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Does anyone think documentation to get mortgages approved getting out of hand? Getting something closed is a nightmare these days!
I had to extend a buyer's contract 3 times because we could not get enough paperwork to an online banker that kept loosing the paperwork we sent them. The sellers had moved out and was very upset.
looking for a lease option in Danville, Pleasanton, or san ramon 4 bedroom 3 bath 1700 to 3000 sq feet
looking for a lease option Can put down $10k with monthly payments of $2000 $2500 per month can cure a default if needed. Want a nice home in an excellent school district.
Criteria used by Home Appraisers to determine Fair Market Value?
Does a Home Appraiser look for and factor any damage present in determining Fair Market Value? Do they look for things like rot at windows, age and condition of roof and mechanicals? Does an Appraiser…
hola tengo dudas con pre-aprobacion y pre-calificacion
hola fui a una agencia de prestamos lleve todos mis datos mis taxes ,mi reporte de credito ,mis datos de salario mensual y me digeron que calificaba para un prestamo FHA de 50000 que comesara a buscar…
Looking for a realtor in the Rock County, WI area who has experience w/ short sales/REOs.
My wife and I are looking for a realtor who has experience w/ REOs. Anybody?
We are hoping to buy in Ladera Ranch but we are not in a hurry. With all of the foreclosures coming in the newt few years I keep thinking prices
will continue to drop in this area. When do you foresee LR homes bottoming out in price? With a poor economy and high unmployment in OC I am VERY skeptical of things improving in a place like LR anytime…
where to buy auction home in LA and Riverside homes?
I'm cash buyer. look for home auction in LA and Riverside homes. what to bring to the auction?
I am a 56 yr old woman with a 9 yr old son. Wanting to leave a marriage & I have no credit. How do I try to go about getting a loan?
looking @ a property listing @ Orient, Il The price is:$29,500.00. I will eventually be able to recieve money from a home that will be sold But that will not be for awhile. I need to be able to get a loan…
Is PUD and detached with HPR the same ? What's the difference ?
We are looking to buy a single family home that is zoned PUD, this is a new development with 16 homes, HOA of 125.00 a month for a pool and 1 common road. Is a PUD (Planned unit development) the same…
Do you know if this house was owned by a lady by the last name of "Mc mann" or similar name about 50 years ago? If you can find out, I
would have some VERY interesting story to tell you about the house. Thank you, Mary Kuhlman, San Diego, Ca
Big tree on front pavement
Hi all, In a house I am interested in there is a big tree on the pavement, I was wondering 1.) can I cut it down 2.) who is responsible, for cleaning, pruning etc 3.) downside of having a tree…
Would Bank owned homes or REO homes take a land contract?
I saw a home that is only $8500 bank owned and I wanted to see if they would take a Land contract?
clarification on contract clause/waiver for fannie mae: "knowledgeable answers only"
In our contract there's a waiver that states "any right to avoid this sale or reduce the price or hold the seller responsible for damages on account of the condition of the property, lack of…
Putting in an offer on home with pool but no fence ....
My husband and I are writing up an offer on a property with a pool that does not have a fence/screen enclosure around the pool. In dealing with insurance & Florida statues we are aware that Florida…
what should I offer for a house asking 159,000?
We will be buying a house on contingency. We will have approximately $100,000 down for a house asking $159,000. I really want the house!
What are the most desirable condos/townhomes in Danville / San Ramon area? 9005 Alcosta, 394 Ilo Lane, Reflections, etc. $275k max price
What are the most desirable condos/townhomes in Danville / San Ramon area? 9005 Alcosta, 394 Ilo Lane, Reflections, etc. $275k max price
Tax benifits of home buying
What are the tax benifit of buying the home. Does principal ,interest or only taxes paid are deducted from gross income in us Want 2 know buy or rent in indiana
HOA charges pending from previous owner/bank ?
