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zip codes
does anyone invest or now anyone who invests in 60621, 60188, 60104, 60085, 46410, 15001, 60097, ? let me know i got a few deals tht i want to move and would like to know if anyone does these areas so…
Are there any < $200-300k neighborhoods with no HOA in Weddington/Marvin/Wesley Chapel area?
I would like to find a $200-300k neighborhood in the Weddington/Marvin/Wesley Chapel area without HOA (need to be able to park a motorcycle trailer). I can't figure out how to filter out the houses…
Which area surronding Charlotte would be a nice place to relocate to?
I am a single mother with two children 5 and 9, and I'm looking to relocate to the Charlotte area from Milwaukee, WI in the early part of 2012. I would like to live in a community that is fairly safe,…
I will be working at Turkey Point starting the middle of August & I need a furnished place for my wife, 1yr
child & myself for a month or two for @ $1,000. per month. So preferably the more north by key largo; the better. Can you help?
How do I know that an apartment for rent by owner, listed on Trulia, actually exists? How can I do a search?
The address is 45 West 57th Street. I called a business in the building and he said there aren't apartments there. However, the listing said it was brand new.
NYC Dept. of Buildings: Why no Records for Pre-9/11 WTC Elevator Rebuild, one of the “largest, most sophisticated”ever.“largest-most-sophisticated”-ever/
I just purchased my house and I noticed that it is posted on Trulia; & I dont want it to be listed on trulia
My house is posted on with its selling price. etc. how can I have it removed from the website.
I am looking for short term 6mth, furnished condo apt/studio in Bricknell, Coral Gable or Coconut G. Move in date is Sept 1. Budget is 1500 everything
Need a furnished 1 bedroom condo apartment or studio for 6mths in Bricknell, Coral Gables or Coconut Grove, Willing to pay up to $1500 for everything. Thank you, Olupercy M.
Which Chicago suburbs are the best for young families?
My husband and I plan on moving from River North to the suburbs soon. We're in our early 30s and plan on having kids soon. He works in Rosemont (drives there) and I work downtown (via public transit).…
I have a great house for rent in Pomfret, but it seems as if this site does not deal with rentals, am I
correct? 34 acres with a pond, many amenities, only $2000 a month for the right person....
where is the cheapest place to buy land in the East Bay of California? I live in Antioch.
A piece of land that is at a minimum of $50,000 to a maximum of $100,000. Minimum .5 an acre to 5 acres.
i need to learn more about neighborhoods and i would like to now how good is Millard Court for a living neighborhood ?
I am very new to the city, in fact , not moved in yet , but before doing that I would really like some information of the schools , and how good they are ,as well as neighborhood safety ? please help me…
I'm a college student in Miami going to FIU, looking for a place to move for 1350 everything included (or stimated light, water, b-cable and
internet) Currently I am residing at an apartment with two bedrooms with everything included for $1800. However I was wondering if there were cheaper options for a 1 bedroom with everything included or…
My family and I are moving to 1715 K St West Belmar NJ 07719 Are there any pharmacy's, markets or shops in walking distance? Any info about the?
area Any info about schools intermediate and elementary, how close how many students per class, do they use books or kendle, anything you can tell me would be appreciated!
Relocating to Charlotte, NC
I will be relocating to Charlotte early next year with my wife and two year old daughter. We have looked online at properties in the Huntersville area up to Davidson, but have really no idea where the…
I have section 8 and have a question about getting a unit with another room.
I've found a place that has a four bdr. The thing is my voucher says that my unit size is for 3 bdr. My question is can i still get the four bdr, if the amount of rent is less than my rent owed to…
I am Canadian buyer looking for winter home, I am looking at Via Bellezza condos northeast Phoenix or condo in Chandler Giza st, brand new.
ideas on what areas are like. Via Bellezza is on 16th St N and E Bell Rd, Northeast Phoenix. Any concerns with buying in this area. Any help would be fine.
Was there ever the address: 7 Little Street - Atlanta, GA ? - near Booker Washington High School?
Trying to locate a house - eighty years ago - is it still standing?
Looking for a 1 bedroom house or apartment. Credit is not great but I do have a Section 8 voucher that pays most of my rent.
If you do not accept Section 8 vouchers I'm looking for any apartment who doesn't do credit checks
Neighborhood Question
Does anyone know anything (good, bad, indifferent) about a neighborhood that is in/near Sumter called Emerald Lake?
Where is the BEST place to live for a family with kids ( ages 2, 11,12) moving to Shaw AFB?
Two of our kids are starting 6th grade so we want good schools for them and we want a great area with little crime. Also, my husband doesn't want a long drive (over a half hr) to work. We will have…
Hello. I just got recertified with my voucher for section 8 during the third month after my 60 day vacate the premises notice.
Well. The new landlord that wants to rent to me, doesn't want any rent for the first month he just focusing more on the inspection needed for me to move in. I'm also transferring to a nearby…
How far is the beach from K st. 07719? Is the intermediate school far from K st? I know the west Belmar elementary school is close but average, how ma
How many students per class? (West Belmar intermediate 1st and 3rd average) I am moving to K st., Nice neighborhood? Are there pharmacy's markets, or stores in walking distance? How far is the beach…
How many yards are in between power line poles?
Im trying to figure out how many yards are in between power poles because i have a field in my back yard and i want to put tagets up to shot my rifle and its the best thing to go by out there.
who is responsible for the maintenance on a foreclosed property in Boston ma?
I have some bad debt in my corporate books.
what collection agency would you all recommend that I ask to help me collect debt? or I can sell them my bad debt for pennies on the dollar.
Are taxes too high? I'll help with disputing it. I'm certified in this field and have helped with hundreds of homeowners save.
I have appraised many homes this 2011 year and more than 2/3 of them are being taxed too high, this is for all counties. With an appraisal you can contest the conclusion to their tax valuation and save…
I'm new to florida, my daughter lives here. I am looking to purchase a home but I dont necessarily want to
live in an area with only security gates, are there properties here without gate entrances?
Where Can I Find Sharp Realtors?
I'm working with a few other realtors on a side project and I'm looking for a few sharp realtors open to making some extra money. If you were in my shoes and looking for more sharp realtors,…
Hi, I'm thinking of buying an investment property on Gibbs St, Mt Clemens, MI. I'd appreciate any views good or bad about this place.
Thank you. I'm interested in finding out about crime, demographics, shopping centres/malls, good schools, colleges/Universities etc. etc.
my landlord recently died and now i don't know who to pay rent too? ( i don't know what to do)
I'm subleasing a co-op from a man who passed away a few months ago i just found out that the mans widow who i have been sending the checks to has been cashing the checks and not paying their portion…
Is zip code 77092 a safe area? Would it be wise to build a new home there? There is a builder starting new construction on Oak Laurel Lane.
google maps does not show this to be that "attractive". Is it an up and coming area, or will property values fall?
What are buyers looking for in a starter home priced under $250,000 in the North East?
What are some of the features you want for that amount of money?
How many new homes have been sold to date in July 2011?
June 2011 sales figures if they are available as well.
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