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Houses in Lakes birds
Hows the safety/neighbourhood of the houses in Lakes and birds?. I see lot of houses foreclosed/short sale in this area while the school ratings are still good. Is having a house in front of park a good…
15 year townhome vs new pulte tavenna homes
Bit confused deciding between 15 year townhome (well maintained and looks great) and brand new pulte townhomes (tavenna) in Fremont. The older property is well maintained, nice layout, some upgrades like…
How can you find out online who the lender is on a home that is a short sale?
How can you find out online who the lender is on a home that is a short sale?
what is like when it rains?
meaning does the area easily flood out.
Has this house sold yet? We are interested.
We live in CA. We have sold our house and will be signing the papers tomorrow. We will be coming in with all cash. Any possibility the house would be available for us? 142 Independence Circle, Forest…
changing buyer agent
Hi Expert, recently my wife went to a new development at frisco. Without knowing the rule, she put down name of one of the agent we used long time ago on the guest card. Now we are really thinking about…
Anyone interested in a owner financed property? This is a great property and I will finance the property.
Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Owner financed for $300 down, $300 per month. This is a great investment while the market is down! 303 E Gay, Lancaster, SC 29720
How to Remove Numbers From a Football Jersey?
Football jerseys typically are made of 100 percent nylon or polyester mesh, and their numbers and logos are affixed using one of two methods: single-stitch tackle twill or silk screen print. Each requires…
Does anyone have any strong opinions about the state of the Phoenix real estate market?
On the one hand, I can believe that it has bottomed and is in the process of a strong rebound. Not only are prices up a lot from lows (albeit very depressed lows), there just isn't a lot of supply. On…
What is a good resource to locate a single family home for a 6-12 month rental while I search for a property.?
Seems like I have the green light from my company to move down to Phoenix. Trying to get settled in ahead of the school year. What are some good resources to find SFH's in the Phoenix area (preferrably…
Is the house at 1865 E Villa ST, Pasadena 91107 still available? It's not listed for sale on Trulia or Zillow but is listed on Sawbuck.com for $599k?
Is this home in a good/ safe neighborhood for a family with kids? Is the price listed reasonable? I just got myself a mortgage broker yesterday who said I qualify for 500-600k mortgage with 10% down and…
NYC resident tax rate VS. Yonkers, NY tax rate
I'm in hot pursuit of a Coop/Condo. Currently I reside in the Bronx, I'm searching in the lower Westchester areas. I've zoomed in on a property in Yonkers, but!! just learning that YKS also carries a…
I have an eviction and I need to find a place in the Oldsmar area. I'm looking for at least a 2-3 bd 2 ba the most I can afford is $800 a month.
Reason for the eviction is because I injured my back and was not able to return to work therefore was unable to pay the rent of $1100.00
i need a gd realtor that knows n. n s. carolina well n about how to get exactly wut i want for least amt. of money. plz call mary at 3137780109 thx.
Plz call Mary at 3137780109 . I need a really gd Realtor that will help me get wut I want for least amt. Of money possible in n. Or s. Carolina.. Thx.
Do the Enclave Townhomes in Wilmington, North Carolina have homeowner's dues?
How much are the homeowner's dues, lawn upkeep. etc.
We own a home are are just starting to look for a new home. We just saw a home we would like to purchase but can't carry two mortgages.
We can only put down 5-10% and was wondering if mortgage companies are accustomed to making the sale final contingent upon the sale of our present home. Is this an unusual request or something we should…
is it possible to list your own home for sale with a MLS # and not sign a contract with an agent.?
I need to hold as much $ as I can for my closing and down payment after I pay the mortgage off. My mistake was refinancing last year to bring down the payments.So I really can't pay the 4% that agents…
PROPERTY TAX QUESTION - NEW PURCHASE now: how to prorate the tax for Q3 in New Jersey.
We are buying a property now. The seller paid the property tax for Q1 and Q2 of 2012, which added up to 4000. We are looking to close in mid August, but the seller has not paid the property tax for Q3…
Property taxes in Needham
I was looking for some information about general property taxes in Needham. Does anyone know (roughly) what property taxes are like in Needham (including everything - property, school, etc). For example,…
It would be really helpful on Mobilehome listings to put the current lot rent and what is included.
