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looking for a great mini farm must have pond with water in brooksville area need a real good deal, poultry and goats idea, lots of privacy wanted
selling home up north and looking for farm ideas in tenn and here in fla looking for best deal under 500,000 willing to lease as well with option to buy on higher value property up north have great place…
Can I re-coup the money spent on a new metal roofing when selling a house?
The house needs a new roof. I am thinking to install either a typical asphalt shingle roof or a metal roof. There is some savings on energy costs in metal roofing. But can I re-coup the roof cost when…
homepath renovation mortgage financing
can neccessary renovations also include financing for optional renovations? such as updating to solar power?
Have any agents out there successfully closed an FHA deal recently...
And had your buyers get the EEM (Energy Efficient Mortgage) Renovations to upgrade their new home! I'd like to hear about it! What type of renovations did they get done?
Would you recommend we replace worn carpet or put in laminate or hardwood floors before selling? Budget is tight due to job loss. Thank you.
We were considering putting in bamboo flooring since we have geothermal heating/cooling and radiant heat in master bedroom. What other woods and colors are popular now with today's buyers?
Does anyone know of a good home cleaning service co. for CT that uses green products? I'm also looking for an exterminator for
termites/carpenter ants etc. just for prevention. More importantly, both co's must use products that are safe for kids and the environment. Thanks.
Have you, or do you plan to start a project in order to cash in on part of the home efficiency tax credits?
I personally think it helps people that are on the fence (and is really nice for someone who ‘has’ to upgrade for whatever reason).
What is your favorite GREEN building product and manufacturer?
What is your favorite GREEN or eco-friendly building material, product, and manufacturer? How about Bamboo flooring, Enviroglass Countertops, IceStone Countertops, Energy Management systems, etc.
Anyone have any experience with Geothermal Systems?
Ok Trulia. Anybody here have any experience with Geothermal Systems? I’m wondering if it's a viable heating source for the New England area. Anyone build a house with it or sell a house with…
This is Ggirl. Bills.com replied wtih this answer: I love Zillow, but take its home value figures for what they are -- a computer-generated estimate
that is blind to nuance and incapable of keeping up with fast-moving markets. You know your neighborhood. If comps are selling for $X and Zillow is estimating $Y, you have to go with the market price of…
To RICHARD: i have a 54k 2nd with chase which is 5mo. late and chase has sent me a letter of intent to foreclose, I have a 187k 1st with bank of
america which i am current on. I filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and rec. a discharge in 12/2008. I never reaffirmed with either loan. Does bofa have to follow suit if the 2nd with chase forecloses. Even…
I have a single family home in Seattle and I was planning to sell my house in about a year. I was wondering if it is a worthwhile investment to buy a
new front-loading washer and dryer set. My dryer died so I have to buy a new one anyways. How important is this to home buyers in the Seattle market? I was planning on spending around $1200 total.…
Is there anyplace I can purchase property witihin 30 minutes drive time to the Beverly Center for payments totaling $1200 a month?
I would like to fix up a multi family property with a "going green" approach. The areas I have seen that appear within this range are high in crime. Are there some that are better than others?…
I own a property in North Port that is my vacation home. I am looking for a reputable and reasonable guy to
mow my grass. I will appreciate any referrals as the man who was to mow the grass has suffered an injury and is unable to do so.
I am building a new home in a suburb of South-East Cleveland. Should I opt for the standard 52 Gallon Electric Water Heater or a Gas Power Vent Water?
Heater. I heard its cheaper on the monthly bills using Gas but I need your advice. The Electric Water Heater specs are: Energy factor of 91 and First hour rating of 62. Gas specs: Energy factor of…
I just bought an energy star washing machine. Can someone tell me which tax rebates apply towards it in NY?
I saw a rebate program in another state, but wasn't there something new out there for tax rebates on energy star appliances?
are there any grants or forgivable loans in Missouri, in Jackson County?
We would like to put a more efficient heating and cooling unit in, new carpet and vinyl siding
Will I be able to get 100% return on my investment for green features like solar panels and new windows?
Which green updates would you recommend that will provide the highest rate of return when I resell my place?
When you hear the term Green Building what do you think of? I'm a member of a green building council and an
EcoBroker (green real estate designation). We are looking to see what people think of when they hear this term. What is a green house to you? If you had the chance to learn more about it, what are the…
ECCO friendly landscaping, how popular is it becoming with contractors ,and homeowners?
Thinking about starting a total Ecco friendly landscape business.
Do You Think a Green Property or a Property that has the Potential to Go Green is More Valuable?
Solar Energy and Real Estate Value in America Going Green: Technology in the solar energy industry has significantly advanced over the years to the efficiency and quality of collectors manufactured…
Where can I buy an "energy saver" ??
During this hot summer our air conditioner is on and my electric bill is skyrocketing. Other than turning of the unit, is there anything I can buy to reduce my electric bill? I have heard of something…
Can LEED certification add value to my home?
I recently built a LEED Gold certified green home in Mountain View, CA. When I had it appraised, I was told that there is no added value to have this certification. Is this true? Should I have my home…
Are Realtors starting to give home owners going green tips?
