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We are FHA and we're just "surprised" yesterday with the inspection
The seller never mentioned it, neither our broker. From what research I've done as long as your not careless it's completely safe. I think we may have to have that being updated to the Agreement.…
BofA never responded to the repair request, it's past 7 days. Can I back out?
I submitted a repair request on 2/21 asking BofA (the owner of the house). It's now 2/28 and they have not responded. My inspection contingency ended on 2/24. Can I still back out and get my deposit…
Will home prices fall indefinitely?
Northwest Trustee Services squeezes more profits from home foreclosures with one-stop model Oregon and most other states require that lenders or their trustees run a series of legal notices in the local…
Been working with a great realtor for 1 1/2 months and have not found the right house. We want to wait to buy, how do we handle this with the agent?
The homes we are looking at are between $400k and $500K. We've even seen some up to $800K, but haven't found the floor plan and number of beds/baths we need for our large family, and we've…
As an investor, if I buy a condo in Las Vegas southwest, can I expect to rent it with a high occupancy rate?
I'm thinking about buying into the bottoming market. My long term plan would be to use the condo as a vacation / weekend home, 3 to 5 years out. In the meantime, I would like to rent it for some cash…
Short sale, contract signed by sellers, submitted to hud by lender. Now what?
We had a short sale approved by the homeowners, sent on to the lender, and the lender has submitted it to hud as part of the pre-foreclosure sale program. The last day of the redemption period has come…
How to know your realtor is really wanting your business?
I am trying to buy a retirement home out of state. I would like some thoughts on how to know a realtor is wanting your business. I am wanting to move to an area that is somewhat pricy (Bend Oregon).…
Is it typical for a house to go for auction eve though there is an offer on it?
A month a go we placed an offer on a short sale. 2 days ago, we noticed that there is a notice says "Notice of Trustee Sale (Auction) " is this typical? and what can we do in this case? Thanks
Condo or house?
I'm a military member station in San Diego Naval Base, I want to buy a condo or house and have saved up ~200k, I don't have a car right now but can get one if necessary, which is better option…
Hello, my name is John, I'm Italian and I live in Italy. I would be interested in a possible future purchase of a single house next 5-6 months.
I ask a few questions: I would make the purchase for investment, then i would like to rent the house once owned the house also sought the tenant for rent? If there are problems with the house (several…
FHA and gifted money - Multiple sources
Can a borrower have multiple family members gift deposit money through FHA? I've never really seen anything clarifying this. Thanks
Are there any adult communities in ocean county NJ that will accept two 48 year old males (cousins)?
My father passed away on 2/19, my mom who is 88 years old and not in the best of health lives in whiting nj, I live in putnam county ny. I would like to move closer to her
can we make an offer on a house if we ouselves have a contingent offer on our house?
Agent refused our contingent offer on a house we want to buy. Do not know if the homeowner refused or the listing agent. We do not have a buyer's agent right now.
looking to rent-to-own small home (no Mobile homes) in Taylor County, KY. A fixer upper would be great. NIkita @ziemernikita@yahoo.com
Two or three bedroom. Nothing fancy or upper income bracket, as I am disabled with modest income. Would like to find something by May or June.
I'm 22, former US Marine, and I wanted to know the possibilities of buying multiple condos with the information I'm providing below.
As of now I have a decent cash flow, but I want to make a secure investment for my future as I have problems getting a steady employment due to some disabilities. I have $40,000 saved cash, mid 700…
SONYMA statement for sell property sale delay
We signed a contract to purchase a house in January of 2012. yesterday thanks to the bank loosing paperwork twice we were finally cleared to close on the 29th, which was our target date. Our lawyer…
Is there a standard home Inspection agreement used in California (Dublin)?
Is there a standard home inspection agreement used in California? The home inspector I am considering for my purchase has sent me an agreement that appears somewhat restrictive that he wants me to sign…
How are the agent services different in the US and Japan?
