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Are there any older, cheaper rental areas near Mesa College San Diego? It can be a house, apartment, etc.
I need someplace that will allow my 2 labs and will rent for no more that $1000 (2 bedroom). I am writing from Utah, so I really don't know prices in CA.
Should you refinance if you’re over 50?
With interest rates near record lows, refinancing has never looked so tempting – especially for people nearing retirement, who’d love some extra cash to pad their diminished savings. But…
What neighborhood caters to younger adults that's NOT near a college?
I want to find a Minneapolis neighborhood with a "younger feel" but isn't filled with partying college kids.
Looking at a duplex in the northend. how were the rentals for a 3 bedroom 2 bath home. beach block. older home. very clean. street parking only
when is the best time to settle on this property? Would it be the end of December or go into January? What can I charge for rentals? Do I need to add cleaning cost? Each unit sleeps 6 comfortably.…
Single Entity for Loan Assistance?
Home owners behind in their mortgage payments shouldn’t think that investigations into lender paperwork flaws will bail them out of their financial troubles, U.S. Rep Barney Frank, a Massachusetts…
What happens to San Franciscans that move to San Rafael?
I imagine there is some kind of therapy group? We are feeling a bit beat up by the San Francisco real estate market and are considering cheating. Any words of advice?
How do you know when it's time to move?
There are different sellers. Some need to sell, some would like to sell, some will never sell. How do you know?
My husband's job is moving us to the west coast. We can pick anywhere we'd like, and we've narrowed down between Old Town
Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine and San Diego area. I know that sounds sooo spread out, but have been narrowing down from Oregon down the coast, so we've actually gotten it down as far as we can with…
Can you describe how Longboat Key looks and feels for a person that has never lived here?
Do residents maintain their homes and lawns? Are there dramatic differences between different neighborhoods or zip codes? Is there a dominant architecture throughout the city?
how can i find out who owns the house next door ?
how can i find out who owns the house next door ?
Norcross, GA area bad?
My husband and I have a six month old and we don't have a lot of money for our house budget. We seemed to have found the perfect house for us but friends are saying it is a bad area. We don't…
What are the Pine Grove Condos worth?
I want to short sale and I want to know roughly what my condo is worth. I can't afford to live here anymore. They charge outrgeous HOA fees and it's tough to afford mortgage and HOA with no job.…
Is there a place for us in Tampa? My husband is considering a job offer at MacDill because his fantasy has always been to have a boat docked off his
back yard. We can't afford that where we live now. What is the low end of the price range for a house like this and what is commute like to MacDill? My concern is for our 12 year old who is in private…
Is it true that if I rent a property in Heritage Isles that HOA will not allow my family to use the community centre and pool?
Before I rent in heritage isles I want to know if my family can or will not be allowed to use the community facilities. I have heard two conflicting stories now. the answer here will help me a great…
We would like to retire to the Charlotte area. Good retirement suburbs? We are also EMS so would be looking at those services also.
My husband and I are also looking for a buyers agent. We have to arrange the sale of our home here in NY state and purchase the home in NC.
What are the best neighborhoods (location, price appreciation, schools, parks) in and near Corvallis?
I have a 1500sf house in the Sorrento Ridge neighborhood in Beaverton worth about $300k and am likely relocating to Corvallis in late 2007 or early 2008. I'd like to find a comparable home in Corvallis…
Is there a demand in this area for foreclosure/eviction clean-up services?
How high of a demand, in this area, is there for someone to come in and cleanup/maintain vacated houses (through eviction, foreclosure, etc) so they can be shown? What requirements are there for starting…
REO trash-out and cleaning business in Nassau County Florida.
I have a brand new cleaning business (but have a lot of experience in cleaning military housing, apartments and doing rehabbing on my own properties). Who would be most likely to give me business? Would…
Is it possible for J1-visa holder to get a home mortgage?
I am J1 Visa holder. is it possible for me to get the home mortgage?
What is the best part of Georgetown to buy a house in?
Going to buy a house in 1 1/2 in Georgetown and I have never lived their. Goin to retire from the military.
Repayments on the 2008 Home Purchase Tax Credit?
Do people who claimed a tax credit for a 2008 home purchase have to repay the federal government? The answer is: It depends. The original credit was for up to $7,500 for people who bought a principal…
In area for 5 years; buy or rent? WHICH neighborhood?
We are transferred into the area; have been here 2 years & rental went into foreclosure (we had to move, then). Got another rental in Lincoln, with likelihood of being here 5 years; now owners are…
Who specializes in Sunset Ranches land sales?
We are HIGHLY MOTIVATED to sell 40 acres (2-20 abutting lots) on land at Sunset Ranches. We are accepting OFFERS! Please contact us if you would be interested. Thank you!
Outrageous HOA and Mello Roos Fees in Patterson, Ca (Diablo Grande)?
