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How do I write a review or an agent?
I was told to click on the "recommend button," but I can't find it.
I am the listing agent for this property. It is not in forclosure! How do I fix it?
Email me at zeldaelwood@gmail.com. I talked to your staff at the convention but it has not been fixed. I am very frustrated with this.
Renovation done without permits in Queens
Many of the investors are renovating homes without permits in Queens, Ny. They are completing the basement with full bathrooms and connections for a kitchen but are not obtaining the required permits to…
Can you buy a home with finished basement without permits for the finished basement?
Hello, I am about to finalize a home with a finished basement. I was told by the seller (there is no seller agent or buyer agent) that the finished basement does not have permits. The basement has a full…
looking for 55 housing
looking for a Senior 55 housing. 2Bedrooms/2Baths, HOA ok , no stairs. Pets a must.
I was listing my home for sale and now I need to add the pictures. How do I edit the picture that you have and add more.?
I went to the picture you have listed and clicked edit. I get a message saying sorry there is a message. Tell me what I need to do. Joan Moss, jssom@windstream.net
How much would the overall cost be to build a 1400sqft cement or adobe home in the Deer Creek area of Ventura County?
I'm interested in a piece of raw land in that area. I already know it doesn't have a well. I'm not sure whether or not it has a viable building area, or septic. Most of the property is steep…
can a non resident of the us qualify for a loan to buy a house?
i want to buy a house but i need a loan and i think i make enough monthly money income my problem is that im still not a legal resident of the us but im in the waiting list to become one.
Mobile App for Windows Tablets/PC or Windows Phone
Do you have a mobile app for Windows Touch PC Tablets or Windows Phone?
Can I back out of a contract after the contingency periods have expired if there is something I don't like in the condo docs?
I agreed to buy a condo a little more than 3 weeks ago. Ever since that point in time my agent has been really unresponsive. I got the condo docs just 3 days before the contingencies were expiring.…
Are there any mortgage lenders that utilize the FHA Back to Work program?
Looking to take advantage of the FHA Back to Work program, but have had little luck trying to find a lender that wants to deal with the extra hurdles involved. I have a large amount of student loans that…
I am paying 925 plus trash,water pest
I want to know if I can possibly buy with a history of being late with rent event though I'm current .The mortgage on the 2-2condo on Emerald forest is about what I'm paying now .However my credit…
I live in a doublewide paying a monthly rent for the land which includes property tax and in addition a Tax pass on/Fire Rescue fee.
Is there any of the Tax pass on $ that could be subject to itemization on my Federal tax return under property tax?
How do I edit my criteria you use to send me possible homes I may be interested in. Only want a 1-story single family home on the water.
I very much appreciate all the possibilities you are sending me. But would like to refine the criteria you are currently using to send me them. House on the water, preferably ocean or sound, bay, inlet,…
Buy investment/rental property in the Fresno area?
It seems that the property prices have substantially gone up during the past year or so. I want to know if there are still opportunities out there to buy rental/investment property in the Fresno area.…
When should I apply for a home loan?
I am a first time home buyer. I just paid off my credit card however, it hasn't posted to my credit yet. Should i wait until it up dates on my credit and my score increases?
Besides looking at comps, how else can you determine if a home is overpriced?
Looking at homes in the Punta Gorda Isles location and have one in mind, but I think it is overpriced. We have been told that the seller has turned down other offers. This home in particular has been…
Asbestos found in home
I signed a contract to purchase a home that was being renovated in Queens, NY. The renovation is now complete and the inspector has found asbestos on the pipes. I have a young daughter and would prefer…
I am interested in buying a house in a location which is less than 25 miles away from Lake Mary FL but should have a good resale value.
The reason I want a good resale value because I would be FL for next 4 years so I would like to have a good resale value at the time I choose to leave. I am estimating a budget of 80,000 USD to 250000…
Charge offs, Chapter 7 and qualifying for an FHA loan
I have numerous private student loans which are listed as charge offs on my credit report. I had a chapter 7 bankruptcy 3 years ago. Since my chapter 7 I have perfect credit. Less than 10% credit usage…
i am a self employ looking to buy a house in orlando around lake nona my income by my taxes last year and the years before ids around 22k gain
i will be doing around 37k this 2015 taxes, very good credit, first time owner, no credit car debs, only 500 car payment and 10k to put down, how much i can buy?
I'm wanting to purchase a house next year and wondering if I would qualify for a home loan. I've reported 1099s for the past 2 years for
$15000 ( a part time cleaning job). This year I'm going to be a W2 employee and still reporting the 1099. My income will be around $43000. Can I qualify for a mortgage loan with one year tax returns?…
Hello...I am a very basic question, as I have never seen this term before....see below
I am a very basic question, as I have never seen this term before. When reviewing a home, it provides a value for square feet and 'sc'. What does the term 'sc' signify?
How to get pre approved for a home loan while living abroad?
I am currently working for Saudi Aramco and living abroad. I have a 760 credit score and would like to know the steps to take to get pre approved for a home loan. My mother passed away in 2011 and I…
Any natural disasters such as hurricane in Memphis TN?
I am foreign investor interested in Memphis real estate market. Is there any natural disasters such as flood, hurricane, storm, etc in this area I should be aware of?
If the seller's Realtor showed you a house, do you have to work with that them? Or can you find your own Realtor to negotiate the final deal?
I have been house hunting on sites such as trulia and Zillow. I've gone to several open houses, but have never committed to a Realtor nor signed any paperwork. I have, however, requested to view 2…
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