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We are a family with three boys, ages 2,4,7 and moving to Phoenix from Atlanta. Where do you suggest we look?
given our desire for great schools, easy access to outdoor recreation, kid-friendly n'hoods and lack of congestion/traffic. We're moving from Atlanta by the way. Thank you!
We are thinking about moving to Wilmington for a job. We are looking for an area that (1) has good to excellent schools; (2) is close enough to walk
or a quick bus ride to the DuPont headquarters; and (3) where we can live on a street with lots of shopping, restaurants, and pedestrian traffic even after dark (quiet is nice, but people walking around…
I'm the first time home buyer and I'm looking for a condo in Birch Pointe with 2 bed 2 bath in Wilmington DE.
Recently I'm looking for a condo in Birch Pointe, Wilmington DE. I'm just wondering what should be the price range for 2 bed 2 bath for now if I want to put down for an offer. Also, how can I ask for the…
nicer areas in the 300-400K area
Preferably an older home, school district not an issue due to children all grown, just for my wife and myself, we are 51 and 47. Will be moving in the next year from New York. Park-like setting or a short…
Investment property....follow up
Hi... Can you please elanorate if remting actually makes some money for the owner. To keep the math simple, lets say i buy 100k worth of property with 20 k down. So the monthly mortgage insurance taxes…
Looking for neighborhoods that feed into best public elem, middle and High school.
Relocating to DE from KY this spring husband working in Wilmington. I do not want to depend on getting into a charter or paying for private school so it is very important that the neighborhood we live…
I have a good credit score above 650 but my fiancee is in the low 600 We are looking to buy a house and need to use both incomes what are our options
We can't get a loan through most banks because of his credit but we would like to get a house soon.
Looking for town with nightlife, shopping, downtown in Southern NJ
I am a 24 year old single female working in Voorhees NJ. I would like to find a town with nightlife, downtown, shopping, things to do etc. I cant seem to find any towns that fit this in the local area.…
I am looking to sell a 1/2 acre property on a very nice and quiet street in Glen Cove.
It is a 5 Br 3 1/2 bath single family home. Needs work...orginally built in 1950's. Would like to sell quickly to builder or flipper...don't want to sit on it. What's the best course of action?
My family will be moving to Florida, probably Pinellas County, this summer.
We've lived in Charlotte County, but know little about Pinellas. We want to find a place to "plug in" where the households around us have similar makeups. We are educated professionals with modest incomes.…
Hello my question is if anybody can help me. I'm moving on June but still not sure if to go to the Dallas-Fort Worth area or the area ot Fort
Myers. My wife is a ESL teacher and I'm in retail. We have 3 kids 12 and 3 years old twins. We are hispanics Puerto Ricans to be exact. We live in Auburn Alabama but there's nothing here is a…
What is getting more twitter followers?
What is getting more twitter followers?
Where can I be able to purchase acerage or land to be able to set-up a mobile home with no restrictions out in the country in Oklahoma state.?
1-5 acres approximately under $50,000.00 Possibly have stock or farming -- This question is about this property:
My husband and I are looking to relocate to SeymourTn.
I am a phlebotomist and my husband is a residential counselor for kids ages 13-21 . I am just starting to do research and wondering if anyone can tell me what the job market looks like in that area and…
What is the journal square area like? Is it a safe neighborhood for a 20-something year old female?
Thinking about renting in Jersey City for when I go back to school close to WTC. I've noticed rent in the journal square path area is much less than grove path area so I am a bit concerned the difference…
Houston Real Estate Agents! Looking 10 acres, in Houston!
I represent a buyer out of Mexico who is looking to build a fitness center, catered to the mid-low income, Latino community. Do you have that perfect listing????
Relocating to Florida from Connecticut. Looking for great schools systems and good house prices. Or housing community with lots to do.
looking at Lutz, Land O Lakes. Or possibly the Fort Lauderdale or Naples area. Want to see whats the best fit for us. But most importantly good schools
9477 louisville rd. has a Expert looked at all the BLACK MOLD in the basement?
-- This question was asked from this property:
What is Westborough missing? I have a client that wants to open a new business in town.
Looking for suggestions on what the townspeople would like to see. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I want to rent a 3BR for 2000-3000 (with great schools) this summer. Heard good things about Madison, Summit, Basking Ridge, Montclair, and Chatham.
The rental is a test drive of a community since we will be in a position to buy in a couple of years. I am looking for competitive schools, low taxes and reasonable distance to both trains to NYC and…
Seeking help with writing a commercial real estate business plan.
Hi I'm currently seeking to write a commercial real estate plan. If you are able to write one or have contacts with someone feel free to leave a comment or email me at
Are there any concerns about buying a house near the CEMEX quarry in Clayton, CA?
