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My husband and I are interested in a rent to own home in the little rock area. Is there anyone who can lead me in the right direction?
My husband currently has a credit score of 516 and I have a bankruptcy on my credit. The bankruptcy has been on there since october of 2012. So our credit is not in good shape, however we are working with…
Does anyone know of any rent homes in Mesquite, Tx near these zip codes: 75150, 75149 ,75180?
Looking for a 3/2/2 near elementary schools, stores, parks and hwy 80, 635, and hwy I-30. Price range: 800.00-975./mo.
I may be looking to purchase a couple of homes for Rental income. Are there any special tax rates or provisions for rental property in Coldwater, Mi.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3023611341-254-E-Pearl-St-Coldwater-MI-49036
Is one title company better than the next?
I'm hoping to make an offer on a home shortly and my realtor says that I need to determine the title company before putting in the offer. I have no idea how to choose one? She reccommended three companies,…
During attorney review, how many days does an attorney typically have to respond to the other attorney?
For example, both attorneys reviewed and determined changes needed to be made. My attorney sent back changes, and we have yet to hear back from the seller's attorney. Is there a 3 day deadline each time…
Are property taxes high in Secan,PA?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1071572019-916-Primos-Ave-Secane-PA-19018
can you finance a home at foreclosure auction?
how can you get bank financing for a home sold at auction? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3109035906-3081-Ulman-Ave-North-Port-FL-34286
How can i buy an apartment or a home in Arizona with my ITIN number??
I am looking to buy my own place but dont have SSC, im renting a 13 month lease apartment rightn now im on my first month, i would like to know how can i buy my own place, i have being working at the same…
Is it ever a good idea to purchase a home with severe mold issues?
I've run across a house that looks like it has potential from the outside. In the notes it says SEVERE MOLD PRESENT, caution when entering. Can they sell a home with severe mold issues and isn't it very…
Is 10 Chianti Way for sale?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3098615060-10-Chianti-Way-Reno-NV-89512
How Many know What The Value of Home Ownership means?
How Many know what the value of home ownership means to your local community and the economy as a whole?
How is the market...busy, slow?
Can anyone tell me (briefly) how the market in the Grants Pass area is in terms of inventory...buyer's market vs seller's? Soft or picking up? It looks to me like things stay on the market a long time,…
Why are the properties sold for 1.5 to 2 times the assessed value?
The property taxes are paid on the much less assessed value while the ask price is more than twice of the assessed value. What drives the the ask price of the property so high(apart from the seller's notion…
does anyone know where i can get a facility to house cats for my rescue cheap?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3084985857--Hwy-9-Storage-Buildings-Eufaula-OK-74432
How do I get my deposit back?
I entered the contract in purchase the property in Daly City, CA. My loan got denied since I couldn't show enough funds for the down payment. I didn't remove the loan contingency, and I signed the CAR…
HOA FEE on this resident
Why is the homeowners fee so high on this property $575.00? That is just crazy. What does the fee include? A few hundred more dollars and that's a mortgage payment. Look like from the photos it made need…
Can my husband get a mortgage with out me?
We are looking to buy our first home and while my husband has good credit and I have very poor credit due to some premarital debt. He is the sole earner of our household as I am a stay-at-home mother…
I am looking for a townhouse in the Lockport-Frankfort-Mokena area. I have found many properties for sale in
the Broken Arrow area. I'm wondering why there are so many in this small area? Is that a red flag for buyers? Thanks
What would you expect it to sell for?
I'm looking for some other realtors insight as to what they would expect a property in Season's Ridge in Montgomery, IL to sell for? I don't really want to outright put the listing on here that I am interested…
My Buyers Agent is rude and condescending towards me. What can I do?I have already spoken to him about it but his answer is, "I have been
honest/fair" I did all the leg work in finding the perfect home. I contacted a B.A. and he showed me the home. I decided to purchase it. About a week after the offer was accepted, my BA has been…
what is the house rate in S central blvd broomall PA 19008 if i want buy a house howm many month they give to aproove laon and everything?
i want konw the price of the house warren blvd and southe central blvdm i like to preffer to buy house in broomall area
Does anyone know of a 3-unit multi-family in a quiet, reasonably safe neighborhood, under $1M. If it's a fixer-upper, the price has to reflect the
If it's a fixer-upper, the cost has to be reflected in the price. Also would prefer a Brownstone, Limestone or any property with architectural integrity in and out. Definitely not looking for any new construction.…
Looking for a owner-will-finance or builder-will-finance house in Bend.
Currently live in rental here so have references. Have small down but selling home through short sale in another state so credit not good at this point. No referrals to CL please.
investment property in west fitchburg
I am looking at a single family house for sale in West Fitchburg for an investment property. I have other investment properties but nothing in Fitchburg. I have looked at a few places in Fitchburg over…
What type of fireplace? Chimney swept recently? Need photos of structure/basement and baths on web page.
How big is drive way, 1 or 2 car width, and type..concrete? asphalt? gravel? Access & condition of attic requested. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/10694…
Escrow kept $700 for HOA/cert fees. Will I be able to get this back?
