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would like to by new double wide mfg..home,where could I put it?
Would prefer somewhere Marathon north to key largo. Leon kisami1@yahoo.com
Any success using the "Court House Steps" lending program offered by AmeriFirst Financial?
The marketing materials I've read say they partner with local bidding companies and investors to purchase a home of your selection at foreclosure auction on the courthouse steps, which is then sold to…
Besides paying 5-6% what is the best way to sell a home
I want to sell my home but cannot afford to pay 5-6% i could do 2.5% and be ok witht hat but i feel 5-6% is too high.
Can I switch agents and still buy that house?
I looked at a property yesterday with a realtor who quite obviously has no clue what he is doing. I really want to purchase that house, but don't want the aggravation of working with an agent who doesn't…
Is the sale of a property from a parent to a child free of Philadelphia transfer tax?
I read that there is no transfer tax between parents and children in Philadelphia. Does this refer ONLY to transfers of deed between direct relatives (for example: for example, from parents to a child)…
What's the best way to find a buyer's agent with a wide geographic reach? We like a lot of areas in Middlesex County and also Andover.
Budget is up to $650k. Want to be less than 25 miles from Boston and approx hour or less from Fitchburg (parents live there). Also need a commuter rail station close by. Want the train commute to be under…
We are looking for a mobile home lot to buy.
Looking to live in the Willis or Conroe area. Would like lot to be cleared and have access to all Utilities.
What is a 203k?
I saw this in one of the houses. It said prime candidate for a 203k and I wanted to know what that is. Thanks!
mortgage for a Multi Unit Family Home
can i use rental income from units they aren’t occupying to qualify for a mortgage
Are Buyer's Information Forms required in the State of PA or Philadelphia in order to purchase a home? So far, I'm not seeing any requirements.
I am aware that they are common in Philadelphia but am not comfortable releasing this information to the real estate agent nor to the seller, especially if the real estate agency is not held liable for…
Madison, CT versus North Madison, CT
We have been looking a Madison houses mainly between 95 and 80. Recently we have looked at some places just north of 80. Are there any upsides/downsides to buying north of 80? Thanks!
Going about buying a home(first time home buyer)
We are looking at a home, and we are buying a home for the first time! We don't have good credit so we are have a family member who is going to co-sign for a loan for us. I am a stay at home mom and…
Closing cost for buying a New Townhome from Builder (taylor morrison) in San Jose
I am interested in a detailed calculation ahead of the GFE. Following are the details: Home Price - 520,000 , Loan Amount 417,000 Title Escrow fees etc = ? City Transfer Country transfer…
whats the time frame on a usda certificate being sent out once you have gone through and bern approved by the underwriter. Please only people who know
How long does usda.take to.issue your certificate once they recieve your file? Before answering the question keep in mind i only want to know the time frame from from the question above and not the whole…
Buying and selling house in H1B Status
Me and my husband are in H1B status and have permanent job in Houston. We decided to buy a house instead of paying more rent to the apartment. And we have long term plans to stay in the same location.…
What programs are currently offered for first time home buyers in Houston?
This is a popular question in Las Vegas and the team at Trulia thought it would be helpful for consumers in Houston, TX too! I am planning a move in the beginning of next year. How far in advance…
Restriction for sellers in a short Sale
I have a friend who is upsidedown in their home. Are there any restrictions to me purchasing the house from them and them staying in as renters? Can they buy back in future? Thanks in advance.
what type of loan to get for lot/land to build a house on?
My hubby and I have been renting for years and feel the need to own our own house now. We do not wish to buy a house already built, but rather to buy a few acres in order to build our own. We are quite…
Is there anyone that is knowledgeable about first time home buyer programs?
Hello, I am currently weighing the options of rent vs buying. I will most likely be living in the B-N area for the next 8-10 years tops. If I rent be looking under 550/mo. If I buy I would be looking…
What is Price per sq ft on a brand new bi level home in Lake Parsippany.?