I am planning to buy a foreclosed property and according to contract, if there are any previous HOA charges pending, then i will be responsible for that ? How do i know about this ?
Apples-to-Apples in Palo Alto
I'd like to start a thread on "apples-to-apples" sales in Palo Alto to compare prior sales prices of individual homes in Palo Alto to current listings (and final sales info if possible). Since many homes…
Notice of Abatement
while a property was bank owned, the city came by and gave a notice of abatement because the yard was a mess.While there the city inspected and found quite a bit of non-permitted construction. I spoke…
is this house still avaialable for sale?
what is the final sale price
this 1840 S Caliente Road Home has all of the right stuff for a house in this Twin Palms area however judging from the previous recent sales and
current market conditional i would have guessed that these house would have been less than the existing price of $low 700's. What does everyone else think?
builder swap
are there any builders in the Atlanta 'burbs that are running a "we will buy your house" type promotion? Is this even something builders do anymore? Thanks - George
I'm working overseas, (not military). Do I need 2 CONSECUTIVE YEARS ON MY CURRENT JOB to pre-qualify for a first mortgage loan?
My credit score is great, I have almost no debts, (about 150.00). I could come up with 10% for a $100,000 loan w/o any problem. My job is secure. My family will live there now , and I will too when I…
Why are homes so expensive in San Mateo County?
I see loads of land without houses why aren't there any being built?
I also have some questions about the various costs(taxes and costs) required for Canadians buying properties in Florida. 1) how many types of tax
are involved when buying a property in the US? (that's common to both residence or non-residence, or only applies for the non-residence)? I know something about the property tax, the estate tax,…
Hi--we are planning to relocate to the Longmont area from Connecticut, looking in the $550,000 range.
Is the market stable in that price range? Or do you think there is more volatility at that price? We are considering renting for a year just to see what the market will do.
There is a short sale property we looked at that was orginally listed at 419,000. Now it is listed at
350,000. I do not know the circumstances-but now it is in the hands of the bank-is it really outrageous to submit an offer of 300,000?
Can I buy a house with $300,000 in medical collections?
In 2005, while working full-time at a job that did not offer healthcare, I got seriously injured. (non work related) I ended up spending over a month in the hospital, much of that in the ICU and ended…
What is the best town north of Boston for a young couple who wants a larger yard?
We would need to commute to Cambridge and Beverly, MA. We want to spend anywhere from 400 - 525K and would like at least .2 acres. We have looked into Wakefield, by the lake, Stoneham and parts of Melrose.…
The Addison
Why are so many of these units in foreclosure? I remember going out their looking at these condos well over a year to over 2 years ago and they were brand new units. If I'm not mistaken I remember…
FHA Appreaised our house that we bought for LESS than what we offered.How common is it that the appraiser will reconsider if more info is given??
The selling agent offered to appeal based on other comps. We TRULY believe the house we want to buy is worth what we are willing to pay. Do we have a snowballs chance in hell of getting him to reconsider…
reason to believe list agent failed to submit offer. 5 days past decision date for our offer, contacted us saying another offer accepted. recourse?
Listing agent for REO property did not confirm that he'd received the offer to submit to seller (in this case the bank). After repeated inquiries, a one line response "will have answer in 3-5…
How many units are in this property?
Are there two units? If so, are there three bedrooms and two bathrooms in each unit?
Does the Veterans Loan program work with poor credit? and what would be a suitable credit score for a home loan with that program?
My wife and i are sick of paying 600-700 dollars for rent on a place that is under 900 sqft. we want to find a place to call our home.
1609 Doral Dr. WPB 33413
Is this Community allows fence on the back yards?
How do I report a possible short sale scam?
A short sale appeared on the MLS about 30 days ago. The listing was suspicious from the start. It doesn't list the neighborhood despite being in a very prestigious neighborhood. The listing…
Are there any 203k loan/down payment assistance experts in St Pete?
