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Anyone know about NSP (Neighborhood Stablization Program)? I was approved by my city. But none of the lenders want to participate-Why?
My credit score is 640, with low debt to income, on the job for over 2 1/2 YEARS and I am also eligible for GI Home and/or CalVet-everything seems are good according to my mortgage person.
I am planning to buy a Single family house in Naperville area. Have 2 boys aged 4 and 8. Want to buy in top 3 family friendly locality/neighbourhoods.
Around 300K-350k Annual Property Tax - Upto 6k 2 Car Garage Preference Outer wall - Brick Finish Upgraded Kithcen Good Fresh Wall Colors Lot of Light Newer Property - After 1995 Strong Foundation…
Does anyone know if 70 Lambert Ave sold? We loved the photos of the house, but were stunned by the property tax assessment.
Does anyone know if 70 Lambert Ave sold? We loved the photos of the house, but were stunned by the property tax assessment.
is the crime rate above or below average?
Buying a home in Paces View in Vinings and wonder how the crime rate stacks up against other areas
Property with additions/modifications built without permit
I have a contract (I am the buyer) on a home that has a room addition and a finished basement that were built a long time ago (I assume).I wanted to make sure that these were properly built so I inquired…
Do I need to notify the bank that will hold our mortgage of our plans to add an addition?
i am buying a home and plan on doing a two story garage/master bedroom addition. We have the money and the experience to do the work ourselves.or are we allowed to do the work oursleves even though we…
Are you having trouble getting landlords to rent to you because of your credit rating?
Improving credit scores is easy. The key is to use your available credit lines and make your payments according to model credit practices advocated by lenders. Most people think they know how to improve…
Cuanto Seria los gastos de cierre en una Casa q Cuesta $ 260,000 en New York
Si ES un short sale el banco Cubre todo o como funciona y cuanto ES LO q se tiene q pagar si la Casa Cuesta eso
Can I rent out a property under Prop 58?
I have a house that was transferred to me under Prop 58. I am taking a job in another state and want to turn the property into a rental. Will I lose my lower tax rate (from Prop 58) when I rent it out?
Should we sign closing papers on a home when there are still tenants occupying the house?
We are purchasing a home on a contract for deed. The seller currently has tenants occupying the house. They have been given notice and are supposed to be out by the 31st of this month. The seller now wants…
Earnest money never cashed
I bought a home, we closed on May 24th of this year. All the paperwork is signed and done. My earnest money check was never cashed, I assumed it would be cashed after we closed but it wasn't. How…
My parents own 2 homes, they would like to GIVE me one.
How can i receive the property and take advantage of a lower interest rate? Or avoid extra fees, closing costs. The home has a balance of $500,000 on their existing loan at 4.75% and they wish to make…
i looking 4 spanish speaking agent call me please
6027 fremont av, n. brooklyn center 55430 -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3098033190-6027-Fremont-Ave-N-Brooklyn-Center-MN-55430
Shouldn't the realtor be finding us a house?
Not sure about the realtor... Here's what I've done. 1.Contacted Realtor. 2. Got Pre-Approved. 3Sent Realtor Pre- Approval Letter. 4. Sent Realtor a list of what we are looking for (complete with 3 homes…
Looking to purchase our first home in the Nashua area for around 600K. We have 10%. Are there any jumbo mortgages/products out there for 10% down?
Another option we have is to get the remaining 10% from our family but we were told that jumbo mortgages have different guidelines for gifts. We have excellent credit ~780 and are first time homebuyers.…
Downpayment assistance programs?
Does anyone know of any down payment assistance programs in the DC metro area?
I am looking for a second mortgage for $245k. I already have a FHA mortgage, but need to move further south in NJ, due to my wife getting a new job.
Is there any way I can get a conventional mortgage at 5% down, with a credit score of 680ish? DTI is about 40% including new home mortgage, etc... If there is a lender you know of, please let me know…
Hi i am a UK small property investor and have been offered a property in Millstone Landing Vero beach. I have been offered a 4 bed 3 bath 2998 sq ft
villa for $262,500. I am after some advice if this currently represents god value for money and what monthly rental this may acheive. Thank you for your help
Who are the realtors specializing in short sales and foreclosures on Singer Island?
