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my sister and I are now owners of my mothers home. she had our names put on the title, she took her name off the title. she has a life long lease on
the house as agreeded upon. my sister decided to put the house into suvivorship and she more or less talked me into sigining it. i would like to sell the house, for my mother lives with me now but my…
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Hi- My family is likely relocating to the Richardson/Plano area from the UK. My husband is British and I am American and grew up around Chicago (but
my family is southern). We have a toddler and one on the way! Neither of us have been to the Dallas area before - would the Plano/ Richardson area suit us? We are socially liberal, but friendly!! I am…
we are looking to move to denver area from washington state. preferably east of denver around bennett and strasburg. are there problems with water?
and can you please give any information related to drilling a well(depth, amount, rights, etc.). thank you
We have a home with the address of 2815 Grist Mill Lane in Sevierville. Our home is located off of highway 321 between Pigeon Forge & Townsend.
Please correct your map - we are not located where your map shows on your web site. Thanks Robert Quarles
Is bordentown city (08505) doesnt allow 8 feet base to be finished ? Is there rule for finish basement ?
Is there any rule in Bordentown city or Burlington county to have 9 feet basement in order to finish it and 8 feet bastment is not allowed to be finish ?
Spanos park flood areas
What areas in spanos park are in the flood plane and what is the history on this area as to flooding
East Garfield Park Area! Should I sell! sell! sell! or hold!
I own a property in East Garfield Park just around the corner from the Basilica at 3121 W Jackson Blvd. A two unit brick row house. Do you think it would make financial sense to keep it for a couple more…
Need to rent a home in Northampton area...
My wife and and I are relocating to Northampton for work with our two dogs (corgis) and are heaving a tough time finding a place. We want to buy a home but need some temporary housing to get settled and…
York, PA referrals for site work
I am looking for some reasonable and reputable companies that do sewage, excavating, etc., in the southern York County area. Having trouble finding any that I can get adequate info on - such as what their…
Miami Shores or Miami Beach - work downtown and in the Gables. Which is better for young pros, commuting and young families?
Wondering which neighborhood is better for young families, looking to buy and live in a community. Hopefully an area with good schools and low crime, but also need to consider commuting to downtown and…
Pls provide three properties in Alameda County, California, sold in month of March 2009, below $300,000.
Together with my requested properties, I also need their corresponding addres, sale date, sale price, number square feet, property description. Thanks.
Family friendly area in central/northern nj
We are relocating to the central new jersery area this summer. what are some smaller family friendly areas with great schools. Thanks!!!
Trying to find a photo of a home that sold in Dec of 2005. 31 Brockmeyer Dr Massapequa New York 11758
Trying to find a photo of a home that sold Dec 16 2005 to a Steven Risoho.The address is 31 Brockmeyer Dr Massapequa New York 11758.If you need more info please call me.My name is Barry Birmingham I…
My fiance and I are looking to find an apartment close to Franklin. We have a small income so finding an
apartment in our price range in immediate Franklin/Brentwood area has not been successful. My fiance works in Franklin but we currently live in Pleasant View and are hoping that moving closer to his job…
I have new neighbors that just moved in, and there is always traffic in and out of the house, running up to cars and even smoking marijuana in front
of thier house. Ive called the police, numerous times, to no avail. is there a way that i can find out who the property management is to give them a heads up?
I will be working at a plantg in Belle Chase. I no nothing about New Orleans. We are in our 50's with
no school age children. We will spend a maximum of $300,000 on a house. What areas do you recommend?
We are in a lease at 8251 Hummingbird Dr. The landlord lives in Florida and we are not able to contact him. The other day a notice for help with
delinquent morgage was left on our door. We also found out that the taxes are behind. Should we make arrangements to leave and stop paying the 1600 a month?
pls. I need info on Lakeview terrace in sussex, nj , on the area, is it good? the schools..etc.
we are in the process of searching for a home and we came across a townhouse in that area, i Just need true, detailed information as I am unfamiliar with the town, I have children and one will be going…
rental comps
any idea if or another website can provide me with rental comps for my house in Washington DC?
Hi, I need to get hold of a professional, reputable property management company in Atlanta (30354).
