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My family and I are from the Reinholds area, we would like to move home...
Does anyone know of anyplace that is renting in the Denver, Reinholds health is getting bad, and I really feel the need to move home.....Please help..
looking for illiana or eliana prado residing in miami florida, or near by counties/cities of florida
personal request for search for my sister, posibly residing in florida, does any know this person?
how fast is a 3 Bed, 2 bath home with 2 car gagarge can get rented for? How long and how much in cape coral area?
i was wondering how long would it take to get a 3 bed, 2 bath 2 car garage home rented? new home and how much does rent usually go for?
In NYS is the S1441A passed by the Senate a law? It states the landlord has 30 to return deposit or provide a deduction list.
I found this bill when suing my landlord for my security deposit. She did not provide me with a deduction letter for over 90 days. After the case was almost finished, the judge stating he was not aware…
Is there a website that lists all of the houses available for lease?
I am looking to lease a home while building, but it is difficult to see what is available because no website lists the same properties. We would like to lease a house (larger than 2750 sq feet) in the…
What networking groups do you belong to?
What do you find most helpful to your success as a business and a person? Social Gatherings? Social Media Networking? Formal Networking Groups? Business Gatherings? Linda
Do you belong to a networking group?
Do we have any BNI members here at Trulia?
Advice on shore towns from Bradley Beach to Point Pleasant Beach?
I am looking to buy a place, and given my budget, am primarily looking at Belmar, Bradley Beach, Manasquan and Point Pleasant Beach. Can anyone provide any insight on what these towns are like in terms…
Alvarado TX
Can anyone tell me about the Gina Lane/Kelly Lane area of North Alvarado. I know there are a lot of mobile homes in that area but wanted to knowwhat the actual area is like and whether the city will…
Longwood County Club in Crete Il.
Anyone heard a rumer about Longwood C.C. in Crete il. closing? This would have a huge impact on a home I was considering.
What city is a good place to live that is near the metro north, near stamford, and has a good school district in CT.?
Moving to CT, don't know where to move to. Newly married, no children yet, need to be close to NYC.
Should we add on an in-laws quarters?
We are considering adding on an attached in-laws quarters to our house but with a separate entrance. Due to space limitations it will probably have to be a 2 story addition. We currently live in a very…
Condos, Do you pay mantainancy fee?
Condos near bus transportation.
My grandparents are looking at moving to La Costa Glen Retirement Community and I am super excited for them! Is this the best CCRC in San Diego?
I have toured and eaten there -- the food was amazing! I just wanted to get feedback and make sure they have found the best place possible. Anyone have any thoughts?
Needing assisted living for my independent 88 year old mother. She still drives. Thank you.
She will be moving in with me shortly and wants to find a secure place to rent with meals provided.
Hilton Head occupancy standards? Can someone point to me any legal guideline on occupany standards. I see some units that are 538 sq ft for 4.
I'm looking for building codes, ordinances, etc. on occupancy standards/guidelines. I see nothing on Beaufort county or City of Hilton Head coming up when I search for this. It looks like HOAs are…
i don't really have a question. I just wanted to say i have lived in belmar, for over 10 years and , both my
sons went to manasquan high and my younger son went to belmar elementary, which i thought had great teachers who cared and were involved . It is a great area as you mentioned for the biking, and it gives…
Trying to find the best city in Palm Beach County ...
We have been looking into Wellington and Palm Beach Gardens. Are there any other good cities to consider? Our interests are: convenient location, school districts and value.
Is it Crazy to ask 20 to 30 percent off in these markets?
i have been doin alot of research i would like to purchase a rental in south west Florida, put i was concerned if the market was getting a little wore and if i should offer low. i saw on the news foreclosure…
can we leave the split lower level as basement ? drywall only the bath and utility walls. We need storage area until we save up for a garage.
With only 2 retired people in our family we do not need a family room. At this time we need storage but there is a bathroom and utility partitioned off with only wood framing . After we build a garage-next…
What if you rent out your home under an FHA loan?
