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Can i buy a house in Washington although i live in California ?
Me and wife are planning on moving to Washington in the next 5 years and would like to buy a house before we get there. Is this possible ? If so can we rent it out til we get there?
Spouse on Title on VA loan
Hi. My question is regarding the title of the property. My wife and I are currently in a contract to buy a house with a VA loan and the lender is saying that my wife CANNOT be on the title. She is not…
I may be selling my home.
I have oil heat and the tank is underground and live in White Plains Do I have to replace it with an above ground tank to sell it. It is a 1000 gallon tank
Representative, Someone has manipulated a posting on your site. It is a posting that I originally posted on Postlets and was distributed to
Trulia. It appears to be a scam. Is there some one that I can discuss this matter with? Thanks, Dave cell (651) 769-7435 davidhristau@gmail.com
Bought house 6 months ago septic failing who's responsible?
I met contractor and who told me he worked on system right before we moved in. We had no knowledge that there was a problem. The man across street tell us sewage comes into his yard after hard rains.…
Please deactivate my account
Please deactivate my account
Need FHA loan question help
In Massachusetts, want to buy a 2 fam, with FHA Loan and 203k rehab, score is 598. Parents willing to co-sign their Scores are 681 & 640. House $75k needs $20k in rehab. Am I eligible?
Applying for an FHA loan in FL with my brother being a non-living co applicant, does it matter if he lives in CA?
630-650 credit score, non living co applicant 680 My spouse has past credit issues and doesn't want to me on the loan, is this ok? FHA interest for 3.5-5% down. will apply for 300k loan
Is there a way for me to add a note to the properties I have put on my boards, so I can remember what I like about each one. It would help a LOT!
EBay has that feature for auctions I follow. Can you add a "note" section to "my board" for each property?
I can't seem to find a way to delete my account and my listing from your stupid website.
Your un-user friendly website will not let me delete my user account and listing. Can you please delete them before i get pissed off and bombard your website with viruses and shut it down?
My realtor wants to buy my house prior to listing it for sale. How would the buyer/seller commission work in this case?
Although the agent can represent both me as the seller and a buyer, I suddenly feel like my representation is compromised since the broker and spouse are the ones interested in purchasing my home.
Preppy, old money areas in California?
I like the old money, preppy, prestigious atmosphere of the east coast, especially, Manhattan's Upper East Side, but I want to raise my kids in California. I've seen both, and i grew up in a very nice…
when an offer is presented to your buying agent, what responsibilities are there with the seller's agent?
Do they even have to acknowledge receipt of an offer to purchase? And, do they even have to present it to the seller if they chose NOT to?
What the #^( is wrong with boards? Seriously, no pictures, links broken, can't get to my saved properties. WTF?
Second time a prolonged outage like this has prevented me from shopping. Heading over to Realtor.com. WTF?
Is a short sale a good idea for a first time home buyer?
Right now we are in a lease and understand that it may take sometime for it to be approved so we have no problem waiting. What can we expect with a short sale? What kind of credit score should we have?…
We're considering a move to NC; Wake or Johnson County. We're looking for suggestions on safe, family-oriented neighborhoods in a good
school district We'd love to be able to walk to a downtown (would be nice, but not essential). Does anyone know what kind of association fees Plantation and Riverview in Clayton charges per month?…
Any recs for Mortgage brokers in the area?
Looking to close on house by October of 2015. Mid score 640. Excellent income.
what type of neighbour is best for home sharing?
1 of 2 sellers signed contract and now there is a better offer on the house. Can they back out if both have not signed yet?
1 of 2 brothers (SELLERS) and I (BUYER) signed the electronic contract and addendum. The dotloop contract is still sitting in the 2nd brother's email account to sign. 4 days passed by and now there's…
near the beach homes
I see a listing in Guilford Ct that is very suspicious......manager listed has a CA cell #. when you google him he has listings all over the country?
listed at the same very low price of $800 Looks like a take the money and run scam.......this is a rental in Guilford, ct on Whitfield St......just posted for $800.....man in question is Ben Ayodele How…
How in the world can you stay in business when you post absolutely false information about listings. My home is on your listings for wrong price !!!!
And I have Ana count with Trulia but can not edit the listing. Very bad advertising. I am closing my account unless you get it right.
Why does it take so long for your website to reflect when a house has been reduced in price. On the MLS the price is reflected but it takes your
Website so long to reflect price changes and a lot of people use this to find homes and by not keeping up with the MLS you are keeping people from seeing a home that now may be within their price range.l
I am looking to move from Boston MA to Raleigh NC area and looking for suggested neighborhoods/Suburbs to visit
My wife and I are 30 yrs old and would like to live in an area that has shopping, restaurants, etc. Our price range is anywhere from $400,000-$480,000 and would like to know if this is a good range to…
Westboro's residential property tax rate is one of the highest in MA. Why???
There are lot more business in Westboro (than in Southboro, Hopkinton, Shrewsbury, etc.), but the residential tax is still higher than the neighbor towns.
Can I cancel contract if seller misses closing date causing me financial harm?
I have a May 28 closing date on a new construction home. I signed a contract on 4-09-15. The home was already under construction and was advertised at 45 days from completion. My 45 day rate lock of 3.875…
Buy house within 50 miles from Sherman Oaks,CA
I am planning to buy a house within 50 miles from Sherman Oaks,CA. Good schools, safe place, low property tax. How much for 2br? Any ideas?
how can I delete my account?
I have found a house that I am buying. I would like to delete my account as I am not looking for a home anymore.
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