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I'm from midtown Memphis. What area of New Orleans is similar? Or where do younger non-professional adults live?
I am a bartender and a student moving to NOLA. I don't want to live in a touristy area. I love midtown Memphis which is really laid back and full of crusty old hole-in-the wall bars. It's…
Is it possible to find a 1000sq ft loft in philadelphia for $1000 a month?
I like the the loft style with the opne space, high ceilings and big windows. But they all seem to be pretty expensive.
Are Realtors at risk of being replaced by web based technology?
Do you think it could ever get to the point where buyers and sellers would work directly with one another through some sort of web portal?
Can you sell me a house which cost 115,000 has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, safe neighborhood, with a reasonably uncluttered 'feel' to location?
Am pre-approved. 3.5 down ready. I like the stallion neighborhood, Pinto Street, Janay Street by local hospital, Buckeye area, Mustang Way, and, similar type neighborhoods, ie chianti circle.
I am interested in 200 Meadowview Terrace Oxford. Can anyone tell me how to get prequalified as a first time home buyer?
I have been getting the runaround because of my questionable credit. I just need to know where to start.
stay away from "bell's at bridge-mill apartments!!!!!! you will regret it!!!!!
we've been at preston-glen or "bell's at bridge-mill". apartments for over 2 yrs.. if you dont live on the 3rd floor!! (you hear every sound over you in the above apartment plus they…
Is it possible to buy a few years down the road after a foreclosure?
I bought in 2003, then ended up losing my income in 2006 then my home in 2007. I have been renting since.
What's the deal with the Emerson Gardens condo complex? And how does it impact home values / quality of life for the homes around it?
I'm wondering whether living across the street from a condo complex is not desirable. Is it really traffic-y? Are people moving in and out all the time? Are the units owner-occupied or rented?…
if i pay the back taxes and sewer lien on a house does that give me any right to the property?
i recently statred renting a house that was abanded for over a year, the owners are not in forclosure, but they want nothing more to do with trhe house, they have offered to quit deed it to me, i just…
can I sell my home or rent it out after a loan modification?
my husband moved 2 years ago with the plan to prepare our home to be sold after 1 year. Myself and the kids are here 300 miles away. He has not done anything to sell home, we now have to move to city…
If multiple houses/condos in the same neighborhood/complex aren't selling, how low below asking is a reasonable first offer?
We're finding that a few of the areas we are considering have a high inventory of single family homes and/or condos we are interested in that are all pretty identical in style/layout/size/price.…
I would like to know the utility company in Rio verde in Arroya way?
electricity, gas, sewer, water, fire district
What's the status of the development just north of Wagener Terrace on the Ashley River?
They've had the "just becauseway" there for a couple of years, but I've seen some movement over there lately.
FIRPTA problem for overseas seller
I am an overseas seller. I instructed an agent and found a buyer. I signed the (standard)contract sent to me. The realtor never mentioned anything about FIRPTA, which I was totally unaware of. About 2…
I live in a T/H PUD complex (13 yrs) & my homeowners insur included in my mortgage (VA loan). Can our HOA force us to change to a Condo Master?
Policy? My insurance covers inside & structure of my unit. The HOA insurance would only cover the structure plus the common areas of the complex.
why are taxes so high in new paltz?
we have to extra for waste removal, the school system is good, but not GREAT, and there isn't really any public transportation besides the new loop buses...
Im looking to rent for a year in the marietta, Smyrna area starting in June of this year. I was wondering if I could get something with 3 bedrooms
3 bedrooms in the 800 a month area. We would like to save as much as possible to buy within a year or 2. We are re locating from Florida and have no idea where to even start to look! thanks
For short term rental with 2 children (3 yrs and 3 months) would Kendall Square or North Point be better? Both Archstone properties.
We'll be in Boston June-Nov, we've already spent a fair amount of time on HomeAway, Sabbatical Homes and Craig's list, but haven't found anything else.
Should we consider a 2nd home in Serenbe?
We live and work in South FL and want a 2nd home/getaway in the hills or mountains that is new, great for dogs and our active lifestyle of cycling and hiking and still driving distance from FL and close…
Realtor Marketing
What style of marketing grabs your attention and you would call on? What works? * Postcards * Car Branding * Door hanger Flyers * Other ideas???
How do I find out the exact address/ location?
Interested in a lot you have listed in Beaver Shores for $5500 but it doesn't have an exact address. How can I find that out? Thanks
Agent playing games
I made an all cash offer (within 5% of asking price) on a bank owned property 3 weeks and never heard anything back from the listing agent. Then last week the listing was updated to reflect multiple offers…
Why are some time share properties on this site listed as single family homes?
There are several time share properties that appear in Trulia's listing when you choose to sort by single family homes. They are not disclosed as time share properties; I had to go to other real estate…
Are there pet limitations in Denver ?
I currently live in Hawaii and would like to move to Denver. I have ten cats and 180 turtles which is legal here. Is there a pet limit in Denver ? Are turtles considered exotic animals in Colorado ? I…
Question about the 3-year tax credit from 2009?
This house was bought in September of 2009. I know there is a 3 year mandatory stay period for that $8000 tax credit. Do we have to wait until September to put it on the market or can we test the waters…
Why are there so many agents asking questions on this site? Don't your brokerages offer training? If not, you're working at the wrong place.
I can't imagine that agents asking several questions regarding contracts and escrows would pick up new clients. It shows that you lack experience. Try answering the questions asked by potential buyer…
What is the best Social Media Web Site?
There is a lot of talk about social media website - what is the best in your opinion? Here's top six website - please choose one - or post a different one. 1.Facebook 2.Twitter 3. Pinterest 4.…
My husband has been offered a job where he will travel between Tallahassee (FL), Dothan (AL), and Mobile (AL)
He will be traveling equally amongst all three areas and we'd like to live in the Florida Panhandle somewhere, but really don't know enough about it except for a brief visit to Panama City Beach…
Areas in demand for Rentals around orlando....
Hi.I am thinking of buying a property in orlando for long term investment purposes...Can anyone suggest some areas that have lot of demand for rentals...Also good and safe neighbourhoods and school areas…
value of farm land near lebanon,in
thinking abouit buying 30-40 acres of unimproved farm land near elizaville ,in. what would be average price of good land in that area?
We're relocating to the Tupelo, MS area and need to know where to start looking.
There's three of us in the family - one in a wheelchair (part time) - and our four dogs. We currently live on a country road in Mid-Tenn, with 2.5 acres (3B/2B) and life is perfect for us here.…
Are negotiating tactics changing?
I've seen more buyers this year tell me they don't want to negotiate. They either want the seller to just tell them the lowest price they'll take up front and decided if that will work…
Do homes in some countries come fully furnished?
Some clients from some countries at some point during the negotiations ask if all the furniture of the house can be included. in the price. In our market (we are not a resort or second home market) I…
Anyone know of a good Real Estate Attorney that will work with real estate investors?
I am searching for a good Real Estate Attorney that understands the real estate investing business and will work with a real estate investor in Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA.
Thinking about converting a basement to garage spaces in my building. What is the current rate for parking spaces and how much value will this add?
Building is on the Chinatown/North Beach side. Would like references on contractors as well as owners who have done this exact same thing.
In a dual agent situation (buyers) but we feel like we will lose out on best negotiation can we drop our agent? Haven't signed buyers agent
paperwork. Feel like as dual agent we lose out on best possible negotiation and want an agent that can help us get the best possible outcome. not convinced we would get that outcome with this agent as…
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