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I am in an owner finance arrangement . I did get an inspection, there are many problems with plumbing, electrical, etc. that were not revealed .
I did purchase as iis but made a large down payment. do I have any recourse?Add details about your question (optional)
My contract got voided due to misleading and false information provided by the seller's realtor what are my options?
I just had my purchase contract voided by the seller due to not providing proof of financing commitments within 30 days. I’m supposed to close next week at least that was the excuse they used because…
Can this property be purchased by FHA?Thank you.
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3074439698-13770-SW-276th-St-Homestead-FL-33032
What are my obligations to sony Ma ?
What Ten years ago I purchased a two family home through Sony ma with the assistance of a 8k down payment from Sonyma. Do I need to repay the down payment if I sell the home. Why am I having difficultly…
Better place to Retire - Kiawah or Hilton Head?
Overall which is the better place to retire -- Hilton Head or Kiawah Island
Note buying investor seeking agent who wants to earn $2k referral for introduction to underwater homeowner. This can be a homeowner from a previous
transaction or an expired listing. (yours or others) Must be a homeowner with a Jumbo loan and at least 10% negative equity.
I have heard stories of people buying a house with little or no money down. I have a credit score just under 640, so im pretty sure nobody will even look at me. but is it possible to buy lets say a $100,000…
I found a house on my own and asked my agent to arrange a showing and we looked at the house. Can I use another agent to buy the house?
She only helped me arrange the showing and we have no contract of any kind. I definitely found the house on my own and only asked her to arrange a showing. I'm not happy with the advice she's…
What lending institution would be willing to finance 5 acres with a doublewide?
Am selling this property in Alamo, Tx and have some buyers that would like to know where they can apply for financing.
I'm wondering how hard it is to add a bathroom to a house, in terms of getting approval from city or county.
I'm wondering how hard it is to add a bathroom to a house, in terms of getting approval from city or county. I sometimes see houses with very large lots and 2 or more bedrooms but only 1 bathroom. And…
Canventional loan, cannot move in in 60 days!
Hey, we are in the process of buying our first home. We have made an offer for a multi family, two flat. The estimate of the closing date is in 7 days and today our lender told us that there is an issue…
alternative credit lenders
hello . i have a equifax fico score of 659 dont know what the other two are. i pay my rent with cash every month not by check. i recently learn that to get an FHA loan with a 640 or 620 you have to show…
IS the 'Dorminy Crownspirit, Augusta, GA 30906' home finished yet?
II've been looking at information on this home for a few weeks now. Only I do not wish to settle in GA. I was thinking perhaps having this same floor plan built in TX but on a smaller scale.
Can a owner to a home has written contract with buyer who than defaulted ( owes agreed monies) in which buyer sold deed to now renter, sell contract?
My Auntie is 91 years young, confined to a wheelchair, has full time care of her husband with Alzheimer's and just wants to rid herself of this property. The buyer under a legal binding contract defaulted…
I am interested in buying a home in the East Bay, CA. If I had a co-signer for the Mortgage that owns a home could I still qualify for the $8000?
I am interested in buying a home but am not sure I will be able to before December 1st. I am hoping they extend the $8000 tax credit for First Time home owners. I was wondering what options are available…
I had contacted Trulia by telephone but have not received a confirming email. On 8/17 and 8/21 my credit card was used to renew a service from Trulia
This renewal was unauthorized by me and should not be paid. On 9/14 I called again to remind you that I had cancelled the service. Please credit $1,323.000 and $ 472.99 to my credit card, and send…
I want to live in my investment
I'm looking for a 2-4 unit building where I can live comfortably for a few years while the market stabilizes. I like El Cerrito, Albany, Kensington, Moraga, Alameda and Walnut Creek. Would entertain…
I claimed Chap. 7 24 months ago. My credit is 660. Is there a way to potential get approved for a FHA loan?
And can I use the down payment assistance programs (not a first time HB)? Any advice is greatly appreciated....just trying to sort things out.
Should we proceed with foreclosure purchase on property that currently has lis pendens filed by the seller (bank) against prior owner?
We're in contract for purchase of a foreclosure property. Recently found out from title company that home has an outstanding lis pendens notice. Seller (bank) filed suit in June against the previous…
Is it legal for a seller to force us to cancel the transaction by setting the deal up for failure.?
