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What are the first steps of getting a home built? I looked at several web sites and none of them answered my
question. I am interested in Alabaster, Helena, Pelham, Al. Thanks to all that responded to my last question.
Need LA neighborhood recommendation for 25y/o young professional
I am considering moving to LA soon but am concerned about travel time between home and work/school. I'll be working outside of LA in El Segundo and attending classes at USC. My top priority is safety,…
I am trying to find a nice home and was thinking about somewhere in san francisco. I will be attending law school at berkley.
Can someone please tell me about best areas and the transportation to and fro Berkeley?
To whom this may concern: I'm looking for a 2 bedroom pet approved Section 8 accepted in Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627. I'm planning to move
October 16-30, 2015. Please contact me if you will have anything available. Thankyou, Rachel M. McLain Phone#1(949)400-2081
Where are the safe neighborhoods in the Tampa area?
I will be moving to the Tampa area in September and will be visiting at the end of this month to look for an apartment. I've been looking on online to find the safest neighborhoods in Tampa, but am finding…
Looking for a 1 bedroom in the 92804 area to keep my son in the same school who takes section 8. I have 9 years excellent rental history and good cred
I work and am in last year of respiratory school and have been unable to find a place that takes voucher. Is there anyone who can help me find housing so I can keep my son in same school?
How long would it take on the average when commuting to San Francisco downtown from San Ramon?
I'm moving to the Bay Area and need to find nice place to rent without spending a fortune. I am hoping the commute will not be over an hour considering traffic.
I have a tenant in a rental house that has not paid the rent for June. I have done the demand for payment
and notice to vacate with today 6/27 being the date for them to vacate. Can I change the locks on the property tomorrow 6/28 in order to make them have to contact me to discuss/pay the late rent? I can…
Looking to move inventory... 12-20% CAP rates! Do you want to help?
I have several single family, multifamily, and commercial properties available. These are off market properties, with CAP rates between 12-20%. They are located in the St. Louis Metro East The properties…
ok i have a voucher from scottsdale section 8 recently been down graded from a 3 bedroom to a 2bedrooom i have until april 1st to find a 2bedroom in
scottsdale under $925 ive been searching forever .. is there anyone i can go,to please if anyone,has any resources me,and,my children would grealtly appreciate it
how to report incorrect map town border lines?
my home is in New Canaan CT but the Trulia map city lines indicate we are in Norwalk CT. This is incorrect.
Why are taxes so different in same area? What exactly determines the rate?
I have seen 2 houses, roughly the same square feet, the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the same school district, the same area (within 5 miles of each other) and the taxes are hugely different.…
Found the perfect house right next to power lines (NOT high tension but power line) Are regular power lines safer than high tension lines?
I found the perfect house with land but it is smack dab next to power lines-about 100-200 feet from the back of house. They are not seen as they are blocked by trees but I have always been unsure of the…
How to get a no guarantor loan in UK?
You must be casual subsequent to knowing the simplest method for determining a reasonable loan bargain. There is a straightforward procedure empowering everybody to mastermind some sum in a most brief…
Considering relocating to Philadelphia area
I have a few questions for those who may be able to offer advice. I have worked at Bank of New York Mellon for eight years so my first question would be what you would think are the best opportunities…
Is there a list or website of master planned communities near Orlando?
I am debating between moving to Orlando or Tampa. When I search in Tampa, I seem to find a large number of master planned communities (not just gated, but shopping, dining, etc.) compared to what I am…
fantastic houses here?
Does anyone know about the VINE CITY area of Atlanta? Future development plans? The home prices seem very low
compared to other areas so close to downtown Atlanta. Pros/Cons of VIne City? zip 30314
i want to know the history on my house who lived there did anyone die there
I want to know about my house who lived here did anyone die here the history of my home 2319 20th str racine,wi 53403
I remain mystified by 230 Windsor so help me understand what am I missing.
Multifamily, beautiful street, walk to beach and shops. can some mold really hold this back? how is this not an amazing investment property?
