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Noise from freeway GA400
Hello all, We're considering to put an offer on a house that sits next to GA400, with some buffer in between. The noise very clear and you can't ignore it when standing outside of the house.…
Is it possible to get financing on a manufactured home with a credit score less than 620 in Newark, Ohio?
We are living in the house. We signed a lease with option to purchase and were in the process of doing an FHA Loan & 1 thing hit our credit and brought our score down. We are devastated beyond belief.…
As a buyer, why does my home appraisal only match the amount being borrowed.
if I paid for the appraisal, shouldn't the appaised value reflect the "actual value" of the home and property?
I am planning on buying a two family home in Winchester, MA and converting into a single family home.
By this conversion would we enhance the value or diminish the value?
Im planning for a 203k loan. Does all agents specializes in this process?
Im trying to look for a trustworthy & knowledgeable agent about 203k loan process.
Stats on buy a home or trailer
How many Americans own a home?
how do i check to see if there is any money owed on a house that I would like to purchase?
How doI check to see if there are any outstnding debts for a house I would lik eto purchase.
Where in and Around Lakeland Florida is an "AFFORDABLE" Senior Apartment Complex or Mobile Home Community? I need the Lower Rent places
& NICE !!! I am on SS Disability and cannot afford top dollar places. But Yet want a Nice Clean Place With Ammenities. Handicap Accessible. Steam Room ?
Considering purchasing a town home in parlin, how are the schools over there? Also how is the commute to nyc?
I am a 1st Time home buyer who lives and work in NYC and have a 3 year old child. I'm also in the market for a realtor.
What would happen if I applied for a small personal loan while under contract?
I've been under contract to purchase a house for 3 months, not scheduled to close until December 2012.
How much does a two car garage really add to the value of a home versus a one car garage?
I am looking to buy a house in a neighborhood in which another house sold a couple months ago. The houses are almost "the same" and were on the market at the same time. The difference is the…
I need to find out the name of the realtor that sold the property at 14351 Ardoch Place, Miami Lakes, FL 33016 to Raul L. Fernandez on June 2007.
The Realtor was highly recommended. I am looking to purchase a property in the same area. Thank you.
610 credit score, foreclosure in 2010 any possibility of a loan?
Currently making 60k a year. Credit is up to 610 we had a foreclosure in2010. Moved for a promotion and couldn't afford to pay the mortgage and rent. Anyway to get a loan or do I need to wait a few more…
The Hoa owns my house now
I am currently renting, my landlord i guess went into to foreclose and the HOA took over it because of the fees he owed now they want me to vacate. Can they do that or should I contact the bank.
Hey, looking for a straight forward answer on this one. Any1 could tell me a solid avg for closing cost on a condo in Brooklyn NY.
Estimate purchase price is 300,000. Thinking bout wells fargo conventional 30 yr mortgage.
Will the VA approve of my location, or what do they base there judgment on?
I am currently a contractor on location in Afghanistan. I make north of 135k per year. Credit score is above 690. Im looking to buy a home in the monroe NY area. This includes highland mills, harriman,…
Where's in Orlando good school,low crime?
Looking to buy not expensive condo or house in Orlando.Good school,low crime.
Seller does not want to sell to us unless we give 460k after he agreed on 440k
Went into contract with seller on an agreed price of 440k. We put into the contract to allow 45 days for mortgage. 45 days later he says he wants 460k not negotiable. We have already started the home insurance…
Does anyone know if Gulfstream Homes who built homes in Indigo Preserve at Indigo Lakes in North Naples FL 34119 has had chinese drywall problems?.?
A new listing just came on for a Gulfstream built home ( 2005) which was bougt as foreclosure ( Feb 2012) by a realtor who is reselling it with new appliances ( originals replaced after only 7 years, and…
How does buying a home via land contract differ from taking out a morgage?
I'm a first-time home buyer and I don't know anything about land contracts.
Suggested Boynton Beach neighborhoods?
