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We are refinancing our house 18 mos after purchasing it. Value went down $35k. We do not agree or think comps are comparable.
3/4 comps have no basement and we have a daylight walkout basement 1 comp is 16 years old, ours is 5 years old 1 comp has no backyard and we have a good size, private back yard 1 comp is still on the…
How can I get a home analysis?
How much to put down based on townhomes prices around my zip code, 75218.
financing in 93401
I'm dealing with LSI Mortgage Plus. The costs seem high, origination fee $1185 plus settlement costT of $1690. I'm to pay out of pocket for the appraisal at $405. They are both a lender/banker. Does…
What about pets?
We have a med. size dog 30lbs, fully trained. Are pets permitted ? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/map/1065238960-9831-Del-Webb-Pkwy-2102-Jacksonville-FL-32256
who pays the comission?
I saw property in one area but did not buy property.I signed a six month agreement,I eventually found a property in another area with a friend who is also a broker. who pays the commission to the broker?
My fiance and I are looking to buy in one of the newer developments in Ashburn. One Loudoun (Camberley or Miller & Smith) or Brambleton (Miller
& Sm (Miller and Smith Noble Pointe. We currently live in a condo across the street from Reston Town Center. We would like to We like prefer a contemporary, single family home in neighborhood that…
Hello all.. currently considering purchasing a 3-4 br TH in either Belmont country club or Bramblton. Looking for an advice on pros Vs cons
comparing that two areas. We're a family of 4, two boys 4 & 2, we're hopping to stay for a 3-5 years in the house. One of the cons about BCC is the very high HOA ($340) if one decides to live inside, that…
Who can vote for answers posted on Trulia Q&A? I used to be able to see this button but Trulia seems to have changed this setting and
And now I am not able to vote on any answers I liked. Is that the case that only non-pros can vote for good answers?
I am currently wait on bank approval for a short sale in Florida. It has a bank approved price of $118,000. I went in at $115,000 with no concession
I have been waiting for almost 90 days now with no repsonse from the bank. I was thinking about uping my offer to the bank approved price and asking for closing cost. Would this offer be more likely…
My husband is being transfered to Georgia. We're moving out January 2013.
My house in Maryland is in a short sale process. Could we get a rental, since we haven't paid mortgage for months? Other than that, all our debts are current, and I have a good credit. We're…
What is the HOA and what is included ?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3098054986-1304-Summit-St-116-Austin-TX-78741?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk
Looking to buy a house near modern mobile homes next door. How much resale value will I lose?
Looking to buy a house near modern mobile homes next door, continuing down the street. I know this affect my resale value, but can someone advise approximately how much money this will cause the value…
Items on RESPA not repaired as agreed upon. Home already purchased!!!
My home closed on Friday 1/4/13 and recorded monday 1/7/13. The heater pilot light kept going out and the seller agreed to repair it. When I went for final walk through the heater worked and I thought…
I need a discount real estate agent for a purchase in Palo Alto
Any recommendations? Agents that are full price need not respond. Redfin has some options but I'd like to meet some other agents in the area; I don't require hand holding and have been through…
Any Eastvale experts out there?
I'm looking to buy in Eastvale and have some questions about the buying situation. I imagine that most if not all houses there are upside down. With the area being basically built and sold during…
pre-auction properties
How to locate them?
How to get out of my house and buy one ?
If I can't afford my home and want to buy a cheaper one what can I do?
How will I know what school my children will go to if there are four schools in the district?
Interested in a home located on Huff Ln -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3104775206-275-Huff-Ln-Henderson-NC-27537
My agent want to use another title company rather than the sellers?! Is this a red flag?! Scam alert?!
I have place an offer. There is no title company listed on the contract. The agent said the seller is in the process of changing title companies and he wants to choose one. This makes me very nervous…
Hello, Moving from CA to RTP. . which are good areas in Cary and Morrisville to buy homes with safe and kids friendly environment. Thanks
Also, school admission system introduced by Wake County last year doesn't give you the guarantee for a school based on which you can buy your home. Also, just heard that Wake county has already decided…
How do I go about finding a true in-law suite? Or even better a separate apartment.
My father-in-law will be living with us, and won't be able to go up and down stairs. I've looked at some new construction with a guest suite downstairs but the bedrooms are tiny. It doesn't have to be…
What does it mean when your property has a conservation easement?
