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What are the taxes in Mecklenberg county?
I'm thinking of moving to Charlotte and wondering about the property taxes?
we're visiting portland next month and are looking at neighborhoods from portland to albany and were hoping for some advice. oliver and sylvia
we're planning on retiring in about a year and like the portland area. we've also been checking other areas further south on trulia- albany, corvallis and salem, etc. we love the older arts…
I am thinking of relocating to north Carolina to better my families life.
I am thinking of relocating to north Carolina to better my families life. My mother,sister,and brother are disabled. We live in Florida right now but the quality of life is bad. There is no good programs…
im looking to rent something fo the winter. Do you know of anything affordable?
Hi my name is Julie Copeland and i'm needing a rental as soon as possible. I live on Port Aransas Im a member of the Island Worship Church. I live with my sister and our 4 excellent children. Please help.
How to meet current home owners?
I read several tips online for looking for a new community and most of them all said to ask the current homeowners. I am not sure how to approach this. I try to ask people I see outside when I am looking…
addressof hotels
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a property manager in NYC?
We are looking for a property manager that has experience dealing with tenant-related matters in multi-family houses in NYC.
Single female looking for home outside of a town in Northern Idaho.
I'm 57 and want to retire in Northern Idaho. I was wondering which is the best area for senior citizens.
I am looking to move to the San Francisco within the next 8 months. I'm in my mid 20s and I'm single. I'm planning to visit in January
to scout a home I have been living in a small college town in Mississippi for about 6 yrs. I will be taking a job in the city of San Francisco next summer. I am seeking a home or condo in the $300k-$600k…
My hub & I will be in a market for our 1st home in about 3 yrs. We want to stay an 1hr away from NYC(work), big yard, modern house, any ideal
towns? We want to start narrowing down towns in NJ since we live in Brooklyn NYC we can only rely on Google Maps for now. We want to stay an hour away from NYC (train or car commute). Close to the shore,…
Relocating to Charlotte - need information regarding autism servcies
Due to a job change, my family will be relocating to Charlotte in the near future. Along with wanting good schools low crime and a friendly community, I have a need for autism services, My tweenie daughter…
Local Event Flood Record Maps
Are there any maps prepared after an event like Hurricane Irene to detail the neighborhood flooding that resulted for that particular event?
looking for a property management in WV??
Self serve condo association, may want to switch to a property management company
Are there any places that are under $450 a month to rent or rent to own? A cheaper way of buying
in Oxford, Stovall, a GOOD section of henderson, Rougemount, Buarea NC
HELP! Buying an Apple this week. Any suggestions or recommendations?
Been a PC buff for 15 years and the family finally told me I had to get with the program. Being an Apple stockholder I thought it only appropriate that I fall in line. I'm a general contractor, manufactured…
Bernardsville or Basking Ridge?
My fiancee and I are looking to move to Somerset County and are considering Bernardsville and Basking Ridge. Kids will be on the way shortly, so we're concerned about all the things young families…
We recently moved to BAY AREA. Begin looking for house. San Ramon/Pleasanton/dublin area?
San ramon has really good schools, but expensive also. We can afford a townhome here.. Dublin schools seems to be improving but not quite there yet. pleasanton is all old homes. then in terms of commute…
Is this a good time to build homes that could stand up to winds of 200 miles per hour? Hurricanes as an example?
Homeowners thinking of the future would like to know. Builders developers job creators where are you?
I have quit claim deed with legal description to make the wife sole owner of real estate property which is in a family trust. Want new owners name
The property was in both in-laws names (my wife's parents) and was quitclaimed to her.She passed away and now trust executor is my wife's brother who has given me many reasons not to trust him,…
When home owner dies has probate/will done. House was assigned to daughter she paid loan and tax home paid off 9 yr. Deed still in org name how?
Cant get mortgage records, court docks missing, How about title company how do you find out who has records of the title they show who was paying mortgage., Since all bills came in daughters name no referance…
Good Morning Anyone One Know What Rental Properties Accepts Section 8 In Montgomery County PA? Or Decent Respectable Home Rental?
Focused, Ambitious, Woman Looking For A Home To Rent In The Montgomery County Area. I Am Relocating From NY Due To Wanting A Slower, Safer, Cleaner And Positively Diverse Environment For My Family. The…
What do YOU Love Most About Naples, FL?
