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bank has delayed closing and charges the buyer additional fees this is not fair
The bank is the one that cancelled closing we were at bank with ck in and.
How much is view worth?
I am considering one of the 2 condos in a waterfront building - one with a statue of liberty view and the other with just a pool view and 10 floors lower than the other one. they are of the same size /…
Possible to buy 50K-70K townhome/apartment in Atlanta area with low HOA fee (less than $100/month)?
I don't care about amenities of a community-i.e. pool, gym, landscaping, so I'd like to minimize the amount of HOA fees I pay each month. Does anyone have specific recommendations for communities…
House for less than 200k in the greater Boulder area? (Longmont to Westminster)
My in-laws are planning on moving to the Boulder area this summer. They are looking for a house (not a condo or townhome) in the greater Boulder area, so they can be closer to us. What are good cities…
Competing offer during attorney review.. but i have a feeling it's not real and they just want more money.
I'm buying a house in Somerset, NJ. I was in attorney review when my realtor called me and told me he had heard from the listing realtor that there was another offer for 15K more than mine. My…
Damages when sellers are moving out
I select a house, finish inspection, appraisal etc and close to closing escrow. Seller wants additional time to move out and we argue. Finally seller agrees to move 1 week after COE - is this allowed?…
How do you deal with and/or avoid "Client Stealing"?
Listing agent sold the property to the client that I showed . . .we worked in the same office at the time . . .client did not return communication.
Question about interest rates
After negotiating with two different lenders at the same time, as of today, the lender I chose is giving me 3.750% interest rate for a conventional loan with 10% down. A couple of weeks ago, he was…
Do buyers prefer induction cooktops or radiant cooktops?
I need to replace my cooktop - gas isn't an option. Do buyers prefer induction or radiant? Which brand is the most popular? thank you
Hello, I have a question about permits.
I offered a property that had been remodeled recently. Home inspector identified some signs that maybe some internal partition walls were removed in family room, loft, dinning room, loving room, etc,…
Would a qualify for a home loan with this situation?
I changed jobs in July 2008, because of a better offer. I was with my previous employer since 2001. I literaly worked my last day with the previous employer and then my current employer the next day…
I am looking to relocate from New Jersey to Charlotte, NC. We are interested in purchasing a short sale or foreclosure as we will be cash buyers.
We want to be near great schools, as we have 2 small children. Looking to move around January of 2012. Thanks for any help/suggestions.
do agents never answer questions on properties?
I hae looked at several via Trulia and sent them to agents usually asking how much the HOA fees are and they never get back to you.
va loan with credit score of 602
Is it possible to usa a VA loan with a credit score of 602? I only have 3 accounts open one has had 24 months of on time payments and the other two are 12 months of on time payments. I'm looking to…
Found homes in Morganton also in Rutherforton co.
found several on you site..Very interested..Mt husband is in spindale renting. I am in Lincoln Ne Need an agent!!!!!
Offer accepted prior to a second one coming in, but now being told it may go to "best/better" scenerio between the 2, is this legal?
We put in an offer on a home, we were told there was a chance we may end up in a "best/better" scenerio if another offer came in at the same time. Our orginal offer beat the second offer, was…
buying in Williams Indiana
Was looking at a home In Williams Indiana just outside of Bedford. It is an older home and although it has had some updates it will need a lot more, to include a new roof.It has no air conditioning They…
Is there a site I can look at crime and schools in Spring Hill , Sarasota,Ft Myers Areas ? Looking to move to FLA within 6 mos or less Thanks
Looking for a 4 Bed with in ground pool in any of the areas I mentioned , Looking to spend 175 to 200 K Cash .
If I"m waiting it out for a short sale are there short term rentals that take pets available in Phoenix?
I don't live in Phoenix at the moment but want to move there to be near my son. No, living with him isn't an option. I'd like to rent a house without a lease that would rake my little dog.…
I sold RE in CA 20 yrs ago. I would like to know if it is still state law that a seller's agent must present another offer even if the
seller is negotiating with, or has accepted an offer from, a buyer ? Unless the seller has told the agent they don't wnt to hear any other offers?
We too are looking for a land contract with a 3 bedroom house on a min of 5 acres.
