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I'm considering building in Paloma lake or Georgetown village. How do these two areas compare as far as schools, resale value, etc?
I have a 7 year old son and will be computing to Fort Hood. The middle school at Paloma Lake is CD Fulkes and quite a distance from Paloma Lake. Does this situation hurt resale value in Paloma lake?…
Why are we taxed twice in Travis Ranch? Kaufman County and M.U.D.
Paid $3000 to Kuafman county now M.U.D. wants $1300. Is this legal? What do we get in return for this huge taxation?
what about east 80th st new york, ny 10075?
how is this area and so forth......moving to nyc soon........whats the area like, the safety, the crime so forth.
Hi - we are contemplating relocating to the North Augusta area from Brightwaters, NY.
All of the homes that I see listed seem to be newer construction. I do not like, or want newer construction (aka not McMansions). Are there nearby areas that have a hometown feel with 1940's (and…
We are looking to buy a condo in harts dale but we really don't know much about the area everyone keeps
saying that the school district is bad. but other than that is harts dale a nice place to raise your children ? .
Can you park an RV on vacant property in Dolan Springs, AZ?
Mohave County requires a permit which has an annual fee to park an RV on vacant property. They also require a Septic System too.
How is the northwestern New Jersey market looking for this spring?
Wondering if I should sell this year or hold onto what I have for a while.
Inam thinking of relocating my family of 5 to Rochester, NY Can anyone tell me what they think of the area?
Best schools, neighborhoods, job market, growth, etc. I've done all my reseach but I would like to hear some personal opinions.
How is Britschgi Ranch Community in Elk Grove?
I found Britschgi Ranch Community is surrounded by Bond Road at the north and Laguna Creek Trail on another three sides, similar to houses sit in a bowl. How do you feel this community? Is this a safe…
San Jose area for young professional
What is a good part of San Jose for a single 29 year old guy. I am looking for a safe area which is close to good bars, restaurants and a budget of around 2K?
Where would I get a Used Ducati Multistrada 1100 Motorcycle USA?
Hey guys I am looking to buy a used ducati multistrada 1100 motorcycle in USA can any one please suggest me a website or dealer where I can find it.
Which neighborhoods in palo alto ca are a ft for young families seeking in at 1.8mm or less? Walking access to neighborhood park for kids?
Priorities are schooling, community feel & neighborhood parks. Walking to a cafe would round up the dream location. Thank you all. You rock for sharing your expertise.
What are the best resources to get local information?
My husband got a new job in Reading and we will be moving there from Dallas, TX just as soon as our house sells here. I've lived in Dallas for almost 20 years and know next to nothing about the Northeast.…
Any reason why I shouldn't buy near West Lake Terrace and West Lake Palisades?
Beside the fog and dampness? I really like the Oceanview, they have larger homes (4bd 2000sqft) going for slightly less $250 sqft. Or am I missing something, that is causing the price to be slightly…
Fremont vs Sunnyvale
Hi I am looking for a Single family home. Location and price wise which would appreciate more, fremont or sunnyvale. I am even open to milpitas. But I am geting larger homes in fremont than in sunnyvale.
Is James Blvd on Signal Mtn. a busy highway?
I am out of state and am interested in this home on Majestic Oaks but am worried that James Blvd is a busy road and I have small children. Can you please advise? Thanks.
Recruiter in the Raleigh/Durham area?
I was wondering if anyone can personally recommend a good recruiter in the area? My husband and I are looking to relocate but he is having a hard time finding a job. He is in the video game industry…
What is the downside to beach side living?
Living in South Padre is an incredible experience. The beach, the sand, and the sun. No matter how hot we always have a lovely breeze. It is quiet in the winter and the tourist season is hopping in…
What is it like living next door to the soccer fields (specifically the one at Park Plaza East)?
A house is for sale on E 38th St- right across from a huge soccer field. What is that like? When do they play? What time of year and what time of day? How is parking handled? Do kids wander all around?…
Relocating to Metairie, LA
We are relocating to New Orleans, prefferably Metairie area, we have a 5 years old who will be going to kindergarten this summer. We are interested in buying a house (single family, close to 2000 sqft,…
I am a 27 year old female relocating to Orlando.
I would like to live in a safe area within walking distance to bars and restaurants. I am looking for places less than $900/month. I will be working at Walt Disney Corporate Office and would like my commute…
looking for 1 to 2 ace
only wont land
natural gas for heat. cooking, dryer
What company supplies natural gas hook-ups in Germantown?
How far to the Gulf of Mexico?
It is approximately 12 miles by boat from Punta Gorda.
who provides utilities in riverview?
water, electric, waste, internet
how do I go about putting a mechanics lean on a house that ive done around $20,000.00 worth of work to the house it is my uncles house and he told me
to do this work cause he was going to give me the house .then he past away now his family are being gold diggers.they had nothing to do with him I took care of him his first 2 heart attacks then his wife…
I currently live in Santa Rosa but I am looking at houses in the Napa area. Are there any areas of Napa that anyone would recommend/not recommend?
Since I have lived in Sonoma County my entire life, I am very familiar with the areas that are considered "good" and "bad" areas here, as far as crime/location/quality goes, but I do…
55 communities and transportation
Which 55 communities in Boynton Beach provide transportation to local stores, for residents who cannot drive?
I have been pre-qualified for $100,000.00. It's a FHA 1st buyer rate and I am getting down payment assist. How do I know which homes qualify?
We do not want homes within the TCE plume area, south or south west. NO MIDVALE. Any place eles is fine, we prefer the east or northeast
My home is on the market, has curb appeal, is in good shape and has had zero showings in almost 3 months. ???
Realtor says the price is good. Home is clean, very attractive, great neighborhood and no problems that we can see. Is anything selling here?
Where is the best area of Orlando for single, young professionals to move?
I am a 28 year old relocating to Orlando for work. I previously lived in Manhattan for four years and downtown Philadelphia for a year. Though I don't know anyone in Orlando yet, am hoping to meet people.…
What are the best resort style condo communities in Orlando, where it's easy to rent out when not using the condo myself?
I'm looking for a condo (not condotel) in a resort style community (pool, tennis court etc) in Orlando. I will be using the condo about 1 month per year and wish to rent it out the rest of the time.…
When evaluating a home in the Goldsmith area, what factors should I take into consideration to understand the home's worth and resale value ?
I am considering buying 2413 Kirkwood Court in the Goldsmith neighborhood. When reading the home value stats for this neighborhood, I became concerned about the homes price and resale value. I have offered…
looking to rent or house sit during the winter months from Oct. to March
two adults good refrences with locals have sat and rented for past several years
I was pre approved for a FHA LOAN but i have a judgement for $28,000 that im paying on for something i didnt do.Can I still buy a home?
Can the people who have the judgement make me pay a higher intrest rate ? can they write the judgement into my mortgage?
I'm looking to know more information about the Tampa/Bradenton/Sarasota areas. We are from Nevada and need to rent a house but don't know
areas. I have obtained a teaching position in Bradenton so we are trying to stay within 45 minutes of that and want a nice area. We would also love any recommendations on good realtors to use for the area.
Android vs. Iphones?
Can someone explain simply which of the two is nicer?
We are relocating from Southern California in the next few months, my wife has a new job in the Soho area...
We are looking for the best place to live. Biggest needs are great schools for the kids (age 8 and 5), and commute to the city. We have family in Caldwell, and are considering that, but it appears that…
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