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Visiting and checking a Forclosure home
there are many homes listed in Fremont/Newark/Union City as Forclosure, but they dont come up with open homes. Is it possible to see the forclosed property? If yes, how can I do that?
what is the name of the cemetuary on buck mt.?
what is the name of the cemetuary on buck mountian
How safe is it to live in this area - Zip 75233-3620 for a single person.?
I am interested in buying a house in this area - Zip 75233 - 3620. I want to know what is the crime rate and what kind of crimes occur in this area.
how to sell property with a attorney in MS?
I want to sell property with out paying a attorney
is coffee creek meadows being forclosed on?
we are looking to buy in coffee creek meadows but are wondering why there have been so few sales in the last 3 years. We have been trying to get answers freon the builder on simple questions and can't…
What are the additional costs/delays in selling to an fha buyer?
buyer says will take the home as-is but also asks for 21 days to inspect which could lead to rejection. This seems like a contradiction.
Short sale for a full contract price
Hi I live in the Atlanta metro area. i am a cash buyer in which i made a full contract offer on a short sale to Wells fargo, how long is the wait time on bank approval?
Short sale on a full contract price
I am a cash buyer in which i made a full contract offer on a short sale to Wells fargo, how long is the wait time on bank approval? By the way , I live in the Atlanta metro area.
SEEKING Georgia Lender for NOO Model Home Leaseback Program - My Investors buy the Builder's Model Homes and lease them Back.
Need Lender for full doc investors. We buy the builder's model home and lease them back to the builder while they are building in the community. Seeking Georgia Lender to finance these for my clients.…
can we rent the house?
i want to rent the house
what does a material change mean in regard to a house?
If the owners of a house claim that they have done repairs or replaced an AC unit on a house do they have to provide proof of the purchases?
What do you all think of the show "Million Dollar Listing"?
I just caught a few DVR'd episodes. How exciting. How fun. I cannot believe that some commissions are more than my house is even worth--Good stuff. I wonder what it really takes to be an LA/Hollywood/Bev…
Land contract homes?
I know that there are Land contract homes on here through one company that I know, They follow the criteria that I am going to mention, but are there more, other companies like them we can go through.…
Is it possible to see just the homes I'm following on a map?
I can view a single house on a map, but I can't see a way to view all the houses I'm following on one map. I'd like to see what areas have turned up the most interesting houses for us.
Could someone share their experience dealing with PHH as the lender?
I put in an offer at the end of March on a property in the altamonte springs area. The offer was accepted by the seller in a couple of days and the short sale package with financials and all the seller's…
I rented a condo in deer creek blvd, deer field beach , looking to buy a townhome by Dec end, that is when my lease expires
Requirement : 1) should be less crime area 2)preferred Indian community 3)should be around 20-25 miles from deerfield beach area. 4) budget : 150-180k 5) home should be less than 10 years old. When…
We have about $8,000 saved up for a down payment. We pay $870 a mth in rent currently and would like to buy
a home. We both have above 700 credit scores...what are our prospects in being able to buy a home? Would it be best to try for an FHA loan? I worry about the fact that I have student loans (these loans…
I want to search home in california. Please give me suggest.
I want to search home in california. Please give me suggest.
I short sold a home almost 2 yrs ago due to a divorce and job relocation. I make approximately 41k a yr and credit score is 648.
I have a retirement account as far as investments are concerned. Based on my income, what is the average loan I could qualify for?
When will 120 Richards PL,West Haven,CT have a Open House?
will the house have a open house soon
Me and my family are moving to Ga in June 2013 and looking to purchase our first home.my husbands company is based out of Ga and I already have a job
It's hard to know what information to trust or where to go. When trying to figure out where to start in buying my first home. Personaly me and my husband have be cleaning up our credits and saving…
Help can I work with anthor agent from same office,
OK working with an agent who is rep for a house, and he sticks.I called office manager, now no I have not signed any thing and I made an offer and was suppost to meet him at the home, he did not show.…
HOA question...can they not cover the roof??
I am in escrow with a Townhome in Orange County California. We are reviewing our HOA CC & R and Amendments and it looks like in a second amendment we see that the paragraph no longer includes the…
Question regarding what to offer on Homepath financing approved foreclosure?????
Hi, I found a home online that is "Homepath financing approved". It's listed at 179,900.....and I couldn't find anything in the neighborhood that has closed recently under list…
We are a family of 4 and looking for a best place to live in Tallahasee?
Hello! We are from Michigan and possibly moving to Tallahassee due to a job offer. We are a family of 4 and we would like to live in a good safe area with good schools for our kids and more of like a country…
If I submitted an offer with an agent and that offer was not accepted, can I submitted a different offer on the same house with another agent?
I don't think that I'm "betraying" the original agent because we were the ones who found the house and did all the research. His only job was to unlock the door and fax an offer.…
Buzz Anctil, Plantation FL softbuzz@aol.com 954-791-6321
we are looking for a 3/2 on 1 acres nordering a lake, river, stream etc that we can fish. An oversized garage or workshop would be nice. Price $175,000 and below. Please reply to me personally or by e-mail…
how to find an agent?
how do you find an agent that is trustworthy and has your best interests at heart when you are new to the area and are trying to buy your first home
quisiera saber si puedo ser las clases en mi casa del ged
quisiera saber si puedo aser las clases en mi casa del ged
I have recently made an offer on a homepath home.
Immediatly after making the offer my realtor recieved a response asking how we wanted the title to read. My realtor responded and the selling agent confirmed that she had recieved the response. This is…
My parents have just become us residents, and they want to buy a house in the RGV. My dad is a retired MD from the IMSS and has a private practice
And my mom has a few rented properties. They have a constant income but no us credit score because they are new immigrants. Is there any way they can buy a house.
Is it possible to get qualified for a home loan with zero down?...?
I have no down payment but I do have a good credit history...
How many units in a multifamily would be considered as a commercial?
What is the difference between commercial and residential property from a tax standpoint in California?
Need advice on child support and home mortgage. HELP!!!!
My husband and I are in the process of buying a home. We are supposed to have closing at the end of the month. When we started the process, a few months ago, everthing was fine. Well now the mother of…
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