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Renting out a BMR Unit in San Francisco
If you buy a BMR unit in San Francisco are you not allowed to rent/sublet it out under any circumstance? e.g. job relocation, moving in a few months after you purchase etc? what are the rules on this?
Thank you for the Great Information! .
I do not have any car payment or credit card bills due to I have applied but not been accepted for a credit card; therefore, how can I expect to be able to get a home loan??
Was Planning on buying a property, then got laid off, what to do?
Ok, so I moved to Chicago Lincoln Park about a year ago and started looking for a place to buy a couple of months ago, but was subsequently unexpectedly laid off due to re-org. I am currently looking for…
I am a dentist and I was wondering if i bought land on cloverdale court, would i be able to have my practice i
I am a dentist and I was wondering if i bought land on cloverdale court and built a house, would i be able to have my practice in my house....I know there are zoning laws
Hello, any homes on the X-9 Ranch in Vail , Arizona....?
Hello, are there any X-9 Ranch homes for sale in Vail, Arizona....
Buyer non-responsive three months after proposed close
I had a ratified contract in Aug 2012 (Fairfax, VA), and on the day of closing in September, found out that the seller was not a US citizen (has a greencard or something like that), so they either had…
Whats the average Days On Market are home waiting to be sold in Savannah/ Richmond hill GA..Areas
Or how fast are Homes selling in Richmond hill/ Savannah GA, Areas
Short sale closing
What is the average time to expect to the house being signed over after the seller's lender approves the short sale? When do you pay your downpayment and prepaids?
I am seeking to relocate from California. I am disabled looking for a diverse, accessible,safe, area, near or around downtown Greensboro.
I am 52, divorced, no children, I am have limited mobility and use a walker/power-chair depending on distances.I am interested in being in an area were public transportation would be accessible to me.…
What are the most important things to look for when viewing a property?
Obviously, this goes beyond the information that should be included with the listing such as square footage.
Mortgage Brokers & The Real Estate Process...
In light of the Obama re-election, the new Dodd-Frank, CFTC, etc. Is it now safe to say now that individual and small independent Mortgage Brokers and the wholesale lenders that served them are GONE FOREVER…
Can anyone can tell us a little more about Dearborn Park?
My husband and I have been thinking about purchasing a condo in the Loop area. We have not officially started looking but will probably start sometime next year. Currently we are renting in Lincoln Square…
what kind of loan can i get with a fico score of 608?
I need to raise my credit score from 608 to 620... If i pay down a credit card from $830.00 to $300.00 will that raise my fico score to 620 immediately?
What is the area of 338 Broad St, Tonawanda NY like?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3095805284-338-Broad-St-Tonawanda-NY-14150
Are these home prices realistic?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3091692880-Single-Family-Home-Queens-NY-11433
Does this property have walkin shower?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1082184117-3321-Brunswick-St-Springdale-AR-72764
Is Dalston a good area to buy a property?
I was looking to buy a property in London, UK and many agents came up with properties in Dalston. Can you please tell me is it a good area to reside?
Sticking it out with agent
My agent made a costly mistake selling my home last month and I am in the process of purchasing a new one. He is asking that I sign another disclosure form, what is that exactly? Is it to late to negotiate…
How is the rental market here?
I want to invest in and the San Antonio area and I would like to know more about the rental market
Our loan is being delayed and we might miss the closing date. Do we absolutely have to get an extension form signed?
Or if we do nothing, can we and the seller just proceed with closing, say 1-3 weeks after the original closing date?
Why is it so hard to get an Agent to call me?
I have been looking for a 2nd home in South Florida for about two months. Every time I email or call an agent, no one gets back to me. Yes I am from Canada and yes I won't be buying a million dollar…
We are in need of a realtor familiar with owner financed or lease to own homes in Shiloh Il or Warrenton Mo area.
We are a military family retiring to the Missouri/Illinois this summer. We can't apply for a VA loan until after we move, so we are looking for a home with option to buy or a lease to own home.
how do you think about resale and rental future for homes located in Willow Trace Spring TX 77379?
Want to buy some home there, but not sure its resale or rental future in about two or three years, any idea?
Hi, I'm looking for the house in the Senior Paso De Palomas community and I just wonder how much I have to pay for home associate. Thanks,
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3086801063-19-La-Paloma-Campbell-CA-95008
What's the deal with all the recent Crime in Friiendswood area. Looking at the crime map, makes me very nervous. Either 1) the police are out of
control, or 2) things are deteriorating badly there. Can you please help alleviate any fears that this trend is showing. Thanks.
Can a buyer back out of a home purchase contract and be sued for specific performance?
The buyer lied about losing his job because the home was affected by Sandy.
I want to purchase a condo in Bklyn. I was pre-approved, but can only do FHA.
We want to purchase a condo in Bklyn. We are pre-approved, but can only do FHA. Are there any real estate agents who can help us find FHA-approved buildings? Are there any real estate agents that specialize…
Affordability - what should be my top price for buying a home?
I am a first time home buyer. Though there is a lot of information online, I needed to know from a home owner or a real estate agent what should be my top budget for a home if I can pay $70,0000 as down…
When Buying a condo in South Florida, who pays for "Special Assestments"?
"special Assestment" are extraordinay fees in additional to your monthly "Maintenance or Association fees" Ussualy for Short term in order to repair and fix older buildings
I am interested in purchasing homes to flip in Palm Beach County or surrounding counties
I am looking for a pro that can help me find good deals. I have access to 300k in cash.
What lender would you recommend?
I'm trying to get a loan in Laredo, Tx. What bank would be better to get the pre approved letter? thanks
which zip code or side of town and schools of excellence is more suggestive for a single mom with children
I am open to rentals and purchasing -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1043465066-5611-Boby-Dr-Columbus-GA-31907
My sellers bank has approved short sale and closing in two weeks.I got news just now that seller passed away.
How will sale work now, I am not sure if seller left a will? Is bank going to foreclose on home now? Property is in alameda county, CA
Is house in Lakes and Birds worth 800K? What should be right offer price?
http://www.trulia.com/homes/California/Fremont/sold/1310410-33255-Pheasant-St-Fremont-CA-94555 1. Is there any train noise? 2. Are schools good in this area? 3. What interest rate should we expect…
Thinking of buying an Anastasia Island home.
Am considering buying a house in Commodores Club. It is a little over 1,400 sq ft, in good condition and I can have it for the low 200's. Would this be smartmove? It would be a vacation home, future…
Can we complain or take legal actions against an investment co. who sold us over--priced properties two years ago?
It is 30% to 60% overprice. We are out-of-state investors. If yes, what is the best way to do it?
How much can i afford?
27,600 a year 740 credit score and no debt ??
I am looking to buy in St. Augustine with 2 school age children age 10 and 12. Looking for great schools and a great deal. I see pricing per sq ft
all over the board. Looking for at least 3500 Sq. ft with pool. What are the best deals out there for me to look. Will start looking this Friday/Saturday.
What options are there when a bank has not, and has said they likely will not, list a foreclosed property in Florida?
I'm looking into a property that went into lis pendens in 2008 and was officially foreclosed and purchased in auction by the original lending bank a year later. The home is still not listed with a…
what is current days 3br house on market?
just an average 3br house? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3086700525-12404-Goldleaf-Dr-Little-Rock-AR-72210
4 and a half month ago, I signed a contract on an apt owned by Fannie Mae in a HDFC building in Manhattan. It is been an nightmare since.
Fannie Mae needs to bring to the closing 56,000 dollars to the closing which includes 46,000 in Flip tax the rest in late Maintenance they haven't paid to the building. We are in our fourth contract…
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