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Informal Request for Reassessment Due to Decline in Market Value
Between Trulia and 4 other websites, I've exhausted my search attempts and can't seem to find answers. I currently own 1 acre of land in Nice, Clear Lake and in the process of filling out the "Informal…
Real Estate agent leaves town on vacation. Should I be nervous.?
The seller is requesting one more document from lender before I can shop upgrades. I know everyone needs vacation but this makes me very nervous.
what agencies would I report this realtor to?
i had a contract on a short sale of a house due to close on 2-7-12 for 30k. But somehow the realtor give me some excuse why it was extended...On 2-16-12, the relator told my friend that the house was gone…
How long will it take to be able to get financing for a home after the "discharge" of a chapter 13 bankruptcy?
What steps to follow to improve credit, and what kind of down payment will facilitate things
Timeline for Short Sale with Bank of America as only lienholder in New Jersey?
I am trying to buy a short sale condo in New Jersey - not sure how long it will take?
Are there any new home communities being built? I'm looking for a 4 bed, 2 bath on over 3 acres.
I want to be in a decent area. Not very interested in traditional "neighborhood". I can't seem to find any homes with modern floor plans. (Open, large rooms, no wastes of space like formal livings and…
Looking for a 1-bedroom elevator condo for my Chinese parents.
I am looking for a safe, 1-bed elevator condo for my aging parents. They have lived in brooklyn their whole lives and I would like to relocate them to Chinatown so they can be closer to their doctors and…
I would like to contact someone immediately regarding the house for rent @1140 viewpoint, Rodeo, 94572
I am extremely interested in the house for reant located in Rodeo, Ca @1140 Viewpointe..you can reach me anytime @510-245-2364
What will be the typical closing costs on a cash purchase of a house in Summerlin which is a short sale?.... when and if it closes?
We did not ask for an appraisal on our cash offer to make our offer stronger. The comps show it is well within current market value. We did ask for an inspection (buyer pays) and a one year homeowners…
how do i stop getting e-mails i found a house?
please unsubscribe me to your website thank you
Declaring Bankrupt, Can we still buy?? My Husband is going to file for 'bankrupt'. Can he attempt to buy a home once his process is done?
My Husband is going to file for 'bankrupt'. Can he attempt to buy a home once his process is done? Or is it a necessity to build credit?? He's supporting the family, and I'm a stay…
Are land contract a better option than mortages? Are they safer ? Can the home owner default in anyway? Is the intrest rate higher?
I was told buying a home through land contract was a good way to go but I dont know anyone that has purchased a home is way. I'm a first time buyer and I dont won't the wool pulled over my eyes…
do unpaid internships count as employment history?
I was an unpaid intern for nearly 2 years, the company I was interning for offering me a full time salaried position this year, beginning January 1. I only have my YTD pay stubs, and no prior W2 forms,…
Looking for an investment property. Are there any up and coming cities I should look at or what cities do I want to focus on to get the best ROI.?
-In for the long term investment, hopefully a multi unit building. -Budget of 100K. Would it better to pay off the place fully or buy a bigger place and take out a loan?
First time home buyer needing advice on best lenders in Roswell,GA and best school district.
My wife and I are looking for a 4 bedroom house in Roswell and we will be using my wife's 401K and a down payment of $10,000. I am an RN and my wife is not working, how much can we qualify for and is…
What are pro's and cons of living in La Florentine La Jolla, and Tierrasenta? in what area houses are selling faster and at a better price?
We found a dream house in tierrasenta and a good one in La florentine, and they are the same price. In what area people are happier, and how fast you can sell a house in those two places? My husband work…
I'm currently looking for a rent to own property that has 3 bed, 2 bath, living/dining room, 2 garage and fiished basement.
I'm looking for a home in these areas: Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, University heights, S. Euclid, Lyndhurst
New credit, but Want to buy!!'
My Husband is going to file for 'bankrupt'. Can he attempt to buy a home once his process is done? Or is it a necessity to build credit?? It's a shame he didn't take care of it, I…
When you pick up Advertising Homes for Sale free leaflets why aren't homes in Stanly listed to the fullest exposure" How can these homes sell?
