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I am wondering if it is possible to buy a home while on SSI.
I am wondering if it is possible to buy a home while on SSI. I know legally I am able to own a home but would like to know how hard it is. I will be getting back pay and could put down $8,000-10,000…
It would be really helpful if realtors would list the size of their lots for sale.
I don't know how many listings I have reviewed that have no lot sizes. It would also be helpful if there were pictures of the yard or land of the properties along with the surrounding area. I plan to…
My parents built this home at 26 south street in 1955 when I was ten. is it possible to see a picture and the lot? I would love to see what it looks l
my grandparents built the house beside it and I was told it was torn down to make driveway for nebs.
I'd like to save the house I sold on Trulia so I can track what happens to it & stay updated on the nearby market. Can anyone tell me how to save it?
Is it possible to save a home that isn't for sale in Trulia the way I do it on other real estate sites?
Can families live in a house that was built as a family residence but converted to a commercially zoned property?
House was converted to ALF and zoned commercial.. can it be a single family residence without doing some sort of rezoning magic?
Are there any good and dependable rental property management services located in Clinton? I've tried several of them over the years with poor results
The last 2 I've tried haven't performed even the routine services expected very well. Their monthly statements were difficult to read with all the convoluted accounting methods being used and multiple…
why is it I'm not able to get any assistance in purchasing a home That I can afford I can't even get help with rent?
I fell behind on rent because of falling behind landlord is having me move and is selling the house I'm in
Where exactly (what source) does the official property, sales, and tax information listed on a property come from?
The information on a property I view was showing different property specs in the "Featured" section then it was in the "Public Record" section. Which is correct?
Anyone an auction realtor for Palm Beach area?
I'm looking for an auction home/condo/townhouse in Delray (within 3 blocks on Atlantic and a mile max from the ocean. I know the auction site with the Palm Beach Clerk, but hard to understand the areas.…
what happens if your parents pass away , and you have a copy of will and trust but you want to sell,?
First thing they must do is record the Death certificates to prove that they are passed away and have copy of will and trust. for title company
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How to have the realtor make good on his promise?
I bought a mobilehome as is & my realtor was also the seller's agent! (his uncle is the home owner) After inspection realtor said they would replace w/ new h2o heater. Now, months later, I'm told by contractors…
Hud 1 statement. Who all gets it?
Once we get the HUD 1 statement. Will my agent (real estate agent ) also be getting a copy of the document , my HUD 1? Can they obtain it from the title? Is that legal?
is there any good place to me for live long in usa?
want to buy new home. http://purecambogiaultra-mexico.com/
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Should I buy a condo in SF peninsula in 2014 (first time home buyer)?
My price range is 400k to 550k and can afford a 20% downpayment, where at the high end I would like to get a 2BR. Convenient access to downtown SF or South Bay would be a plus in terms of renting out the…
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Appraisal holding things up...
My husband and I are buying our first home using an FHA loan and going through one of the largest banks in the country (we are in Florida.) According to our loan officer our loan is going to smoothly,…
Does any one know the steps on purchasing properties from Bronx County foreclosure sales?
I call the court help center, but they don't provide any info.
Can I recommend an agent 2 different times on trulia, once for selling and then again for buying?
I purchased a home in 2012 and then sold it in 2013 due to a change in jobs, both times I used the same realtor and she was excellent. How do I recommend her for each buying and selling?
reviews of pulte homes in allen texas
Any one have a good experience with Pulte Homes. We're specifically looking at one of their communities in Allen, TX
Can I purchase a home with 550-570 credit score?
I cleaned up my credit and my score is rising, but slowly. I am in a bad position in my current home. I am a renter and the house is going into foreclosure. I will be a first time home buyer and looking…
I am a 100% disable veteran and I will soon be relocating in Tampa, Florida. Credit Score.....
I am a 100% disable veteran and I will soon be relocating in Tampa, Florida with my family. I want to know if there will be possibility to buy my first home with a credit score around 610 to 625. I have…
How much down payment do I need to buy a rental property?
