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Can I be approved for a loan/what steps should I take?
I am looking to purchase my first home the area I am looking for is in the ormond/daytona general area. I have been working for Brown & Brown insurance for about 7 months and I will be making with bonuses…
How long is the $8000 tax credit for 1st time homebuyers going to be offered?
If i am not ready to buy before the tax credit offer expires, is there another way to qualify for it?
How can I get house on $1000 per month disability? I have good credit no bills and 4000 for a down payment
Would I be able to qualify for a house? What steps should I take toward buying a house any help would be much appreciated.
we had our home inspection and found 2 of the wires in the box are aluminum. The rest are copper. I' not sure why the town inspector would have
passed the electrical box when it was upgraded. Anyway what would be the best course of action? Are the sellers obligated to fix? Any info would help. Thanks
200k-300k in Manhattan or Downtown Brooklyn?
I got preapproved by my bank already and can put down 30% for downpayment. I'm currently working on an assignment overseas and woud like to rent it out first then live there by the end of the year. Is…
standing water in crawl space
I am purchasing a home in warm spring and found this in the termite report. Should I be quite concerned: "There is standing water at the low area of the subarea, from soil drainage under the…
There's a property I'm interested in but as it turns out, it is a property listed by our realtor..so...the
realtor would be a dual buyer/seller agent. The price of the home is overpriced. How do I get the best deal in this situation?
How much & Who should pay Real Estate Agent for a 12 months lease or for a 24 month lease ?
The original lease is 12 months with an option for another year
One clause in my sales contract reads that the seller has the option of retaining the earnest money if I "furnish false or incomplete information to
Seller, Broker(s) or any other party identified in this Agreement concerning Buyer's legal or financial status or violate or fail to fulfill and perform any other terms or conditions of this Agreement."…
Save a Child Housing Authority helps moderate to low income buyers, purchase homes. Where do we find Buyers that want quality homes at a discount?
Save A Child Housing Authority of Denver Colorado has hundreds of homes for immediate release to moderate to low income buyers at huge discounts. These homes are priced from $250,000 down to $10,000.00.…
What town in central Jersey has the cheapest taxes on houses?
Preferably looking for a town not too far from Old Bridge with low or moderate taxes.
Do VA interest rates vary too?
When getting a VA loan, does the interest % fluctuate with credit score, amt. down, etc.
this house is on sale now
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3102531809-2508-Fresno-Ave-29-30-Hidalgo-TX-78557
Asbestos sidings
In assessing the existing house purchase, what are the major implications in replacing asbestos sidings on a $400 k house in Philadelphia suburbs, and how much it could cost? -- This question was asked…
Are there any condos in downtown Dublin?
Would like to walk/bike to things - is there an urban core in Dublin?
I need some advice on the Tartan West neighborhood. My wife and I love the setting but we are really scared to buy due to the uncertainty with the
Clubhouse (Wellness Center). How much of a risk is it to buy knowing that the clubhouse could shut down if someone does not buy it soon?
Do you have any owner carry homes available?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3096493098-5902-Ayers-St-254-Corpus-Christi-TX-78415
How do you choose an agent off an Internet site?
As a buyer, when looking for a Realtor in a city you are considering, how do you select an agent from the hundreds that are listed? What factors influence you the most--recommendations and testimonials,…
investment house is it worth to buy if I need to replace the roof?
Hello, I v'e offered house on 1903 94 aveunue, Oakland. Inspection shows roof needs to be replaced. This is a investment house. Seller just gives us 3K credit . Inspectors says cost might be 10K. Is…
How do I get a second offer accepted?
We found a house that we want to buy. Its in an up and coming neighborhood that is becoming increasingly difficult to buy it- there are lots of developers and cash buyers looking in the area. We are…
Are there any brokers that will NOT charge a fee to their agents if the client does not pay?
It seems ridiculous to have ANOTHER charge (named various things like Regulatory fee, Broker fee, etc) added on to the commission charge and all the other fees that someone pays in a RE transaction. But…
I need to sell my bi level house fast. The mortgage is up to date, but I am behind on property taxes, and can no longer afford them.