Can you rent out your home if you have an FHA loan? even if you work far away, military or change of jobs after you purchased the property? what will the bank do if you happen to get caught?
What is your opinion of Florida's Amendmane4 Vote? Yes or No Vote
Amendment is a proposed change to Florida's Constitution.
How is the Franklin Park area?
How is the Franklin Park Area? Crime rates, school districts? Economy?
How do I find a realtor in Estacada?
I want to know what sort of land lots are out there. I need a realtor who can help me. My internet search hasn't been very successful so far.
All American Valley? Is Ansonia the next bedroom community?
Would someone tell me about Ansonia, it seems affordable, but is it a nice area, how are the schools etc.? Would be a good idea to buy in that area if we plan on sticking around for 10 years or so? Thanks!
Round Rock Austin - rental homes - what's the best website to view them?
Just comparing the the buying versus renting option in Round Rock, but can't seem to find many rentals on the internet. Please let me know the most extensive site for rental homes in this area. Thanks!
Retiring in the future, would like a small place on the outskirts of town...any idea of the median prices?
Prefer to live outside of town, but be within striking distance of ammenities. Also are there any cyclists/waterskiers in the area? Boating?
How to value my house compared to similar homes in area. Located in picture perfect neighborhood, about 2 miles from I-195 and just off rt. 136
The rooms have all hardwoods,in like new condition, with kitchen floor being vinyl, and bath w/ tile floors, walls and bath walls,and all new and like new appliances. Half of basement is partly finished,…
when the class going to start?
when the semester starts
Looking to relocate to Tampa area from CT. Want newer construction in an up and coming neighborhood. Best Schools is a must. Neighborhood?
What neighborhoods should i be looking at? We LOVE Bayshore Blvd area and SoHo, but want something a bit more suburban. Close to water would be fabulous.
What is the ethnic make-up of Brooklyn, NY, by individual neighbohood?
I am interested in the ethic make-up of areas around Pratt Institute, specifically Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bedford/Steyvescant, Nostrand @ Halsey, Gates Ave and Grand Ave, Hanson Place @ S Portland…
Implied Agent?
She did get 2% commision and her name is not on the contract. The 2 % referral fee seem high isn't it? I did get some referral fee when I referred friends to agent as kind of gift certificate not thousand…
I live in a condominium community. I am the only unit that is detached. I have my own garage and yard. Is this classfied as single family detached?
We are in the process of forming the association. Legally should I be considered part of the HOA? Do I follow the laws for parking in my city based on a single family detached dwelling or a multi-family?
Why is Ventura inexpensive compared to other neighborhoods?
Is it because of Palo Alto smugness or is there a real objective reason?
Are there homes to buy close to Fort Defiance, Az?
I'm looking at a teaching job in Fort Defiance and the area around there looks to belong to the Navajo Nation. Is Gallup the closest city? What are the highways like in the winter? Thanks for any…
I am searching for a safe place in Va Beach to rent for at least 3 years. A high school with a great graphic art class would be a plus. Any thoughts?
My husband got orders for Norfolk, we are due to move there in November. I have been researching for a few months, and we have settled on Va Beach. we had looked into Salem High school because of the art…
Is Centennial Hills area of Las Vegas a good place to raise a family with 3 young children?
I live and work in CA and thinking of moving my family to Centennial Hills next summer and buy a 3 bedroom condo at the price range of 50K-70K. From my research the elementary schools have an average…
Looking for CES / Convention Center or SWF development property broker / realtor
Architect partner team looking to create some architect as developer projects in the Central East-Side / Convention center area. hoping to find a broker / realtor who is an expert in this turf. Our projects…
How much crime and what type is committed in Hiddenbrooke?
I am considering moving to Hiddenbrooke and would like to find out how safe it is being as it is near the town of Vallejo.
what is the correct address so the house can be viewed from exterior.?
have an agent contact me about listings on Elm Ave Sanford Florida
Where can I find recent (last 90 days) sales records and determine which ones were financed
I have an out of state partner who has asked me to search tax records for the last 90days and determine which ones were cash. I am new at this and using the GIS for Mecklenburg I could not determine which…
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