I'm in the process of purchasing a residential investment property in 30354 area and require a property manager for ongoing management of this investment. An organization with solid track record, good…
What is the average rental price for a home in Shelbina, MO?
Are there any property management firms nearby to manage a Shelbina, MO home?
What are your thoughts on Smith Park? Short term, long term, any term. Just curious about what the experts have to say. Thanks.
The Patch, or Smith Park--whatever you choose to call it--seems like a pretty neat little neighborhood. It also seems to have enough of what is important nearby: relatively safe (I guess?), nice homes,…
Proper Property Management for a Historic Downtown Orlando Home?
Hi, I am looking for a property management company that serves the downtown Orlando area. I have a single family property in the 32801 area I would like to offer for rent/lease as soon as possible.…
Anyone know a good, friendly, honest property management company?
in and around Grain Valley to manage a single family home?
Where can I find a good property management company for residential?
I'm a new landlord and I'm looking to buy more properties in the Chicago Heights area. I live in the city and have a full time job so taking a trip every week to collect rent, unclog a toilet, etc would…
Can anyone recommend a property management company in the Silver Spring area?
We are unhappy with our current management company and considering other options. Our condo is made up of 36 units.
Property Management Question ?
Hi there, as part of my research with regard to inveting in theUS, I have spoken to a property management company and been advice that it is not acceptable in the States to obtain a Bond or Cheque from…
Is there any state licensing requirement to run a property management compnay in Florida?
If there is, what licensing requirement is needed by which state depatment? Many thanks.
Why is the real estate in the san jose mid town area (burbank/san carlos) a little lower?
Why is the real estate in the san jose mid town area, ie san Carlos/Burbank, San jose a little cheaper compared to the surrounding areas? Is it because of the not so good school district?
Whats the deal with north minneapolis?
I've been watching recent transactions and it seems inconsistent. One house might sell for 14,900 and the house across the street may sell for 149,000. Is it still possible to sell a well maintained house…
Does anyone know a company that will assist in investor loan modifications in the Las Vegas area.?
We own 3 rental properties each worth approx $200,000 less than what we paid for them? Looking for a reputable attorney with experience in loan mods.
don't want to be in an hoa...can I be forced to join?
I live in south carolina and recently purchased a house in a developing subdivision. As of now there is no hoa. If in the future as more houses are built the new residents decide to form an hoa can I…
Is there life in Mount Dora for a 26/36 year old married couple?
My husband and I are considering purchasing a new home in Mount Dora, off of Donnelly (44B). We both work in Altamonte Springs, can anyone tell me what the commute is like during rush hour? What are the…
I heard there is a 30 day seasoning requirement from banks.
I heard there is a 30 day seasoning requirement from banks. Is this related to REOs or Short Sales? Can you tell me a little bit more about this?
How do I limit search to Hayes Neighborhood?
The closest neighborhood I can find info on is Edenvale. It seems Trulia lumps the Hayes neighborhood into Edenvale neighborhood. They are different (see neighborhood data at…
I am applying for a new construction loan and the appraiser appointed through the mortgage company appraised the house/land much lower than expected.
Is there anything that I can do about this? Details: -lot owned in established neighborhood that is about 8 yrs old(former home on lot burned) -appraiser valued lot about $12k less than county tax…
We may be moving to Miami in the next few months. We have been looking at homes in Coconut Grove but been
told that the Grove has some bad neighborhoods. Can anybody tell me what areas are better than others.
Build new or buy resale- which is better?
We are debating about building a new home (with Heartland Homes) or buying a resale home next summer. It would be in the same school district so that is a wash; the build is in a development that is about…
Which are the best areas to live within easy commuting distance of Montvale?
I'm transferring to a job in Montvale and want to buy a house in a nice town with a community feel, preferably quite cosmopolitan, where I can get around mostly on foot or by bicycle and which is…
Hi Sandra: Thanks for your blog. Do to the character limit, I'll get to my question. Who is in charge of the wells in Showlow Pines?
The reason I ask is that we have property just up north of the official Show Low Pines development, and want to see if we can purchase water from one of the several wells in the area. Sorry, I know you…
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