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My wife and I own a Home Paid in Full. We would like to Rent our Home out and buy another home. We have 30% for a down payment on another home.
I do not work but have an income of $26,000 and my wife works with an income of $32,000. The only payment we have is our car for 400 per month. We have not credit card debt. We are not sure about renting…
I rent a room in a 4 bedroom house in citrus heights, ca. with 2 others, is $120/mo. for water, elect., gas, garb., & sew seem high for my 1/3
bill $120 is for my 1/3 of the utility costs for the month, which includes electric, gas, water, garbage and sewage. Note that the weather for the month of May has been mild so running the heat or air…
LA, CA to Gilbert, AZ
I am contemplating the move from Los Angeles to Gilbert. Is this a good move? I am in the market for a buying a home and I feel that Arizona might just be the place.
Food Stamp program, on the wrong track?
In 1964, 380,000 American were signed up for the Food Stamp program. At the end of the Bush administration 33 million American were receiving food stamps. Today 47 million American are receiving food stamps.…
How much is my 10 acres worth in California City?
I have two parcels 1 that is 2 1/2 acres and 1 that is 7 1/2 acres
What is the Deed Transfer Tax in New Rochelle, NY?
I know the state imposes 0.4% but what does New Rochelle Impose on top of that?
were can i find section 8 voucher housing in montgomery county pa
Looking for a fourh plus bed room with two and a half baths
I am looking to rent my property can you help?
Trying to rent my property and looking for assistance can you help?
If my house is only worth 155 k and I owe 177 k is there any programs that could help me?
I can make the minimum payments but I cant afford to put more. I bought my house with my wife in oct 2005 but that was before my wifes student loans took affect. When my wifes student loans kicked in money…
I saw a "sold" sign in front of this house. Is it still on the market?
-- This question is about this property:
Looking to move to escondido. What are the nice area's? Low crime etc.
Looking for a good neighborhood in escondido. I want low crime, low drug area, good schools, etc.
I am looking into relocating my family for law school. What type of activities does the area offer for a family of six? Also, why are values so low?
The zip code for the school (Wake Forest) is 27109 but I noticed listings in the Winston Salem area coming up in different zip codes. Are there 'better' areas. Possibly looking into land and…
Some people did short sale or foreclosure and may file bankruptcy. Can we rent to them? If so, how to prevent them stopping rent payment after they fill bankruptcy?
I need help finding a great area around Dallas to live.
My husband and I are going to be relocating to Dallas within the next 2 months, and really need help finding a good area to live in. We want to live within about a 30 minute (max) commuting distance to…
cool neighborhoods in dallas,
I'm moving to Dallas in January from San Diego, and I don't know much about the area. We like older residential neighborhoods that are racially mixed as well as fairly affluent. In particular we are…
Would Elgin, IL be a good area for someone who is new to the chicago area, young and single to move to?
I am new to the area and working in Schaumburg. I'm trying to research where would be the best place in the area for me to live. I am looking for a town with a nice downtown, restaurants, good parks/trails…
I am a new Realtor, is there any suggestions to get good leads out there?
I have been a Realtor since Feb. of this year. I have found the biggest struggle being leads. I have tried several angles from purchasing leads, craigslist ads, Facebook page.....the list goes on. I would…
Baffled by this market? Can someone shed some light on this topic for me?
Throughout history, what is the average return per year on a purchase of a house. I was under the impression that the annual return was between 6-8% per year. In this case, the median home price in nutley…
Are there any rentals not subject to income restrictions in San Ramon area?
Any newer development rentals (less than 10 yrs) that are not subject to income restrictions in San Ramon? We are looking to rent for a bit but haven't found any rentals which are not subject to income…
My boyfriend and I are trying to find a geographic midpoint between Fort Worth and Dallas that isn't I30 @ Ballpark.
We love the TCU area, Ryan's Place, and 7th St/Magnolia in Fort Worth, and Oak Lawn, Kessler Park and Lakewood in Dallas. He works in FW, I work in Dallas - are there any great neighborhoods in the…
What is Doylestown, PA like? I saw some crime data that seemed higher that suburbs in NJ. Any idea why?
One of the online data services showed crime data for this area as more than twice that of the towns in the Princeton area. A good friend is hoping to move there and I'd like to know more about the area,…
I35 corridor in austin
I 'hear' from people that east of I35 isn;t a good place to look....what's your opinion of that area, Ki?
What is the best city to raise a family?
We are looking to move in the next 2-3 years and are looking for the best place to raise a family. We have one infant and are planning on having another just after we move.
We are looking for a retirement condo in Sarasota and we are trying to find out how Vintage Grand, Serenade, Casa Del SOl and Las Palmas compare.
Safe area, Noise level, financial stability and amenities are all considerations. Would anyone recommend one over another?
I'm very interested in the cherrywood area in San leandro, ca. But I'm waiting on a certain type. How to find about potential foreclosures?
How do I find out about pre foreclosures, payments by that are well behind, potential foreclosures,etc. Any websites or anywhere I can find out? Thanks in advance
I'd love to purchase in Foster City but it seems like even a small rise in sea level would be catastrophic. Thoughts?
I’ve been looking at rising water levels and wondering about the risk. Of course nobody knows exactly what will happen, however there was just an article that said a variety of factors, not necessarily…
How diverse is Cedar Hill?
As far as race is concern.
is Hamilton Heights (NYC) a good place to buy? We have the opportunity to get a large apartment there at what seems to be below market rate.
We have 3 small children and could use the space but recognize the area is not as nice as the UWS where we live now. Trying to get a feel for what apartments are worth up there before sinking money into…
1. What is the Current population in valparaiso IN?
2. what is the population change in Valparaiso IN over past 5 years 3. what is the number of households with children under 10 years old 4.average household income
how do I find a house number when there is no house number on the house?
I want to find out the house number of the house that is one house west of 2089 east tobais road clio,mi. 48420
looking for houston insurance company that specializes in HOA policy
We need to purchase Home Owner Association Property/Liability/D&O insurance....any companies specialize in this in the Houston area?
What's the average management and maintenance costs for a duplex in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn?
The building is currently a Duplex with an option to build a 3rd apartment.
Best Schools and Family friendly neighborhoods/subdivisions???
My husband and I are considering relocating to the MB area with three small children. When visiting, we fell in love with the Murrell's Inlet area and Surfside Beach. Great schools are a must so…
Value of non residential propert
How would one go about finding out the value of a non residentail property in Texas? who would one contact? Houston specifically.
Job Transfer-Need help with listing home and relocation, both this area.
Purchased a John Wieland home in Bridgehampton in June of this year and just receive a job promotion in Salisbury. The new job includes an excellent relocation package. My question is: How can I use…
I am relocating to Florida for a job and need to be on East Coast and "near" Orlando. Need help as I mostly know about West Coast of Fla.
We prefer to be by beach, in a younger area with nightlife, restaurants (wife is chef) and good schools. Also not looking to break the bank on a house. We will be moving from Philadelphia.
What is the current conception about Blossom Valley, 95136?
We are new to the area and renting on the Peninsula, but money goes further in BV. Schools are not a consideration for us as our children attend a private school. What we are looking for is safety, quality…
Will Upper Dutch Hill stay rural?
Trulia lists a mobile home listed on located on Upper Dutch Hill Rd in Milford NY. The photos show beautiful views of fields & hills. I live in Connecticut where developers would pounce on this area…
Do you have any homes for rent/lease in the Inwood West Subdivision?
this location is on the Northwest side of town.
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