How is the city of Moreno Valley for family, schools and crime?
Still investigating different cities to move to in California. Was told Moreno Valley was a nice place. Could I get some information from an experience realtor or someone who lives in this city.
Need advice bought house Friday no power and charged for oil not in oil tank
I just bought a house and moved in Friday. First of all, the seller turned the electric off a week before closing. The incompetent sellers agent was supposed to turn the breakers off so power could be…
are there any problems with coyotes, mountain lions, racoons, rats, etc in Palmdale?
I'm concerned with how close Palmdale is to much uninhabited land. Does it have any problems with wildlife because of this? Also, any problems with bugs?
WE are moving to Greenville, SC and have 2 young children who will be starting school soon. What areas are?
the best areas for schools and a return on your investment if we move again in the next 5 years? If there are specific subdivisions or streets please advise.
which neighborhoods are best for commute to Los Alamos
We are moving soon to the area, but don't really want to live in Los Alamos. We'd like to be close to the city of Santa Fe, or in the city, but not so far away that the commute is an hour ! Thanks for…
This creation muscle development do not
This creation muscle development do not care for other materials offered deep and that is nothing more than a trick on the well-being of creation name. Strong your necessary infrastructure is really achieved…
What is Jpeg to Pdf ?
Jpeg to Pdf does have its place. I had butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I'm not a has been. That was a well known scenario or all that's left for me to say now is thank you in advance. There are up…
Execute an awesome things on your face
Many Nufinity elements we simply can't do on our own even though we tried so that it might be better to search for with a dermatologist faster
The Orange County Register, each Sunday, provide readers with a graph showing all the cities in Orange County, and under each city is listed every zip
code and across the median sales and weekly, monthly and yearly /-. Do you have something like that?
Relocating to Silver Spring (or surroundings)
We are relocating for a job in Silver Spring in September (2 adults and 2 children ages 3 and 5). We'd be interested in renting for a few months until we can get to know the area and buy something. I'd…
Relocating to Bellingham, WA
My husband and I are looking to relocate (from NJ) to Bellingham, WA. We are 60 and 70 years old, respectively. Can you help us choose the correct neighborhoods (away from students please) in Bellingham?…
Is it make sense to buy 1bed/1bath apartment in downtown JC instead of renting it?
Hello, I have been living in the downtown JC area for past 2 years and I am currently renting 1bed/1bath apartment. Since I plan to stay in the area for at least 3 years, I came up with the idea of buying…
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Have pictures for family that lived in 215 Deerwood Dr. Baldwinsville, NY in 1990. Please contact me at 315-656-7181
Found a photo album at rescue mission with a families pictures, trying to return to right people.
Has anyone seen the new condo at the Gramercy?
The Gramercy is a mixed used community off of the 215 and Russell. This community has been a long time coming. I was wondering what people's thoughts are on this new real estate? Check it out here: ht…
I've been cyber-surfing NC real estate websites for a place to move to.
Rutherfordton, NC looks like a great place to move to. I'll be moving with four dogs when I move. Are there any websites, books, etc that can help me familiarize myself with the area? My initial search…
Objective To Finally drop The obesity ?
We all hate to crash, its just human nature, usually once we assume we have failed its simpler continue and just to quit instead of getting back around the horse. New Earth Essentials http://nutra…
What are the polices on posting flyers or adds?
i would like to start a dog walking business and i am curious if i am aloud to post a flyer on a stop sign,pole,etc.
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the most amazing house ever?
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Do townhomes and condos in the DC suburbs typically allow multiple pets?
I have 4 cats and a dog (the result of working in a veterinary hospital for the last 10 years!) and desperately want to relocate to a townhome/condo rather than a single family home. Is it possible with…
Hello, I'm looking for an agent that can do a Broker's Price Opinion for both residential and commercial properties in the Beaumont area.
Experience preferred. I need this for a loan I'm making, not looking to list a property. Thanks!
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