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how do i get a loan with a bk and a 698 fico?
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I am leasing a home and first of all the ad when I went to looked at the house stated that the house was going to have a new roof to be done before
tenants moved in and it was not done and I agreed that they could do it when I went on vacation. When the roof was done one of my statutes and a bird bath were broken and the owner will not reimburse…
Should seller replace the 26 yr roof?
We are buying a house with 26 years old roof. Home inspection report states: "roof shingles are well beyond their rated design lives and are damaged and brittle." Sellers refused to replace the…
Is Atco a good place to move to raise kids?
My fiance and I are looking to buy our first home and since we don't plan on moving before we have kids, I want to make sure Atco is a safe place.
Real estate agent and owner made agreement for me to stay at property which was for sale rent free to work on property to aide in sale, now...
Former tenants evicted, I was a former tenant not evicted.Owner decided to sell prop., house in ill repair/vandalism area, I cleaned prop., agent unable to travel /I showed prop. to buyers for agent, Agent…
In need of a summer rental or looking to buy/sell in Montauk?
My name is Casey Staubitser. I am a real estate agent for Town and Country Real Estate in Montauk. I am here to help! Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance with finding a beautiful place to…
Is there an agent who can help 1st time home buyer with a small business find a fixer-upper with 1/3 acre close to Cary and interstate?
I have a business which requires me to travel the triangle every day. I currently reside in Cary (renting), and like the area, and the centrality it offers. I am seeking a property without an HOA, and…
Any opinions about the quality of these builders? City Homes, D.R. Horton, KB, Lennar, Meritage, M/I Homes, Pulte, Royal Oak, and Ryan Homes
We are looking to move and the large area we are looking at has many communities and many builders, some homes are already built and many are still being built. The list of builders currently building…
Deposit requirement question
I am reading contract about real estate deposit. The contract states that there are two types of deposit. One with initial offers and one once the offer is accepted. Do I have to give any deposit once…
Is wind in North Palm Springs an issue for re sale?
Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a home in the Northern part of Palm Springs (North of Vista Chino) but have been warned about wind. I have heard that the wind blows sand around, into the pool, etc, making…
why can't you display listings within our criteria? Why can't you include zip codes?
I am from out of state trying to find a home in the Jacksonville area. It is very confounding not knowing the areas. No zip codes given that could steer us to and away from area we want and don't want.…
I am looking for a buyer agent to work with me in St.Petersburge and I am cash buyer.
here is the one that I found and am intrested, could someone give me some advice on this property? since I am out of states. http://www.trulia.com/property/3095884065-Apt-Condo-Twnhm-Saint-Petersburg-FL-33705
My husband and I want to move to the St Petersburg, FL Area for my health issues. We have a manufactured home owned outright in PhilipsburgPA.
Do we put our house on the market first. We need the $$ from the sale to buy a house in FL. My hubby has to find a job there also. We are in our 50's.
We were advised our Deed In Lieu was finalized in July 2012 on Florida home... now bank says lost paperwork and not closed
Bank wants us to resign new paperwork because they lost original...Holding up our chance to buy a home in 2015 in Connecticut 06095... can we do anything with the bank
Will I qualify on our joint mortgage application?
My wife and I are wanting to purchase a home jointly here in the very near future. My FICO is 590 and my annual income is $105,000 and hers is around $85,000. Her FICO is 770. How will this impact our…
I no longer want to sell my house
I accepted an offer on my house. We have changed our mind and no longer want to sell. We were going to follow through with the contract anyway fearing we could not back out. The closing date is 2 days…
How much can I be pre-approved?
Can I get pre-approve for a 240k mortgage with 70k yearly income? No credit card debt, no student loan, and no auto loan.
Guaranteed Loans?
Banks that do Guaranteed Loan?
I am interested in purchasing a home, however, I am self employed. Does anyone know of a portfolio lender based in Northern Virginia?
Being self employed I take my allowable deductions which means that I have a lower net income. Additionally, I have between $15,000 - $20,000 as a down payment. I am interested in purchasing a modest…
How much will not owning the mineral rights to my home effect it's resale value?
Arlington, TX home sellers all want to keep their mineral rights everytime I make an offer. Should I still buy anyway? What I really want to know too, is what happens in 10 -15 years when I want to resale?
If you are an investor that has invested with North Dakota Developments LLC/NDD Group, would you recommend them?
Are the reputed returns as good as they state they are? How long did you have to wait before the returns started hitting the bank account?
Remove photos from sold listing
I have e-mailed Trulia customer service no less than 5 times in the last 6 months to remove photos of my property. The listing at 19 Almeida Dr. Warren RI sold in November. I want the photos removed. This…
Construction Cost Per Square Foot in Stanley, NC, 28164
including apartment, condo, office, hotel
You're sending me renters on property I know nothing about. I was cordial at first and tried to remove my name from the listing. Case #3558490.
Now I am responding " Trulia is the worst, there information is unreliable, I would not use them" Remove my name from your service.
I have been looking at condos for sale in the Myrtle beach area of SC, and have noticed, the condo fees are NOT posted for any of them.. why is that?
Trying to0 figure out monthly cost between morgage and other taxes etc.. and if the condo cost was listed it helps in figuring out total cost and if can afford.. could you please post the condo fees where…
Building a new home with upgrades
my builder requires a portion of upgrades to be paid upfront in addition to the earnest money. As an example say the price of the home is 600k and I need to upfront 120k per the sales contract due to…
Is it a bad idea to sign a new lease if I'm planning to buy within a year?
I am planning to buy a house within a year or so. In the meantime, I'd like to sign a lease for a new apartment (they will run my credit, not sure if it's a soft or a hard pull). Will I have…
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