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where is the best safe place to rent for a family in Philadelphia?
We are looking to move to Philadelphia at the beginning of next year with me, my husband and 2 sons so I want a good safe area with really good schooling and other amenities
Is Lake County Appeal LLC a legit company for property tax reduction?
I need to help my parents with reducing their property tax. Is this company legit?
my son is interested in buying a large house on frasier st in reunion colorado. this is his first home he is interested due to the low price per
square foot compared to other areas. Is this a good time to buy in that area or will the houses continue to drop what is the neighborhood like? is their a better area to look for first time homebuyers…
Can I buy SHORTSALE /REOs property using LAND TRUST?
CAN I buy SHORTSALE/REO under my LAND TRUST? Please let me know if I can, because other say yes and others say no. I'm looking for an agent who work with some people who bought properties using LAND…
There is a charming community right by the Danville country club and Mt. Diablo park. Anyone know the name of the area?
These homes are each unique and fairly old but nicely maintained. Some of them had bridges that crossed over to get to the homes. What is the name of the area and what is the price range for these homes?
I want to buy a successful business in the Staten Island area. 50-110k range.
Business must currently turn a profit. I don't have time to waste on this as I'm ready get going; serious inquires only.
Any recommendations for having our house tented due to termites in Temecula, CA?
We purchased a home in March 2011 and though our termite inspection came back fine, we now are aware we do indeed have a termite problem. The location of obvious damage/entry was hidden by a shrub we removed…
We are moving to Greensboro NC in May 2012. We have a 2 yr old and are possibly thinking of renting. Anyone familiar with the area?
We would like to be in close proximity to the things Greensboro has to offer. My husband will be working at Cone Health so we would like an easy commute to the hospital. Possibly a good preschool nearby…
i am a friend of the of the previous renters , and i cant understand why anyone would think about buying this house mold, floors are in the worst
shape. my question is why would ANYONE in their right mind buy a house that has a leaky roof in the laundry room and ect.
i need to know how my ad is doing. i do not understand this, the guy took my information and disappear. I need communication.
i have questions. is my add is running? in have been search in all the cities that I'm suppose to rotate in, and every time i see the same people. so i need to know how this the work. i don't…
Does anyone have any recommendations for real estate attorneys in the Indianapolis area?
I am an out of town investor, and I was defauded into buying a property, and would like to talk to an attorney about my legal options. Thank you.
Where is a good place for a 1yr old to play?
Can anyone recommend a good place to take a little one, who is walking? Are there any good indoor play cafe's or places? Thank you!!
Anyone familiar with Portland OR and Brooklyn NY? If so, can you tell me which neighborhood(s) is the "Park Slope of Portland"?
My wife and I have three-year-old twins. We live in Brooklyn and are considering a move to Portland. We'd be in the market for a three bedroom, two bathroom house in an artsy, walkable neighborhood…
I have asked my friend to look at this house, overall nice, but I want to know the safety and environment, any improvement...
I have asked my friend to look at this house, overall nice, but I want to know the safety and environment, any improvement...
Can property taxes in county be reformed for better?
I understand property taxes/assessment went down for a good amount of PG county, is there any chance that taxes could be reformed to make them more competitive with surrounding counties? Also is there…
Latino moving to Federal Way, any neighborhoods with majority Hispanic population?
Any neighborhoods or apartments with a majority Hispanic population?
What are your thoughts about buying a house near the Section 8 housing in Glen Park -- around Moffitt and?
Addison streets? What are those streets like, and should I worry about having difficulty selling the home when I decide I want to move?
how is the job situation in cape coral fl?
We bought a second home in Cape Coral a year ago, with the intention of hopefully moving there in a couple of years. Although I will be able to retire early from my present job on my 401K, I would like…
What are building costs per square foot in Maryville, MO?
What are building costs per square foot in Maryville, Missouri
how does one locate mineral rights by the owners name in wyoming?
elda v melburg died on april17,1997 in oklahoma city ok......her eldest daughter was never consulted or privy to any information about the holdings her mother had in mineral rights in glenrock, wyoming.…
Has anyone used the community website
Our entire neighborhood just joined. It seems like a great way to get to know your neighbors and to network. But, I'd like to hear from anyone who has already signed up...
Almost all of the condos in florida are not FHA approved. It is a simple process and none of the condos seem
to want to be bothered with the paperwork. Its a grave deservice to the owners of the units and it limits all of the great rates and products FHA has to offer. Does anyone know of a service that will do…
Do you accept county section 8 and would like a clam, clean tenant?
I am approved for a 3bedroom. I am in search of a house in center point (or better area). If you can help please post info or contact me through site.
asking about Northen Park
asking about Northen Park. This is a test. Please ignore the question.
Is there lot rent?
Curious as to lot rent or is the sale price for everything?
What's two single family residence located in one lot?
I am doing a price opinion and I have a subject which is two single family residence located in one lot. It means the two SFR are sharing the same lot.. and It is not a duplex or 2 family home.. can somebody…
Could you recommend me a handyman in Stockton? Handymans don't have license, right?
How strict are pet policies for townhouse associations?
It seems most of the condos and townhouses I've looked at have a one pet policy. The problem is I have 2 dogs (each under 20 lbs.). Are most of these policies pretty strict or is it just on paper? I…
places on the river to buy or rent in PA
town home or villa not to far from city can be water views or near 15208
I am looking at moving to the area in 5-8 Months and I was wondering what a good area to move is?
I am a college student and mostly work full time as an Admin of some sort. I have a dog that will be coming with me as well as two other room mates.
What is the best area in Greensboro to raise a small family?
We have recently moved from NY to Fayetteville, NC and after about 6 months we have decided that this is not the place to raise our 3 year old son. We are looking for an area with good schools and family…
If I'm working downtown, what is the commute like from the Marina?
What are the options? How long does it take? Is it walkable?
Someone told me that the newer developments around union city blvd and dyer (west of union city blvd) were
built on dump grounds. How do i find out more information? How can I find out who built the houses.
Moving a manufactured home to an owner purchased lot.
Wondering if it would be cost effective to move a manufactured home currently in Sans Souci on West Boone to a lot we purchase and where such a manufactured home would be suitably and closely located.
Planning to purchase a newly built house. Do I need an agent? What assistants can an agent offer?
I know the location of the house and the cost. I can reasonably negotiate the transaction. Do I really need an agent?
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