Lack of interest among buyers in this particular community due to excessive HOA and Mello Roos monthly dues. What are the average and how does one determine for how long. If I am correct, these fees are…
How can we help buyers in this market?
It is jungle out there, prices are low interest rates at there lowest, but buying a home as never been more challenging.
What's the prettiest street in Brewster in the fall?
What do you think is the prettiest street in Brewster in the fall? I happen to like Maple Road along the Middle Branch Reservoir and Old Milltown along the East Branch (Sodom) Reservoir. How about you? Don…
Branson area or Lake of the Ozarks?
Im floundering on a decision to make a move to either Branson or the Lake of the Ozarks. Any advice or opinions as to why one location may be better than the other? Im a bass fisherman and outdoor enthusiast…
Retiring from the military in 5 years, want to know about gated communities in Peoria and Gilbert, AZ. I am looking to purchase a home in a gated,
Retiring from the military in 5 years, want to know about gated communities in Peoria and Gilbert, AZ. I am looking to purchase a home in a gated,HOA community. Can you recommend communities of this…
Areas to rent without crazy commute to Hunters Point
I may be looking to relocate to SF Bay area and was looking for some advice/insight into a good neighborhood. I would be working at Hunters Point and want to have the option of public transportation or…
Thought I would rephrase my last question. Moving back to Souther California what cities in the Valleys are great for families.
I'm from los angeles. However, I do not want to live in Los Angeles as I want the kids to live in a family oriented neighborhood. Basically the suburbs I was thinking Santa Clarita or Woodland Hills…
What is one thing realtors can do to help buyers in todays market?
There is no doubt that the market we work in today is quite a different animal how can we better assist buyers.
Is the economy right to start building?
Hoping to find new business, some builders offer incentives, discounts and faster move-ins to lure first time home buyers to build their dream home instead.
Do appraisers have any credibility in today’s market?
What matters is what buyers are willing to pay; helping sellers figure out the right pricing in today's market isn't easy.
I have a question, if I'm prequalified, have a down payment and money for closing, how quickly could I close and move in a house?
We're a military family coming from overseas and I'd like to find something very quickly after we arrive so we don't have to live in a hotel and board the pets.
Are we realtors demanding too much commission?
Stand out through value-added selling, Real estate pros not willing to match bargain basement prices must show why their services are worth more money.
Am I ready for a move from San Diego, Ca to Seattle, Wa? 25 single female.... I sure FEEL ready!!!
I am 25 years old, from San Diego, Ca. I am READY and have been for a long time to move to Seattle,WA. Heres my question. I have 15K savings, NO Debt, and I will not have a job out there. I am planning…
Do you have cemetery records for Hatchville, MA?
I am a relative of Nathaniel Hatch and was recently looking for his grave. Thanks for your help
Is there any recourse for an unethical buyer in real estate. We had a buyer outbid a competitor to win a negotiation and then try and renegotiate
during attorney review. He cancelled the contract when we proposed a compromise to his demands. He offered no other explanation. We lost a qualified buyer and a $12,000 time-based incentive as a result.…
What will be the impact of the Powers Ferry Master Plan on the real state business around Powers Ferry, Terrel Mill and Delk road? Subdivisions like
Twin Branches on Bently Road were not included in the list of demolition, like all the old apartments around. What's the time line till we see some real state benefit out of that plan? Will be any…
I am moving to the area to work in Newport News, the wife in Norfolk. What area minimizes traffic for both commutes & has good elementary?
schools? My office will be near CNU. My wife's office will be near the intersection of I-64 and I-264 (23462 area code). We are looking to buy. Two of our main concerns are schools for our toddler…
Obama used his pocket veto for the first time as he vetoed a controversial bill that would help courts clear foreclosures quicker, Good or Bad?
I guess only time will tell putting a band-aid on the problem like this wont help, not while this market seem to be taking high dosage of blood thinners.
In Real Estate, location, location, location what does it really mean? Does it have the dirrent meaning for different people?
Does it mean good (neighborhood, school), safe to raise family, easy to access freeways, close to (work, shopping)
What do Clients need from a Realtor?
Ok this is a the big one open to both Realtors and Buyers and Sellers of real estate, we will like to know what Realtors think Buyers and Sellers need and also we will like to hear from Buyers and Sellers…
I am considering buying an investment property in Antioch
What are the safest areas/neighborhoods where it is easiest to rent?
Where in the Silicon Valley to buy a house with great schools for less than $850k?
We want to buy a 3 bdrm house in the Silicon Valley (San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Menlo Park,...) next to great schools for less than $850k. May you suggest an area? Thanks
I am trying to do is start foreclosure clean up busniess in the north eastern part of texas (Longview/Tyler)
Who do I need to take my company info. to--Banks /Realtors anyone else
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