I'd like to purchase my first home with a 203(k) or 203(k) Streamline loan, as well as down payment assistance from Pinellas county. Are there any experts in the area who can advise me before and…
1321 karen blvd. capitol heights, md
I ran across this Condo on your web site. Is this correct price for this condo? What is the condo fee on this property? For this price how much work needs to be done on it? About a year ago I was over…
Interested in condohotel properties on the Strip. Can you get income history on specific properties? Will rental income typically offset HOA fees?
Looking to potentially purchase a condohotel property for personal usage (and for friends and family) and to generate rental income while not using it to mitigate HOA fees / generate income. Would prefer…
What can we do? Part 1
We recently won our bid on a property and we given a closing date of May 29, 2009. Then we get this phone call that our lender doesn't agree with the appraisal and that the home is worth less in the area…
I am looking for a reputable builder in the Blount Co area. Can anyone give suggestions?
Home will be built in the Tallassee area 1200 to 1600 sq feet on land I already own.
Do I have to wait 2 yrs from the date of my BK discharge or 3 yrs from the date the home I included in my BK was puchased by someone else?
My chapter 7 BK was discharged July 2010 and my house was included. I have received conflicting information on if lenders will use the 2 years from the BK date or 3 years from the date the house was sold…
I am in the process of searching to buy a new home. I went to a realtor who showed me some homes and then had me sign a contract making him my
realtor. My sister told me this is a bad idea because if another realtor has a home that I like that’s being offered exclusively through their agency then I won’t be able to purchase it.…
Any recent Ft. Myers area short sale experience with Bank of America and Fannie Mae???
We are trying to purchase a short sale home that is through BOA and owned by Fannie Mae. We offered fair market value. We are wondering what we can maybe expect based on others experiences in the Ft.…
Are we seeing lending loosening at all?
And, are banks keeping pace with loan processing? As we head into the stronger summer buying months, I'm wondering if banks are keeping up with demand.
I'm looking at buying my first house in the San Fernando, CA area. How safe is the neighborhood? I'm a single guy looking to buy a SFR.
any advice? I'm worried about safety concerns as I heard accounts of gang related activities in the area. Please let me know. Thanks.
When interest rates go from 5% to 7% 23.7% of buying power just disappears. House prices would be forced down by about 1/4. Why buy now?
When interest rates go from 5% to 7% 23.7% of buying power just disappears. That means your monthly payment that would buy a $200k mortgage at 5% now will only buy a $153k house with you making the same…
I am upside down on a house that I am renting right now for less than the actual mortgage. What are my options?
I am upside down on a house that I am renting right now. I have tried refinancing and loan modification but apparently I am not eligible (no hardship and stable job). My boyfriend and I are trying to buy…
I have decided to take my property off the market. No contracts signed yet. Am I liable for buyer's cost of inspections and tests?
I signed a contract with the realtor that calls for me to reimburse them for marketing expenses if I should decide not to sell my property. However, I don't know what other expenses I might be incurring…
will fannie mae still pay closing costs after 6/30 if it was asked for in the contract and will they do repairs before the 10 day inspection?
i just put a contract on a fannie mae property using my twin sister as the agent but she is very new, fannie mae has not signed and returned the "clean copy?" and addendums yet but i was just…
Is it possible to buy a house to rent out for BYU-I students in Rexburg ID? Is property tax higher for F-1?
I am an international student with F-1 visa looking to buy a house to stay and renting out for other students. Is there any housing that is BYU-I approved on sale? And is the property tax higher for owner…
Is it wiser to mortgage a home or pay cash?
My current home has been an asset of a trust. I own it outright. I already know the house appraises close to $100,000 more than we paid. I need to downsize, but I also want to make the right decision…
With a large percentage of our market being short sales, what percentage of these actually close escrow? How many close with the first buyer ?
Short sales statistics? It seems like many buyers are out there making multiple offers on many homes, almost like shooting in the dark, over anxious about getting something to go to escrow and close. Has…
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