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My wife and I are relocating to the Greenville area and are wondering what the up and coming neighborhoods around downtown are. Is the?
Mulberry/Pinkney area good and still improving or was it a few improvements and out? My wife is a school counselor and we were also wondering when the schools there post openings for next year. Thank…
should i invest now in real estate or wait a little longer?
should i invest now in real estate or wait a little longer? what is the best strategy in this current market?
What is a capital contribution fee ?
Can anybody tell me what is a capital contribution fee ? What does it depend on, does it depend from home to home in a community or just community as a whole ? I'm interested in knowing this amount…
What are the best NJ towns for a family to live in with great schools and a downtown/main street atmosphere?
My family currently lives in Jackson, NJ but I am keeping my eyes open to move to a town in NJ that is affordable, has great schools and a great community for our family and has a little main street with…
If you live in one state and own a business in another who do you pay state workmen's taxes too.
Say I own a trucking company that does business in a not mandatory workmen comp state, but live in a state that does. Can I register a business in that state and still reside in my state and not have…
Appraiser is also a real estate broker? What the ....!!!!?
Hi, I'm the one that posted on the $75,000 difference in value from 2009 to 2010. After a little checking, the appraiser is also a real estate broker using 2 different names. Legal? Not returning…
I hire contractor to replace my floor. He cashed out my check with pay $2400 / $3100.This project is work
about 1800sf of inslation of title. After 15 days worked by himseft, I ask him to finish my mom room and living room with coner round, but he refush to do so, and took him tool and leaving my house with…
How far in advance can you start showing a rental property with tenants living there if I'm not renewing the lease and they are aware?
I own a two family house in garfield, nj and have decided not to extent my tenants lease, but they've asked if I can extend it for two months and I've said yes. Their lease is now up at the end…
tax credit
Could you intraduce some info for the tax credit? I know there are three numbers: $8,000/$6,500/$10,000 Is that $10,000 only for new home? For first time buyers, can they get $18,000?
Hey How about A Realtor National Open House
Working on the Idea of a community Open House. I think we should have a National Open House. We have Realtors in( almost ) every state. Every Realtor can pass out a single sheet ( both sides ) with all…
How do you feel about , the Creation of the Obama Health Care?
What are the Benefits? What are the consequences?
Some tip for looking at La Canada Flintridge home, please help with first time buying
Hi, This is going to be my first home that I am looking to purchase. I have been looking at a lot of areas in around San Marino, Pasadena, South Pasadena, and La Canada Flintridge. I have been outbid…
Is anyone familiar with the Lake Chabot neighborhood in Castro Valley?
I am not sure if that is the official name of the area, but the area I saw was near Chabot school, and heading up to Lake Chabot. Is it fairly safe? Is there a strong sense of community/lots of families?…
Can anyone let me know what are the cable options in Lopatcong NJ?
Wanted to go with Fios but it's not available. What options are there?
Taxes when renting out property
We have a home in poinciana we are thinking of renting out long term. Should we include taxes to county & local association. Do the renters pay these or do we pay them as we do now. regards ailen
Moving to the area in several months, 50 year old single mother of 14 year old daughter. Should I consider other areas such as Schertz? I am
wanting opinions on the high schools, neigherborhoods and social opportunties for myself. Thanks so much. LSP
Kissimmee gated community townhomes for short term rental - any recommedations?
Hi! I am a investor from the UK considering purchasing a 3 or 4 bed townhome priced up to $110,000 on a gated community within Kissimmee (zips 34746 and 34747) for the purpose of short term rental. I…
How serious are open LUST/SLIC environmental cases in a neighborhood?
We are interested in a property in San Jose, CA that has disclosed an open case for a Leaking Underground Storage Tank in a Shell gas station and a Spill case by Good Year tires. How serious is kind of…
furnished rentals in richmond hills, ga.
husband in town working on a construction job site, need furnished apt, loft, studio or villa in RICHMOND HILLS, GA near highways 204, 144 or 17. Can anyone help. I am getting exhausted searching.
Single, 28 year old guy relocating to Seattle looking for neighborhood with young professionals, bars, cafes, parks, good "walkability"
I am looking at relocating to Seattle and would be working in Everett. I would like to find a neighborhood that is popular with young professionals, has bars, cafes, restaurants, parks, bike trails near…
Looking for a family friendly, affordable (3 bedroom/2 bath w/ 1600-1800 sq. ft. for less than $900,000) and safe/low crime community 35 minutes or
less commute by car from Palo Alto! Would be great of there were some cafes, bookstores, & restaurants nearby too! Does such a place exist? Job opportunity in Palo Alto, but PA is too expensive for…
Two 20somethings relocating to portland? What is a good neighborhood to look at?
