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is all or part of fall creek considered to be in a flood plain. Visited there very recently and loved it but am concerned. also the houses are so old,
1910, 1880, 1870. seems ridiculous to me to buy a home that old, but, that is what is available in my price range right now, Where do you go in higher ground to be close to the downtown area, commons,…
Where are the high voltage power lines in Wallkill, NY?
Are there any high voltage power lines near Wildflowers in Wallkill, NY?
how do i know if the home im about to rent is a foreclosured home?
this person is renting me a home but says is not in the area.. it seems a little wierd the home is beautiful and the price is better than apartments that have 1 bedroom while this home has 3 bedrooms.…
What are all the steps I need to take to buy a house with cash if i have the necessary funds?
I am planning on purchasing a house but do not currently live in the country, so are there any restrictions on this? What are all the fees and taxes i should expect to encounter buying any house?
Im looking for a house with a large kitchen black granite counters 4 or 5 bedrooms possibly hardwood living room
2 to 3 bathrooms possibly a pool a laundry room around pershing middle school o patrick henry high
im looking for a house with a pool atleast 4 bed 2 or 3 bath and it has to be less than 510,000$?
maybe the house can be somwhere around 400,000 or around 500,000? in lake murray or san carlos
Moving back to Jacksonville early 2013
My wife and I are planning to move to Jacksonville in Q1/Q2 2013 as a precursor to preparing for retirement. I grew up in Jacksonville and my parents are still there (St. Johns Landing). The city and…
Price Offered vs Listed Price
How much is too little an amount below the listed price to offer on a home?
Agents vs Brokers
What is the difference? Can someone be both? If I found a home for sale on Trulia and then found it happened to be listed with a Broker that I spoke to on the phone, would they be looking out for the…
Can you withdraw from a real estate contract during the attorney review process without a reason stated?
I am the seller and received an extension on the attorney review period. I want to cancel the sale. Will there be repercussions? Do I have to state a reason? Will I be liable to the real estate agent?
I currently have a full time teaching job and am starting a side tutoring business.
Can my income from my side business be used to qualify for a mortgage in a year? Since I'm starting it in August the only income from the business will be from August to December.
How is resale value on townhomes (coppell and valley ranch area)?
I have heard mixed things from people. Some say that reselling townhomes can be a huge problem. and also the association fees can go up a lot. We like townhomes as they are newer and not too expensive.…
Looking for rent to own, currently living in a 2 bedroom apartment but we really want a house.
we need to sell our house in El Paso Tx before we can buy a house in Midland, we don't know how long it will take for our house to sell, but we really need a 3 bedroom house can somebody help us?
Builder Move Up Program?
we are looking to purchase a new home in San Antonio, but need to sell our house in Round Rock first. I know there are different programs out there that may offer a discount to sell yourhouse since they…
Which areas are considered the most desirable in Marco Island?
Having visited Marco Island, all I can say is that the area is superb. My query is which areas on Marco are considered the most desirable? For example, I know that direct water access is preferable to…
Are you sure your post is accurate?
2234 Glendon Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90064 This house is posted as for rent for $1500, on Trulia, but it is not for rent, it is for sale. I suggest you investigate this possible fraud.
Looking for someone that specializes in an FHA Jumbo loan program. We want to purchase a $610K home in Milton, GA
We are currently under contract but having a difficult time finding a lender that can assist us. We have great credit and $120K in reserves. HELP? Derrick and Beniquez Palmer (404) 557-4920 or (770)…
Lease purchase or owner finance home in corpus Christi.
We are searching for an owner finance home in corpus Christi, 3/2. Can anyone help? thanks
Financing with poor credit.
We had to file Chapter 13 last year. We are inheriting some $ which the trustee has says we have to use to buy a home. How do we find a mortgage in this financial condition? (the $ is significant)
how do i find an agent in las cruces that will keep in touch daily and know all programs for first timer and i want a lot and a bargain in a home..?
need guidance in pre foreclosure and buying a home, selecting an agent that can give details not vague answers, knowledgeable, very detail oriented. i ask lots of qu. i want alot of answers. i don't…
Looking to purchase a condo for nightly rentals in PC. What is the best method to calculate the break-even point?