A buyer mat have many real estate agents in Japan working for him. How about the US?
Buying an REO
I am looking to buy my first home. I found one that is perfect and had my realtor place an offer on it. A month has gone by and my realtor contacted me to say that the banks realtor was told by the bank…
Switching Realtors
I had put an offer in on a condo. the realtor insisted that I do not get a home inspector and she kept pushing I sign the P&S. I did an inspection anyway. SHe found out his name and called him. He…
is it possible to get approved for a loan with a score of 549? I have some money save, been at my job for 14 yrs, been at my residence for about 5yrs?
I've been thinking about paying off the existing debt but i was told that may lower my score even more, I'm confused? just trying do the right thing..
where is a good place in florida for seniors , but are still active.?
We are 64 & 68, but want soem activities where they don't close down @ 9pm
In regards to a Massachusetts Quitclaim Deed: If the verbal wording of the purchase price does not match the written numerical value,which one trumps?
For example, if the deed reads: TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS($210,000.00). Which one holds or trumps by law?
Downtown Fullerton - Unpermitted guest house? Effect on escrow, loans, appraisal?
Should I buy a downtown Fullerton home with an unpermitted guest house? Seems many of the multi units are unpermitted in DTF (Im looking specifically at raymond to euclid E/W & north of commonwealth.…
FHA Loans
Hi am am interested in purchasing a bank owned home is Sierra View. It will require some additional work. Should I be looking to obtain a FHA home rehabilitation loan? And what is the approximate time…
Advantage of FHA mortgage?
over a bank loan
Rental investor searching for Realtor who knows city heights, logan heights and other lower cost SD zip codes well..
...a plus if you own rentals yourself, do property management, and can estimate repair costs on listings we look at. I'm looking to buy and hold SFR's and maybe 2-4 units in these areas. Also…
I need to buy condo under 50k cash in onterio or Anaheim and other part of area.Can you advice where i can find bank own?
I need to buy condo under 50k cash in onterio or Anaheim and other part of area.Can you advice where i can find bank own?
Short Sale Seller Wants Cash
the seller wants cash to be paid to him outside the HUD stetment, and over and above what is approved by his lender. Is it legal and should it be reported. Whom should it be reported to
How does a REAP affect a buyer?
The property I am looking to buy has a Real Escrow Account Program in Lo Angeles for a landlord who has a building w/violations. I see that about $10,000 is in the account. What happens to that account?…
Will you make an offer on the *Drive by only* house?
There is this house we like but the seller said we can't see the inside of the house unless we make an offer first. This is becasue the seller rented out this house and the tenant is not aware of sale.…
Best rental markets for SFRs in the $30-$35k range
I am looking into buying houses in Clearwater and Metro areas. SFR $30k-$35k range rent for a long term hold. Can you point me to the areas thatrent the best at this price point?
How can I get buyer's nono VA offer accepted?
I'm working with buyers who have been approved for a VA loan but have no cash to put into the deal. So far our nono offers have not been well received, Any ideas to help their offer look more attractive…
what exactly does a short sale entail?
i found a short sale that i like. what is the process
If a person buys a double wide mobile home do they have to own there own land in order to buy the mobile home ?
need to know if a person has to have land to buy the home and if they have land do they have to put the land up in order to buy the home ?
During a propety inspection is it mandatory for the realtor to walks along side the inspector and prospective buyer (foot to foot??) I've had experiences where the inspectors says less if the realtor…
VA loans and how to write an offer?
I am about to write an offer to purchase a home with a VA loan. Can someone offer some advice.....is it up to 6% that a seller can contribute to closing and pre-paids? Is the bank appraisal tougher ? Is…
I am looking for a local agent/property manager to help me with purchasing and renting out income generating properties in the Tampa area.
I am an Canadian investor that has properties in Ft. Myers, Lehigh Acres and Sarasota and am interested in diversifying. The price range that I am looking at is up to 100K and gross returns of 18% and…
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