I am looking for an average price per sqft for a brand new bilevel home w 2 car garage in lake parsippany area. Can anyone provide me comps based on the last 3 years sales data
I am interested in buying an fixer upper and refurbing it to live in.
Cost of home $40,000. I already own another home but do not plan to sell it. Where could I get a loan to buy and refurb the new home?
i need a good realestate agent that can help me buy a house in the north hills or shaler area in pa.
does any one know a good realestate agent in the north hills or shaler area? I ned someone who can help me get a 6% sellers recession for my downpayment and closing cost, and that is fast i need to move…
I'm currently into my second extension with 8/10 for financing and 8/14 to close. Is there a possibility that there will be a third extension.?
The sellers 2nd mortgage lender didn't get the paper work in until July 10 and my first closing date was set for 7/31. How much time is needed to get a CTC
Looking at buying a house, we currently rent and pay 850/month. Can we contact a Realtor now before going to the bank?
Can we contact a realtor in our area before going to the bank to see if we are approved for a mortgage? I find DeLand to be cheaper than Daytona and Port Orange area, ideally we would love a 3-4/2 home,…
Can i fire my realtor?
I am a first time home buyer, we used the seller realtor but thought she was more on the seller side, we are done with attorney review but feel uneasy about retaining her as our realtor, can i fire her…
What's the difference between a co-op and a condo?
5919 CHULA VISTA WAY #7, LOS ANGELES, CA 90068 mentions it's a co-op, not a condo. I'd like to understand the difference.
Any new houses coming up in a gated community in Mission School district, Fremont ?
I am interested in buying a newly constructed home in a gated community in the Mission school district. Some one told me that Robson homes is building some new homes but not sure if it is in a gated community.…
A 2 BR or more house between Daly City and South San Francisco for under $400000.
Looking for a safe neighborhood and great public school system. Any particular district? Also looking for an honest agent. No mobile homes. Thanks!
Military retiree need an agent for cash purchase by Sep 1 2012.
Saw earlier thread that Cash purchases able to negotiate. Looking for realtor to negotiate on cash purchase for the condo below: http://www.redfin.com/CA/San-Diego/7717-Margerum-Ave-92120/unit-220/home/6652201…
I am looking for a four family unit in Astoria, LIC, Jackson Heights, Woodside or Sunnyside. Where is the best place to start looking for a broker?
I am already pre-approved for a 900K loan and I am looking to spend upwards of $1,000,000 on a four family unit that I am looking to occupy. I may consider up to six but I understand that after four units…
I don't work and have a score of 624 however my spouse does work and his is 570. Is it possiable to get a home loan with my credit but his?
income? My credit is 624 husbands is 570. He works I don't however year to date for his income is 160k.
Is the Arbor Meadows area a bad neighborhood?
I want to buy a house in this area but several people said that it is not a goog area to live. Is is worth it to buy a house in this ares?
Westlake: Vaquero vs Terra Bella. Which would be a better choice?
I considering building in Westlake. We like the Westlake Academy. I understand that the elementary grades are very strong. However, some families pull there kids out when they reach middle/high school…
Builders that trade houses
Give builders that trade homes
Foreigner buying an investment property in Irvine
1. I do not have any visa. My income is from oversea. Will I still be able to obtain any financing? If so, what are the typical terms? 2. My investment horizon for this property is about 5-7 years.…
Anyone here live in Toms River but work in NYC?
I'm contemplating the move but worried the toll it may take on my sanity and wallet ($600 per mos for transportation via njt and mta!) I think I can tolerate up to 1.5hrs travel time. Toms River…
Non US Citizen interested in buying in Irvine, California. Any hidden costs?
Hi all! I'm interested in buying a property in Irvine, CA. I intend to use it as a vacation home or may be stay in it if I choose to go to UCI. I will be paying for the property in cash, no loans. I want…
Condo association question
Hi can anyone help me to find out more information about the Liberty Commons condos on berrington rd., I am currently interested in a 2br unit there and saw on the listing they allow pets but when I drove…
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