My boyfriend and I are moving to Portland in March post graduation. We want to live somewhere that has agood feeling (nothing too 'hip' though, he is more country club than coffe shop),' is safe to walk…
Is it just me or are the prices for houses in Mayfair way too high. I know people who bought a house 8 years
ago for $50,000 and are now selling for $130.000 what is going on. I am interested in moving to the Northeast but I'm thinking about renting because my luck will be the bottom will drop out if I buy something.…
Home owner insurance in cape coral
How much is home owner insurance for a typical 1800 sqft canal home that is 30 years old. I just need a rough estimate. Is it in the thousands or hundreds.
Buying condos in Stamford as investment
We are looking to buy condos in downtown stamford as investments. We actually made a few offers, but we can't get the mortgage even with a 25% down payment since most of the condo buildings in stamford…
Anyone familiar with this are?
Anyone familiar with this area or live there?
Can any recommend a zoning attorney for Whiting Indiana?
Recently purchased a four unit in Whiting but it may have zoning issues..can anyone suggest a attorney who understands and has experience with the process in Whiting? thanks
Roomate is moving out and I need to show the room for a new roommate. The old roomate will not allow this, how do I deal with this issue.
Do I have a legal right to go around the roomate and show the room or do the have a legal right to stop me???
There are many Open Questions, on the new Obama Health Care! Will Employment suffer? Will workers loose their jobs? Will Companies close and move out of this country? Who is going to benefit…
Roomate is moving out but will not allow me to show the room
I own the apartment, it is in a coop. My roomate is moving out at the end of the month, but will not allow me to show the room to prospective roomates, what is my legal recourse....What can I do??
What qualifications do you feel a real estate agent should have?
Many real estate agents market themselves as "speclialists"...what qualifications do you feel an agent should have in order to represent themselves as a true specialist in their chosen field?
Military Job Relocation.
An applicant claimed she move to this city due to Military Job Relocation. She said she don't need to go to work until Aug. So I can't verify her job here. I only can call her previous employer…
Military Job Relocation
An applicant claimed she move to this city due to Military Job Relocation. She said she don't need to go to work until Aug. So I can't verify her job here. I only can call her previous employer…
Who are the best investor-friendly real estate agents in Durham?
Hi, I'm looking for local real estate agents to partner with who have experience working with creative investors. Thanks, Stacie Van Leeuwen President - Selah Enterprises, Inc.
Bank Owned house with multiple offers.
We put an offer in on a bank owned house today. I spoke with the listing agents assistant literally a dozen times today. I gave her our bid and she told me it was the highest bid and that we should get…
two lease agreements
A family with Sec 8 want to sign the lease with us. But the government only pay $1000. So they told me we need to sign two lease agreements: one is $1000 and another one is $1400. Is it legal?
Question about the Highpoint apartment complex in Quincy
How often does the complimentary shuttle to the Quincy Center T stop run? What the the hours of service? Are residents from the next door Excelsior complex allowed to take the shuttle? How close is the…
Are these decent rental markets: Biltmore, Highlands, Edgewood, & Magnolia Gardens?
I live out of state and was wondering if you would tell me if these are decent rental markets: Biltmore, Highlands, Edgewood, & Magnolia Gardens. If not, why?
I'm working on a story on NACA, and particularly about member experiences with the requirements of the "participation pledge." Does
anyone have a personal story or experience (good or bad) that they can share? Please email me: or post a reply...
I am planning to buy home near ofallon, mo area. and my idea is to sell the house in 5-6 yrs, and the range i am looking for is under $200,00.
so myquestions - by that time will i be able to sell it off and make some money. which is the upcoming area at this location.
We are considering a relocation to Atlanta. Work would be close to the airport. A commute of 30 to 40 minutes is OK. We would like to be in the
200,000 range. If we could get something near a lake or creek that would fit great for us. Country living is a plus. Can you suggest areas to preview when we do a location scout in early April?
where is a safe area close to the naval base in norfolk, va?
I am looking to rent an apartment in norfolk...I will be working at the naval base and with gas so outrageous I need to have a short commute but want something nice in a decent neighborhood...someone mentioned…
Legal Reason to End the Lease
Is medical issue a legal reason to end the lease? My tenant signed 3 years lease with us. But she showed us her doctor's letter saying she should move to an single story house due to her back problem.…
What suburbs are family friendly and also an easy commute in the Philadelphia area?
We are relocating to the Philly area. We have a 9 year old daughter, so we need a suburb with a good school district. We are looking to rent a house first before purchasing. I was just interested to know…
Rental Property Wanted - Lease To Purchase Option
Looking for 3BR/2BA rental property in Charlotte, NC (Zip Codes 28209, 28210, 28212, 28226) with lease to purchase option. Initial Term minimum of one year. Please email me if you have a property available.
garage price
Hi, The home that I am interested in does not have garage. It has been converted with permit. It is a sale by owner home. How much lower should I negotiate the price because it does not have a garage?
Have you ever just looked at your phone as it rings and say I just can't talk real estate any more today?
I am receiving so many calls that don't lead to closing, sometimes I need a break
I'm looking for more information on AG-1 zoning in Buckingham Twp, Bucks County.
Does anyone have a link to a list online that describes all the zoning codes in Buckingham Township, specifically AG-1? Thanks
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