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Can someone point me to a site/blog which describes the differences between neighborhoods in Burlingame?
I can find lots of info about Easton and Ray Park but not about others such as Burlingame Terrace & Lyon-Hoag.
how safe is the mound ave area?
is this area safe for a 10 year old special needs child, is there a lot of crime here.
Is it possible to find a good deal on a 2 bedroom apt within 200k in Queens, NY?
looking for a place to own to avoid renting in this low housing market. Interested in a safe neighborhood in Queens, NY.
how can I find out online if a property that was part of a public auction in Fairfax on Sept 29 has been sold or not???
I need to know if there is any link I can go to that will tell me if a specific property that was was scheduled to be auctioned yesterday Sept 29 at 10:00 am has been sold at the auction or not . The auction…
Can we rent our house to somebody who has foreclosure in the past two years?
Will they file Bankruptcy after foreclosure? If so, do they have the right to stop paying rent?
North Sunnyvale or Mountain View near Rengstorff?
Hi, I used to live in North Sunnyvale (right on Mtn View border between 237 and El Camino). Now, I am considering buying near either Mountain View near Rengstorff 101, or same location (Sunnyvale,…
california check cashing
A potential tenant showed me the statement from 'california check cashing'. They paid $700 fees for cashing it. I don't know why they use 'california check cashing'? They can…
Cosigner on Lease
Where to get Cosigner on Lease form in CA?
What type of community would be best for a person concerned with neighbors not taking care of their property , not controlling thier barking dogs?
My husband has a low tolarance for inconsiderate neighbors when it comes to excessive dog barking or not maintaining property such as falling fences, leaf clean up, lawn cutting ,putting trash out for…
Are there any owners selling lots here?
My wife and I are interested in buying a lot and building a house to retire in this area
relocating to northern virginia
We are relocating to northern virginia. I am nervous about buying a home because there is a tremendous amount of development in the ashburn area. I am afraid that if I need to sell I will have a very hard…
I would like to buy a piece of my neighbors property as it cuts very sharply into my back yard. I would like
fair price for a piece of land 25'X75' in Toms River, NJ Ocean county
Where is the best place to buy in Florida, next to the beach and most reasonable cost of living and house pricing ?
Somewhere where there is plenty of things near by to do for younger people (20's) but also a great retirement location? Thanks in advance
looking for a rental with a decent garage space
need to rent a place to live with a garage of medium size
Hello, My name is Michael Johnson and I am starting work at the ERICKSON AIR-CRANE INC. plant in Centeral Point starting Monday the 4th of OCT.
I am in need of a furnished loft or apartment 700 to 900 SF. or around there. Some where in the Medford area. I prefer to live alone and I have excelent references. I hope you can help me with something.…
! DRAIN FLIES Royal Park Condo 2 years in apartment. Mngmt not controlling,realtor not interested hoarders living next door when I moved in,BE AWARE !
renter they dont want your input at the board meetings. These flies are a public health concern BY ENTOMOLOGY and have been cited in other apartments in my building , and perhaps other buildings. BE AWARE…
Need Help - Review of two sections of Bridgewater. Finderne & Bradley Gardens
Finderne: Located in southeastern Bridgewater between Bound Brook and Somerville. Bradley Gardens: Located in southwestern Bridgewater, bordered on the east by Raritan and Branchburg to the west. Can…
What is the best area for a 24 yo, nature loving, vegetarian, out of state medical student working near Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose?
I'm staying for 2 months and hoping to rent a room or sublease near Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Want a safe, walkable neighborhood near lots of nature and hiking trails. Cool/funky neighborhoods,…
Are there any house sitting/maintenance opportunities in Ft Myers/Naples? 3-6mos (relocating to Ft Myers)
Moving to Ft Myers and would like to know if there are house sitting opportunites while I transition; 3-6mos (maybe)
Is it a good time to buy in Newport?
Is Geenville a nice area, and is it a good time to buy there?
I currently have $6,000 in the hands of a title company. The title company has retained an attorney to represent him in an interpleader situation.
The seller of the house refused to sign off on the claim form in order for me to get my money back. At this point the realtors on both side are out of the equasion for now as I have fraudlent documents…
Why do so many brokers only show stills and do copy on just homes? The area is what the buyer is looking for!
Nararrated videos, detailed helpful links, blog entries on the people, the schools, the health care, churches. What about the area?
Which cities in the Peninsula meet these criteria: Great for young families (toddlers - so close to parks,
good elem schools, parents groups, etc), has a walkable and fun town center with Caltrain access, gets lots of sunshine (don't want to be in the fog!), easy Hwy 101 access. I know from some friends…
Olde Oaks, Lakewood Forest, Wimbledon Estates, Memorial NW, etc.
All of these neighborhoods seem to have homes with great charm, big lots, and close to ammenities, why are they so cheap! Is crime a factor in any of those areas? I will soon be looking to relocate to…
Any truth to the rumor of a new hospital (St. Francis)or any other hospital being built in Sienna Plantation?
