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I signed a lease. my realtor is now charging a Brokerage fee (50$) that was never disclosed prior to signing or in contract. Is that normal?
1st time miami renter concerned about fees! In addition to brokerage fee, my security deposit and last month rental is required to be given as a cashier's check.
Moving to Charlotte for work out of a home office. Was wondering whether the northern suburbs or southern suburbs have more to offer.
I am moving from Chicago suburbs. I will be traveling to neighboring states for work so decent proximity to major highways and airports important. Also looking for an area with great crime rates and good…
Can you describe how Sausalito looks and feels for a person that has never lived here?
Do residents maintain their homes and lawns? Are there dramatic differences between different neighborhoods or zip codes? Is there a dominant architecture throughout the city?
need a attorney for star program problem on long island ny
I own two homes one in florida one on long island ny . My Florida home is my first home and I have a homestead program for it in florida ,now they say I have a star program in NY and there is a problem…
Dual Agency.. What have you found to be the best way to Handle it?
OK I like to ask tough questions. I have only expericenced one dual agency. We sat buyer and seller down at one table. After 90 minutes everyone was happy and we had a deal. In my opinion buyer wanted…
Have you visited Galyn Manor in Brunswick, MD yet?
I am curious to know how many are aware of this beautiful community.
What would you do if you are a seller in a dual agency relationship, and the agent shares confidential information on the buyer with you?
The information is supplied right before a written offer is submitted giving you the advantage that a higher counter offer will likely be accepted.
Trying to make a comparison of pros & cons of newer Irving areas vs. Preston Hollow areas.
Trying to make a comparison of pros & cons of Hackberry Creek & newer Irving/Coppell areas vs. Preston Hollow/Farmers Branch areas. I personally prefer the larger lots, mature trees & 1 story…
Old Saybook beach associations
As I've been browsing Old Saybrook, CT, listings, it seems that location is very important because it determines which beach association you belong to, e.g. Indian Town, Knollwood, Chalker, Fernwood…
Moving to Ventura. Buy, Rent, Lease to Own? Agents Available to show Rentals?
Hey folks, wife and I are moving to Ventura in July from Denver, CO. She'll be working in Camarillo so it's still not out of the question but Ventura seems more desirable to us. We're early…
Relocating from Ohio to Corpus Christi
How far would we have to be from Flour Bluff to get away from that smell and still not be too far from the water, and ANY beach?
Does anyone know the minimun requirement for a driveway in a residential neighborhood on Oahu. Is a gravel driveway sufficient.?
I'm having an issue because a VA inspector felt that gravel was not sufficient and I cannot find anything in the Land Use Ordinance to find out the minimum requirements for a driveway.
Planning to move to atlanta.My husband work place is Lithaia springs (375,riersideparkway) He will work from home 3 days,go to office 2 days...
We are planning to live in Alphretta/dunwoody/norcross. Which of these places have schools ? Is it possible to commute to Lithiasprings from these places ?
Are there any newer rental places that are not income restricted in Danville?
We are looking to rent out for a bit in Danville before buying a house to see how the area is, but we haven't seen any rentals that are not income restricted (limited)? Any ideas of any rentals that…
I want to clean foreclosed homes in tempe az how do i do that.
I dont know to to contact the realtor or the bank.
Looking for nice towns around the Peekskill, NY area...??
My husband, daughter and I will be moving to the Peekskill, NY area in July. My husband's will be working in the town of Peekskill, but we don't think we want to live in the area. We want…
Moving to the "Orlando area" with a 2yr old. Want to b in a SAFE area great schools, nice community, not touritsy but still offers culture.
Any rec.? Something a little away from the craziness of Disney and where you can get to know your nieghbors. Still offering a lot to do, and great culture. What areas surrounding Orlando would you reccomend.…
Duplex is a 2 family?
OK I understand that a duplex is a 2 family home but my home is listed as a single family but isnt a legal mo/daughter...It was never nor have I ever applied for mo/daughter status. My question is…
I have a trailer lot on Blue Meadow Rd. I was told that the area is being bought by the Corp of Engineers.
Is this true? Has it been designated as a flood zone? The land has been vacant for more than 15 years. Can I put a trailer on it now? Is there a market for it if I want to get rid of it? bsl_jo
mold issue
There is mold under carpet about 15SF in our rental house. We cleaned it. Do we need to get a mold free cert?
I do not want to sell! I want to know how much equity value we have? I know equity value is les than a sale value?
14x70 mobile w/ 660 sq. ft. guest house. 12x24 tool shed on 1 ac. est. sale value is 110,00.00. based on this as correct how much is our equity value?
Where can I get a list of 55 plus communities and the amenities each has in Phoenix and surrounding areas.?
My wife and I are active 76 yr old, but do not golf or tennis. In looking in the Phoenix area, I ran across Sun City, Sun City West, Sun City Lakes, etc. I know there are many more communities of that…
rent cost for 3 br house in Staunton Virginia
a house, not a town house quiet and not far from an elementary school
Measuring a house and rooms
can you give an advice on how to measure a room and total square footage of a house. If you have a diagram on how to measure would be apreciated. thanks guys
short term tenant
How to find a good short term tenant? I'm going to sell an investment house which is vacant now
Gated Communities
My husband and I are moving to Fort Myers with our toddler, and we need recommendations for an appropriate gated community. As we are new to the area, we are looking to rent initially. Basically, we want…
Considering relocating to either Napa or Sonoma Valleys....what are the differences in everyday living and in the housing market for each one now?
Would be looking in the $400k-700k range and also would like to know the chance of landing a wine room hospitality position....thanks!
When to start paying rent?
I am living a house that was just sold and the new owners wanted me to start paying rent from the day that they sign they finally papers. I did not get any advance notice to move was told to pay the rent.…
What are the TOP THREE things real estate agents do that irritate you?
I'm doing research for a blog post and would love your input. Please specify if you were in a home buying or selling situation or if you're another real estate professional. Thanks!
We are looking for a rental for the first year of living in the Atlanta area. Can anyone suggest an agent that handles rentals?
We are not sure of the areas (so far suggestions have been North Atlanta, Marietta, Smyrna, Sandy Springs & Decatur) but would like to be at a price point of about $1200. Schools will be unimportant…
I am moving to Lexington, KY from Australia in 6 weeks time. I was looking for advice on good rental areas
I have 6 month old daughter and my husband will be working in Georgetown. I would love to be near good cafe / shopping / market area. Any advice greatly appreciated.
How good is below address for rental demand "North 10th Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85021?
How good is rental demand in North 10th Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85021? How good is this location for buying an investment property.
I need to cancel Trulia
I need to cancel my Trulia account asap thanks.
How can i find out about cleaning foreclosure homes for the government?
I clean forecloser homes, and apartments, how can get information for cleaning foreclosure homes fore the government in Kansas?
I'm a single mom with a 3 year old girl who is moving out of MPLS (end of lease) and need somewhere near Golden Valley where there is more
freedom and less traffic! I need a safe environment for my daughter and I where we can play outside and go for after dinner walks without feeling like I have to look over my shoulder. Please let me know…
Is the recession over?
Newsweek says it is. Housing permits are up. Sales surged in Denver market in March.
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