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How long after closing should listing be removed from MLS?
I closed on a home back on June 8th. The home has since been in my name on the county auditor's site for quite some time now. However, the listing still shows as pending on the MLS. The listing agent…
I am looking for a closing company that is knowledgeable about owner/seller financing closings?
I would like to find a closing company that can handle owner/seller financing closings within 45 minutes of Atlanta. Thanks for you help.
Our realtor placed a bid on a home 3 days ago i spoke with real estate company, they sent contracts back 1 day ago,realtor says she has heard nothing
Im upset that she gave real estate company till last night to come back with a answer, they did and she is avoiding this. Its bad when the real estate company calls us to find out what our realtor has…
Our deed of trust and promissory note and truth-in-lending documents have May 7,2009. However our HUD statement has May 15,2009 was the date we closed
We never had a previous closing date of May 7, 2009. Also we never received a GFE on our second loan. We found out the second loan was a balloon payment. There was a balloon disclosure document that required…
Thought on Lents Neighborhood? East of 205.
* Any thoughts on the Lents area? (specifically curious about East of 205). * Long term outlook? I know lots of political folks (Mayoral Candidates, for instance) are talking about streetcar, green streets,…
I'm looking to buy a home that is across a 4 lane highway from the public sewer line. I was wondering what this would cost? What involved?
I ma looking to buy a home in that is across a 4 lane highway from the public sewer line. I was wondering what this would cost? I do not know what is all involved. Thanks!!
what is the usual accepted price below the asking price?
Looking at a house priced $150,000 want to know what the possible price could be if we were to negociate price
I seeking to cash purchase investment properties in San Diego, CA
I seeking to build immediate equity via cash purchase of investment properties in San Diego, CA area. Please advice.
a question about exclusive designated buyer agent agreement-why is my buyer's agent ask me to pay his 3% comission if seller doesn't pay
him? Hi, my realtor include the following in our exclusive designated buyer agent agreement: In the event that the owner of any proterty, with whom buyer enters into an enforceable purchase or sale…
Lowest property taxes in NJ???
What town has the lowest property taxes in South Jersey, mainly around the Camden, Gloucester county area?
We'll hopefully be looking for our 2nd home purchase in Medford, OR. in about 3-4 yrs from now. We'd be looking for 3-4 bdms & 2
bathrooms, backyard! It would be a single family home we'd be looking for, hopefully granite countertops if we're at all lucky, all white appliances with a gas stove, central heat & air,…
Can we qualify for an FHA loan on a 2nd home if we rent out our first home? We do not have any equity in our first house. Our credit scores are 800
We purchased our home for 167K in 2005 and with 133K left on our mortgage it is valued at 100K.
I found out the house I was purchasing was a short sale the night before settlement and couldn't close. Since I was left without a place stay
and in anticipation that the short sale process would take at most 2 months to complete, the owners allowed a pre-settlement move-in free of charge as long as I agreed to pay utilities and maintain the…
Hi,I would like to buy an house in US as investiment but I don't know if I can and if I could then rent it. I am also intersted on foreclosure.
thanks Hi, I leave in Italy and I am interested on buy an apartment in US (NY or Miami or LAX). My first doubt is of course...I am entitle to buy in US? If yes, which are the condition? May i buy just…
For sale by OWNER.
I have found the house I want to buy. It's for sale by owner. I found it myself without a realtor. At this point should I get a realtor? Being I have already found the home. Or can I just hire an inspector…
I'm buying a Coop in NYC for cash and am not reped by a broker. It's a good building but should I hire an inspector? What is the cost?
Seller's broker owns in building. My attorney is good and represented me in a prior sale. Can my attorney recommend an inspector for me to hire?
MLS is wrong, so comps are not true comparisons since the house is smaller than what we are comparing it against. What can be done?
House is posted as a 2 bed 1 bath. In actuality it is a 1 bedroom with 1 bath and a tiny office that has a window and no closet. Another discrepancy is that it states Central Air, when really it is a…
Am confused. what is the % ny for transfer tax, nys mortg tax and liability. Want to purchase multi family home and have 30% to put down. Please help.