I was informed that a new hospital in Sienna Plantation was in the stages of being built. Is their any truth to this rumor and what other main projects are in the works for Sienna?
My domestic partner and I have been in a relationship for 11 years. He has chosen to disolve our California Domestic partnership and now has given
me a week to move out of our house. I am not on the title or mortgage but have been paying rent and worked hard to make a fixer upper inhabitable and a home. I am wondering if I have any tenant rights?…
city island, bronx, ny
what is life like in City Island?
General Contractor in Orlando area looking for REO contracts on Preservation, additions, repairs and
remodels. Any advice??? Master Contracting and Preservation Group, LLC
Why don't many realtors return calls in a timely manner?
With curernt market conditons I'd think the following: 1) Customer service would be at a all time level
My husband's job is moving us to the west coast. We can pick anywhere we'd like, and we've narrowed down between Old Town Pasadena,
Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine and San Diego area. I know that sounds sooo spread out, but have been narrowing down from Oregon down the coast, so we've actually gotten it down as far as we can with…
An area similar to where I live now. "More details" below
On the north edge of Indianapolis is Hamilton County, with the towns of Carmel & Fishers. They are very affluent communities & Hamilton County is in the top 20 nationally for per capita income. The school…
These statistics are waaaaaay off !!! Take the "Year the Home was Built". The first house in Lakewood Ranch was built in 1995. Before that,
Lakewood Ranch did not even exist. Yet you have 87% of the homes in Lakewood Ranch built before 1995! Screwy.
My Condo Board is harassing me for renting out my apartment
I own a Condo in a 5 flr,35 unit bldg in Jersey City. I bought in 2003, lived there for 3 yrs and then moved to another bldg. I wasn't getting a good price to sell, so I began renting it out in 2006.…
Is it true that the trend for bigger and bigger houses (Mc Mansions) is changing & houses are getting smaller?
I read that this was happening at the high end of the market and it was expected to flow through to the mainstream.
Relocation to CA OC.. Rolling Hills or Aliso viejo (off elderwood)
We are in the process of a corporate relocation to oc. We have found two home for rental in two different locations. Our challenge is, they are both same sq ft, remodel one is in Rolling Hills the other…
We are moving out towards the Clinton area and was wondering if anyone could help us with the low down on any of the Clubs out there especially in
regards to fees. We've heard many clubs have drastically dropped their initiation fees and thought that we take a look into this. Same goes for any type of Pool Clubs that may be in the area. We are…
How do I start looking for rentals.?
Looking for a 3 bedroom apt or townhouse rental in middlesex,union,or a nice part of essex county.Very SAFE neighborhood and spacious close to NJTRAN. Looking for a safe neighborhood with a good amount…
What section should you stay away from in Wyckoff?
What is the "dreaded east section" as mentioned in another response?
My family and I are from the Reinholds area, we would like to move home...
Does anyone know of anyplace that is renting in the Denver, Reinholds health is getting bad, and I really feel the need to move home.....Please help..
looking for illiana or eliana prado residing in miami florida, or near by counties/cities of florida
personal request for search for my sister, posibly residing in florida, does any know this person?
how fast is a 3 Bed, 2 bath home with 2 car gagarge can get rented for? How long and how much in cape coral area?
i was wondering how long would it take to get a 3 bed, 2 bath 2 car garage home rented? new home and how much does rent usually go for?
In NYS is the S1441A passed by the Senate a law? It states the landlord has 30 to return deposit or provide a deduction list.
I found this bill when suing my landlord for my security deposit. She did not provide me with a deduction letter for over 90 days. After the case was almost finished, the judge stating he was not aware…
Is there a website that lists all of the houses available for lease?
I am looking to lease a home while building, but it is difficult to see what is available because no website lists the same properties. We would like to lease a house (larger than 2750 sq feet) in the…
What networking groups do you belong to?
What do you find most helpful to your success as a business and a person? Social Gatherings? Social Media Networking? Formal Networking Groups? Business Gatherings? Linda
Do you belong to a networking group?
Do we have any BNI members here at Trulia?
Advice on shore towns from Bradley Beach to Point Pleasant Beach?
I am looking to buy a place, and given my budget, am primarily looking at Belmar, Bradley Beach, Manasquan and Point Pleasant Beach. Can anyone provide any insight on what these towns are like in terms…
Alvarado TX
Can anyone tell me about the Gina Lane/Kelly Lane area of North Alvarado. I know there are a lot of mobile homes in that area but wanted to knowwhat the actual area is like and whether the city will…
Longwood County Club in Crete Il.
Anyone heard a rumer about Longwood C.C. in Crete il. closing? This would have a huge impact on a home I was considering.
What city is a good place to live that is near the metro north, near stamford, and has a good school district in CT.?
Moving to CT, don't know where to move to. Newly married, no children yet, need to be close to NYC.
Should we add on an in-laws quarters?
We are considering adding on an attached in-laws quarters to our house but with a separate entrance. Due to space limitations it will probably have to be a 2 story addition. We currently live in a very…
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