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Obligations of the Title Co. regarding inaccurate tax pro-ration?
I purchased a condo last year from the estate of a deceased individual. Because the condo had been empty for several months the homestead credit expired May 1 of last year. I purchased it on June 17th.…
are no-doc mortgages still available? I want to buy a home in Miami area
if they are available, what are the interest rates and additional costs/fees?
Being the buyer we put an offer in on a short sale the seller came back with a counter offer doesnt it go straight to the bank?
With my knowledge maybe i am wrong but if its a short sale its up to the bank not the listing agent or the seller. The listing agent who is very rude stated he wanted a certain offer on this property…
How do I hire a home inspector?
I will be in need of a new construction home inspector.. someone trustworthy, dependable and who really knows their stuff.. for the Hughesville area. how do I go about finding one, what questions do I…
At what point does home ownership in La Jolla Become More Profitable than Renting?
I recently read an article published by zillow about how long it takes before home ownership becomes more profitable than renting. The article did reference San Diego but there are so many different communities…
Can someone please recommend me to a moving company?
Currently looking for a Moving Company in NY, any recommendation?
If a 5 year old house has had a new roof installed recently, is that a bad thing?
Does it indicate a structural problem with the roof and it's just going to need a new roof soon? Before spending money on an inspection, is it something to strike a house off the list of possibilities?
Is the Rosberg Lane area of Charlotte, NC in a tornado belt? Any severe weather patterns? Any racial tensions? Gangs?
Looking for an area to retire in. Do not need any of the hassles seen in other states, cities....looking for a nice quiet area......
Buying in BayView San francisco
What are the downsides of buying? What is the appreciation potential ?
For a person who doesn't live in US and would like to invest, which one is a better option? condo or co-op
I would like to buy an apartment in a good location near New York ( e.g. Fort Lee).
What, if any, legal options do I have in getting the builder to complete the signed "After closing punch list"?
We recently purchased a new construction home in a very small development (a large lot was cleared and 4 homes were built on it). As our closing date was pushed back, a total of 4 times, our lease was…
Looking to buy a house near quarry on rt 309
We are looking at couple of houses which are about half a mile to the quarry on route 309 in North Wales. I have concerns about the noise, dust, shaking, structural damages to the house caused by the blasts…
Why are my RMLS photos automatically being uploaded when I ad a listing to my account?
See RMLS #12645199 - 39560 Gary Street, Sandy, OR 97055 This is a duplex, under multi-family.
How's the market these days?
I'm still waiting on the sidelines for a good time to buy. Would appreciate some anecdotes about the market these days (I know it's kinda bad but how bad? is it recovering?) thanks all!
Still available? Got any pics?
-- This question is about this property: http://m.trulia.com/foreclosure/3060961006--Parkview-Dr-131-Hallandale-FL-33009
AHMSI short sale timeline
I am a buyer in a short sale with 2 lien holders. The first is AHMSI, Citibank the 2nd. We received a counter from Equator and submitted the documents to accept it July 27th. We have heard nothing from…
Under contract- then home went to auction...
Under the impression that we were under contract- had papers signed by us the buyers and an agreed upon price sign off by the seller...next thing we know- we're being told the house was sold in an…
Buyer's Attorney for Rochester, NY: Is this the usual case, or can we do a closing without a buyer's attorney?
Does the seller usually have an attorney? Then there's a bank attorney as well. Who hosts the closing? And, can we obtain title insurance without a title insurance agent? Any other tips for saving…
I am looking for an agent who is knowledgeable about Palisades Park NJ.
I am looking for a half duplex, and I noticed many listings for those in Palisades Park. My budget is around 500k and looking for a 3 bed or more. I want an agent who’s comfortable with me bidding…
Lease option in sterling heights mi dodge park area
I llooking for a " lease option propert in sterling heights. I' m on a fixed income and trying to re- establish credit. I'd like to stay under 1000.00 per month !
Can I cut my agent out of closing/commission?
I'm not sure if I can trust my agent. It could be that I'm anxious as a first time home buyer. Some weeks ago, I received a pre-approval letter from a bank. I never gave this letter to my…
I just made an offer on a boa short sale house. The short sale was already appraised, approved for a set purchase price before I put in my offer.
I offered what they had already approved the price to be how long would it take to get approval letter and close. I am a cash buyer.
I am thinking about buying a townhouse in Windsor Square in Palisades Park. Some 2 bedrooms have bedrooms on the lower level. Would you recommend ?
lower level bedrooms one side in the wall and another opens to terrace. would it get humid or cold at winter , or lack of sunshine ? thanks for your insights.
How easy do you think it would be to rent out a 1bdrm townhouse in Palisades Park, NJ?
I am looking to buy a small 1bdrm townhouse/condo in Palisades, ~700 sq. ft. The property is near Fort Lee, NJ and close to bus lines. However, is it easy to rent out a townhouse as opposed to an apartment…
rent to own homes
How do you get a bank owned home to do rent to own?
