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How foggy is it in Pacifica? IS that why the prices are lower there than elsewhere on the Peninsula?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3089052927-1480-Linda-Mar-Blvd-Pacifica-CA-94044
What would my payments be for a house around $205,000, with an interest rate of 3.5%?
This would ideally be for a brand new home, with 3.5% for down payment. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3095516922-3008-Park-Crk-El-Paso-TX-79938
How do I get an estimate of the value of my home?
I will be listing my home probably in June 2013. I also need to search listings in Colorado to where I hope to move around Aug-Sept.
Who pays country and city transfer tax in Mountain View, CA for new construction?
I am about to buy a new townhouse at Mondrian (by Shea Homes) and would like to know who (buyer/seller) pays county (1.1/1000) and city (3.3/1000) transfer tax?
Why not sold yet?
why hasn't 1432 brookdale ave 94040 sold yet? Another home in the same neighborhood sold for similar price yet much older, not a complete remodel or fewer amenities. If you cannot answer, I understand.
I am interested in new builds in Keller close to the Rufe Snow / Davis area. I am looking in the low $300's price range.
I do not want to look west of 377 and would really prefer to be closer to the Southlake side of Keller. Are there any new build options out that way? I've looked at Newton Ranch which is out of the price…
are all properties in Colleyville, TX in flood zone?
I am going to buy a house at colleyville, tx. everthing went through until order survery. I was told the house is in the flood zone. My agent told me it's normal at Tarrant county. Is it right? Cause…
Is 927 Ralph Rahn Road for sale or Foreclosure?
I have seen this great property standing empty for quiet some time now and would like to know if it is for sale as I am interested.
Is it possible to buy a house of 74,000 with a credit score of 600. If it so how? please help..
My boyfriend is trying to buy a house and his credit score is 600 he is responsible with his payments and has 401 k money that he could be able to use to get a house but he is not sure if there is any…
what is the est.tcv mean
if the est. tcv is 34,041 what is the value of the house
I am unable to change my password HELP
Extra-High taxes on a good home
Folks I'm contemplating a home which has been on the market for 2 years. It's a nice home, in a good condition but I believe it hasn't sold because of the high taxes. The house is well done which may…
Can you provide some statistical information on the market performance in Mill Valley?
Yes. We send out a quarterly publication called the Richmond report for both Mill Valley and Tiburon that gives you all the homes sold for that quarter and current market information. The reports can…
There is a large brick house on Royal Street in Deridder, LA (I think the address is 107) that appears to be
abandoned. Do any realtors know if it will be going on the market soon?
Who can I talk to about getting info 11444 W Old Nashville Rd 47201?
http://www.trulia.com/property/3100695097-11444-W-Old-Nashville-Rd-Columbus-IN-47201?ecampaign=con_rlt_post_lead_agent_sale_fr&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/3100695097-11444-W-Old-Nashville-Rd-Columbus-IN-47201 I'd…
We really want to buy a house in Brooklyn. I'm looking for an agent who will really listen and work for us. Please contact me.
Looking for a home with a max budget of 850K. Looking for a deal. Garage and office space with a separate entrance a must. Sheepshead Bay, Mill Basin, Bedford Ave, and like neighborhoods.
I have the opportunity to purchase a home appraised at 375K for 320K The payments are about $200/month more than we had anticipated and we will be on
a tight budget ($2100 mortgage payments and $4600 gross monthly). Is there a good reason to purchase this home which will have instant equity, or are we setting ourselves up for failure?
Has anyone had experience with Help U Sell? They are a fee for service agency. How then is the buyer broker?
Has anyone had experience with Help U Sell? They are a fee for service agency. How then is the buyer broker compensated?
Can some one help me to explain this:?
One of the offers was countered by the Seller, however, there is an internal issue with the property and will likely go off the market. There are no officially accepted offers at this time. The Seller…
New construction: Can I negotiate for upgrades because it's too late to use a buyer's agent?
Earlier this week I visited a new construction subdivision that I really like without a buyer's agent, not knowing that most builders only pay a buyer's agent commission if the agent attends…
Is there a reason for houses being so affordable in Houston area?
My husband and I are from Twin Cities, MN. We came here for my hubby's job, and have been living in Houston area for about 9 months. We are looking to buy a house in Pearland, and are just wondering…
looking for owner carry in conifer but the filter does not work, can you help?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3072850616-9575-Marauder-Dr-Conifer-CO-80433
Is there any way to distinguish the leads that you want to export to excel?
Is there was any way to not export all of the leads at the same time. I would like to be able to seperate by date as to export the leads weekly
What is the price relation of lot vs house?