Are there any Realtors who will suggest that having a washing line to dry clothes in the Sun is a good energy saving idea or will they by default argue against it agreeing with many housing community bylaws…
How do I look up previous utility bills for properties I'm interested in buying?
How do I look up National Grid and National Fuel Bills for a property I may be interested in purchasing? Do I have to call the company to inquire or is there some place on the internet I can find the…
I am in contract on a home in Jackson. I saw the info poasted here on energy rebates. If I paid the 150 for
the inspection and then went out and bought all new energy star appliances for this house would I get the 5000 in rebates? or have I misunderstood this posting?
Why do most lenders not recognize "Green" price adjustments on Energy Efficient / Green Homes by Appraisers ?
Some Lenders pretend to offer "Energy Efficient" Mortgages with expanded ratios for Energy Star & Green Homes ! However , these same lenders will not recognize the "Green" adjustments made by Appraisers…
I am having solar panels installed on the front of my home. It is South facing.
I asked my neighbor who is directly across from me if it would be okay. He told me to go right ahead and he thought it would not offend him. He says he is thinking about going solar also. I have been told…
I am Interested in converting to solar energy
If I move to the Safety Harbor Area are there any homes on the market that would allow this? What are the local laws about this matter?
what does sfx do to help the enviorment and teach the kids to help save the earth?
-- This question is about St Francis Xavier School: http://www.trulia.com/schools/CT-Waterbury/St_Francis_Xavier_School/
Is it common to use balloons for promotion of open houses in your area? Eco-friendly agents, your thoughts?
Should we cease using balloons because they are bad for the environment?
House in La Puente burned down a week ago. We want to remodel using green remodeling guidelines from
www.BuildItGreen.org. (Look for downloadable file: 2007-Remodeling-Guidelines, Building Green.pdf) If the cost of remodeling exceeds the available insurance funding, then we're interested in a pre-fabricated…
Are other cities working on ordinances for Greater Energy Efficiency?
ORDINANCE PUSHES GREATER ENERGY EFFICIENCY SAN ANTONIO (San Antonio Express-News) – A new ordinance presented to the Real Estate Council of San Antonio Wednesday proposes gradually increasing energy…
I need to replace an oil storage tank. and septic system. What should I know.?
What are the regs and do I need a permit. Who can do the job?
Are there any green buildings, ideally passive solar homes or homes with solar panels in the area around Yale?
I am a first-time buyer, and I would like to make my contribution to a better environment and avoid high heating costs. I was thinking of about 1,000squ ft. near East Rock, in Westville or East Haven.
Pinn Bros in Brentwood
Hi, Has anyone had any experience with Pinn Brothers builder in Brentwood? If yes, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks. Myriam
How is Traditional airer useful in modern living environment of UK?
How is Traditional airer useful in modern living environment of UK?
If I rent my home can I qualify it as commercial property? The reason I want to do this is that I have been
told that cost of installing solar to generate the electricity is 1/2 the cost vs on residential property. ( Denver, Co.) thanks
Are there any state or federal subsidies available for green home improvement projects in South Carolina?
I'm in Columbia and considering buying a home, but few residential buildings in the area have features such as solar panels or greywater recycling. I've heard that some states offer grants or tax rebates…
how can i reach property owners?
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/homes/New_Jersey/Barnegat/sold/21396033-59-SCHOONER-AVE-BARNEGAT-NJ-08005
What conservation-minded home improvements provide the best return on investment?
solar panels? green roofing? geothermal climate control? gray-water systems? zero-water landscaping? cisterns? wind turbines? flash water heaters? Energy Star appliances? others?
What are the best options for a condominium building to add solar panels? (Is it better to rent or to buy?)
My HOA is considering adding solar panels to our building to reduce energy costs, etc. We’re intrigued by companies like Solar City which reduce the up-front capital expense, in effect renting the…
Are the benefits of a green built home clear to you, as a buyer or selling agent?
An energy rated home can offer significant savings in operating expenses and can offer a far healthier air quality. Both of these features add up to $$ savings. If the specifics are unclear, this can…
I am looking for ten or more acres for sale by owner on the West side of Nashville outside the perimeter.
I woudl like a for sale by owner situation. I have great credit, just odn't want the expense of a conventional loan. I would like to have at least ten acres or more near West perimeter of Nashville that…
Seeking investors for new private preserve luxury home community in the Charlotte area -- are you interested?
Unique investment opportunity in planned private preserve luxury home community in the Charlotte area. Homesites will be multi-acre, allowing homes to have personal amenities. Also taking reservations…
Where in the lower Rio Grande valley is there the soil and moisture so that I can plant a large vegetable?
garden and small fruit orchard on about an acre of land at a reasonable cost?
Are there any buyers or sellers who choose to work with green brokers?
What green attributes/skills do you require?
What conservation-minded home improvements are buyers asking for?
solar panels? green roofing? geothermal climate control? gray-water systems? zero-water landscaping? cisterns? wind turbines? flash water heaters? Energy Star appliances? others?
Looking for green eco friendly builders to partner with...
Searching For Green Builders On The Mainline Who Would Like To Partner With Me In Selling Green Homes. www.mainlinegreenrealtor.com
I love being green, but Rankin County does not have curbside recycling. Who can tell me how to convince a?
government agency to provide such a service? Any other recommendations? Thanks.
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