I've been looking at condos in Prospector Lodge. I'm trying to calculate all of the costs associated with purchasing, property management, and renting to make sure I break-even every month. I…
Considering relocation oppty in Tampa (Brandon)
Would like to learn about neighborhoods and schools (middle and high school). Must be dog friendly (golden retriever). Price range ~300k. Moving from CT.
can anyone tell me about the good pats of brentwood ny and the bad parts i want to buy a house on noble st?
which side of brentwood is best to buy a house and live ? i seen a house on noble st and 111. is this a good area? can anyone tell me about the sides in brentwood ny
What elementary school would my child attend? Do you have to go to the closest school to your home? Can you go any school in the district?
Looking at schools nearby a home I like, but the closest school looks to be one of the worst schools in the district. How is school selection done in abington?
i was wondering if anyone is giving ITIN loans in madera,fresno or merced, ca?
i have a social security and a good credit score but i dont work my in law is the one who works and has the ITIN and he wants to buy a house and i would like to help him anyway i can
buying home in Marlton with converted garage with no permit.
Seller does not want to get a permit or have the twp come out and inspect the garage because garage was converted over 20 yrs ago.Should I buy the home? the room is in good condition otherwise but I don't…
we added a microway above the stove but the door opened into the wall.
does anyone know of something we can insert into the slit so it will look better and the goor will open
Seller accepts my offer & short sale addendum. Then does not provide his lender financials they request. Now he wants to cancel my contract. Help!
I made an offer on a short sale in May, Sellers accepted, the Fla. Short sale addendum says 30 days if left blank but Seller has never provided the lender the docs they requested of His financials. Lender…
Family relocating from Los Angeles for a job in San Mateo. We're not sure if we should buy or rent. What neighborhoods should we consider?
Criteria: 1) great schools, 2) decent yard, 3) 3 Bd min-preferably 4, 4) $1.5-1.8, 5) commute no more than 40 min, 6) safe neighborhood Nice-to-have: close proximity to town with a cool vibe (shops,…
What are the resale value concerns on a home which has had an oil leak that was cleaned up?
Hello, I am looking to purchase a home and just learned that the home has an oil leak from an underground oil storage tank. While the current owner is responsible for the clean-up I am concerned about…
We are a couple receiving unemployment compensation. Can we still get approved for a loan to purchase a house?
Between the two of us, we make over $2300/month on unemployment benefits.
We are looking at placing an offer for a rebuilt home at MichBluff Dr San Jose, 4bd/3ba, beautifully done with all new/modern stuff. 6000 lot size.
Schools: Vinci park elementary & Piedmont Middle. 1. Is it a good neighborhood for a family with young kids? Does anybody have pointers towards the schools, they are rated 8 & 7 resp. By Great…
Subject to financing
How long are most financing contingencies on a fannie mae home
1st time buyer. How much would a monthly payment on a 140,000 house on a USDA loan, in the 78245 area?
Wife and I, are looking to purchase in Jan 2013. We are both teachers.
Sell at loss or rent?
We bought our house at $235,000 6 years ago. Refinanced to a lower rate and shorter note. Now we are moving out of state. House has been on market for 60 days, now at much lower sales price of $199.9.…
Good place to live in San antonio near the Northwest loop
relocating and will rent before buying
Is the content in the MLS listing what is legally included in the sale?
There was an appliance listed on the MLS sheet that the seller's realtor is now saying was a typo and is not actually included- and the house is under contract. There is nothing about appliances…
We have been looking for condos in the loop and immediate surrounding neighborhoods.
A lot of properties in University Village have shown up in our search. We are unfamiliar with that neighborhood. How would you compare it, in value, safety, accessibility, and growth potential to the Loop,…
Working in chicago downtown, planning to invest in 2 bd/2bth vs townhome, where 2 invest downtwn or suburbs ?
Concern -good appreciation so that it is profitable on selling ,as may keep it for 4-5 yrs or easy to rent.which area is best to invest in chicago inthis current market.
Best realtor in 78221
Does anybody have experience with a realtor in zip code 78221? Who do you all recommend? Thanks
Opportunity to sell your listed property via alternative financing.
I am a landlord with 12 properties, valued at over $5 million, and total assets of over $12 million. I've successfully skated through the recession without missing or being late on a single mortgage…
Looking for a Lease purchase option! Moving to Richmond Hill from Washington State. Any advice on how to go about finding a lease purchase?
We Own our home here and are hoping it sells but it isn't looking good. There a at least 5 homes in Richmond Hill that is with-in our budget and has all the things we are looking for in a home. We'd…
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