Was given percentage rates that translate into costs however I need to compare. Please help. The home is 600k and I must be very sure. Am on permanent dissability and every penny counts.
Looking to invest in a property that I can set up as section 8 and find some good people to rent it out, preferrably older folks.
I am looking for a solid investment property in the North Lawndale area. If someone can assist me in finding a place and do the numbers for renting it out to maybe some good Section 8 housing tenants I…
what is the average price per acre for lake front property on lake bohnam?
more specific , lot 5 Forrest Park addition of bonham fannin county, 2704 Recreation Road 3. Lake front property Lake Bonham 1.87 acres with double wide mobile home 1350sq. ft
how can I find houses for sale in a gated community?
was told zip 92130 is good would take more advice if nice neighborhood. family of five would prefer gated community. prefer a pool also
Financial Contingency- How to back out from a offer after losing a job
I have made an offer on a foreclosure as is property. After making an offer in three days I came to know that I lost my job. I promptly notified the seller agent and buyer agent that I wanted to backout…
Port St. Lucie Florida Realtor question - above ground pool question
We looked at homes with pools - however, they were not inground pools but were above ground pools partially sunk in the ground. Some were 48" high sunk 2 feet, another was 52" high sunk 2…
How does a potential buyer find out what an HOA allows, i.e. a shed, what type of patio cover we can install, height of fence?
I've read the online restrictions, etc. for a few and didn't get a clear answer as everything has to be submitted and reviewed. The contact information was usually a mailing address. It doesn't…
We are in contract to buy a short sale and are supposed to close the end of this month, but the bank just accepted a payment from owner.
Now they say we have to wait until next month to close! (Presumably after the owner misses another payment.) I feel like we're being screwed around with by the bank and the owner. Is this some kind…
I am out side buyer from US how much down payment on1,2 million
i want to buy house in New York good sub area
If my boyfriend is the sole owner of the house and he wants me to added, how does this happen?
If my boyfriend is the sole owner of the house and he wants me to added, how does this happen?
Where can I find a standard form to request a refund of the earnest money deposit? I'm backing up from a
transaction because I didn't find financing available due to my immigration status. Thanks!
I am active duty military in Las Vegas, NV and have orders for a PCS to Reno, NV. Any chance of a loan after a short sale?
I am current on payments and do not want to go into default becasue of the affects on my credit. My current loan is FHA. Is there any chance I could get a VA lender to make a loan? Ironically my debt…
What would happen if I fire my horrible agent while I am waiting for an answer from the bank?
I want to fire her and use another agent, but still keep this bid open until I decide if other houses now on the market are better for me. She didn't seem to be working in my best interest. Does…
Down payment assistance in Dekalb county: what's the process?
I'm currently looking to purchase a house in Dekalb County, roundabout $60,000. I've been preapproved for a loan already, and I've also applied for down payment assistance through the county's…
APPROVED short sale
is there anything that can hold out the settlement date at this point? I have all signed documents from BOA saying that I am purchasing the house.
Closed on a piece of property and am trying to build a house on it, only to find out tile co. missed that the neighbors house is listed as being on my
property, causing me to not be able to build a home on it and having to move and rent until it is cleared up, and they are ignoring are calls, any recourse
Short Sale and asking sellers to fix the roof...
My short sale offer was finally accepted by both banks Home inspection done, The roof looked questionable so I had a seperate roof inspection. The roof came back as having 2-2.5 years left on it. The…
We would like to bid on short sale house with a mold issue using a VA loan. The seller will not fix the issue prior to close. Any suggestions?
We found a house that we really like and are interested in submitting a bid. However, the house has a mold issue in the basement. The house has been examined by a certified mold remediation company and…
We are trying to buy a house in Tracy by December 1st to take advantage of the tax credit.
We don't really know where to begin. We've been told to get preapproved first and from others we've been told to just find an agent and have them find the appropriate loan options. Which is true? Also,…
What is the downside of buying older homes (built in 70s)? How are the val vista & valley trails communitie?
I've heard foundation and smell issues (due to sewage plant) in these communities. How bad these issues are?
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