How much a lot adds to the value of the hosue??
I'm 17 with a 2 year old still with his father we are trying to move out WITH parent consent theyre willing to co-signany places that allow this?
Need help finding a place. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3081911193-172-Adams-Rd-Randleman-NC-27317
I need it to be 4 bedrooms in dearborn . I was wonder if there are people who have their house listed for sale are willing to rent them out.
I am intrested in renting a new construction house because of the open space and larger bedrooms. I would really appreciate if i could get someone's help on this. THank you for your timel)
Can I be denied home owners insurance?
I am going to buy a home out of my deceased mothers estate.The home has some issues I am aware of.The house is being sold to me "As is".I plan on having a home inspection prior to owning the…
If the appraisal comes short should you get your appraisal money back?
I recently had an appraisal on a home that was asking $84,900. We agreed on $73,000. The appraisal came back at $42,000. I had previously had an inspection of the home spending $250 and then spent $540…
Do yall not have anything for rent, are yaou just sell only?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3074860389-923-Glenwood-Street-Ext-Belton-SC-29627
I am interested in purchasing a property in Miami. I am a non-resident not requiring US financing.
I would like to know what I could expect in terms of taxation: Will my property taxes be greater then if I were to purchase as a resident? If i sell the property, will there be penalty or additional taxation…
Looking at property in the historic district of Savannah-looking at houses w/porches/piazzas and wonder why nothing is screened. Permitted by ARB?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/map/3081951438-10-E-Taylor-St-Savannah-GA-31401
We are looking at the possibility of buying a house in the Kissimmee area that we can rent out for weekly/monthly rentals.
we are cash buyers but, we only have about $140,000..would this put us in a good position to haggle on the prices offered or is this not enough money ?.....Merv
Grandma is trying to take back land she already signed over. Can she do such a thin.?
Ok my grandma granted me one acre in a special waranty deed now she is trying to get a lawyer to split the land. The deed is recorded in the courts and I have a copy of the deed. My ? Is can she do such…
High voltage power lines near a home
We are looking at buying a home. Everything else is checking out, but there’s one thing that’s nagging us – High voltage power lines. There are high voltage power lines near the…
Short sale question: Have PSA that states must close in 35 days. Have approval letter from bank for a week after that 35 day mark.
Can the seller back out of the contract after the 35 days or do they have to wait for the expiration of the bank approval? the selling agent keeps pushing the importance of closing before the 35 days regardless…
Looking at buying a home in Snoqualmie... it is not far from the river and upper falls. How bad is the flooding in that area?
It is located in the SE Northern street neighborhood and noted as being "not far from downtown" in the listing. Is it worth looking at or is potential flood hazards and insurance too much of a hassle?
How can I find owner financing and rent to own homes with at least an acre of land.?
I just moved here with my adult son to start a fresh new life. I have only been here and working for 6 months at $11.00 an hour. My jobs are secure, one is for the county and the other BNSF Railway station.…
Buying a residential property in NYC
What monthly expensses should I expect to have after purchasing a condo or a coop in NYC? Are there different expensses between a co-op and a condo?
Should I still try to get a pre-approval although I have debt to pay off?
Im trying to buy a home by March of 2013, was told that I would have to pay off a certain debt before closing.
i could put down about$100k on a home now but could only pay about$800 a MO. in paymentsnow what price of a home should i be looking at?
or would it be better to wait a few months when i could pay $500to $700 k for a home wiyh no payments?
Getting a home with bad credit and no job history?
I want to buy a home, it'd be much easier then renting but i dont have a good history because i was a stay at home mom before my divorce. I am currently working and have a relatively high child support…
what are taxes in this area?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3099260787-4-Garden-Ter-Pittsburgh-PA-15221
I would like to see what's avaiable in patio or carriage homes in or near Wilmington, NC
I am just beginning the search and want to compare what I have to what I can buy if I move from PA. I have a 2 BR, 2 1/2 bath, 8 room carriage home with a 2 car garage. It is 2200 sq. ft. Too big. I…
Morgan Hill 2012 Academic Performance Index for Public Schools
This is 2012 index vs previous year, Yes:meaning target set previously is met, No-needing improvements MORGAN HILL UNIFIED 789 781 D 8 Elementary Schools Barrett Elementary…
I would like to get estimating for an house
9619 E 37thPlace Indianapolis , IN
fannie mae take so long for ANWSER ME.
i make a offert on Nov 11th to fannie mae for buying a house in florida, until now we dont have any anwser, about my offert.. i make a call to my agent but she never give news about it. why take so long…
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