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I am looking for a loan officer who will review my financial situation for a possible home loan, free of charge.
I am looking for a loan officer who will review my financial situation for a possible home loan, free of charge. Our credit score is Transunion (598)... Vantage (619). Our previous credit score was a 400…so…
Broken lease from 2011.... back in 2011 my lease was up and I moved out on the day I was supposed to but the next year when I tried to apply for the
same apartment they told me I had a broken lease they said it was because I never wrote then a letter stating I wouldnt be renewing my lease and I abandoned my apartent they also told me they didnt knw…
Looking for mortgage broker specialized in mortgage for work visa holders in Bay Area
Hi I am working in one of the big IT companies in bay area with 30% down payment and 5 months of credit history. I've already been denied by WellsFargo for mortgage pre approval due to lack of…
I am looking for a house in the northeast area, but I am not looking to move until Aug of this year. When is a good time to start looking?
My gross income is 3200/ month, first time home buyer, and looking for at least 3 bdrm/1 bath nice area.
Should I buy a new house or move into my old one?
We are moving back to the Atlanta area after spending the last three years in sunny California. We are currently renting in California but will be relocating back to GA and are debating whether or not…
Can anyone recommend any online avenues to view, locations to drive or agents that list rental homes in the Cottonwood area?
Do agents charge a fee, in addition to the monthly rent, for helping you find a rental home?
Is a 40 year old buried oil tank 20 feet from a well a problem? •MLS/Source ID: 201319006
•MLS/Source ID: 201319006 Rexford NY property on sunset street. Lawn smells like heating fuel
Looking at a house to purchase on the edge of the Heights and Shady Acres on W 20th Street between Durham and Shepherd. Is this area OK?
Love everything about the house. It is in the middle of 8 new houses. There is a new development across the street. Some sketchy/older businesses and homes near-by.
Is it possible to get a conventional home loan after a short sale before the two year mark if I have mitigating circumstances?
A year ago I became the victim of identity theft and real estate fraud and was forced into a short sale on my home. My husband and I currently own another home which has good equity in it, both have good…
Are up-front fees typical with buyer's agents?
My husband and I found a house we like online, and contacted the seller's agent directly to arrange a showing. We're interested in potentially making an offer, but we don't have a buyer's agent yet to…
How many days/weeks are needed for the steps between making the "Buy" decision and moving into the condominium?
How many days/weeks are needed for the steps between making the "Buy" decision and moving into the condominium? Is the time period highly variable? When does a buyer become liable to pay HOA fees and…
Houston real estate agents/MLO's - does anyone know how I can look up complete property taxes for a property?
Every website I go to seems to be giving me only a portion of the taxes. I want to be able to look up complete taxes for a property. Thanks.
Why does Trulia cater to the online lenders and rarely shows the great local lenders that you can see eye to eye if needed?
Local representation to assist in all phases up to and after closing is important in this day of complicated transactions. Why would you want to do business on your largest investment for your family…
i want a high end short, willing to wait it out
have resources to remodel a large canal home with good bones.
Can I rent to own?
I did this in Marianna,FL and it worked great. john@hoph.biz
Looking to get out of current home with a loan modification and buy a new home.
Hi I would like to buy a new home, but I'm stuck in my current one with a loan modification. Is there a way to make this happen?
Looking for a house to rent with option to buy in 1-2 years
My fiancee and I will be moving in July/August after we get married and our current lease expires. We would like to buy, however 2 job changes for me in less than a year plus a significant pay cut (and…
VA Loan Help!!!! we were denied could we still be approved?
OK, My husband and I just moved to Corpus Christi few months ago. We just got declined from USAA VA loan. He is a disable war veteran that receive VA disability and GI bill. So together we have over 50…
Looking for single family home w/ min. 2 acres
My wife and I are searching for single family home with minimum 2 acres of land as near to any coast line (or waterway to the coast line) as possible, maximum price of $160 K . Florida preferable, GA,…
Extra signage - for sale, pending, in escrow, sold - what is appropriate?
When selling your home, when does the "pending" or "in escrow" signage get added beneath the main sign? And when does the "SOLD" signage get added? Is it true "SOLD" goes up as soon as an offer is accepted…
Any1 know about sweet pasture drive what kind of community is it. is it an low traffic area what about amenities?
are there any stores close by have to drive to and fro from the city for working purposes and really would hate have to drive everywhere when i'm home to do simple things such as picking just a few…
how are flood zones labeled and what do they mean in charlotte county fl such as x, AE?
I think X is not a flood zone don't know AE or others.we are looking for a house in that area and would like to make sure its not in a flood zone
Does anyone know where to find tenanted Section 8 Homes for sale?
Looking to buy Section 8 tenanted properties for investment.
New house in the Roberts Crest community being built by Ryland homes in Suwanee (30024)
I am looking for a new house in the Roberts Crest community being built by Ryland homes in Suwanee (30024). The area has wonderful schools and is reasonably far from the railway lines. Would love to hear…
Why does description info differ on same page?
Have looked at dozens or hundreds of homes. Why does the offer description ALWAYS differ substantially from public records description: # bed rooms, SF, # bath, etc?
I have posted before but figured I would give it another try... Does anyone know of a 2-3 berm apt in the cross county area that is pet friendly?
We have been looking for so long and the deal breaker is always our dog! Realtors and landlords love us but ca not seem to get past our dog. I respect the owners preference I just hate that some will except…
Can my landlord sell me the apt unit I'm renting?
I'm renting the third floor of a three story building in NYC and I'd like to propose purchasing the apartment to my landlord. Would this be possible or would he need to create a new deed or…
Who is responsible if my C of O is not consistent with my home...is it my lawyer, the title company, the bank or the appraisal co?
I bought a legal 2 family house that had two apts, one for me to live the other to rent. I just found out that the rental is not on my C of O, what do I do? I cannot afford this home on my home and must…
Has anyone had dealings with Campo Brothers Construction? Good rep? Bad rep? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!?
They are based in Port Jefferson, NY and do new construction in Suffolk County, Long Island.
I would like to purchase my first home but have a credit score lower then 600. Is this possible to do?
If so, who can I talk to or where can I get more information.Thanks
I am considering an off-market property on Stahelin Ave, Detroit, MI 48228 (Franklin Park) - need some help
The property has 2 bed/1 bath and is very close to Stein Playground. Is it a safe neighborhood? What would be fair market value of the property? What would be fair rent in the area? I am out of state.…
It take the info submitted.
Husband is a long haul driver with Swift Transport(where Willows has a terminal).Looking to buy or lease to own.Does Willows have public transportation,county buses,cabs?Kaiser or other medical facilities?I'm…
Can foreigner buy HUD House?
I am here with a visting visa, and want to buy a HUD house here. I plan to live in for few months with my daughter. After I left the US, can my daughter keep stay in there with her family? Can I buy it…
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