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I'll be moving to Chicago from the UK early June and I'm looking for advise on buy vs rent, areas, mortgages, etc...
I'll be in Chicago next Tuesday & Wednesday in the downtown Hilton. Can we meet ? I'll. Be based on West Monroe but have to fly a lot. And I want to improve my golf, plus meet people as…
Laurie Young was living in central Islip got charge Manslaughters is that not 2much? the crime she just Delay
Laurie young never wanted to kill her mom she just got a delay casue she was scared she helped her mom herself then she wanted to take her hospital she tried to help her by own and was planing to take…
I would like to communicate with a agent who speak french if possible, I what know the price of taxes,HOA, insurance for this place. Also if this is a
secure place to live. I will be in Floride around the 15 december and I would like to visit some condos with 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms under 50 000$. Thank you very munch for a rapid answer. Renald
7387 w tyler place continental ranch
is this property available ? I would pay 1 year up front-----------------
For an off grid home in Lapahoehoe, about 1300' elevation. Seems too cloudy for PVs, is wind a good option for an energy source there?
Already own the land, looking to build next. Extending power poles would not be reasonable, land is about 1 mile from nearest pole.
How Stable is Media?
I'm curious if there's bad police, fire departments, other issues with infrastructure.
Why there are not enough homes for sale this year?
Is it just me or we all. Every open house atttracts tons of visitors?
Larger condominium complexes in Melrose?
I’d like to buy a condo in near future. I prefer a larger complex (50 units). Are there any of those in Melrose? Thanks.
Where is a safe neighborhood to rent that is not too far from Kern Hospital?
I'm gonna be working at the hospital for a year, and want to know where is a good place to live that is safe and is not too much of a commute from the hospital (<15 minute drive).
Looking to rent a 2 bedroom, pet friendly house in lancaster city area.
Looking to rent a 2 bedroom, pet friendly house. And a rent between 0-800$ a month. If anyone could help me find a place around the lancaster city area that would be great!
Has anyone gone through the process of obtaining a green card for a multi-family home? I am looking to buy a 3 family home
The 3 family home is owner occupied at the moment, thus not needing a green card as I understand. I'm wondering what major improvements have to be made to obtain a green card from the state. I had…
Information on Liberty Townhomes?
I just saw a listing for new townhouse/condo developments called Liberty Townhomes on Ash Streeet in Jersey City. I know that the areas closer to the waterfront in Jersey City is considered safer and this…
I'm from midtown Memphis. What area of New Orleans is similar? Or where do younger non-professional adults live?
I am a bartender and a student moving to NOLA. I don't want to live in a touristy area. I love midtown Memphis which is really laid back and full of crusty old hole-in-the wall bars. It's…
Is it possible to find a 1000sq ft loft in philadelphia for $1000 a month?
I like the the loft style with the opne space, high ceilings and big windows. But they all seem to be pretty expensive.
Are Realtors at risk of being replaced by web based technology?
Do you think it could ever get to the point where buyers and sellers would work directly with one another through some sort of web portal?
Can you sell me a house which cost 115,000 has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, safe neighborhood, with a reasonably uncluttered 'feel' to location?
Am pre-approved. 3.5 down ready. I like the stallion neighborhood, Pinto Street, Janay Street by local hospital, Buckeye area, Mustang Way, and, similar type neighborhoods, ie chianti circle.
I am interested in 200 Meadowview Terrace Oxford. Can anyone tell me how to get prequalified as a first time home buyer?
I have been getting the runaround because of my questionable credit. I just need to know where to start.
stay away from "bell's at bridge-mill apartments!!!!!! you will regret it!!!!!
we've been at preston-glen or "bell's at bridge-mill". apartments for over 2 yrs.. if you dont live on the 3rd floor!! (you hear every sound over you in the above apartment plus they…
Is it possible to buy a few years down the road after a foreclosure?
I bought in 2003, then ended up losing my income in 2006 then my home in 2007. I have been renting since.
What's the deal with the Emerson Gardens condo complex? And how does it impact home values / quality of life for the homes around it?
I'm wondering whether living across the street from a condo complex is not desirable. Is it really traffic-y? Are people moving in and out all the time? Are the units owner-occupied or rented?…
if i pay the back taxes and sewer lien on a house does that give me any right to the property?
i recently statred renting a house that was abanded for over a year, the owners are not in forclosure, but they want nothing more to do with trhe house, they have offered to quit deed it to me, i just…
can I sell my home or rent it out after a loan modification?
my husband moved 2 years ago with the plan to prepare our home to be sold after 1 year. Myself and the kids are here 300 miles away. He has not done anything to sell home, we now have to move to city…
If multiple houses/condos in the same neighborhood/complex aren't selling, how low below asking is a reasonable first offer?
We're finding that a few of the areas we are considering have a high inventory of single family homes and/or condos we are interested in that are all pretty identical in style/layout/size/price.…
I would like to know the utility company in Rio verde in Arroya way?
electricity, gas, sewer, water, fire district
What's the status of the development just north of Wagener Terrace on the Ashley River?
They've had the "just becauseway" there for a couple of years, but I've seen some movement over there lately.
FIRPTA problem for overseas seller
I am an overseas seller. I instructed an agent and found a buyer. I signed the (standard)contract sent to me. The realtor never mentioned anything about FIRPTA, which I was totally unaware of. About 2…
I live in a T/H PUD complex (13 yrs) & my homeowners insur included in my mortgage (VA loan). Can our HOA force us to change to a Condo Master?
Policy? My insurance covers inside & structure of my unit. The HOA insurance would only cover the structure plus the common areas of the complex.
why are taxes so high in new paltz?
we have to extra for waste removal, the school system is good, but not GREAT, and there isn't really any public transportation besides the new loop buses...
Im looking to rent for a year in the marietta, Smyrna area starting in June of this year. I was wondering if I could get something with 3 bedrooms
3 bedrooms in the 800 a month area. We would like to save as much as possible to buy within a year or 2. We are re locating from Florida and have no idea where to even start to look! thanks
For short term rental with 2 children (3 yrs and 3 months) would Kendall Square or North Point be better? Both Archstone properties.
We'll be in Boston June-Nov, we've already spent a fair amount of time on HomeAway, Sabbatical Homes and Craig's list, but haven't found anything else.
Should we consider a 2nd home in Serenbe?
We live and work in South FL and want a 2nd home/getaway in the hills or mountains that is new, great for dogs and our active lifestyle of cycling and hiking and still driving distance from FL and close…
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