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can i add my wife to my house deed?
in the harrisburg pa area
when does offer taken as accepted?
this question is concerning contract law
Regarding the Porter County, Indiana Property Tax website, do they still have limits of how many times one can view the tax rolls? Why limit this?
Seems silly to limit views on taxes. As REALTORS, lenders, title companies, and even property buyers, our life is easier with more accessible information. Many other counties around the country publish…
Hi everyone, I am looking forward to buying my first home in the near future. Recently, I got my first credit card to work on establishing my credit.
I've been paying if off early each month. Does anyone have any other good tips for me to establish and build my credit up? All suggestions are appreciated!
My two loans are in total 585k, i need to refinance because the interest is to high. The average sales in
the area are less than 350k...I have good credit and I make good money for a modification...Am I stuck? what can I do?
I am about to make an Bank owned multi family house in Jersey city Hights. Bank is selling "AS IS". I am just wondering what is process to
get CO ? I have heard that many cases inspectors don't even come to see property. Is the true?
Found the perfect house right next to power lines (NOT high tension but power line) Are regular power lines safer than high tension lines?
I found the perfect house with land but it is smack dab next to power lines-about 100-200 feet from the back of house. They are not seen as they are blocked by trees but I have always been unsure of the…
Trying to get a mod for 3 years, ongoing
Bank trying to get a judgement to start proceedings. Notified FHA(invester), told them our bank has has 7 applications since 2010, no modification yet. Had a trial, paid 3 months, no mod. The bank…
I am traveling down to delray in 2 weeks and I'm looking for a younger (50 and under) condo association in
good location? Beach and/or downtown area. Who has the best pools? Thanks
Looking for agent to help me with investment properties in Phoenix area. Please email me at
I'm an investor based in California and am looking for investment properties in Phoenix. I'd like to speak with some agents who have this type of experience. Please email me at
I 've been 2, & it's been closed since 2006! Need an open list site?
I am looking for low income housing, open 2008 lists in san jose ca, The site has been closed since april 2006! Anything that might be open or available to sign up for 2008? I am looking…
Hello, I am looking for a room for 2 people, from 1st June till 15 September... Could you please give me an advice, where should I have a look for it?
I´ve checked almost everything, but the prices are too hight. We are 2 students comming to work in Hard Rock Cafe, so the maximum price we can afford is 700$.
Can I refinance my home (in Las Vegas) if I am currently unemployed?
I purchased my home December 2009 at a higher interest rate due to not having enough credit at the time. Am I able t take advantage of the lower interest rates currently available even though I am currently…
i'm looking for information about the "good neighbor program"
i'm a nyc officer looking to purchase a home through the program.
I need help!:Rental Housing and school problem!
We are planning on moving to the Wake Forest area in a couple months. I was told I would have no problem getting a teaching job, so that is what I am counting on. The two problems involve trying to find…
I'm planning to buy a condo in miami as a rental property.Which areas are desirables? Near the beach or more like kendall, cutler bay and
homestead? As a foreigner investor I'm trying to find stable tenants without getting involve into much troubles,of course a good ROI is welcome but is not my primary goal; I'm planning to keep…
MI to TX to KY back to Texas! Anyone have experience or suggestions about these places: Flower Mound, Cedar Park or Houston?
We have researched info online but we are looking for personal views on these places, positive and negative please let us know! Some questions include: Is the heat more humid or dry? Is there water accessable…
do they still have 80,15,5 morageloans in md.?
it for a second home only have settlement and 5% to put down
Is South Berkely a safe neighborhood?
Is it considered up and coming? Are there shopping areas nearby?
if i pay 1/12th plus my regular mortg payment on a bal of 74,000 how much interest will i save a year
or is it better to just make an extra payment at end of the year.
I am working in Lexington and will need to move up shortly. We live in 18901 PA and are looking for towns with a center (restaurants / banks / local
I am working in Lexington and will need to move up shortly. We live in 18901 PA and are looking for towns with a center (restaurants / banks / local businesses that we can walk to as we do now. Looking…
Where are the most dog-friendly neighborhoods?
i.e. Neighborhoods with lots of dog-friendly restaurants with outdoor seating, and nearby dog parks.
Hello, I am trying to purchase a home. my score is now 481--WAIT!! I just paid everything off but school loans. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO MOVE UP????
I am following all of the protocol. Contacting the bureaus begging them to update and nothing. Can someone please tell me what I should do or can do. Thanks.
Military family looking to buy a 4br/2bath in either Cabot or W.Little Rock.We have a 4yr old & 7yr old, school is a primary deciding factor.
Thoughts We have excellent credit, also we are not looking to put any money down and we would like keep our mortgage at no more than $1000 /month.
Cash purchase. I wrk online have a mixed race family. I want a steal in great neghbrhd where shld I look. will do bnk ownd.?
My sister bought a home in sw atl 300k hme for 175k. I am lookng for sme type of deal. But I hate HOA fees! I considered Hampton but it appears to be to far from actn. Great schools, low crime, best shpng.…
Help does anyone know any good morgage brokers
I was denied by wells Fargo don't wanna loose my house
I'm a real estate investor from Los Angeles and would like to work with a local agent in Tampa to help me find investment properties, do
BPO's, etc. Please contact me at with your background and contact information.
Some of the newer homes are near the power lines. Any idea how to figure if a home is safe from the negative effects?
Some of the homes we come across are near the power lines. Any idea how to figure if a home is safe from the negative effects of the power line radiations? We are especially concerned for kids. We have…
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