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Aloha from Oahu! I'm planning on moving back to San Marcos, and need info on my old neighborhood.
I lived on Autumn Drive right near Palomar college. We had a gang problem during my 8 years there, but the city was talking about cleaning up the area. I bought my condo there in 1995 for $26,000 and got…
Does Philly adjust property tax bills after a sale, based on the purchase price?
In other words, if a property pays $3000 in property tax and the tax department lists it as having a market value of $100,000 (based on the last time it changed hands), will those taxes double to $6000…
How much will the prices drop in Seattle? Is Seattle going to be another San Diego?
Now that the NW MLS numbers are out for August that shows almost 15% price decline in King County area, nobody can deny the fact that prices are steadily coming down. I know many of my RE agent friends…
To all the agents and experts on Chicago real estate: What are your opinions of 235 Van Buren, the new high
rise going up just down the street from the Sears Tower. Good value? Or potential corporate rental ghetto? Have any qualms with the developer--CMK, who built Contemporaine, 1720 and 1620 S Prairie.
Looking for a contractor.
Looking for a contractor to finish up a basement in Alpharetta- Winward division. Should you know anyone please let me kn ow. Thanks.
How is the area?
i like to know how it is in Lake Side ;about the middle school and high school;how safe is the area...?
Earthquake insurance in Sacramento?
Do I need it? Do banks/lenders require it? Do many people purchase this? It seems awfully expensive...
What is the best area for a non-transient family home in the Cape May area? Cape May? Cape May Courthouse?
Is there a more desirable school district? Where would have the best chance for re-sale in a few years? Thanks!
is largo md a good place to live?
i just wanted to see if lago maryland is a good plane to buy a home
How's Pennsport, PA? Is this a good neighborhood to purchase?
How's Pennsport, PA? Is this a good neighborhood for a family? I'm interested in purchasing a home on S 2nd St. Ideally, I'm looking for a safe and"up in coming" neighborhood that's…
Is Tucker, GA a good place to live and How are the school systems there?
I would like to know about the areas in Tucker,Ga. Is it a good and safe place to move my family to live?How is the school system? Are the schools good there? What areas in Tucker safe to live in and what…
Home Owners and Buyers - How do you choose a Realtor?
I'm curious to know what attributes your decisions process when choosing a real estate professional to work with? Is it commission? Experience? A Referral? Nice Website? Ads in Newspaper? Face to Face…
can anyone diclose the safer neighborhoods?
first time buyers looking to buy in a safe quiet neighborhood
Skokie River---does it flood? What is the highes it has reached in the last 20 years?
Skokie River---does it flood? What is the highes it has reached in the last 20 years? I have seen houses for sale on and near the river, but I have had bad experiences in North Dakota with flooding. Does…
what town in northwest bergen county have townhomes?
I am looking to move to a townhome that has a young population and possibly a clubhouse and/or pool. I currently live in Ridgewood and want to stay in the area
renters info
Could you provide some websites for tenant screen? I mean how to check credit, eviction, landlord complains and etc.? I tried, but the info is limited.
What is a nice neighborhood with 3 and 4 bedroom single family homes priced around $275,000 in the Orlando?
area? Is it possible to get a home like this within a 30-40 minute drive from the Disney and Universal theme parks, in a safe area, with good schools?
What is the best way to find available rental homes in 60015?
We may be moving our family to the area for a 2 year job committment and would prefer the flexibility of renting for that time period.
Does Orange Co or Seminole Co have a limit on dogs per household or dogs to land ratio?
Do HOA's to put a limit on dogs and breed types? I've tried finding my answer on both county websites, but haven't found any reference to such. Thank you
Winter Garden
hi- i am looking to rent a condo in winter garden for myself (SWF). Any opinions on this area? I am relocating from NYC.
Where did stone in entrance to Mai Kai originate?
What is the historical background of the Indian stone at entrance to Mai Kai condos?
Parsippany to Midtown commute
Considering buying a home in the Parsippany area. I see Lakeland has regular bus service to the PA, which is great as I work in midtown. How are the park and ride lots in the area? Do they fill up very…
Hi. My boyfriend and I are looking at buying a townhouse in the North Brunswick/Franklin Township/Somerset area in the next year. It seems as
though North Brunswick townhouses are more expensive than ones in Franklin/Somerset. Why is that? Is it a school system issue? Also, it seems as though Whitehall and Kingberry townhouses are exactly…
Family- and dog-friendly areas in Lake Orion
What areas of Lake Orion/Orion Township would be suitable and freindly for a family with dogs? I need a fence, friendly neighbors, and a relative proximity to a dog park. Thank you in advance.
what about me can i buy a house i only have my ITN number but i dont have any credit line just my bahk account ?
i used to have an gas bill open and i always paid on time but my rent come with bills paid and they are at the renters name but i have almost 25% of the down payment for a 40.000 to 50.000 house
what house should i buy?
what house should i buy
Is there a website where I can get addresses for celebrity homes in & around Nashville TN?