Can I qualify for a home loan with a new job? Would I need a co-signer? Looking at new construction townhome.
Besides length and salary of employment, credit score, debt/income ratio, liquid (cash, checking/savings accounts) and semi-liquid assets (401k, Roth IRA, other stocks). What other factors? Left the…
looking at home for permenant residense,, Laundry room? can a garage be built on site to match home?
I am retired US Navy and TVA, fiance' is a Direct Nike employee, exact type of home we're looking for. Where is the laundry room? what type of basement is there and can a garage be built on…
Please Explain Contract Process
I've made an offer. I need to sign the contract and put down a good faith deposit. Does the contract then go into attorney review? At what point is the contract binding?
Referral client looking to buy in Fort Lauderdale Vicinity under $120k.
What area would you recommend with good school systems and safe where they could find home in that price range?Not interested in high fee condo's.
An HOA Disclosure was not signed by buyer or seller,can the buyer receive all his escrow deposit returned as that disclosure must be attached to
P&S The seller's agent put house back on market and will not release escrow deposit,so how can he put house back on market and not release deposit.and get away with that.
Did Seller/Seller agent had right to this?
I bought a house in summertime, and discover problems with the heating at winter time, when start using it. Seller/Seller Agent did not notify my about existing house problems, thourh engineer told me…
Can I get approved for a home mortgage with a 540 credit score with a 50% down payment?
I have a lot of charge off accounts previous health issue.
Trying to buy with VA Loan
I am looking at buying a home near ft bragg. I am in the military but have credit score around 570. I heard there is rapid rescore and stuff to help. Is there any lenders out there that loan with this…
If my credit score is only in the low 600 and my daughter who has perfect credit will my daughter and I be able to buy a house together
I've never owned a home, my daughter credit score is higher than mine and my income is 35k.
Looking to buy Condo in 55 community like Kings Point. Any suggestions of other nice 55 community's that are reasonable?
Would like to first rent this winter Jan/Feb/Mar to get a feel of the area and then start looking to buy at that time. Any suggestions??
Is Carmel Valley considered part of Del Mar?
I was confused because looking around the area, several restaurants and businesses in Carmel Valley have "Del Mar" listed as the city rather than Carmel Valley. I was just wondering is Carmel Valley simply…
What to do about a now foreclosed home with unfinished, unwarranted extra units?
We live on west side of San Francisco. Our forner next door neighbor did a bunch of unwarranted work with an unlicensed contractor and put in two studio apartments (each with full bath and private entrances),…
if an HOA Disclosure is missing from the s&p agreement,noone signed one,does that make contract null and void and can buyer receive his escrow deposit
Seller's agent put house back on market and has custody of escrow deposit,and there was no HOA Disclosure signed by either party.Buyer wants his full deposit back,is he within his rights to receive back…
I've been with the same agent for a year. shouldn't I have found a place by now? should I get a new agent?
I understand I'm in a few houses/lots of buyers range. about $130,000 range. have preapproval &20%down.wanted 2 bed single home richmond to pinole
Is there some way to search and map more than one area of a city at a time?
I'm trying to search about 8 different areas in Louisville but when I put more than one in the search line it gives me errors. If I do them all separately I get 8 emails notices a day. If I just search…
First time home owner deductions on inherited property.
I have been living in a house that was in my mothers name for the last 9 years, upon her passing I inherited the property and it's outstanding mortgage. The mortgage company has said that there should…
I am in need of a 135,000 mortgage and have no credit. Not bad credit. Have 20% down,make 30,000. PLEASE ADVISE!!!!!
Village Bank officers are too good to try and do a little digging!! VERY RUDE!
First time home owner deductions on inherited property.
I have been living in a house that was in my mothers name for the last 9 years, upon her passing I inherited the property and it's outstanding mortgage. The mortgage company has said that there should…
is a coop seller responsibles for all repairs to the unit before selling?
plumbing, painting replacing floors and cabinets.
Looking for a piece of land in McLean/North Arlington (22207/22201).
1/2 to 2/3 acre. Teardown ok, so is a buildup. Our land budget is between 500-750k for a quiet location that doesn't look into someone's backyard or side windows. Back to parkland or trees preferred. Not…
special assessment during real estate purchase
I recently purchased a foreclosed house. When the summer tax bill arrived, I found a special assessment of "weeds". I called the city and was told it is for last summer's weeds removing service charged…
What does terminated/canceled mean exactly?
We were recently looking at a house that was a short sale, decided not to do it because we heard it took sometimes up to 6 months. Now we have decided maybe we do want it, it is a really good deal. Now…
My husband and I have collections on our credit report. His highest score 570 and mine is 513. Mine is mostly medical.
We would like to purchase a home in Big Bear because it is best for my husband health. Is there a way for us to get a home loan. We were told that we have the fiance with our income.
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