We are very interested in a property listed here but am totally turned off at any "hold" that GMA might have with regard to property we purchase. We do not like the sound of a conservation easement because…
What are the consequences of backing out of a purchase agreement AFTER a purchase agreement has been executed and an earnest deposit made?
I signed a purchase contract on a condo in a large multi-phase planned development, and made an earnest deposit of 3%. Subsequently, I found my dream home and purchased it. Wondering if I should just forget…
pre-auction properties
How to locate them?
Can I get a Loan With my ITIN.?
I dont have a SS number, however I pay my taxes with my ITIN, my income reported is of 75k, I have a great credit score from experian and I can also afford a 25% down payment on a 200,000 loan. I wonder…
how do i find out what bank owns the property at 480 n. 9th st lebanon or 97355
i am trying to find out what bank owns a property being forclosed on
Who handles Paradise Valley Townhomes in Las Vegas?
Already own one, but, looking for another one story end unit away from main street. Thanks, Carol W. lvrose3@cox.net
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3105783886-11345-Moonshine-Creek-Cir-Orlando-FL-32825?ecampaign=con_day_propertysearchforsale_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/p…
Short sale and my right
I am a buyer. I am very frustrated with the seller agent. I received the contract with the seller signed on July 2012 for short sale. And the seller agent told us that he submitted my offer to the lander…
My husband and I would really like to see some houses in Huntington Station, Ny. We are first time home buyers that have been approved already. I can
not seem to get a single agent to return a call or make appointments for us. It is like everyone is out to lunch. We are really ready to buy. What should I do to find someone to represent us?
Spent portion of gift funds on debt - is this OK?
Long story short: My fiance and I are in the process of buying a new home. We make about 91k/year together, the lowest credit score (pulled last week) between the two of us is 810 (high is 839). We have…
Can anyone recommend a good RE attorney in Brooklyn, NY?
We need a no-BS lawyer who can give a free consultation (if we're happy with him/her, we'd use his/her services when closing) in regards to buying a co-op. We were recommended one by a former…
See below for question on refreshing:
I'm seeing this message on my email but unable to see a refresh button. Reconfirm your Listing to keep it on Trulia Please update the listing on S Vulture Mine Rd. To keep your listing live…
looking foe agent in patterson ca.
4br. 3ba 3 car garage pool? master suite please call Terry or Twila @ 209944-7772
Are there pet friendly condos?
Vero Beach in the low $100,000 near the beach
which neighborhood works best.
Me and My wife are looking to buy a house in the Princeton area (not sure if WW or Plainsboro). We are just starting our search and not sure which neighborhoods would work for us. We currently do not have…
We want to buy a co-op for my mom
We know a condo would be easier, and if we can't figure out the co-op thing, we'll go that way. But we found a building where the board would be fine with the unit being occupied by a direct family member.…
want buy single house in orlando,FL for investment. looking for experience realtor help
A Canadian want buy a single nice home for investment in Orlando,FL. 150K-280K. Expecting cash flow and appreciation.Where is the best location. Need experience realtor help. Thanks. qsheung@gmail.com
Where is the best place in the continental United States to buy an oceanfront condo.?
We live in Colorado and want a great condo for a great price. We want it to be located near a major airport so it is easy to get to and worth the trip for a weekend. We want it to be located in a comfortable…
My price range is $40,000 to 70,000 cash, we are only interested in buying in Liberty County Florida!!
Does anyone have information on houses for sale in Liberty County Florida? You can email at asloat@gssinc.org
New construction in Portland Oregon
Seeking a property in 97229 or 97225. Price $280K - $350k, detached house. Downpayment 10% Credit score 794 and got pre approved. I was about to put an offer on new construction. How flexible builders…
Appraisal Adjustments Chart
Does anyone have a chart showing appraisal adjustments and how they arrive with 10K for extra garage, or 5K for half bath, etc. If so, please let me know where I can find one! Thanks,
Seeking Realtor in Milton/ Crabapple Area
Hi, we're looking to move to the Milton/ Crabapple area in the summer of 2013. We're looking for a realtor with detailed knowledge of the area and a proven track record in dealing with foreclosures!…
what is the area around 1500 Michigan ave in alamogordo like?
Am interested in safety, curb appeal of neighboorhood, noise being close to 70.
Looking to lease a house in clarke county ms.
I would like a 3 bedroom 2 bath home. I do not mind outside the city limits.
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