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Looking for a good videographer in Healdsburg...
Trulia is working on a special project and is looking to hire a videographer in the Healdsburg area. Can you recommend anyone?
I am thinking of relocating to Atlanta, GA from Nashville, TN. I have two daughters age 16 and 13 and
recently divorced. We want a good school district and are considering first time homeownership in the area. What area would you suggest? It needs to be affordable. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Management/Human…
I am trying to find a live/work/loft-anything- in the Dallas area....
I have 4 large dogs (3 pit bulls one mix). My boyfriend, who will be living with me, is very picky- he wants high ceilings, no carpet, a non-corporate owned place, open loft style...the list goes on!!…
Where can I find info on what the different neighborhoods are like in Eugene and surrounding region?
This info is to help figure out where to look for housing if my transfer comes through. I'd like to know about quality of life, proximity to open space, arts and events, restaurants etc. I am not necessarily…
I'm looking to move to the Ventura/Oxnard area early this summer and am considering purchasing a boat to
live-a -board on while I house hunt. Does anyone have any information regarding availability or pricing for marina slips? Any recomendations for boat brokerages? Thanks for any help, Paul
Looking for thoughts and opinions on Princeton St and Winfield Ave. Is this area safe? Compared to other
sections of Greenville, Bergen/Lafayette? Looking at some property in this neighborhood and it seemed pretty quite and peaceful during the day. What's your take?
Builders: How are new zoning requirements in Beekman, NY affecting your developments?
Is Beekman still a target area for new developments because of its location? How are the zoning changes of the last couple of years affecting your decision to build a subdivision?
What is the bottom line price for living in Plumas Lake, CA?
What is the flood insurance if you are purchasing a resale home? What is the property taxes and mello roos on a home around 275,000? What are the amounts payable to the county for water and garbage? Are…
Is the Oceanview area desireable?
I'm considering buying a home closer to the city, and just north of Daly City there's a community which seems both affordable and fairly clean. 280 is nearby, the bart station is a short walk away, stonestown…
Interested in Chester Heights, PA
I am interested in moving to Chester Heights. Can you give me 1 or 2 addresses of homes that have been sold there recently and what the prices were
I was looking for a good Church Home in the Hampon Roads area (Suffolk and Chesapeake) Any suggestions?
I was looking for a good Church Home in the Hampon Roads area (Suffolk and Chesapeake) I was wondering if you could help?
What North Jersey town is good for a starter home purchase that is near to NYC?
We'd like to find a home near mass transit to the city and an easy hop onto Jersey highways. In either Essex or Union counties, which towns are good to start a family? We're looking for townhouses or single…
how do i compare cities on a map to find the right community to live?
are there any resources that can help name a community based on characteristics i want?
What is the general feeling about Lancaster, OH?
Is it isolated or quaint? Cool little town or just plain boring? And how are the High School(s) and community colleges?
Why isn't there a website that rates individual pieces of real estate?
I'm talking about a website sort of like a or that rates individual pieces of real estate with the ability to rate the property and comment on the property. I think that it is a…
Motels Gallup New Mexico near rodeo grounds
THis isnt really a realestate question but I need to know what hotels are the closest to the rodeo groundsat Gallup. Example Red Rock Park
Which is the best option to dispose an upside down investment property? & legal & tax consequense of each
Which is the best option to dispose an upside down investment property? & legal & tax consequense of each one? This property has a non-recourse purchase loan. 1. Deed in Lieu of froeclosure? Will one…
Is anyone looking for a fantastic home on Terlingua Ranch near Alpine Texas? This is a hard listing to sell
because it is very remote. It is a REALLY nice adobe style house that would be a great corporate retreat. There are 2 landing strips nearby. Someone out there really needs this place...I'm just having…
I'm trying to decide between Mill Valley and Larkspur as places to live. We are a bi-national family
(Japanese/American), have lived six years in Tokyo, four in Paris, and have sent our two children (16 and 12) to small international schools for a decade. We have a dog as well. Any advice?
