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Anything this is my plaster for course?
Anything this is my plaster for course I plans first so thesis my either in Eugene were buying Italian mother I pick it up active yet and I just saw he was definitely a more expensive here Light and gentle…
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put tank in a mall?? whats
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=429860105&fileuploadsuccess=1 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=429865972&fileuploadsuccess=1 http://steamcommun…
home decoration native motif
house interior and exterior design
What I should I question?? Answer me http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=429844215
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=429844215 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=429844215
Sad and depressed after moving
We transfered for my husband's job to another area we don't know anybody. It is the 4th time we have moved in 9 years. We looked at houses for a week and made the choice. It was very fast and we are…
What is the life expectancy on a mobile home roof?
I'm looking considering the purchase of a mobile home with its original roof - built in 2001. Is there a general rule of thumb or will the Home Inspection Report be the definitive guideline?
What are the best, safest, and affordable (under 365k) neighborhoods in Smyrna?
My husband works at the airport and so we are looking to relocate in order to shorten his commute. Smyrna seems to be the best option. However, we can't find any newer, larger, homes under 400k. Are we…
Inspector found the furnace and water heater old and not up to todays code, What are my options?
We made an offer, then was told by the inspector of this problem.
I am interested in a unit in the Meridian Woods, San Jose 95129. Can I add a washer-dryer myself?
I know the unit doesn't come with a washer/dryer- but has 2 bathrooms. Any opinions or experiences of adding washer/dryer to one that originally hadn't?
My husband is retired and I will retire in 2017. How will that affect a purchase?
If we sell in late 2017 early 2018 and I am already retired our income numbers will drop. Should I keep working until the sale/purchase is completed (better income numbers) then retire?
I bought a house and found a huge plumbing issue, is the seller liable?
My husband and I bought a house 3 weeks ago, when we went to run the washing machine and dishwasher the basement flooded. I had a plumber come out and there is a break in the line and it will cost $640…
Single Family Home for Sale, Astoria Queens
I will move to NYC from Canada for a new job on June 2015. My job is in upper east side Manhattan. We are small family (couple & one year old daughter). We were looking for a single family home for…
Is a home with prior incident of "water intrusion" (that was professionally repaired per sellers disclosure), valued less because of it?
We saw a home that we like that has a seller's disclosure with "Water intrusion into physical structure of property" checked. The seller says the incident was limited to a room and promptly…
I OWN #5 UPPER UNIT NOT #2 LOWER UNIT how do i change this in the record
Please change this as i this is incorrect Thank you
Valuing Separate Structures
How are separate structures valued? If a home has an additional small structure that has been converted into a one bed cottage, do you value both separately using comps, or as a whole? If the former, and…
How to choose an agent: large vs small real estate agency?
I am a buyer. 80% of the houses in my city are advertised by real estate agency A. 20% by agency B. Is there any advantage in getting an A agent, vs B? I mean from the point of view of being promptly informed…
How long does it usually take for a home Owned by CHFA or REO to be transferred to HUD Homes to be up on their market to sell?
I am interested in a home owned by CHFA but they aren't selling it. They are transferring it to HUD to be sold. How long will I have to wait to for it to be up on HUD in order for me to place an offer.
looking for pit bull friendly communities
pet friendly communities near fleming island
If I (age 56) am buying in (any of the) Crestwood Villages, will my daughter AGE 18 and OUT OF SCHOOL/attending college be allowed to live with me?
She will be attending college in Monmouth county, as well as working there, so on those particular days she will be staying at her aunts house. She will not be 19 until 2015....so what and how do I go…
this site is very difficult to follow
this site used to be very easy; now it is nearly impossible to use. I give up !!
Does anyone knows how to get free list of foreclosure or bank owned homes? I see Realty Trac, but looks like a scam.
We are looking to buy near zip 89149, by time we find the house it's already investor's, trying to make $ 100,000 or so.
Can a Seller accept other offers during contract negotiation?
We made an offer on a home. THe seller made a counter. Most of the Contract was signed by both parties. THe only section that wasn't signed was the section for Radon Testing...which I guess was a counter…
Bad credit can I get a home loan still?
I will be a first time home buyer my credit score is 574 I was wondering if I could get approved for a home loan. I have a good amount for a down payment.
I am currently renting and am considering buying in a condo or single family home in the 95835 or 95834 area. I am a first time buyer. I am not sure
where to start or where to go to find info on my credit score and FHA loans/lenders that would be able to help.
I am wondering if this scenario is possible: I will be buying a house from our aunt by making a loan under my name so we can buy out the Reverse loan
mortgage she did 2 years ago. The value of the house is around $550K, the loan is $350K and I plan to pay her $50K in addition. She still wanted to be in the deed and she will just "add" my name. Is…
Prices for lots sold .23 acres in the area recently?
Add some detail about your question
Freddie mac property that is visible trashed on the exterior
Freddie Mac property available. There is exterior damage with possible mold and termite. I believe all fixable. Would it be appropriate to low ball? The price has dropped 60000 at this point
Single Family Home for Sale in New Jersey Near Manhattan
I will move to NYC from Canada for a new job on June 2015. My job is in upper east side Manhattan. We are small family (couple & one year old daughter). We were looking for a single family home for…
What is the difference of this?
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=429262797 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=429464664 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=429465446…
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