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Where is the estimated property taxes? A major part of owning a home is the cost of living in the community. You show the assessed numbers, but they
mean nothing without knowing the over all tax rate. Ever township in Illinois should provide an estimated tax based on the asking price.
Hi there, I'm just trying to find out ,how much a parcel of land is.....2 acres????
I have what they call a parcel of land in Newfoundland,Canada
Would investors who hire bird dogs be interested in foreclosures and preforclosures? If so wouldn't it be better to property search online?
It's probably a dumb question but it seems to me that if the info is all there and it's more cost & time efficient then why not?
I'm interested in moving to florida when I retire in a year. The stories about taxes and insurance cost have
me reconsidering. Could you give me a staight answer about this. I want to buy at around $200,000. What would my cost be in the area of sugermill woods and beverly hills.
Considering a move from SO Jersey to Center City Phila, but have heard many buildings have roach infestation.
I would not expect that to be the case in a lux building with doorman and elevator, but what about the small units and row houses. Someone told me not to wear open toed shoes on trash day on streets with…
Duet ???
Can we call 'attached single house' Duet?
My husband's job is moving us to the west coast. We can pick anywhere we'd like, and we've narrowed down between Old Town
Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine and San Diego area. I know that sounds sooo spread out, but have been narrowing down from Oregon down the coast, so we've actually gotten it down as far as we can with…
do rosenberg tx have a section8 program?
i am tring to find out is there a hud or section8 program when and where it located please let me know
Can anyone guess the asking price of the most expensive single family home listed on the Massachusetts MLS is right now?
Agents, please don't look up the answer and spoil the fun. Let's play a little guessing game. I'll tell you if you are too high or too low until someone guesses the answer.
relocating to DFW. i work in las colinas at rochelle and 114. my wife can work at home. she will "commute" to flower mound, argyle,
bartonville area for horse riding (she is interviewing specific trainers in that area) yes, I know there is an equestrian center in las colinas, nice show facility, indeed! but like kids sports, you need…
Attention Texas Realtors! I loove Texas BBQ
and am looking for your favorite Q joint NORTH of Austin, on the way to or near Arlington/Dallas. 206,947.9000
Looking for neighborhood with tree-lined streets in Austin area
Hi. I'm looking for a home in the Austin area - Round Rock, Cedar Park, or anywhere with 45 minutes of downtown Austin. I really want a neighborhood with lots of trees, with tree-lined streets, similar…
Does anyone know anything about the 512 Lofts in LIC? How loft- like are they?!?
Does anyone know anything about the 512 Lofts in LIC? How loft- like are they?! Does the building have any amenities. Has anyone seen any pictures of it?
why r ppl or banks still over priceing home in such a horrid manner, during the recession that we are in and it seems like location is always been?
the biggest selling point in a home but i have seen menny and i mean verry menny homes in lets just say not the safest or the best places you would want to raise you kids up in and the prices of the homes…
I am looking at property in Mt Baldy, Ca.. What are the property restrictions re: fee simple vs forest lease?
I am seeing properties listed with 1 bedroom homes on 60,000 sq. ft. lots - is there some catch?
Buying agent commission
Normally, the buying agent/broker gets 3%. However, I know that number is determined seller. Question to all you agents... Would you not show a house if the commission is to low? Also, what…
Westpark in Cleveland
i recently discovered the western edge of the Westpark neighborhood in Cleveland. The area north of Lorain and west of Warren road. Specifically Edgecliff, Normandy, Mull and Riverside roads. Wow! , what…
Where do you go in case of a hurricane?
Preparing for a active hurricane season the question always comes up where do we go? Hotels get filled up pretty quick and many people get stranded. If you have a house and is well protected do you have…
Landlord's failure to provide access to swimming pool and community room.
The advertisement for the home for rent included the use of the swimming pool and community room. After I signed the lease, the landlord promised to give me access to the swimming pool, and every time…
Best neighborhood for family with decent commute to Federal Way?