My husband and I are in our early 30's, with pets and no kids. Love the idea of living within a few miles of the beach. Also like the idea of a townhome. Any suggested neighborhoods?
Schools in Jackson
I am planning to buy a house in jackson. I see that there are different schools depending on where you are located. I've been told that one school area is better than the other. Can someone suggest which…
What is the difference between the contract being signed and a commitment letter?
My fiance and I are in the process of searching for homes. We currently live with his mother, which her house is in contract with a closing date of 12/1/2012. The current home is paid off, and she will…
question for Realtors and Buyers for properties in the Borough of West Chester.
...What would you pay for off street parking in the borough of West Chester, in other words, how much MORE would a house be worth if it had off street parking.?
Really simple question, What happens to earnest money when a seller fires his agent is also a listing agent for a new build for the seller?
Seller wants to buy a new built home, so the listing agents acts as a dual agent now and lists the sellers current home for sale so they can purchase the new built home from their company. Earnest money…
Purchasing a Pre-foreclosure or Foreclosed home as a relative
I am a 1st time home buyer looking to purchase the home of my grandfather. He passed away 2 years ago (at the time, I was not able to purchase a home as I was in graduate school). At this time, the home…
how can land be valued?
i want to know how can land be valued in order to provide management information for decision making
I'm having a hard time finding a home for rent around the Hayward, Wisconsin area. There has to be a at least one place close to what I'm looking for.
What's the best ?? Check the local newspaper, check with a property management person or talk to some in real estate.....What I'm seeking is something remote and way outside of town.
I'm looking to buy a multifamily home to both live in and rent in a safe neighborhood that isn't out of my price range.
According to mortgage calculators online, the most I could borrow is $160,000. I was hoping for more, especially since I plan to generate extra income from the rental unit. Also I live with my partner…
OK to bid on property without seller's disclosures?
Recently I was going to bid on a property that just hit the market. I requested sellers disclosures. The seller's agent said they weren't available yet, but should be soon. She told me a couple…
schools in jackson
I am planning to buy a house in jackson. I see that there are different schools depending on where you are located. I've been told that one school area is better than the other. Can someone suggest…
Is this contingency on the Real Estate Purchase Addendum (Fannie Mae Property) reason to be concerned:?
"Buyer will be responsible for the Application and cost of the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and safety residential property report. Buyer understands that 9-A will not be signed by seller…
Price per square foot?
My husband and I getting ready to purchase our first home. We have been approved for the loan and have found a house that we like. The only problem is the price for the size of the house. The house is…
looking for someone to give me a loan for a home with a 625 credit score
i was told that i don't have enough credit and to get a credit card but i also have a va loan that i've never used and i was told that i could get a usd loan but not sure and i would be a first time home…
Can a listing agent continue to show a house AFTER a contract has already been signed with deposit?
I recently put an offer on a home, the offer was accepted and the contract was made. However, the listing agent has yet to change its status to "under contract". I decided to use another name and request…
I find out a house that I am purchasing has no city permit for additional space, but the public record includes this extra space.
My question is which document should be based on for a real estate transition, the public record or city permit. What I should do for this issue? Thank you
Will I be held responsible for back property taxes if the house my ex husband and I purchased while married goes into foreclosure.?
I was on paperwork to purchase the house but not on the loan for the house. The bank said I am not responsible for the mortgage debt...am I responsible for the back taxes along with my ex husband?
What are the tax implications of selling your home for more than what you paid for it?
I paid about 650K for my home 10 years ago and I spent about 50K over that period adding value to the home (copper pipes, new roof, new carpets, new appliances etc.). People think I can get about 735K…
Are there issues with insuring an older home in the Gainesville area?
My husband and I are interested in buying a house in Gainesville. We have family in South Florida (Coral Springs area) that recommends we either go with new construction, or with a resale that was built…
Can you add a defaulted student loan into a home mortgage?
My husband has 2 student loans that have been defaulted. The first one is $13,000 and we are almost done completing the rehabilitation program to wipe it from his report. The other one is a private student…
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