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I currently own in Montgomery Township and would like to know how East Brunswick compares?
As far as schools, traffic, taxes, commuting to NYC, and crime...I am wondering how EB compares to Montgomery? I know we have the 10th best school in NJ, low pollution, minimal traffic, & almost no…
i need a 3 br house thats pretty reasonable, and is the new philadelphia or dover area, where can i find one?
i have a 5 month old baby and me n my husband.we are in a small one bedroom apt right now and really need a bigger place before she starts crawling. please some one help me find a nice home to raise our…
What are good areas in Yonkers? What are bad areas in Yonkers that we should aviod when considering to buy a condo in Yonkers for investment?
I heard Yonkers is very diversified, you can get a really bad area where low income housing project was dominated and with a lot of crimes and violence. WHile you can also find some very nice and upscale…
Is ParkSide Sienna of KB Homes a good area to buy in Hayward, CA?
This is a new development near Cannery Park. It looks decent at the daytime and good for families, however, how is the general area of the neighborhood? The other older homes look old and some are trashy.
Should Real Estate Blogs be about Real Estate content only???
or any subject that may help generate traffic is worth considering???
How much would a 2,100 sq home in Cupertino with a studio attached that has a separate Bath and kitchen cost?
We remodeled our home and want to know the value the remodel brought to are home?
Is the Brooklyn and Old Brooklyn areas zip 44144 of Cleveland a good area to move in for a single man?
Interested in buying a home in this area and wanted to know about the area itself.
Any Philadelphia,PA Apartments for SSI or Social Security Disability recipients?
I am on SSI getting $530 a month and I work part time receiving around $300 a month, are there any Philadelphia, PA 1BR apartments I could get with my low income? Any information would be appreciated,…
investing in New York City
Hi, I am interested in buying a property for rent in New York City. My goal is appreciation. And hopefully good cash flow from the rent. Sales price is not a major concern. I am not very familiar…
Where to find fixer upper apartments in nyc?
I am interested in fixer upper apartments.
Moving in Miami, my son going to Miami Country dade School. What us the best area to live ?
Like to live in a community, where there is a country club nearby, access to supermarket and restaurants and stores.
Overview of connestee falls, brevard nc
Community overview, maket conditions, quality of life
i am facing a foreclosure or what they call sale date this 2-18-11. wells fargo denied me on 2-4-11 and received the letter in the mail on 2-14-11.
i contacted a bk atty and they adviced me for chapter7 so we can eliminate my credit cards and my equity loan since the equity loan now is charged off. i contacted wells fargo bank and they told me that…
Where should I buy?
Is the Pearl district the nicest area in Portland?
Any community info on the surrounding cities of Winston-Salem, NC?
Looking to move to Winston-Salem, NC, area. Any family-friendly areas with moderately priced homes, 150-300K, quiet with family activities? How are the schools and property taxes?
Weehawken, NJ - Crime Rates
Hi - I've been looking at a few properties in Weehawken off of Hackensack Ave. I realize this is a main road that you're not going to find yourself doing too much walking on (like a street in Hoboken),…
breaking lease
My tenant is breaking the lease and I'm going to attempt to re-lease the unit at a higher rent rate. They will move out tomorrow morning and their rent is $1400. I'm going to ask for $1500.…
Miami Beach Commute
One factor in my search for a condo in Miami Beach and nearby areas (N. Miami Beach, Biscanye, etc...) is the concentration of employers, both in Miami Beach and downtown Miami. Can anyone tell me what's…
I just finished entering one listing and have three more to go. Several buyers waiting on me and in the midst of several offers and counters. Three more listings in the upcoming week. For the first time…
is it better to rent or to buy a house?
me and my husband are trying to decided if it be better to rent or to buy a house.
necesito encontrar un trailerhouse para rentar
necesito mudarme con mi familia para una trailerhouse si se puede de 2 cuartos
im looking for some to donate me a zone double wide mobile can you help me i have apiece of land in manning s.c and im disabled
do you know of any one who could donate me a mobile home im on the street livesome nun out of kingstreet at spring bank treat is trying hard to help me
Can you please let me know the best areas for kids as far as playgrounds/parks and schools? I would also like to be walking distance to the downtown.