You may at times find one..but Stanly does not give out their listings to the public. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3025990772-208-S-Love-Chapel-Rd-Stanfield-NC-28163
Help getting mortgage without Verification of Rent (VOR)
I'll try to keep this simple. I am 23 years old and I am looking to buy my first home. I have been living with my mom in the same rental property for the last 6 years. When we signed the lease…
I need to do inspection on the short sale I am buying, the seller has a tenant there and the process is stalling. What are my rights?
Additionally, I put an offer on the house when it was empty and ready to move in. I discovered since that they let someone else live there and the house is a total mess now. Tenant has animals. Is this…
Does it flood in the DeMoss area?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3092724964-6639-De-Moss-Dr-Houston-TX-77074
Buyer's clising cost
I am buying a condo for $65K cash. What is the closing cost. I live in Illinois.
How long does it take for a closing on a short sale?
Our financing and everything on our end is set, we where suppose to close oct 19 but that got changed for some paperwork, their bank approved the sale in july...Is this normal when buying a ss?? -- This…
North West knoxville
We are considering moving to North West knoxville and was wondering the thoughts on this part of knoxville... the house is close the merchants and carrie belle around the area.
I am looking for an agent to help me buy a house there are a couple on here i really like Please contact me at jerrica.mckee@yahoo.com thanks
If anyone can help please email me at jerrica.mckee@yahoo.com p.s I really lke the house on 557 oakhurst st. altamonte springs fl
Which real estate agent works mostly with foreclosures?
LOVE THIS AREA and would like to view some of the foreclsures.
Does Manteca offer the USDA loan? I'm in the process of purchasing a home in Lathrop that's offering a USDA loan but the mello roos has me
skeptical. I'm thinking of backing out of the purchase due to the mello roos and I here the Mossdale landing (Lathrop) is in a flood zone, so that has me very skeptical. I'm wondering does Manteca,…
How Paragon outlet phase I opened this week in Livermore impact housing prices this area?
The new Paragon outlet phase 1 opened this week in between Dublin and Livermore border. It already started to draw more people and traffic in this area. I am wondering how this will impact housing prices…
700 is considered average, will this look good with lenders in 2012?
I have checked my credit but I want the most competitive rate, are the lenders fighting for my mortage or is this still a lenders' market?
Short sale offer- will I get earnest money if I withdraw?
I have an offer pending on a short sale in Hoffman Estates. It has been almost 6 months and I honestly do not want the property anymore. I put $1500.00 in earnest money. If i withdraw my offer- what happens…
Is now a good time to buy again?
I've been waiting and waiting for the right moment, this looks like now but I'm still unsure if I should wait another year. Also, which has more resale value 2 or 3 bedroom? Are condos only good…
Have we seen a bottom in housing prices in Mammoth Lakes?
Inventory is low, prices are stable and snow is falling. Looks like a good selling season to me.
How can I find an unbelievable bargain in a condo in either Myrtle Beach, S.C., Hilton Head, S.C., or Gulf Shores, AL.
I don't mean a dump in a bad area. I mean a real bonified great buy on a nice condo in a good, safe area.
What are some of the things to look out for in older properties?
I tend to shy away from buildings that are built before 1950 because I just assume, by default, that these buildings have structural problems. Yet I have seen properties built in the 1920s that looked…
Down Payment Help!
My fiance and I have been looking to buy for some time now. We are looking to buy within 100-120k. My report says I have no credit. My fiance has around 700 from the last report done. We are trying to…
What are the HOA fees and what do they include? Also taxes please
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3086437956-32911-Bent-Way-Long-Neck-DE-19966
4831 Southeast 61st Street, Berryton KS 66409, is this still on the market?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3100838135-4831-SE-61st-St-Berryton-KS-66409
How low can it go? The Cape Cod RE Market.
While it is a great time to buy for those who've got any skin left in the game, the Cape RE market as a whole is still continuing its downward trend. Any ideas or theories to share as to when we may…
How do I know if a house was ever a foreclosure?
I see plenty of houses on Trulia which were purcharsed within the past year and are now reselling for double the price. I am not interested in such houses if they were bought at a foreclosure auction,…
Areas with affordable (80-100k) housing in Atlanta, GA?
Please could you advice on some areas to consider. Preferably with good economic activity and an active property market.
which newark neighborhoods seem to be turning into areas populated by successful people
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3075549162-49-51-Bock-Ave-Newark-NJ-07112
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