My husband and I are in escrow, last day of contingency period. The sellers realtor has said verbally his buyer does not want to move forward with us but instead of canceling on us is putting road block…
Does anyone have experience with hidden mold in basements of Village Gate condo units?
Hurricane Irene in August 2011 caused widespread flooding in Metuchen and power outages lasting several days. Many basements were flooded for days. Even where floor water was cleaned up, finished basement…
Where are the family-friendly, safer neighborhoods in LA County that wouldn't be a nighmarish commute from El Segundo?
We are relocating this fall from northern CA. We have two elementary school-aged children and are looking to buy a home under $600,000. We don't want to move to Orange County since we lived briefly…
We want a place considered a 2nd home due to distance/work, but have no 1st mortgage and very little rent due to living arrangement. What to expect?
We are selling our current home and consolidating households with my in-laws, therefore expenses for primary residence will be extremely low. My wife and I want to purchase a home that will be considered…
Real Estate - listing info guideline for cash only offers wanted
is the listing required to say "cash only offers" or to the same respect in the listing? property listed in bucks county, pa.
Looking for a most updated Wells Fargo Short Sale timeline
Does anyone know the approx. timeframe to get a short sale approved by Wells Fargo if I find a buyer?
Is it possible to get a mortgage with a home equity loan pending payoff?
The loan is about to be paid off but it had some late payments can we still qualify for a mortgage?
Can you help me rebuild my credit to get VA loan for first time home buy?
Veteran that is tired of renting! Need to purchase a home, but credit score is 598. I've paid off a few things on there, but they're still on my credit report. Need help!!
1st time home loan vs investment loan
i have been approved for a 1st time home under a fha loan. the property i want to get is a multi family home. i understand that i must live in one of the units. if the current tenants lease isn't…
condo refinance
Hello Can someone please point me to lender/brokers who will do condo refinancing. I have excellent credit rating, but I have not had any luck in refinancing my condo.
Buying a first house
I am an RN and am looking to buy a house. I have been working on building my credit. The last time i checked it it was 596 about 2 months ago. I make regular car payments and have one credit card that…
1301 Pebble Drive listing is not up to date. New photos posted many rooms painted a neutral color. ML S#649061. Please update your website.
New photos have been posted showing many rooms freshly painted a neutral color. ML S#649061. Please update your website. You need to update your data on a regular basis. People who are selling…
Any feedback / comment on Lunare Townhomes , Prized at 575K.?
This is new community at Blacow, Fremont. Approx 1,400. ft. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths.
Can I find and sell my home faster if I do a lease purchase agreement and if so where can I find more information to protect me legally?
I have decided to sell or lease the home I'm in now but I'm certain I wouldn't qualify for owning two homes. However, being a single woman there are a few maintenance/minor repairs my home will need first.…
How do we compete with an extremely under priced short sale next door?
My home is priced a market value (actually in my opinion, about 10k low) and my next door neighbor just listed their home as short sale for $160k less than mine. Their home is about 300 sq ft smaller and…
How are Texas Real Estate Agent's held accoutable?
Tried to buy a house, issues where found during the inspection. Seller refused to adjust price & deal ended. Seller claimed damages RE: inspection and refused to release deposit then sued me. My Agent…
I suspect Listing Agent is trying to get double commission and is not responding to our inquires?
I submitted an offer through my agent on a short sale last week. We requested a 4 day for an answer and it is now 5 days. The listing agent said he was trying to meet with the sellers to present our offer…
how do I find out about bank-owned houses for sale?
We would like to purchase a home w/acreage for under 215,000 dollars in or near Shenandoah Co. VA.
Iplaced a bid on a home for a reduce price via the seller after the bid they wanted more money, what?
My agent said they counter offer is this a norm I was disappointed don't know if I should bid again. I liked the house. They went down 5,000 now they want to add 2,500 is this legal? I need an answer…
Dhi lending problems
Thanks Guy, yeah not sure what to do im buying from dr Horton and straight from the builder how are these supposed to be handled,
I want to find out what you think the outlook is for home prices in the 95624. I bought a home in March 2012 in 95624, Calvine/ Sheldon North.
1800 sq ft, pool, 4 bed 2 ba. 180,000. what could I ask for this now and what about the next 6mos? 12 mos?
How do I know the prices of recently sold homes in stonelake/west eldorado community of frisco, Tx 75035?
I want to offer a price for a home and not sure what would be the correct number. If I know the recently sold home prices, I would be able to get an Idea. I know the price may vary based on upgrades/lot…
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