Some of us are golfers, others are boaters, or love to fish. And others love our resort-like atmosphere, world class shopping and dining, and beautiful beaches! Do you live in Naples, or do you vacation…
How far is the water from 632 gile aransas pass in aransas pass?
Don't need to know the distance to port aransas only the closest to the address
Anyone have any buyers looking for waterfront land on Cayo Costa Island (upper Captiva) ?
Does anyone have any buyers looking for waterfront land on Cayo Costa? This site sits on the Pelican Bay side of the island and we have the MUD papers stating that you can build. I know land here is…
What is the proper etiquette dealing with an agent's help with a home purchase?
His fee is paid by the lender. Do I give him anything?
My clients and I are looking for a Commercial Builder in Cape Coral. If you're a commercial builder please email me
thanks *** looking for a commercial builder of a bar/restaurant type of building. Realtors if you have any recommendations please email me thanks.
Latest round of NASA cutting threatens 600 jobs in Huntsville. How will this affect home sellers?
We are selling our house on contract and moving to Las Vegas before school starts. Will it be hard to find a nice 2-3 brm to rent while we get jobs?
We have good credit, mine is over 800 and husbands is over 700 at least. We have 4 small dogs (rescues) and are looking for positions in restaurant management. We both have several years experience and…
What kind of neighborhood is brazos valley subdivision, brazos bend, Simonton TX?
Is it culturally diverse or are the people clannish old-time Texans or what? How picky or reasonable is the homeowners association?
is this saying that my board members cannot get paid for compensation work?Compensation. No Director or Officer shall for reason of his/her office be
entitled to receive any salary or compensation, but nothing herein shall be construed to prevent an officer or director from receiving any compensation from the organization for duties other than as a…
I am considering a house in Newton, MA, that is close to the T tracks. Can anyone advise how people in Newton feel about being so close to tracks?
The house is about 4 lots away, tracks are not visible but trains may be heard. I know that in Mpls, people pay high prices for houses under the flight path. This is not that bad, and it is an urban setting,…
To be stationed at shipyard. I have heard bad things about the area, would we be better off living in Chesapeake or is it no different than Portsmouth
We have searched different areas but we are unfamiliar. Husband will be deployed and want family to feel safe. Also, what is the commute time from Chesapeake to Portsmouth?
I am a young girl looking to buy a condo in Annapolis. Can someone suggest some safe, nice areas for me?
I have looked at the condos/townhomes right off of Bestgate Road and I love them; however, I am not super familiar with the area in terms of where is safe to live. Where are some good areas for young…
Young couple looking for home in the Philadelphia suburbs
We currently live in old city, but need to move to cut down on my commute. I work in Telford and he works in Camden. Looking for a place that would be pretty close to right in between. We'd like a…
zip codes
does anyone invest or now anyone who invests in 60621, 60188, 60104, 60085, 46410, 15001, 60097, ? let me know i got a few deals tht i want to move and would like to know if anyone does these areas so…
Are there any < $200-300k neighborhoods with no HOA in Weddington/Marvin/Wesley Chapel area?
I would like to find a $200-300k neighborhood in the Weddington/Marvin/Wesley Chapel area without HOA (need to be able to park a motorcycle trailer). I can't figure out how to filter out the houses…
Which area surronding Charlotte would be a nice place to relocate to?
I am a single mother with two children 5 and 9, and I'm looking to relocate to the Charlotte area from Milwaukee, WI in the early part of 2012. I would like to live in a community that is fairly safe,…
I will be working at Turkey Point starting the middle of August & I need a furnished place for my wife, 1yr
child & myself for a month or two for @ $1,000. per month. So preferably the more north by key largo; the better. Can you help?
How do I know that an apartment for rent by owner, listed on Trulia, actually exists? How can I do a search?
The address is 45 West 57th Street. I called a business in the building and he said there aren't apartments there. However, the listing said it was brand new.
NYC Dept. of Buildings: Why no Records for Pre-9/11 WTC Elevator Rebuild, one of the “largest, most sophisticated”ever.“largest-most-sophisticated”-ever/
I just purchased my house and I noticed that it is posted on Trulia; & I dont want it to be listed on trulia
My house is posted on with its selling price. etc. how can I have it removed from the website.
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