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I see prices in Great Neck remain near late 2006, 2007 bubble prices but sales are down over 65% YOY for the
most recent 3 month period indicating that sellers need to lower their price to get sales activity to increase. When do you think realtors will start advising their clients to lower their prices Great…
condo or co op
i am looking for an apt. in 700k$ i have 200k$ DP - the apt. is for investment- i am looking in UES , what will be the net profit from rent ? also condo or coop? what is the difference? what kind of…
I need a safe neighborhood. It doesn't necessarily need to be in Chicago, maybe nw.
I now live in Arlington Heights, Il. But I would like to maybe buy somethng in he 30,000 bracket NW or N or NE or here in a safe neighbor,
Is there any way to back out of a purchase after offer is accepted?
A friend of mine found a home and after inspection, put in an offer. There is a bad mold issue in the basement and she was hoping to get a repair loan to fix it. The seller accepted the offer, but they…
how can I find out where to put an offer in a hud home, my agent isnt sure how to do it online. called the listing agent and she wont work in my area
how soon does hud reply to the offer, should I bid at full price, its sold once and fell out due to septic issues, really want this property, its a holiday weekend and dont know how to get a bid in asap
hud property how to get an offer in asap, I have cash
afraid I will loose this chance if I cant get the offer in, supposed to be on the internet and my agent isnt avalible its a holiday weekend and I dont want to miss this
I am considering buying an investment property in Atlantic City,NJ. It is an one bedroom condo in a hi-rise bldg. There is currently a long term
tenant renting the apt. The rent covers both the monthly mortgage payment and the monthly maintenance charges. I am a first time buyer. Are there any downside risks that I should be considering? Since…
Are Chase short sales with 1 mortgage going smoother now?
Just wondering about timeline. Using a title co that specializes in short sales. I am the buyer. Seller has true financial hardship which has already been established. Thanks
What's the proper etiquette for dumping a realtor?
My current realtor seemed really great at first, asking me questions about what I was looking for, and finding times when I was available to go out to look at houses. As time has gone on though, she's…
I notice in complexes such as legacy dunes, that prices are in the mid 20's for a one bedroom. I am trying
to rationalize this. Based off that, is one to assume that rental income will not meet the fixed costs like HOA, taxes, electricity etc... I mean these are time share prices for homes.
Hi~ Anyone have an opinion on modular/manufactured homes?
I am a research hound.. and have been reading all sorts of things regarding manu/modular homes. Can anyone share some thoughts?
I'm can't find no doc or stated income mortgage. My budget is $75K, I have 30% down, and my credit is excellent. Purchased 2 other homes
like this. I was told this was not available (expecially under $100K) PLUS I would need a min. of 40% down. Should I look for an investor? After all, interest rates are so low today ... I would be willing…
How to negotiate better get buyer to bite on your offer in the San Fernando, CA real estate market?
I'm in a situation where I made an offer of 225k for a 250k fixer in San Fernando, CA with seller's assist. The fixer needs to have the bathrooms renovated, and may have to replace the roof.…
Looking for a stucco home...
My fiance is really interested in finding a stucco home for around $80,000. Are the stucco homes in a certain area or something because they are very hard to find! Are there any down sides to stucco homes…
Is a typical financing contingency 30 business days or calendar days? I have a back up offer in place and want to be strategic in extending the offer.
I know that the current buyer's contract was accepted on the 10th of June. Will their 30-day financing contingency expire on or about the 10th of July, 30 days after the inspection, or 30 business…
We are trying to buy a Fannie Mae bank owned home 2505 w bolivar in Cda. After an inspector came in we found out they painted over a huge mold
problem in the basement ceiling caused from a water leak and they wont pay to fix it. If we back out are they required to let the next prospective buyer know there is a mold issue? Fannie Mae Homepath…
comparables for vacant land lots in wailuku heights
comparables for vacant land lots in wailuku heights
Can anyone provide me the HOA info for Positano Circle, Redwood City?
Name of the company, phone number, contact person for Homeowner Association in Positano Circle, Redwood city?
my father in law is preaproved in bank of america for 300 000 dollars. he would like to make a contract for a property that costs 125 000
what would be the next step urgent!! he lives in california but the house he likes is in Mesa Arizona
Now, if he wants to rent with option to buy, and they want to lock in at today's price, but buy it in 3 years.
should we slap him in the (1) face until it looks like a japanese flag, or (2) take him over our knee and give him a good spanking until his ass looks like TWO japanese flags? These are the only two…
Relocating to Sacramento, CA from Denver, CO
would like recommendations on safe neighborhoods in and around downtown. Would like to be able to walk to shops, etc. Prefer older homes with character (1960's or earlier)
I have been following this house (35 Willow Avenue, Towson MD 21286) and am now potentially close to moving back to the States. Given that it is off
the market, is there any chance of getting in touch with the owners or a real estate agent to see if they may still want to sell?
Is it better for investment properties to be held under a foreigner's name or an US citizen's name for US tax purposes?
Hi. My sister (who lives in Vietnam) wants to invest in real estate properties in the US. I heard that foreign investor would have to pay higher taxes (on rental income or when the properties are sold)…
Looking for buyer agent in Michigan with rebates
Looking for buyer agent in Michigan who is willing to consider buyer's rebate. I have pretty mich decided on builder's home who will pay 3% buyer agent commission.
Does guaranteed income help get a home loan evein if you have a credit score of 600?
I just checked my credit score, and it is at 600. I have two items on there that I am currently working to pay off, and nothing else on the credit report. I have two sources of income that are guaranteed…
Tessera homes, Going through the street and sales, the homes looks like Zero Lot homes. How does it effect resale value, Does it have backyard?
Hi Pros, Going by the sales office and street, the tessera homes plans are zero lot homes, How much it effects resale value.In the model homes they have fences back/side yard? How much we can negotiate…
Counter offer.....should it be more than what the seller paid for it 7 yrs. ago.....??
like a home in NJ....we are making an offer....it is a LITTLE less than what they paid originally ....should we make a counter offer IF need be with the price they originally paid for 6 1/2 yrs. ago....??....
What are the best neighborhoods/subdivisions in this area for a 65yo single woman?
I'm looking to buy a single-family home, not a mobile home, in a nice area with good value for money.
We offered $20K more than the winning offer yet did not get the house.
We went through 2 rounds of bidding. Even our 1st bid was above the final closing price. We were told that we lost because the other offer was all cash. Yet the other buyer used FHA financing according…
could you find out if 140 falls crossing has sold? really interested. finance ok
we have seen the house, but we live in Florida. Thank You
When a house is a short sale, is the price on the listing the true asking price of a house, or is it listed lower to snag buyer-a realtor told me.?
This was told to us through a Boise, Idaho, realtor. If so, how would we begin to know which homes are accurately priced on short sale homes?
MLS 201130241
Does this home use city sewer or is it on a septic system? How about city water?
Is seller financing an option for a single family home buyer with poor credit?
After some hard times, I've defaulted on my student loans. I have steady, half-decent income but dont have time to fix credit. Is seller financing an option for me?
How can a listing agent list a short-sale price that turned out to be more than $50,000 less than the bank's counter offer?
The seller and I agreed on a price of $125,000. After three months of waiting, the bank countered with a price of $179,000. I feel I was duped into making an offer on the house. The bank price price seems…
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