I understand that this is not the guaranteed rent, but would give a heads up to making a decision. Very very frustrating not to have it.
Is there any advantage to paying cash for a condo property vs. taking out a mortgage?
Looking to buy a condo at the beginning of next year--have the option of buying outright or mortgage.
I am looking to buy a cottage in a community where I can watch nature, feed birds & squirrels, and hike I am considering Warwick, Greenwood Lake,
West Milford. I am looking to buy a fixer-upper around $150! Any advice? Also are there many foreclosures in these areas?
I am looking for a Lost Creek expert. We are looking for a property near the Lost Creek Country Club golf course with a view.
I am most interested in condos, townhouses, or homes that fit this description. It is not necessary for the property to active on the market. We have a 1-2 year timeframe before purchase.
We live outside the Chicago area and my husband has a very good job offer in SF. We have two teenagers and a few rescue dogs. We have a very nice
home that we will probably have to rent instead of selling it because of the market. If my husband takes this job, we would like to get settled as quickly as possible because of our kids. I believe that…
Are there any landlords in the Crestwood/Avondale area with homes available for rent before October 1, 2012?
My ideal rental price range is below $1,100 and preferably a home that's all electric.
I may be hired at the high school and need a lease to own home.
Just needing a 3 bed 2 bath home with land, barn, fence, and sellers willing to work with me. 317 410-3073. Jude.stringfellow@gmail.com
I am looking for a 4 bedroom home in mankato minnesota, with one of the bedrooms being a mother in law type
seperate entrance apartment or one above a garage. I am looking at moving from Iowa to Mankato Minnesota in the spring and I am bringing my mother with me. I will be getting a job up there, have been…
Does the seller have the right to keep my earnest money if they supplied false information on the disclosure?
First time home buyers, my fiance and I submitted a purchase agreement on a home that had a disclosure form associated. The sellers did not disclose any defects, furthermore they stated that all work…
We are selling our house and bought another.
We wanted to close a week early on the new house because we have a son and need to get him situated at daycare, etc. Our lawyer said usually things dont go wrong, but sometimes they do and that is why…
Looking for neighborhoods that have large lots (.5 acres ) in NW Austin with a 20 min. commute from National Instruments, near the Domain.
Prefer west of mopac and avoid pflugerville isd. We have found Angus Valley and Hidden Estates...are there anymore?
Can you secure a mortgage for a S.F.H when you’re a currently carrying a loan for a condo you are renting out.
My husband and I currently own a condo and would like to rent it out as we are looking to purchase a single family home. We were having a conversation with a listing agent at an open house and she heeded…
How long before I get a closing date?
All paper work has been turned in to the bank and the appraisal has been ordered along with the title. The inspection has been finished and came out with a good ending. We are under a investment loan (conventional)…
Have found a new home in Gale ranch, looking to find a realtor who can help me by giving back a major portion of 3% that the builder pays.
we are going to meet the sales office for first time this week, please post your info if you are available to assist. already checked with the sales office that its okay, for those who are going to give…
Extend option period?
We put in an offer on a house on Fri, seller accepted Sat, and we have a signed contract as of Sun. Our option period is 10 days. However, the property isn't currently occupied and when we were about…
Moving to Austin area
I am planing to move to Austin in a few weeks, and looking either to rent or purchase a home. What is the best area for schools and commute to the Downtown area?
Can I take possession of my rental house if the tenant is not living there but still has lots of stuff/junk in the house ?
Tenant was givin 30 days notice on 6/20 and failed to pay July rent. Moved some stuff and all utilities off but are dragging their butts to get their stuff out and are living with a friend next door.…
How hard are sellers chasing offers at high price points in Central Austin/Tarrytown?
We're a small family doing initial research while we get our financing together. Ratios and DP say the maximum we could take is around 650. In this low rate market, we'd like to buy big. Considering negotiation…
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