I am thinking of buying a house in the Central District (closer to Capitol Hill side) to rent out. How much down payment do I need? Is 20%, 30% or more?
Incorrect foundation on deck, causing it to lean - house passed inspection six months ago, with no issues on deck. Any recourse?
I bought a house six months ago and had it inspected prior to purchase. The homeowner had built a deck and retaining walls on a slope, which I was assured by the inspector was "well built" and…
my credit has a black eye untill 5-2015 due to foreclosure. would it be possible to get into a lease-to-own till then.?
I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident, I couldn't work anymore and thats the reason for losing the house. Since then I've won the case and got a settlement I can't work anymore but I receive…
I thought I had revised my saved searches, but I continue to receive TONS of emails EVERY DAY that are NOT relevant to my search criteria. Why??
What can I do to only receive updates/new or sold listings in price ranges and areas I'm interested in? Thank you!
Sewers in Manhasset?
Which parts of manhasset have Sewer? I believe homes in the Hamlet and StoneHill do when i've visted people, but do any individual homes outside of gated communities have Sewer service? The idea of dealing…
can a foreiner get loan in USA if buy a house?
can a foreiner get loan in USA if buy a house
I just want to let others know the details for the lot listed at 17711 Westlake DR 78620. Don't waste your time driving to the top. MLS# 3428171
NO LCRA water hookup - even though KWs says there is 800 ft well needs to be drilled - 800 ft is $$$$$$$$$$$$! property line and land title is VERY sketchy
Are the new homes in Loma Vista area a good buy in terms of their resale value ?
I see some reputed builders like Wilson & benchmark have some real good homes there. But given that its South of Herndon, is it still amongst the best areas on Fresno/Clovis ? How does it compare to the…
Public records?
I have one more question. Is there anywhere I can go to get public records on the layout of some homes? I need to see the layout of some of them to decide if I want to visit them. Thanks in advance.
Kannapolis Area?
How is Kannapolis? Is it quite and safe? What are the demographics? Would a caucasian couple with two kids be out of place? Are there any neighborhoods you would recommend or recommend we avoid? One…
Our lease is up July 25th, is there enough time to BUY a home right now in Austin, or should we stay put with the new rate increase of $1,325/mo.?
The complex just notified me that our rent on a 2 bed/2 bath/garage townhome is going up to $1,325/month $100utilities. Our lease is up July 25th, and I feel we're throwing money away if we stay in the…
How is the 700 1st street (Sky club) as investment property from renting perspective?
We are planning to buy an apartment as our starter home and may rent it out in future. Obviously we can't predict much into the future 4 or 5 years down the line. But, how is it currently. Is there…
Options for credit score of ~660
My median fico score is around 660 and my average income is around 120k with no debt. What sort of mortgage house price can I afford with a down payment of around 60k?
If the appraisal comes in lower than purchase agreement price, can the buyer walk (with deposit return)?
Can the buyer walk away with a return of earnest money if appraisal comes in low AND IF the seller offers to reduce to appraised value? Essentially, could this be a way for the buyer to back out no matter…
Planning to buy a condo in Fort Lauderdale!
Interested in the complex that is located between "NW 16th St-NW 43rd Ave and NW 46th St" Ft Lauderdale/ Lauderhill. What is the name of this complex ? And also how can I get in contact with…
I read in Newsweek to start with a bid to buy a home 14% less than comps and the bank will usually come back at 7% counter as a final offer?
My agent says this is not the case but I'm worried he's just looking out for his commision. The area is flooded with short sales and foreclosure.
LOOKING FOR 2 BD I B hous water front w cost sun kiss NC
SMALL HOUS 2bd 1B WATERFRONT ACSS to golf w golf sun kiss NC
I notice there is no place on the search engine to add "pool".
We are looking for a 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, 2-3 car garage with a pool in the Riverside area, preferably not far from Martin Luther High School. (woodcrest, canyon crest, mission grove, etc)
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