My home is on a quiet corner lot in residential Sewaren NJ It was built in 1986, has two zone gas heat and central air. I am disabled, and the upkeep fell behind, such as painting interior walls, outside…
Cost of homeowner's insurance?
What is a rough estimate of cost of insurance in central Florida on a wood frame house (small, two-bedroom, around 900-1100 square feet) built in the late 1980s or early 1990s? (I know there are many factors--so…
Why are houses with rear-loading garages significantly cheaper? Are rear-loading garages better / worse / not important for resell?
We are looking into building a house. Looking at 2 different houses: One house is 2800 sq ft, front loading garage. $454k base price. The second house we are looking at is 2900 sq ft, rear loading garage.…
Refinancing a Fannie Mae loan, and renting?
We have a current home that is a Fannie Mae. We just got preapproved to purchase a second home, without any rental income. However, we want to refi our current loan to reduce the payments to give us extra…
I am looking for a home in the low 30s, is it possible to find a house at this price in a decent condition?
I have a approval but due to my income I can't get a loan over that amount (also due to my debt to income ratio) Please help
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3084468902-3111-N-Ocean-Dr-Hollywood-FL-33019
Is this still on the market?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3067198829-780-W-4th-St-A-Kuna-ID-83634
Where can I find a *safe* community to purchase a townhome / single family home under 100k?
-Preferably near the Arizona Business Park (located near Conocido Park)--I would like to keep my communte under 30 minutes, if possible. -Preferably no HOA fees
I want to rent out my upstairs, two bedrooms, full Beth and bonus room. My home is in the Northgate area of Walnut Creek. Includes kitchen and
laundry privileges and pool. Any ideas, not Craig's list, about how to find renters? I am willing to use a property management company. Thanks, Charlotte
Can anyone recommend an engineer to do a sutrctural home inspection?
My wife and I purchased our two story colonial 7 years ago. The home was built in 1945, and has settled very significantly (our neighbors have settling issues as well, though not as extreme). We had a…
What should we know before buying a lot and building a home?
We saw a new house on a golf course that we'd like to buy...BUT...it was just sold to someone else yesterday! The realtor says he can sell us the lot next door, which is equally nice but a bit more $,…
Where is the rental application?
Want to rent property on Lamplighter st but cannot find rental application
If I bought the house next door to me, could I tear the home down just to have a bigger lot?
Any chance the city would refuse my permit application because I didn't plan to build another house on that land? The existing home is a major, major fixer.
Trulia Address URLs / Spreadsheet Search Formula...
Is there a universal search URL that can be used with Trulia? For example if you simply tack on an address to the following Google URL you will be taken to the Google Maps listing for the address:…
Brazillian wants to buy property in Usa ?
My friend is from Brazil wants to buy a property in Alasca . She has a son who lives there and has permanent resident. Would be better on his name but she wants her name she only has tourism visa ? How…
How is a homes sf calculated? Is there any consistency here?
How is a homes sf calculated? Is there any consistency here? I thought it was not including garage and basement...Probably not a good idea like I started to compare by cost/sf.
short sale assistance
what exactly is a short sale? how does it work? do u have to offer what is listed?????
I am interested in this home 11214 Indian Cyn San Antonio, TX 78252 .
I would like to know if this home is a short sale or a foreclosure. I want to be able to move in ASAP.
Condo in king of Prussia , PA
I am planning to buy a condo in King of Prussia area . I looking for something where I sell the property after 3 years with some profits or rent it easily. Can you please suggest me a good place in King…
Missing "Exterior feature" which was listed in the original MLS during walk through.
Hi, When I did my final walkthrough I see the "Exterior feature" which was listed in the original MLS is missing! I was under the assumption that since it is listed as a feature, it will be there. What…
Getting back agreement money from developer
My husband and I signed an agreement for a town home in PA.We were concern about the fact of a high HOA ($170) without a lot to offer for the money.We also told the sales guy that we needed extra time…
How is it determined how much money that you have to put down as a down payment when you purchase a house?
My husband and I had to file bankruptsy about over 9 years a go and I've always wondered if that will be something that makes it impossible for us to buy a house. We have started to rebuild our credit…
If I don't have credit could I still buy a house
I will be a first time buyer soon and I have fallen in love with a house. If I don't have credit could I lose my chance of getting my dream home.
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