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What areas of NY are safe and have some trees?
2 years ago my husband and I moved from Oregon to Hackettstown, NJ. We are now considering a move to New York. We do not know anything about New York except the usual tourist things. My husband, who is…
is their a girl scout troop in gainesville?
because in some places their are not
I'm just getting discharged from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and now I have a new job that will more than pay for a mortgage. I can afford to put
about 10% down for a small condo and I'm wondering how long after bankruptcy will I need to wait to get a mortgage. If it's a year than I should have 20% to put down without a problem. How hard…
Are there quarter acre lots available just outside Austin, TX?
I would like to know the going rate for such a lot, with utilities available and where a mobile home would be allowed.
Is there a loan program available for investors to use? To buy HUD homes and renovate and resale in WV?
I am a technology professional trying to secure my families future and avoid job layoffs. I have always been interested in real estate and now have a partner to assist with the renov part. As usual it…
Tanoan Comm HOA questions.
My husband and I are looking to buy in ABQ in the next 7 months and have been looking at houses online to get an idea of the market there. So far we like a couple homes in the Tanoan Comm area and we were…
What is the rental market in Decatur like? It is easy to rent out a detached home? Why would someone want?
to rent out a home if they could buy one, since the real estate is so inexpensive there?
Can you tell me what the mortality rates and the morbitity rates are for blackwood?
I need to know what the leading causes of death are and age specific death rates are. I also need to know the total mortality rates are and the morbitity rates are for a research project I am doing for…
contesting taxed property value
I believe my house is over-values for tax purposes. What's the best way to contest property value?
I currently live in West Virginia, am looking to relocate to Carbon County around Lansford area end of Jan
2009. My husband is being deployed to Iraq, going home to be near my adult children. Need a 3-4 bedroom rental w/ one yr contract and month to month after. Does anyone in that area handle home rentals?…
I received a phone yesterday asking if I would be interested in participating this a flip in our area...concentrating on another project at the
time...I said no! I have been trying to call the number and cannot get a representative. I am the Executive Director of Keep Terre Haute Beautiful and feel this would be a great opportunity...did I miss…
Can anyone give me more details about the Newman development in W.Frisco? I hear "Shops of Legacy" plans?
Saw the entrance to Newman's on Eldorado Parkway last week when visiting Frisco Tx.
Can you describe how Wellington looks and feels for a person that has never lived here?
Do residents maintain their homes and lawns? Are there dramatic differences between different neighborhoods or zip codes? Is there a dominant architecture throughout the city?
Putnam Valley Residents!!! What is your opinion of the school district?
State test scores are pretty low compared to other districts in thesurrounding area; what's your take on the quality of education your kids are receiving? Contemplating a move to PutVal. Thanks!
When people say they want to live near UIC, what is the border of streets they are generally referring to?
In Chicago we have so many official neighborhoods and then about 5x's as many unofficial neighborhoods, it is fun times
Will move to the Sillicon Valley soon with my familly, where should I live?
am in the internet industry, coming from China and Europe . Plan to have a kid soon
I have a roommate currently who has been living with me for a year without having signed so much as a month
to month contract. He is not on the lease and he is habitually late on the rent. He hasn't paid me for February and he still owes me $100 for January. I have written up a 30 day eviction notice. If…
I am lookig to purchase in society hill newark,nj . What is a good price to offer on a short sale.?
. End unit on warren st, attached 1 car garage, 2 bed and 2.5 bath. finished basmnt
We are looking to move from NJ to SC. We had settled on Hampton Lake in Bluffton, but now I am having my doubts about the area. Mount Pleasant
seems to be a little more upscale and closer to everything that we would need with 2 pre-schoolers. We are looking to build in the 800K range. Any suggestions or advice as to how to approach: 1. Finding…
My wife and I are new to the area and are looking for SF homes in Montclair or Upper Montclair. We want to be within walking distance (say 1/4 to 1/2
mile) from shops and services, i.e. upper Montclair village or Church Street area but also want to have a yard. We recently have stumbled upon Walnut Street and Wachtung Plaza, too, which seem to have…
We are looking for a home over by Anna Merritt Elementary,which is on Green St. in Lockport, NY, we have young children with us..any info on what the?
neighborhood is like? Or other areas that may be better not to familiar with Lockport neighborhoods.
What are the plus/minus of living in the Fox Point, WI area.?
I am currently looking at a house in the Fox Point, WI area and would like to know the opinion of Realtors and Homeowners. What do you love/hate the most about Fox Point.
Does anyone have any names or websites for 55 communities for my 75 year old mother that will be relocating?
to the Palm HArbor area with us. Need fairly reasonable pricing and we are even considering a mobile home rental if that is even an option.
Which neighborhoods in San Jose, CA are good for starting/raising a family, with price range no more than $330,000?
We are expecting a baby next year, we were wondering which neighborhoods are kids friendly and have a good re-sale vaule? We both work in san jose downtown/ or close to downtown. We don't want to…
How can I find out if there is a pit bull kennel next to the house we looked at?
We looked at the house at 720 Garwood road, but one of the main reasons we didn't bid was the pit bull barking and lunging at us from 730 Garwood road. Are there any particular regulations isn Moorestown…
Pleasanton foundation issues.