The actual address of the property we are considering is in Concord, but the house is within a mile of the Clayton quarry. I read on the US Geological Survey web site about a number of earthquakes measuring…
I am looking for opinions on Littleton,CO neighborhoods -- looking for a relatively expensive house while avoiding that "wealthy
neighborhood" feel. Background: We're moving from the SF Bay area to Denver and to keep my commute short are looking to buy in Littleton or somewhere close by. Our budget is up to $800k --…
first time home buyer, 720 credit score,
Looking for financing no down payment, no closing, no pmi etc.... any ideas. the area i am looking qualifies for the usda and everyone says go with that one, any other programs i am missing... also the…
Las Colinas/North Irving/South Coppell/Valley Ranch...
What is the property value for that area? Price per sq. foot? Potential? Is owning a townhome in that area valuable? Are 2 bed rooms and a second living room any less valuable than 3 bedrooms these…
is the medical drive and medical center the same area??? trying to find work close to home but confused as to where these two area are??
is the medical drive and medical center the same area??? trying to find work close to home but confused as to where these two area are??
I am making my first real estate project. Purchasing a Home in Hendersonvile, NC, What area would make me the most money off resale?
I already have an investor to finance this. I am going to purchase a house and then resell it for profit shortly after. any tips. I have been watching the zip codes in Hendersonville and graphing the average…
What qualifies to compare square footage when you are below grade?
I talked with my brother in MI who put a contract on our childhood home. He was saying "they" changed the rules regarding counting sq ft and below grade is counted as long as it has egress. We aren't…
Does 159 Samuel Drive, Millville exist? Looking for a friend at that address.
What street numbers does Samuel Drive, Millville start and finish at.
How is the marlton lakes community in NJ?
Has there ever been any issues there with flooding there? Or with septic system being in close proximity to the lake? Or with well water quality or availability? Has there ever been water quality issue…
My father in law wants to move here. He has dogs but has no money to buy a house but would like to. Is there anyone in the Pigeon Forge area that?
would have a house to rent him with option to buy or maybe under contract? He would be moving in March/April and could afford $700.00 a month my e mail is Thanks
I need to lease a home in the Lucasville area. Lease with option to purchase or a long term lease.
Please get in touch with me if you have or know of a home available. Thanks!
I want to understand the neighborhood vibe of Piedmont, especially centered around parents with young children.
Can anyone recommend local blogs, neighborhood groups, etc that can help me get a sense of what it would be like to live there (other than this great site, of course!).
Is there any reason not to purchase a home in west panama city beach area?
I am cancerned that there are new development plans that I am not aware of.
Moving to the Portland area in March. Need advice about rentals!
My husband and I have a 2 1/2 year old and will be looking for a 3 bedroom rental. We'd love to live in Hawthorne, Sellwood, or Alberta, but only have $1300 to spend on rent, so we are considering Beaverton.…
How would you describe San Diego's development in the last 20-30 years?
Any surprises? Any predictions for the next 20-30 years?
Moving to the Bay Area, looking for advice on where to live.
My wife and I are moving to San Francisco in June and would love some advice on where to consider living (will be renting, not buying). My wife will be working at the UCSF Mission Bay campus. I will…
Cheap single studios near San Francisco
Hello, I'm going to UC Berkeley for my grad program, and as I've been living in LA for my entire life, I'd like to stay in SF and commute via BART. For this reason, I need to live near a…
I am moving from Oklahoma City to the Reno or Sparks area. I need advice about the best/safest/nicest/cleanest apartments in those areas. I have
pets. Will not be commuting to work so commute is a non-issue, have 2 dogs, and looking for a safe / clean / apartment complex to live. Would like to find an apartment that is close to bicycle trails…
Home Inspector Advertising? any advice?
Does a simple e-mail and occasional pop-in do enough, or do real estate agents like when you bring goodies like cookies and freebies like that. Any advice would be great.
Property tax goes up in Murphy?
A friend of mine who lived in Murphy before told me that the City does not have any opposition from the residents, so the city raises the City tax regularly which will increase the property tax. In Plano…
Are there any good web site for people thinking of becoming a landlord?
I'm thinking of purchasing a condo now that the prices have gone down and the rates are manageable (I’m currently renting). However, my job is always in jeopardy (this has kept me from buying for…
What is the neighborhood like in this area? It doesn't look like a subdivision and it looks like older and newer homes mixed- is this good for
resale? This question was asked from
water heater code
I was not very clear on my las question I bought my condo 2 years ago should the inspector disclose that the condo needs a water heater drain, he mention earthquake straps and we got them fix if he would…
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