mortgage broker just told us that on some, if they are classified as a condo-hotel, or have a rental office onsite, then you can't get a low rate federal loan. Does anyone know which ones in particular…
Has a house in the 5 Frank street been sol?. My cousin Barbara Cotti lived there but passed away last Spring.
I'm asking cause I live in Germany. A 2 floor house with a very large garden in the back.
Grants Pass, Oregon
What is it like, living in Grants Pass? What are the taxes like on home/property. Sales? Income? Any news of Trader Joe's or Whole Foods coming to the area?
New house neighborhoods near light rail to downtown/airport
Would like a ranch home (new construction) near the light rail system to downtown Denver and the airport. Would like the home to have a basement and approximately 2200-2500 square feet.
can escrow hold 20% downpayment if loan did not go though?
Loan is for funding and wired 20% downpayment to escrow for recording but in last minute lender cancelled. Escrow will not release back money unless seller agree. Is this legal?
Looking for a second home in florida to get out of the cold of nj? We want to be on/near the beach!
We have 3 teens and would like a town that has things to do with the kids , nice restaurants etc? My husband likes Sarasota or Clearwater Beach? Any suggestions?
Can anyone recommend some Denver neighborhoods for me?
I'll be moving to Denver from the Twin Cities, and I'm hoping to get some recommendations. I'm open to either a condo or a single family home, preferably with two to three bedrooms, though I can live…
one question in the Seller Disclosure,
I am interested in a house, and I notice that: in the Seller Disclosure, the seller answers "yes" for the question "are you aware of any private or public architectural review control of the property…
Can I fire my Realtor legally.?
We have been looking for a home on Kauai for some time now. Our Realtor move off Kauai and now lives in Bali. Can I legally let him go. I told him this is not working for us. He said fine just tell your…
Can the seller open back up offers while under contract?
We (the buyers) are under contract. We have two contingencies, the home inspection and the mortgage. The listing agent called the mortgage company to make sure our pre approval letter was valid and mentioned…
I am considering going with one of the buyer agents that rebate 2 of their 3% back to the buyer.
Since I spend a lot of time researching I'm confident of my ability to find the right home for myself. I don't need anyone to drive me around. The rebate realtors handle the deal from my offer to close.…
Can you break the contract, before closing???
we currently bought a home for 355k,with inspection, financial approved, and 20k in earnest money paid. With the contract signed can we break the contract, and what would be the compensation for seller…
How long is reasonable for a buyer's agreement?
Last summer I sold my house in the Minneapolis, MN, area and began looking for a new home. I signed an agreement with an agent who I was working with, and we worked to gether for about a month - then I…
Are there any neighborhoods to avoid in Brentwood, or specific public schools that are not considered good?
Also would like to know what kind of outdoor activities, parks, downtown life and preferred neighborhoods could be recommended?
Getting out of a New Construction Home Contract
We are first time home buyers that signed a new home contract in May and were told the home would start in June. The permit process took longer than expected and our current housing situation is making…
My credit score is not good, can I still get a mortgage, been renting a house in Willingboro for over 3 years, have good payment history, and a
mortgage would be less than I'm paying for rent, considerably less, so won't be an issue, just need to get a mortgage. Help please!
Westboro's residential property tax rate is one of the highest in MA. Why???
There are lot more business in Westboro (than in Southboro, Hopkinton, Shrewsbury, etc.), but the residential tax is still higher than the neighbor towns.
What is the average asking price for all single family homes in Greenville, NC?
Some one told me the average price for all homes is $60,000. I find this difficult to believe. Also, How many homes are included in your average price? Thanks.
Best Landscaping Company in Beverly Hills, California
What is it that you like about the landscapers in your area and why?
Poor inspection....mold and leaking roof protection for new home buyers?
About a month ago we bought a house and during the inspection period we had an inspection done where they stated that there was one spot in the 4 year old roof that may have been water but they couldnt…
can a foreigner buy a house in usa? am from india?
hi.i live in india..and plan to come to usa soon for doing a residency in medicine..anyways am planning to sell my ancestral property here and buy a house in usa and give it for rent. is this possible…
Seller extorted money for excrow extention w/o even holding clear title
Our seller has asked for money for an excrow extention. Fair enough (or so it seemed at the time). Now we found out that he could not have closed at the time, because he wasn't even in the posession…
Can seller negotiate higher home price after home inspection?
Had a binding agreement to purchase house 21k below listing. Home inspection (including separate electrician) estimated 17k in repairs for chimney, converting aluminum wiring to AMP Copalum terminations,…
Hello My husband and I recently found a property that looks abandoned. Can you tell me how we can get some information about it ?
It is located on Loon Lake (near Crystal) in Montcalm Co. Mi. it is the last house on a dead end road. the house is very run down and appears vacant.
I am looking for a 3-4 bedroom hone in knox/halls thst is a rent to own.
I am looking to move asap but need a rent to own option. I can pay 700.00 per month. does anyone know someone I can contact to see rent to own propertys? need to move by July 29,2014 .
How can I buy a house within the next 2 years?
I have a single income, bad credit due to divorce, and high debt to income ratio currently. I want to get into position to be able to afford up to $150k home and do not know how to go about doing it. I…
Why would a condominium "Have to Be Rented"?
Why does the listing at 14 Janet Way APT 148, Tiburon, CA 94920, say that it is Deed Restricted, and has to be rented. I was looking for a place to live in, have contacted the listing broker twice with…
Do buyers prefer finished hardwood floors instead of carpet?
I've been hearing a lot about hardwood floors lately, especially on real estate shows (HGTV, DIY, etc.). I don't know if this is just propaganda, but everyone seems to make hardwood floors superior to…
help me to find a home in new york
I have saved a while I saved to my friends live I'm proud of me I'm proud to be thank you he thankfully a show cause one of many Hindus his first thought was to protect seek friends and neighbors…
Valuation of a house
This house in Torrance is valued at 495000. Is it worth that much. How much should we offer on it? 18902 Cranbrook Avenue, Torrance, CA, 90504
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