We will be relocating to the Seattle area from OH sometime this summer and will be making our first "house hunting" trip in the next few weeks. My husband's job will be in Federal Way. Looking for an area…
Looking to relocate to the Seattle Area for a new sales job. The office is in Kent and my territory would
primarily be hospitals from Kent up through Central Seattle. I'm hoping to find a decent neighborhood to rent a place that would be a good compromise for my needs, yet also be nicer, almost upscale.
Looking for a nice neighborhood for a young family within 25 minutes of downtown Seattle. Not looking for listings over $350,000.
Really interested in single family homes, no townhouses or condos. Prefer a yard, but nothing crazy. Needs to be 2 bed and bath.
how can I find a home that's affordable or apply a grant for my 1st home?
Just got married last month and my wife and I are trying to find some where to call home other than the extremly expencesive apartment that we are in. Our lease is up in about 6 weeks and we are trying…
We are relocating to Denver and are looking to find the best areas to move. We have a 3 year old, so schools and family neighborhoods are a must.
Price range - $200-$325k. Wouldn't mind a fixer upper for a foreclosure or house that needs rehab, but just want to find the best neighborhoods, lowest crime, great for kids. Any suggestions? Work…
My family and I are looking into moving to the Philadelphia area as a central NE location for my husband to fly out of for a regional position.
We are not familiar w/Philadelphia at all. We are looking for a family friendly, good schools, fun, parks, with easy access to PA International Airport. I need to be close to Community College of PA...most…
what ever became of those houses in the sinking area of Philadelphia?
In the Logan area in the News a couple years ago. What became of that area; did someone rebuild on it or is it an open lot.
where is the best place to live in Florida?
Looking to move to a safer neighborhood in florida
I'm looking for a townhome, under 100 k, near the VA hospital in Miami, about 20-30 minute drive,good high school, what are the areas to be
looking in Looking for a townhome, under 100K, good high school, within 20-30 minute drive to VA hospital in Miami. What are the areas I should be looking in ?
We are being relocated to Altanta from St. Augustine, Florida this summer- looking for great schools in a VERY kid friendly neighborhood.
Would like to be near my husbands office in North Roswell off of Mansell. Price range $350k-$450k. Like Cumming becuase of the newer homes- any suggestions on neighborhoods? Thanks!
Tar balls off Siesta Key & Sarasota--dispelling the rumor
The BP incident is a very sad situation. I would like to dispel the rumor that oil or tarballs have landed on the famous Siesta Beach in Sarasota. The gulf inner current is taking the majority of the…
Stockton and Valley water quality and long-term supply. How clean is the water? Where does it come from, and how reliable is source?
Stockton and Valley water quality and long-term supply. How clean is the water? Where does it come from, and how reliable is source? I am considering buying a house in area, with enough land, maybe 1…
Does anyone know of any efforts in particular to keep the first time homebuyer tax credit extension alive in Congress after it's defeat last?
week? It was reported that Harry Reid was abandoning this legislation and moving on. Is this still in play, and if so, where, and by whom? I believe a letter writing campaign is in order.
Why does my listing at 302 N.. 20th. Saint Joseph, Missouri 64501 have Lisa Rock as the listing agent?
I have had this listing for over 3 weeks and it is very confusing to the public.
In Ohio, can I get a 30k home loan with a 563 credit score and 36k a year income?
About 4 year go when I had my first child, I lost my job and had some unsecure cards that never got paid. In Ohio, can I get a 30k home loan with a 563 credit score and 36k a year income? I have some…
Are there any negatives about the Indian Trails area?
Are there any negatives about the Indian Trails area...prices seem to good to be true... understand the land is leased any other worries or concerns...
I am looking to relocate my family to NC from NJ.
I don't even know where to begin I am thinking of Charlotte because there are many law firms in that area that may offer me a new job opportunity. I don't have a new job, I still need to sell…
Which side of the bridge?
I am an NP and will be working off of Tremont Ave, Bronx. I am single, woman, would like a small house with a yard and in a community with green space and be able to walk to a town, business area. I…
In a lease option agreement, does the optionor have the right to stop paying the optionee monies due on a property that is currently sublet to tenant?
If not, what can I do to get the optionor to adhere to the terms of the lease option agreement? The property is located in Philadelphia, PA. I was receiving money from the optionor since the beginning…
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