Where are non deed restricted neighborhoods in Sarasota?
looking for NON DEED RESTRICTED neighborhoods in Sarasota. Can you name some? Not really interested in voluntary HOA'S. Any info will be apprecuiated
I am looking at renting a 5bedroom house in Reunion fully furnished for 7 months starting in Oct 2009 I want
the golf membership i would like to be me and my 2 partners on the golf membership also where could I get a idea of electric and gas bill for a house that big 4500sq
I'm relocating from Denver and I want to live in Novato. Are there other parts of Novato besides Hamilton?
with a lot of kids? We'd like to live in an area where there are yards and the kids can play with the neighbors' kids.
Hi, I am a realtor in SF area wanting to downsize and move to the San Diego area and suburbs with the intent
to sell real estate. Which area can one find good schools and open spaces like jogging or biking trails etc and not too far from the beach where one can find a 3Bedhome in the 300-400K range with current…
Which suburbs offer metra train and shops (decent downtown) towards north, north west?
I would like to buy a Single Family home within walking distance to trains and shops. Which suburbs offer this? I know Des Plaines has trains and shops, but mostly condos and townhouses close to downtown.…
how much is commercial square footage in 60612 (Chicago, IL)?
I am looking to lease commercial space in hotel in this area. I want to compare market rates to the rate given to me by leasor.
Can I drive a moving truck into Cape Coral?
I am renting a truck in Ft Myers and I'm wondering the best way to get in Cape Coral with a tall moving truck. Any help is appreciated. ^_^
What is the premium I am paying for good school district?
Is there a website which shows the premium I have to pay in terms of higher property price and taxes for staying in good school district. e.g. is it better to stay in Forest park and send your kids to…
I was charged $232.00 for property tax in Portland Or. and I don't live in Portland nor have property their
can't get anywhere with the internet can you help track this for me the only info I have is PNP prop. Portland,Or. and thethe series of numbers 24717058121641212488453
I am trying to pay my condo fees on time. I got my hours reduced to 1 day a week at work for now. I cannot
afford the mortgage right now. Can i qualify for a modification after i get more hours at work? Just paid the proptax on my condo, but can't afford more.
The Homeowner Stability Plan "is limited to loans held or securitized by Fanni Mae or Freddie Mac"
The Homeowner Stability Plan "is limited to loans held or securitized by Fanni Mae or Freddie Mac, How would I know if my loan is Fannie or Freddie already? or is it automatic if the loan amount does not…
What Do you think about the Cole and Whittier neighborhoods in Denver, CO?
Is it going to be an up and coming neighborhood soon?
I'm interested in a home in Durham located within walking distance of a Montessori magnet school. Does this?
proximity mean nothing in terms of getting in? Can anyone offer any insight regarding the general feel of Forest Hills? We're looking for playmates for our two year old and her future siblings! Thanks!
Who's eligible for the "New Real Estate Loan Modification Plan"? Federal guidelines = Lots of Conditions!
Do you Qualify? Contact the "loan modification department" with your lender. Be patient, it will take a while for lenders to react and hopefully, Help You!
renters insurance
have a tenant in need of renter's insurance in DC. If you know of a good agent that can offer basic renter's insurance at a good price, email me at
Can you describe how Margate looks and feels for a person that has never lived here?
Do residents maintain their homes and lawns? Are there dramatic differences between different neighborhoods or zip codes? Is there a dominant architecture throughout the city?
I am looking for someone that might recognize a house in Roseburg. Photo taken in 1942. Looking for historian
I would like it if anyone could e-mail me an e-dress of where to serch for information about a house, that I have a photo of in an old Family album. no info. except taken in 1942. Was maybe family owned.…
2 TAX CREDITS for HOMEBUYERS? Federal, up to$8,000. and Ca. state, up to $10,000.?
May be used together? But, there are conditions that must be satisfied. Available, March 1, 2009 Do you qualify?
Need knowledgable, professional Real Estate help? Loan information, market conditions or other assistence?
Buying, Selling, Financing or exchanging? May I offer my 45 years experience?
How is the Meadowbrook Road area of Wyckoff? Thanks!