Our agent kept saying we would get back the entire 5k earnest deposit. So we signed cancellation papers, and we misunderstood it, trusting what the agent said we signed the form that said 700 to hoa cert.…
who lives at 601 William Street Apt 4, Hartland MN 65042?
is this a valid address. I am looking for Lauren Marks who claims to be living there - is thiss true or false information?
Is 611 Jennings for sale. I can't get anyone to answer me. I am going to be in Florida next week to look at houses and this would be my first choice.
Would like to make an appointment to see this house -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3100321533-611-Jennings-Ave-Panama-City-FL-32404
The notes mention a guest suite....any zoning issues with that? Is the living area above the garage? How many cars does the garage hold? Thank you.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3089771043-412-W-Dunlap-St-Northville-MI-48167
Can a buyers agent make a formal complaint to the Bank(seller) about the conduct of their listing agent?
been trying to buy a 25 acre farm for 4 months. have to do a 203k. the seller is an out of state bank. Their listing agent will not return calls, he was to have the home prepared (heat on, de-winterized…
Are there any programs to buy a home with no money down? or what is the minimum down payment...? and what are the programs qualifications?
I don't have much for down payment and closing cost, so I believe most of what I can come up with will go in closing cost, so very little (if any) will be left for down payment.
WTB Lease Waterview golf course home Rent lease purchase WILLPAY ONE YEAR RENT/LEASE PAYMENT IN ADVANCE-----
WTB Lease Waterview golf course home Rent lease purchase WILLPAY ONE YEAR RENT/LEASE PAYMENT IN ADVANCE----- Bill 214-264-9000 dollarbillsdallas@tx.rr.com
Looking for Lease to Own, 5 bedroom, needs agents help/ guidance and information ASAP.
Looking to buy in Rockwall, Fate, Royse City, Wylie or Rowlett. Priced under 160k. Our credit scores are were they need to be to buy a home, but we have some minor collections that's holding us back.…
when was this house built and how big is the lot?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3086705900-1011-Randolph-St-Carlyle-IL-62231
we are looking for a ground floor, as we are older and also havea dog to walk also older.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3106172846-427-Water-St-Celebration-FL-34747
do you have to join fiddlesticks golf club, if you buy a home there?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3060871624-15541-Fiddlesticks-Blvd-Fort-Myers-FL-33912
whar are taxes? are there any other fees? Is this a first floor unit? What is distance from downdown? what about parking? thnank you for
respond -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3007675416-834-Deer-Woods-Rd-101-Celebration-FL-34747
Is Fort Myers a good market to invest in for cash flow properties? Also, what is the typical vacancy rate?
Greetings, I am looking for experienced and well connected local agents that can help find properties that cash flow well. Any recommendations from members appreciated.
buying a home near a higway
we have a good deal on a house next to highway in atlanta. there is a buffer of trees , but we can hear it. lot is acre / half. is this a mistake to buy?
Short sale - under seller contract - Southern NJ
We have a seller contract with $2K deposit. A tentative 4/19 settlement date. Our realtor says we came in at the end of the process, but everything I've read is saying that us signing the contract…
We are ready to purchase a condominium. Owner is elderly. We are skeptical that she will have all of her possessions out at closing.
Once we sign the papers at closing, what are our responsibilities to her concerning the furniture, etc. If we don't own them -- how do we force /urge/ etc. her to have them removed in a timely manner?…
Is it a good investment to buy a single home in Poinciana for a long term rental? What may be a reasonable appreciation rate (%) there?
Will Kissimmee or Orlando be a better choice? (which one) The target investment is under $120K
Couple looking for a Condo/Townhouse w/ In-Law Quarters
My fiancé and I are looking for a 3 bedroom Condo/Townhome in the New Hudson, Lyon Township, Novi, Wixom area, that has atleast a 1 bedroom In-Law quarters/apartment. Her section of the home has to…
Seller finance?
In CA I realtors often advertised seller finance or even lease to own. Since moving to Lake Charles, LA I've never once seen that offer and I was wondering why? I was hoping to maybe do one I those…
Is there any way to find out the status of the house at 91069 N Coleman st, Coburg. It was listed and pending the next day, back in 03/12
http://www.trulia.com/property/3098684896-91069-N-Coleman-St-Coburg-OR-97408 truila, redfin, say it is for sale, zillow says it isn't
Can I buy a house just in my name if I'm married?
I live in Rhode Island and will be getting married in a few months. I want to buy a house in my name only bacause my spouse's credit got ruined by a family member. Is this possible to do. I heard…
Please assist re short sale weirdness...
Hello! :) Please help! I live in HI. Last Friday, my cash offer to purchase a short sale property in WA was accepted by the owner. Now I get to await his two banks' agreement. My realtor in…
Employment checking when applying for a conventional loan
I heard the lender would check the borrower's employment history for 2 years back. But I've only been employed for 1 year. Does that mean I would be disqualified for a loan or I would get a higher…
Do I qualify for the credit even though my wife has a condo in her name?
I got married at the end of April and my wife owns a small one bedroom condo. I have never owned a home and even pay rent to her. My name is on neither the mortgage nor the title of the condo. We'd…
is it a good time to buy a house in harrison michigan?
im looking at one too buy and all i want to do with it is rent it out
Investor Friendly agents
Hi, I'm looking for a real estate agent with experience helping investors. I do a good volume of sales and would be interested in talking to you!
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