Address & maps for celebrity homes in and around Nashville, TN
Is Erie PA. a safe and good place to raise my family? Is buying a BnB in Erie a good idea?
I am moving very soon to Erie. Just blocks from the water.
Is TCE contamination common in Lackawanna county?
Is TCE contamination common in Lackawanna county? Is anyone aware of the impact of low level TCE water contamination on or around a property to the value of the land/home? Should these properties be…
Why is it high and where is it going?
So I was looking at some properties in East Windsor and really surprised to see the taxes ranging from 4K-9K! Not too familiar with the historical background of why they are so high but more importantly…
We are looking into the possibility of buying a vocation house in Poconos.
We want a property walking distance to a lake (beach), kids friendly, convenient to shops, easy to commute to New York. It does not need to be lakefront and our budget is is 100K to 130K. I know that…
What's the best Neighborhood in Philadelphia for professionals with a family?
What's the best neighborhood to purchase for someone in their 40s? I'm looking for safe neighborhood that's convenient to restaurants, shopping,etc....and possiblilty raise a family. Rittenhouse…
Home Buyers and Home Sellers - Do you read the testimonials that appear on agents Trulia Profiles?
If so, do they influence your decision to call or email them? If not, why? I'd love to hear your perspective of agent testimonials.
NJ buyer's rebate
Now that Gov. Jon S. Corzine has signed the legislation, A-373, into law to allow real estate brokers to pass some of their profits onto their clients, just wonder how the realtors are going to do with…
Lansdowne Area info
I was just wondering how this neighborhood is these days? Some sites I've read that it's going down, while others state that its up and coming? Housing is affordable right now, so if the latter is true,…
What is the building right across the road from this house .. is it apartments and if so, what is the name?
-- This question is about this property:
Planning to purchase a condo on 14th and Adams. I want to know if this a good deal: 375K, Parking, Gym, 1 BDR, 1 BR, 758 SQ FT? Additional questions,
how is this area? how are the people? Is it safe to walk outside at night/day around these blocks?
I am looking to to relocate to greenville in about 6 months, I am looking for a 4-5 bedroom with 2 baths I am
looking for a family oriented neighborhood with great schools, ( my children currently attend a christian school), Price range 100-150K . What areas close to downtown would you recommend?
Do you think the popular MTV reality show "Jersey Shore" will help or hinder Real Estate transactions on the Jersey Shore due to the show?
We are a fully licensed, MLS Real Estate Brokerage and Agency that specializes in the Jersey Shore market. Popular tourist destinations like the highly profiled town on the MTV reality show "Jersey…
how do I find out if a property was built on a Superfund remediation site?
I would like to buy a condo property in San Jose somewhere along the VTA Light rail system but am not sure if I could get prelim information if the property is on or near a Superfund remediation site.
I s Henderson pet friendly,considering moving ther with our dogs,is one part better than others? Is enderson pet friendly,we are?
considering moving there and have dogs,is one part better than the other for pets to live or are excepted more?
Is Park Lane Fremont a good investment?
I bought a 3 bed 3.5 bath corner townhome in Park Lane fremont in April. I see prices elsewhere in Fremont have fallen down since April , though Park Lane builders have increased comparable properties…
Desperately seeking serious advice from Professional Realtors...
First off, THANK YOU for taking the time in helping me! I am strongly considering becoming a Real Estate Agent in 2010. I have a strong background in the Title & Escrow Industry, I'm currently…
Independent Brokers
I will be a brand new agent very soon and I am interested in speaking with some independent brokerages regarding opportunities. Any suggestions or recommendations?
Is there a condo price index? if so where can i find it?
like the HPI im trying to look for a legitimate CPI if it even exists if anyone knows of one please let me know, thanks!
My family will be relocatin gfrom New Jersey in the coming months. The job is in north St. Paul. Our wish list in order of importance..great schools
(1st grader), walk to restaurants/parks, 4 or 5 bedrooms. We are flexible in areas and old vs new house (we would like character). We'd love to be on a lake. We are open to private school, but…
Help us find some potential locations!
We are a young professional couple from Chicago in our early 20s. Our budget is ~100-125k, income is ~70k. We really value close proximity to things - shopping, universities, downtown areas. We also would…
We currently live in East Orange County and are looking into buying a larger home in a good school district. We are eying on Oviedo and Avalon Park.
Many of our friends, including Orange County school teachers, recommend Oviedo for better schools and safety. Some homes in Avalon Park are now sold at exceptionally great prices and we really like the…
How come there are so many $30k properties in the Miami area (not even the foreclosures) ...?
I always thougt of Miami as a very expensive area. Is it pure economy or are there factors such as tweather, criminal rate, home quality... ? Thx for clarifying
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