- Perception? - Desirable? - School district (Lincoln) - Traffic considerations - Placement in town (other side of the tracks? lesser area? difficult to get to main areas?)
I need an expert on short sales please. Anyone?
I am involved in a short sale -- it has taken 9 mos for the bank to accept--problem now is that we are finding out we can't get a loan on the house since it has no heat. Slthough we are paying in ALL…
if i have $30,000 equity in home, is this my own money to do what i'm pleased, or is it really a loan where i
could lose my home if not paid back? someone advised it's not a good thing to pay off home, instead use it as an asset and pay down debt, vacation on it, pay college tution. but won't this hurt more than…
what do i need if my business is in one state and I am working in another state?
I have a partner and an establised bus. in AZ and I am in TX, we want to reach out and sell our product in both states, what do I need to do to sell and advertize in tx?
Hi, thanks for all the help, I just finished talking to 2 board members and the president, they infatically
tell me he cannot move in because he is not 55, I am beside myself, they will take it to the lawyer if need be, and they told me if I am wrong they will charge me for the bill, I have our documents and…
as mentioned I own in a 55 community, he will sign a under 55 waver,the board is giving me grief,20/80 rule
or at least trying to. One couple inherated there condo, do not come often, about 2x's a year they are under 55, what is really the law when things happen? I moved here when I was under 55 and my x was…
My client is having a problem with their management company. the name is Dome. anyone know of an attorney who?
can help her fight off the extra fees.?? any advise or referral will be greatly appreciated.
We have just been notified of a special assessment of more than $500 (essentially doubling our maintanence)
and the alleged rationale is an increase in heating costs and real estate taxes. Is this possible? The assessment is in effect for 9 months and in this economy, how can the board expect struggling families…
Soo... America, what do you think about Realtors who.....
buy big sandwich boards and stand on the street corners next to the pan-handlers and homeless asking for your business as you drive past? Or how about Realtors that get on here and claim that they've…
We are relocating to southeastern MA and need help choosing a community. We want to be near 495 corridor
between Bridgewater and Franklin (east side is better for us location-wise). We have school-age kids, like a strong sense of community, and are in the $300-400K price range. Suggestions?
Where is district 6 in Greer?
I see a lot of homes that say they are in district 6. Where is that? -- This question is about Greenville County School District:…
Can you help me identify the neighborhoods of Albuquerque that would be best for my family? We want either
charm/character/personality or scenic natural beauty, and have 2 young kids. Need great public schools. We don't want new tract housing or a community based around big box stores and shopping malls -…
i found a foreclosure in nj that i am interested in and need a hard money rehab loan, can anyone help?
i think the bank will except 500k and it needs about 100k in work. The current zillow value is 1,233,000.
1960's Venice Little King & Queen?
Does anyone remember back in the late 1950 and early 1960's that Venice used to have a little King and Queen of Venice? They piked just kids (don't remember age bracket) The last year that they had it,…
how many days on the market what was the asking price?
-- This question is about this property:
I am looking to purchase a lot in the Fairmount neighborhood in order to build a home. Not many lots are
listed for sale and many look to be owned by the city of Fort Worth. Does anyone have pointers on buying land from the city? Any other pointers on buying land in this area would also be appreciated.
Berkley Michigan-On the rise, no change, decline?
My wife and I are considering settling in Berkley, MI. We like the community and the school district is good too. The downtown has gone through and continue to be developed with new businesses opening…
I have been in Palo Alto, Calif for over 40 years and in Real Estate for over 20 years, I love what I do,
that is to help my clients with there dream home, either moving up or down, I also have a SRES. Who do you know that would like to buy or sell in my area??? Pat Raynak,
Condo Sale/Renters Rights
Hello and thank you in advance for any answers. I rent a condo in Miami Florida from an owner. He has a buyer and is selling it. The new owners would like us to leave. Do we have to? I have a 1 year lease…
if townhome owners are investors that do not live on the property, should they be given the same rights as
owners living there, do they stil get one vote per unit they own and should they hold officer positions on the board?
how can i get information on old school buildings for sale in Texas?
Looking for Churches, libraries, public buildings or schools
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