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Is the Cane Ridge area as nice as it seems? Especially the Indian Creek and Mills Run subdivision?
Me and my future wife have seen several nice homes in this area. Just want to make sure that it is a good place to buy a home. If we decide to sell in the next 5-10 years will we be able sell easily…
How is household income determined for HDFC apartments?
My husband and I are looking into HDFC apartments. Our current joint income is over the requirements, but as of July I will be leaving my current job and starting graduate school and the only income I…
Are you using a mobile device to search for your Tahoe Home?
If so, what kind...i.e. iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet? Trulia is coming out with new innovative ways to search for properties and we are wondering if the mobile market is hitting Lake Tahoe??? Are you…
Are Bay Area buyers likely to call ahead or just stop by a Real Estate Office when they are visiting Lake Tahoe?
If you are a buyer coming up to Tahoe for a visit, would you likely call ahead to set up showings with an agent, or would you rather just stop into a real estate office and talk with an agent?
Can i do anything about my buyers appraisers holding back my closing date?
The appraisers on my buyers side are holding up and postponing my closing date can i make them hurry up and do their job. I put a bid on a house and now they are waiting also.
Can I get sued by the builder if my USDA loan is denied one day before closing?
I am getting denied for a house loan a day before closing. Because me and my fiance split up 3 weeks before. It was a USDA loan and states that the place needs to be the primary residence of both people…
Marina Bay questions
I am just starting a condo search and think that Marina Bay might be a good choice. Where can I find out information about the different bulidings in the development? What have prices done over the past…
this is earl g. found a home that i want now what?
I am a contract lease worker and make ok money I have found a home that I want to buy and it is perfect for me and my family, how do get the home through the usda program?
Would you consider $120000 cash?
Would you consider $120000 cash? Pamela Peck
Good Income Bad Credit
I have a few thousand in savings with a decent job where I can afford mortgage payments but my credit is terrible am I able to dig out of this slump to purchase my first home?
What are everyones thoughts on the Vineyards at Heritage?
Thinking about buying a house in the neighborhood. I have two small children so schools are important. Any advice would be great
Renting out my home and purchasing another
I would like to rent out my current home and buy another in the area. I'm looking at foreclosures and pre-foreclosures. I can't sell the home I own currently due to the market, but I would really like…
We are relocating to Rochester from Ohio this summer
and are looking for a single family (around 400K), 4 bedroom, 3 bath home; however, we shall need to rent until we sell. Are there realtors in the area that specialize in this type of situation? We have…
Do me a favor how to search for corresponding district shcool of house based on school name?
for example, General Ray Davis Middle school,what has some real state that belongs to this school district scope?? its urgent! thanks for your help
looking to lease a home in fountain or vermillion county Indiana with option to buy in 1 year
looking to lease a house close to cayuga indiana with option to buy in 1 year
y hasn't this place sold?
633b rosehollow drive,Yarley pa is something wrong with it, did someone die there?
What differentiates the Boca communities of Millpond, Timbercreek, New Floresta and Colonnade?
We like like all of these communities and have a Budget of up to $550k but wondered if anyone has reasons to choose one over another?
Ask a question...
Are the HOA fees for the Village at Tom's Creek really $1200 a month?
Hello I have question about the property located in Boardwalk elk grove, I just wondering with only 30 k as down payment
( No credit score, since I just got my green card 3 months ago ) Can I still get home loan?
Hi, Can I buy a house if I live in Mexico?
Can I buy a house if I live in Mexico?
Looking for a USDA loan on a small house on a couple of acres.
The house is $54,000. Our score is (unfortunately) 617 mid range. Is this anywhere near possible? We can do an FHA loan, but some of the closing costs may be a gift fund which I presume an UW will frown…
We are renters in a MH on 5 acres. Property is in foreclosure.
Landlord is finally willing to short sale it and we would like to buy it, but they are going through a realtor who is a close relative to handle it. Makes me a little nervous since its a family handled…
looking to buy my first home, quite a few are bank owned, how low is too low of an offer?
im looking at homes in the $40,000-$60,000 range in macomb county michigan ive heard of people making rediculous low ball offers and getting accepted. this goes for bank owned, forclosures and regular…
How big is the area and is it great for a young family?
Are there schools in the area? What are some really great schools nearby?
why would a home seller extend the option period?
We are buying a home and had a 10 day option. We had the inspection done and asked for some plumbing to be fixed and $10K off the sales price of the home due to needed repairs. The buyer said he would…
I am thinking of buying a condo at St. Croix Pelican Marsh...do you think it is a good idea?
The prices seem good and we are looking for a place to retire to in about ten years. We liked the St.Croix/Pelican Marsh condos but don't know that much about the area etc. We would rent it out and…
I would like to know whether these houses are prefabricated.Thanks in advance.
I am thinking about homes of 400 000$ to 450 000$
If a home is quit claimed to me, but I am not on the FHA loan will this effect me from getting a FHA loan for a purchase on a primary residence?
The mortgage is in my fathers name as well as the deed, and if he were to quitclaim it to me will this effect me from getting FHA financing for a purchase on a different property that would be my primary…
what are any indications that there is a problem with a bank of america short sale?
Put in a full asking price bid on a house and signed a purchase contract with owner on a short sale property held by Bank of America. There was a counter offer and I accepted. it has been two months now…
What is your opinion of Sturwood Hamlet in Lawrenceville?
Do the apartments there bring a less desirable crowd into the neigborhood? Why are the townhomes there priced much lower there than in other townhouse developments in Lawrenceville?
Buying a place for elderly parents
My siblings and myself (the 3 of us) are considering purchasing a place that would be suitable for our aging parents to live in Brooklyn. We are looking into condos or single family homes only because…
sign a contingency removal form?
I am in the middle of a transaction. The seller's agent asked me sign the contingency removal form. He said unless I signed to remove all contengency, he won't start to repair. What is this about? If…
Are there programs to help a disable person with a down payment on a foreclosure home?
I'm interested in a bank owned home located in cedar park price range $235,000. How much would I need for a down payment and closing cost. What steps do I need to take in this process.
I want to rent my home and buy another. Can we buy first?
Could we get mortgage without renting first...in other words, get mortgage and buy, and rent after we move out? Iknow the standard answer is yes, but can WE?? Myinfo: I am married with two babies and…
Is 6172 N Holly Dr Ellettsville, IN 47429?
for sale and what is the price? Please reply to jdrew63929@aol.com
Houses for sale in Waxahachie/Midlothian, TX
3 or 4 Bedroom w/granite in kitchen, study, 2 or 3 car garage, large lot (ac). What would be the property taxes for both areas? Looking to buy very soon! Thanks
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