I hear someone mention about the foundation issue in Valley coomunity. Could some one locally give me some suggestions. what about GATE community V.S Country Fair. Thank you so much in advance for…
are good towns in union county over-priced?
towns like cranford, berkeley heights , new providence whats the good and affordable towns in union, morris and middlesex i am a first time home buyer
I am buying a home in Freehold borough, but I heard a lot of bad rumors about the area.
I am buying a home in Freehold borough, but I heard a lot of bad rumors about the area. Drugs, gangs, just to name a few. Is it really that bad in Freehold?
Need options around Lyndhurst. Best towns to raise children
I am currently living in Rutherford and I am thinking of moving. I'd like to stay close as my wife owns a shop in Lyndhurst. I'd like to find a town with a good school system, low crime rate, etc. Low…
Is there anyway to fight this HOA fee increase? And, is 141 excessive for my area in area code 89120 for a condo complex of 80 units?
My HOA for my complex is about to rise this year (2009) from 130 to next year (2010) where I am getting 141 for the HOA fee plus a new monthly fee of 40 dollars for a "reserve assessment." I…
Want to move out of Boston and am considering the Virginia area...
I have a few questions for those who may be able to offer advice. I have worked at Bank of New York Mellon for eight years so my first question would be what you would think are the best opportunities…
How is Laveen, az community?
What kind of schools? Crime rate? rental vs. purchase? Gated communites? Parks? Skate parks? youth community centers? Social entertainment for adults?
I live on the west side of the Rockies and I am looking to do some house "flipping" in the COS area. With about fifty thousand cash what
can I get started with? Where in the Springs would you start and what profit levels can one reasonably expect to make for a rapid turn around in the current market.
I live in Seattle Wa and I let a friend move in to help him out when he was in between places. He has not paid any rent or any bills in over 6 months
I would rather not involve the landlord as she doesn't know of his living here. I sent him an e-mail saying he had a moth to move yet he is still here. what do I do now? Does the e-mail constitute…
When most of the inventory of short sale and foreclosed properties, are sold, what then happens to the market. I understand thru a friend, that the
banks and reo owned properties, are not putting them all up for sale, and that they have their reasons, what is the reason. Just curious. Thanks Linda for the advice, not ready to buy yet, but you i would…
The point i am trying to make here is that the surrounding homes close to this community come up for sale, the COMMUNITY BY PENNACLE HOMES VALLEY SPRINGS OFF OF COTTONWOOD IN M.V. never ever come up for…
Saw a home before it was in foreclosure, for $400,000 now that this same home in the same condition is priced at $687,000 please explain why this price has jumped so high, who puts the pricing on these…
No kids, but I do have a husband and a dog. Any rentals out there for us while we look to buy?
So many places with a fenced yard, but no pets. I promise dog AND husband are house broke!
Is the area around Liberty State Park ever going improve like downtown did? It is so close to the waterfront
and transportation and filled with beautiful brownstones it seems like it can improve. However when I drive through the area some house have metal cages around the porches and bars on all the windows,…
What Do you think about the Cole and Whittier neighborhoods in Denver, CO?
Is it going to be an up and coming neighborhood soon?
Ideas ? moving to LttleRck by Dec 12 and are looking for a home.
No downpayment as the job transfer happened so fast we'd only been in our last house a year and will break even on it - so assuming we'll rent the first year. Great elementary school is a must…
I am moving to the chicagoland area in 9-12 months, I want to move to the north shore, I love the downtowm in
highland park, is there any information on that area that make it more or less appealing to live there (versus other N. shore cities)for a married man with children ?
I am a single professional planning my retirement to West Palm Beach. I am looking for a one or two bedroom apartment in a gated safe neighbordhood
I would like to buy somewhere near the beach within walking distance. Advice me as to where to look.
Looking to move to West Palm Beach, FL from MI
Beach and we want to stay withing a 15 mile radius of his work. What areas or apartment places do you recommend that is safe and a nice place to stay.
I have heard recent news that Metuchen will be merged with Edison. Can anyone comment on this? The
legislation is here:
Taxes for residents inside the city of Pittsburgh?
I live outside the city limits of Pittsburgh. My realtor has sent me some houses in Brighton Heights that look like good neighborhoods that I could live in and feel safe. I have heard that the city has…
5000 Coquina Key Drive St . Petersburg, Florida 33705 , waterside at coquina condos what do you think?
they have a few forclousres in there and it looks so pretty. what does anyone thing i want to use for a few weeks a year then eventually retire there, like that they have pets and water views. the question…
What community on or near the coast of South Carolina provides the highest quality, most affordable, quality of life?
I'm considering relocating to South Carolina in the next 2 - 3 years. I'm a professional in my late forties with grown children who wants to live, work, shop, and pursue leisure activites with…
My boyfriend and I moved in to an apartment in July with no lease. Our landlord said we did not need to sign one. Over the past few months we have
encountered some issues. We do no have carbon monoxide detectors (which are required by law in Vermont) and our heating system was not hooked up properly. The vent was not connected and all the fumes…
How are real estate taxes determined in 90210/Beverly Hills, CA?
Are there many restructive covenants regarding remodelling, etc? in zip 90210?
I wanted to know more about Sunset Pointe in Rock Hill.
I toured one of the townhomes in the community and really enjoyed most of the layout of that home. It wasnt an over thrill factor, but it was nice. How much do you know about that community. Are there…
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