Area of interest is Clio, Otisville, Columbiaville, northern Mt Morris
Happy Easter to everyone! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Happy Easter to everyone! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Looking for an owner financed home in the $130,000 range, three bedroom, two bath, NE Albuquerque or west side, but too far west or south.
NE heights is preferred, but west side Taylor Ranch, Ladera, Paradise East are possibilities. 98th St., Rio Bravo are too far away from the mountain to be suitable. Send me the MLS number or property…
Are there any land contracts around Wattsburg ? Son and Daughter in Law, Mother and Father.Yearly total combined 92,000.00
Our income has gone quite high since the beginning this year. We have decided to split a 2 or 3 unit purchase but have 0 for down payment at this time.
What do I do about a squatter in the house at closing? Seller's boyfriend may decide to make things difficult as she leaves him behind.
The seller is leaving the country in a few days and leaving her boyfriend behind to dispose of the furniture. We are scheduled to close in about a month. As of now, he has no place to live when the house…
I want to buy a multi family home below 200k but I don't want to put my tenants in the worst area. How I now in what ZipCodes to buy?
I have about 50k in the bank with my family. We want to buy a property with at least two families and a finished basement. I want to be able to pay the mortgage and the taxes from renting the house.…
Do I need a down payment for an FHA loan?
I was curious if I needed any down payment to get and FHA loan because I hear them also referred to as "no money down loans"
We are considering moving to either Martinez or Pleasant Hill. (We are looking south of highway 24). As we have school age children, we were
wondering if the schools were better in one location of the other or if one city is considered more desireable than the other
How serious is asbestos noted on the Seller's Disclosure?
I'm interested in a property but the Seller's Disclosure notes asbestos in the vermiculite insulation. I did some research and learned that it was used by thousands of homeowners for walls and attics…
Purchased a home to discover a toilet doesn't work and no permit was pulled for remodel
I have recently purchased my first house and discovered just after I moved in that the seller's did not pull permits for adding a bathroom in addition to other things they should have pulled permits…
Hi all. Moving to Seattle area with Boeing in the near future. We are looking at the Bellevue area, but are having trouble finding neighborhood info
We have three elementary school-aged kids, so access to good schools and parks is critical. We would also like to be in a neighborhood with a lot of children. The more walkable/bike-able, the better.…
Hi! Is anyone interested to buy properties in Germantown or Rockville, Maryland?
Germantown is an affordable city for its environs, yet it's still considered part of the D.C. metro area - it's 32 miles away. It was designed around two man-made lakes and contains a wide range…
Effects of removing appraisal contingencies
We really liked a house and as the market is really crazy right now with multiple offers on a property , we decided to bid higher than the asking price and we removed the appraisal contingency. This made…
Buying and selling!!!
We (me and the wife) are looking to relocate to az and have started looking hard at the Peoria area! We currently live in Palm Coast fl, and will have to sell our house here prior to moving. We want to…
what does insurance cost in gulfport ms?
how much is insurance to purchase a home as a mortgage
Pros and Cons of Commercial Zoning
Say I'm looking at a SFH close to Saratoga downtown. The lot is zoned for both residential and commercial. What are the pros and cons of commercial zoning if I intend to occupy it as a residence?…
I have a growing family and am tired of renting. I have less then favorable credit. What are my options for buying a house?
Ive been working on my credit diligently and have not missed a single payment on ANYTHING in years( mistakes that were made in my younger years). I just want a chance at homeownership for myself and my…
A home is in trust among siblings and a parent and the parent dies....how would one of the children purchase the other ones part of the home?Steps ?
Is a lawyer necessary? Will we save money buying a home we have ownership in via purchasing another home...same price, via a owner?
How can I buy a house and have the seller to pay for my agent`s commission?
My husband and I want to buy our first house in the near future. We don`t have an agent yet, but we would like to have one, because I think we could really benefit from their experience to find a good…
What constitutes a bedroom in Los Angeles? Does a "walk through" room with no doors count?
A house we are interested in is listed as three bedrooms but you have to walk through the middle "bedroom" (which has no doors) to get to the third bedroom. Should this middle room count as…
Need advice on buying a home with "not so great credit"
My wife and I make decent money ($80,000 combined). We have no CC debt, no car payment, and have been at our jobs for years. We want to buy a home in the $100,000 price range and we would have 20% or more…
How is the Jonesboro GA neighborhood?
I've heard that it has deteoriated.
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