We are looking to buy a condo on Singer Island and want a realtor who is involved in the short sale and foreclosure market there.
Are we responsible for previous owner not paying HOA dues not specified at time of signing?
My wife and I purchased a house on January 27 2012. We and the seller signed an affidavit stating that there were no outstanding HOA dues due. We received a letter in April stating that we owed money…
Needed: 3-4BR/2 BA, well maintained, 2 car garage, BASEMENT Would be great!! Nice backyard, good neighborhood, Move In Ready condition... Available NOW! In the Decatur (30034) or Lithonia (30038) vicinity.
What's going on with the house at 4317 Pinetree Lane, Lynn Haven, Fl, Northshore area?
This house has been vacant a long time...Is it for sale? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3085871273-4009-Mary-Louise-Dr-Panama-City-FL-32405
Moving to Dallas- need help choosing a neighborhood!
Hello, I’m considering moving to the Dallas area but I really do not know where to begin. Ideally, I’d like to purchase a home in a nice neighborhood that has fun things to do. For example,…
Moving to D.C. - need help choosing a neighborhood!
Hello, I’m considering moving to the D.C. area but I really do not know where to begin. Ideally, I’d like to purchase a home in a nice neighborhood that has fun things to do. For example,…
Rent or Buy in lancaster?
I'm interested in becoming a first time home buyer and feel lost in the process. I'm currently living in a townhome and am considering purchasing a home or townhome. However I don't have a ton in savings…
Do you do private loans i want someone to finance a house for 5 years for me i have good income please let me know.?
i have found this log cabin it is real good shape i need some one to finance and then lease it to me for 5years thanks juanita
is this property multi family?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3084595732--Peach-Tomball-TX-77375
I want to buy a home that someone else bought a year ago.
me and my husband since a house about 6 months ago. But at the time with could not get a loan. How do you buy a home someone else live in.
I'm purchasing a single family home in middlesex county, woodbridge township and i have to get certificate of occupany. .
Being that i currently live in NY how can i get the application and is it available online
I can't come close to affording home prices in Hyde Park (south side of Chicago) but want to stay as close as
possible since my kids attend school there. My budget is 500-600K and I'm looking 3-4 bedrooms with preferably some (modest) outdoor space. I'm totally stumped -- Beverly is extremely nice and I'm leaning…
We're looking to move to the denham springs/walker area in louisiana and are wanting to purchase a home
around May or June? Which area is nicer? Will interest rates be even lower then than now?
hi Is there anyway that you can send me homes that would be FHA appproved. We are approved for $50,000. Thank you Patrice
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3098140840-1959-Addington-Bridge-Rd-Franklin-NC-28734
what happens if the closing date is missed due to lender?
what happens if the lending agency confirms that the ordered appraisal will support the agreed closing date, but the appraisal does not come in on time and the closing date is missed?
its in shiloh district ,actually is right down the street
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3093193978-2818-Calumet-Farm-Ln-Snellville-GA-30039
Are homes in the Fort McCoy area of Wisconsin generally less expensive than in larger, more populated areas?
We are ex-military and are retiring in about 18 months. We are considering buying a home in this area and know nothing about it; climate, seasonal activities,etc. Are there a lot of homes in this area…
Hi, My husband got a call from the bank saying he is "Clear to Close"
And that his file has now gone to the clearance department. What's the clearance department? Can they decline the loan still? How long does it take to get a closing date from this point as both buyer and…
Short Sale and EMD paid
6 mos ago, I made an offer for a short sale and the seller agreed on my price and immediately asked me for my earnest deposit which i provided. Now, I just found out that the Bank took the property for…
Is there any way to get a mortgage on a $75k condo if I'm 1 year and 5 months after a Ch 7 bankruptcy?
I've lived very frugally since and saved a bit to put down if that would help. My credit score is currently 657. Thanks!
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