My husband and I are looking to move to the Ann Arbor area in the next 6 months with our 18 month old son and new baby on the way. Can you please let me know the best areas for kids as far as playgrounds/parks…
Looking for a Mobile Home in N. Ft. Myers, FL that is wheelchair accessible, or could be made wheelchair accesible. Either in a Park under 55 year old
Or a mobile Home on a lot not in Suncoast! I am a 50 year old paraplegic and have used a wheelchair for 27 years and I am totally independent & I drive. I lived in N. Ft. Myers, FL for 20 yrs. in Waterway…
I need a real estate attorney or a Realtor in Portland, OR ASAP. I'm buying an owner carried FSBO that's due to close in 2 weeks.
The seller is trying to back out of the contract although I have a signed contract and earnest money deposited with at title company. He got a better offer, but is lying about his reasons for wanting…
I am looking for a family friendly, low crime middle class neighnorhood to move to. Close to hospitals for employment, around the Ocala neighborhood
Want to buy 3/2 with pool,garage, fenced yard and finished porch. Will be relocating within 2 yrs.
So far in my few months in real estate I've had 3 buyers that I'm working with. My question to everyone is when looking up school districts
are there any websites you would recommend that I could find a ranking of Long Island School Districts? Ed
I was thinking to myself what our business is all about. I always come back to one word...REFERRALS. I wanted to see what the opinions are out there
about referral networks. Are there any suggestions on which ones to look to possible get involved with? I'm actually thinking about getting together with a few people I know and starting my own. Ed
Is that true?
The ttenant said: we will not be moving out until after the court date and the judge determines our law we have 30 days from the date of eviction to move. we will then have 30 days from the…
Looking to relocate from NY Metro Area. I have a young family (9,7 & 2). Which choice would be better: Fort Pierce or West Palm Beach?
The relocation would be commensurate with an opportunity with my current employer in either city. Schools & community are obviously one of the biggest considerations. In either case, based on the best…
I here property insurance is very expensive in Florida. I am looking at purchasing a rental home but have
been told that insurance could be more expensive then property tax.
How about the market now?
I think most buyers bought home in the last two years. It seems there are less buyers in the market.
Can yuo help?
I am doing some family research and contacting you from the UK. We had some relatives that lived in Bethwood Drive some years ago but do not have a number. Are there any public sites in the USA where I…
Horses welcome anywhere?
My husband and I are thinking of retiring to the Okaloosa/Walton county area. We have two horses and would love to have a piece of property where like-minded folks build homes (no trailers please) and…
Why can't I find my lot on these maps?
I have a lot on Steinbeck dr in Desert Hills but I can't seem to find it on any maps.We would like to sell it .Our listing agent is not doing to much to help us.
What local real estate schools offer live classes?
I have a friend that wants to get into the real estate business and wants to take live classes as opposed to on-line? Are there any local schools that offer evening or weekend live classes? Thank you…
'Seems like there is s bit of bias against Livermore from other parts of the Tri-Valley' Why???
What does "Thursday midnight" mean?
What does "Thursday midnight" mean?
Buying in Livermore vs the rest of the Valley
Seems like there is s bit of bias against Livermore from other parts of the Tri-Valley. I didn't believe it when we moved here, but it's starting to get to me. While there are some fantastic deals to…
I am a single mom hoping to move to RAELIGH< NORTH CAROLINA,
i want to know about safety, job, (i'm a hairdresser) from Long Island, NY rent. my kids are 1 and 12years old. i need a 2 bedroom apt. how are prices. thanks
Who do you report a corrupt management co. to?
The Co. does not service our community properly. We pay dues and are not getting servivces, in a timely manner. The last election we had was totally mismanaged and gave nobody an opportunity to mail in…
What are some good areas to invest in the Bay Area? Looking for homes under 200k.
I have about 100k to go towards an investment property in the Bay Area. I live in S.F. and will consider anything in the radius as far north as Stockton, south as San Jose and East as Tracy. The only…
How long is the typical commute from Weston, FL to downtown Miami?
My husband and I recently became parents and as a result are looking for a good place to raise a family in South Florida. We really like Weston and are currently house hunting there. How long (in minutes/hours)…
I am relocating from Orange County california to North Carolina My husband has family in Huntersville Northstone County club area
high school and middle school are the schools I will need and some place for my 19 year old daughter to find a job she will also be starting in nursing school . any info that you can give me would be great.!!…
Hello I am an active military person that is looking to rent a house possibly buy (prefer rent) in Woodbridge/Edison area. Looking for $1800 max.
Needs are backyard and nice neighborhood. Not concerned with schools. Willing to look outside these areas for a house but I have a commute to Staten Island everyday. Moving In June.
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